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Jon Becker

  • jmcclain

    What honestly has Campbell done this yr. Sure the team is 500 but this team is better all around except at qb. Imagine where we would be with a average qb. Me being a die hard fan of this team I really do hope I’m wrong about jc. I just want what’s better for this team and jc just does so many things wrong. I mean when he plays a bad game it is real bad game. Then there are some ok games but in those ok games he just does enough. Also those games he plays ok in he still does and makes a lot of mistakes. I’m just not sold on him yet seems like a hell of a guy. Just can’t get over those qb ratings and bad games I’ve seen him play this yr.

  • Raiders for life

    Sanjay, Washington, Brad Roll, Jim Michalcikazzk and Morgan need to go.

  • lefty12

    One of the main problems with this team is nobody knew what or who we were the 1st part of the year.It took awhile to identify it’s identify.I don’t believe the results would have been any difference early with either QB.We now have our QB and we’ve gotten better as the year has progressed.For that we should be happy.I just don’t understand why people won’t give Cable any credit for where we are today compared to where we were a couple of years ago.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12 I think I have been very upfront and honest about both players. I had serious doubts about JC early but I didn’t think he should’ve been totally benched in 6qrtrs I have said that. Yes he needed to be pulled in a game maybe but BENCHED in 6qrtrs after coming to a new team is very harsh treatment. I said that because I didn’t see where we were putting in a QB who was a whole hell of lot better.

    I call him the “little hero” to piss off the JC haters I don’t hate Bruce at all I like him. But I know there are serious haters of JC in here. They nitpik everything he does….winning aint good enough. But I myself didn’t feel sure about JC until the first SD game as I said. That’s when I saw what he was capable of doing and he has done since. He isn’t yet maybe never will be a great QB but we can and have won big games with him. I mean we can win bigtime games with him at QB. Now my disatisafaction with Cable is why he didn’t giuve the guy the benefit of the doubt when he started him, he yanked him at this first sign of struggle. That IMO cost us dearly, if I’m pissed at anyone it’s Cable for that reason.

    And NO I don’t want him fired I want him to understand what he did and own up to it. He always talks about accountablility, well be accountable. I do know someone who will hold him accountable. But we need to keep this train rolling as is that is my honest assesment. He should be given an extension to finish the job as he has turned this team around. I give him full credit for that. But I know without a doubt he didn’t biuld this team. Hell he’s still learning and most of these players were in place when he got the job. From DMC to Shauaghnessey and most of this defense. Bush and and Zack Miller and we all know who brought he QB. Cable has taken what Mr Davis gave himm and done his job……….period

  • CDERaider

    322. Really??

    Have you been watching the last 7 years? This guy is winning. Who else can say that? We have gone through Kerry Collins, Tui, Andrew Walter, JuF*ckup, et all. This kid is a winner, can’t you all see that?!! He as all the tools, the Arm, the Atheticism – the durability – and he plays *within the system*. AND, he went undefeated in college – the guy knows how to win. I mean, at least, we can watch him speak in interviews and not embarrass the badge 🙂

    Trust me, this guy is our guy for the next 2-3 years- I think we will def be in the AFC championship game next year.. and beyond..

  • CDERaider

    Go Raiders!!!!

  • CDERaider

    Sorry, I meant 352

  • lefty12

    That is your opinion.I give him much more credit than you do.I just don’t understand why you don’t have the same outrage for Jackson,who by all accounts is running the offense and has stated he was involved in the QB quandary early in the year.HJ stated he wanted to make the QB switch.Could it be Cable took responsibility for the move to show his assistants that as top dog he was willing to take the heat for decisions they wanted to make?
    I think I know how you feel concerning the QBs but sometimes the way you present it,it sounds like you can’t stand BG and hated the fact he was given a shot to see if he was worthy of being the starter.

  • JB

    Our main saving grace for this upcoming Colt games is the fact that they don’t have a devastating running game. Dealing with the robot-like professional QB Peyton Manning will be challenge enough. We need to be able to apply pressure to him with the front 4 only. Our LB’s will need to clean house and disable any any receiver crossing in front of them before they can get into a pattern. Our CB’s need to smother the receivers with man coverage and Huff needs to have his best game ever shutting down the TE. Manning will burn us big time if we try to blitz him. He’s just too good at recognizing defenses and he gets the ball out fast. Fortunately he’s not a running threat like Tebow.

