Caldwell recalls experience with Al Davis


Doing the family thing today and am currently attempting to get a brined turkey breast smoked (mesquite, hickory) in the backyard before the rains come.

Here’s a fascinating story on the Web site AOL Fanhouse on the experience Colts coach Jim Caldwell had with Al Davis 30 years ago.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to everyone.

I’ll be checking in Sunday from Colts-Raiders, of course.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Al Davis has done more for Race Relations in this country than the Rainbow Coalition…..

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    Watching jerry jones on nfl network makes me glad Al Davis is our owner. jerry jones annoys the heck out of me

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    I have that Ghost to the Post game on DVD, if you want a Christmas present 🙂

    That’s awesome you saw it live.

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    Have been a fan for about 25 years. I’m 31, and remember watching and listening to the Raiders in the 80s.

    Through video, I’ve been able to see many of Oakland’s games dating back to the Ghost to the Post season, the 70s games against the Steelers, games vs Griese and the Shula-led Dolphins…fun history.

  • alex7

    and R8rwill,

    that fact about QBs and who they are after 5-6 years starting shows true for just about every QB the last two decades. The NFL wad completely different in the 60s and 70s with race issues and lack of technology/scouting.

    So I’d say there’s merit to that 5 year starting stat until anyone can show otherwise.

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    Great Al Davis story up there.

    Hard not to miss the old Al Davis, as far as missing so much good that he did with the NFL, with race relations, at USC, and his ahead-of-the-curve tactics with the Raiders.

  • djohnnyg

    We had my 80 year old Aunt over for the holiday and she shakes when she talks (like Katherine Hepburn) and on the way to our house she drove straight into a ditch. Seems she thought the ditch was the actual road and just drove straight into it. Now, our Al Davis is 81 and he is the acting GM of the Raiders. At that age, how effective can he reallly be? I have not known ANY 80 plus yr. old who has the mental capacity to do a whole heck of alot. I’m not saying an 81 yr. old can’t be effective but all the 80 plus yr. olds I’ve known have trouble even forming cohesive thoughts. They are always forgetting things, and have a lot of trouble doing even rudimentary tasks. There are exceptions of course, alhough I’ve never met one in person, but I’ll grant that it is possible.

    I guess Mr. Davis is the exception, but running an NFL franchise and handling the duties of GM is a mentally tough job for a 30 yr. old, no less an 81 yr. old.

    How long can Al Davis do this and what happens if/when he becomes totally mentally incapacitated or starts making delusional and unsound decisions? Does the league have recourse if an owner loses it mentally, or can Al Davis continue to run this franchise like a Colonel Kurtz; alone on an island with a group of submissive natives?

    A legend at 81 yrs. old is still 81 yrs. old.

  • djohnnyg

    After reading that story I’m sure there is one incorrugible jerk who will claim that Caldwell made the story up, and that he was laughing behind Al’s back or that he had his fingers crossed when he said it. Nobody could possibly be indebted to Al Davis for ANYTHING.

  • jebus krist, what a game!?

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    Tonight’s game is proof that an NFL QB’s success is directly related to his supporting cast. Tony Romo is good. But with the talent they have at WR, all three QBs have looked damn good. And Skelton was the hero tonight because of Fitz. If we ever want to have a great passing offense, we have to overhaul the WR position no matter who the QB is.

  • Even pushing 80, former Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon is still basketball’s Clown Prince
    He left the Globetrotters more than 30 years ago and reportedly is pushing 80, but the “ageless” Clown Prince of Basketball — he puts his age at “between 118 and 150” — is not retired.
    He left the Globetrotters, he says, to bring more balance to his life. An ordained minister and Christian evangelist, he awakens daily at 4 a.m. Then, after stretching, shooting baskets and running wind sprints for 2½ hours, he turns to his ministry. As an evangelist, he says, he makes more than 100 appearances a year.
    He also finds time to play 60 to 80 games annually, his next scheduled for this weekend in Anchorage, Alaska. That’s down from the 350 a year he used to play with the Globetrotters worldwide, but still quite a load for a near-octogenarian.

  • 504 Raider

    Down here in New Orleans there is an older man name Dr. Norman Francis. He is the president of Xavier University. This guy is like Al Davis (sharp as a tack).

    He was named the most powerful man in New Orleans just two years ago and he was appointed to head the Hurricane Katrina recovery in Louisiana by Bush in 2005. This man is always on TV doing great things for that University and the City of New Orleans.

    He is the longest current sitting president of any College or University in the United States at over 41 years serving. The man is still going and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s got to be 80 plus.

    So I can still see how Al can still have it going.

  • Merry Christmas to all, Jerry, enjoy with the family! Let’s upset on Sunday, my present from Santa, and RaiderTW, I have seen Meadowlark Lemon 5 times, the consumate gentleman, he leads by example. Happy Holliday’s to all my brothers, even MR! Night Gents!

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  • LOL. Wow. Reaching into the barrel to find successful 80 year olds now, to make the case that Al’s in his prime? The kool aid flows 24/7/365. ha ha. So who do we have so far? Meadowlark Lemon? Keep ’em coming.

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    I read this blog numerous times a day, although I do not post often. I wanted to say to all the readers Merry Christmas Raider Nation!

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    Surprised Davis didn’t remember doing something like that? Al-zheimer Davis??? Hope not. Ugly disease. Great story though.