Raiders unfamiliar being the heavy (favorite)


At least from the outside looking in, it’s a totally different mindset for the Raiders as they host the Denver Broncos in what could eventually become a quagmire at the Coliseum.

And it’s not because they’ll be the first opponent for Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow, the good and pure Florida icon who will do battle with the evil forces dressed in black.

The superstitious among you may recoil at the idea of saying out loud or putting it on the record, but the Raiders should win today, and they should win with relative ease.

The oddsmakers are giving the Raiders anywhere from seven to nine points depending on who is setting them.

The Raiders as the heavy favorite.

When was the last time you could say that?

For those of you who out of the area getting ready to watch on TV, or are heading to the Coliseum, it’s an entirely different feel.

The 3-10 Broncos have been awful, managing all of six points in a 10-6 loss to the Chiefs and getting crushed by a bad Arizona team in Week 14.

The process to circling the drain was set in motion by the Raiders, with that 59-14 beatdown in Denver, a game that at the same time demonstrated to the winners they could break a recent mold and told the losers they were headed nowhere.

Of course, run that “heavy favorites” line of thinking past Tom Cable or any of his players and you get to the same place Denver is _ nowhere.

“We don’t look at it like that,” Cable said. “Do we expect to win? We expect to go out and win every week. What we have to do is take this opportunity that’s been given us and protect it, and that means win games.”

Said defensive tackle Tommy Kelly: “We have no reason to be overconfident over anybody. We just have to go out there and handle our business, and the next time we get somebody down, step on their throat.”

Just like the Raiders did on Oct. 24.

“I am sure they want it,” Kelly said. “Last time, they had a couple of turnovers and it snowballed. I am sure they got that on their mind. They’re not playing for the playoffs right now, but they are playing for pride and sometimes at this point of the season that’s more important.”

More to come after I hydroplane to the Coliseum . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnakeStabler

    I wish Jano had kicked that chip shot versus the Cards.
    We wouldn’t need to root for Bengals to beat the
    Chargers and the Rams to beat the Chiefs.

  • raidermarty

    Well it’s time to kick some bronco butt. I was there last year when they came in and thumped us in our own house so I hope we look to protect our home early. We have been getting up for all the afc west games so this one should be no different. I don’t expect tebow to be that big a factor in this game- we have to control the line of scrimmage no matter who’s in there

    RAIDERS 27 donks 14

  • Guy

    Titans will be the hope vs the chiefs next week if the Rams last week, and they have a pretty good chance. The rams are really letting me down, before this week I had more faith in them than the Titans. Still want the Rams to win so the niners fans will shut up

  • mkyd1963


    Relatively quiet in here for a game day.

  • JB

    Don’t know whether the wet/slippery field really favors us or the Broncos. Tebow will probably run a lot of run option plays. The defensive front 7 really needs to be disciplined and stay in their lanes. I’d really like to see Tebow stuffed all day long. The Man defense should really give Tebow headaches when he tries to throw it. If the D shows up, we win.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Anyone suprised that Indy is going to have their season-high in rushing yards today against a Kirk Morrison led D?

  • djohnnyg

    106.Just Fire Baby Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 11:59 am
    Anyone suprised that Indy is going to have their season-high in rushing yards today against a Kirk Morrison led D?

    Surprised? Heck no! He constantly missed his gaps, couldn’t get off blocks etc. etc. when he wa with Raiders. He was always in the wrong place. The one thing I thought he did well was pass coverage for the most part because he does have some speed and quickness.

  • Plunketthead

    The Ravens have not scored an offensive TD since week ten.

    Thats scary

  • beach

    Rams are going to lose, SOB!

  • beach

    Chiefs play defense on the road, that’s why we won’t catch them.