    We can win this game but we can’t make a bunch of dumb mistakes. Our running game will need to be productive from start to finish. Keeping Manning on the bench with long drives are the order of the day. 200 yds for DMac and at least 150 yds from Bush. Great play action fakes by JCampbell will also help contribute to a success. Should be a great game.

  • If I’m not mistaking an will all due respect to JC didn’t he have a stout Clinton portis in wash. The raiders are just playin good ball now plain an simple
    the oline has been good an run blocking is excellent pass protection has been good.
    An the dline has been dominant in all victories
    folks it’s gonna take the WHOLE team playing at the level they can for us to beat Indy
    oh an btw
    a KClost in kc is just as bad as losing at home with me at the game

    raiders need to win out no matter what that’s what I’ll except for now
    I’ll take a second look at seasons end.

  • CDERaider

    If we start the game, and the Chiefs have lost.. Manning will be punished. There is no way we lose *if* we know winning means a chance at KC to win the division.

    Go Raiders!!!

  • jmcclain

    What people fail to see is it took dmac his breakout season, Ford a big rookie surprise and oh am I glad we got him. Reece killer yr comming out of the backfield to make big plays on short passes. Miller and his awesome hands. Bush running hard this yr. To make this offense as good as it has been. Campbell I could honestly say has done nothing spectacular other then a good fake handoff one game and the bootleg. Other then that are big play makers are the reason for the offense this yr. Not Campbell who hue asks to do basic things.

  • lefty12

    But he is doing those basic things,especially in the 2nd half of games when it is needed.Sure,he could be a whole lot better,but for the most part,he isn’t throwing games away.He deserves to go into next year as the starter,no question.

  • JB

    I too initially went back & forth on the value of JCambell and at time leaned towards Grads. But after Grads last game it was real obvious to me that he’s not durable nor proficient enough to be an NFL starting QB. He’s got some great attributes (i.e. leadership, energy, attitude, etc.) but his negatives far outweigh his positives. If he is resigned, which I do not think will happen, he will be a permanent back-up.

    Now JC on the other hand started slow and made mistakes. He was obviously not in sync with our offense or players. BUT, over his last two games he’s made large positive strides in leading thos team to victory. If this progress continues he very well might be the QB we have been looking for. He seems to have a great attitude, better than average accuracy, can throw the long ball and does have touch. He mobile and lately has made excellent decisions in putting the ball away and running with it. Put a great O-line in front of him, Bush, DMac & Reece behind him, growth & improvement at the WR position and we have the makings of a very competitive team.

    We still need to fix a couple of holes in the D and then we should be a threat to all who meet us. I definitely like the direction I see us traveling. Now let’s just send Peyton home with a L.

  • raiderfankirk

    Jb I agree with you about Bruce, except for his last game he was obviously still hurt. Remember preseason? He was lights out and can be a starter. After two seasons w/ the same mistake(taking on a linebacker heads up) I think he has learned his lesson. Where ever he lands I wis him luck.

  • raiderfankirk

    Anyone know I Colts still run cover two as their base D? I hope so, Trips will kill it in the passing game. JC has to identify the correct receiver in the zone hole( take what they give), and that scares me. Maybe as many as four reads. If he can do that then we will know that we have a QB. This is what should have been done in Pitt. Playing a team and saying I’m gonna do what I want instead of what you need to do (short passes in the wholes) is just plain stupid. That’s on Hue. Pats showed us the week before.

  • RaiderReggie

    The negative comments I am hearing about Jason Campbell were the same sort of comments that I heard when the Raiders signed Jim Plunkett. Plunkett was drafted by the Patriots and they gave up on him. He went to the 49ers and they gave up on him. When Al Davis got Plunkett, people were saying why is the Raiders signing that bust, he is native american and can’t think, he was too slow, he couldn’t read defenses and he didn’t do anything with the other teams he was on. It was down right hatred. Al Davis never bowed down to none of that non-sense. Two Superbowls later some of these fair weather fans wanted to jump all on Jim Plunkett n*ts and it made me sick! What I am saying is give Jason Campbell a chance before you throw him away. Years later some of you would be saying we should have kept Campbell.