End 1st qtr: Colts 7, Raiders 7


First quarter notes

— Indianapolis ended the quarter at the Oakland 12-yard line and was dominant after Jacoby Ford’s game-opening kickoff return for a 99-yard touchdown.

The Colts had a 131-8 advantage in terms of total offense as Peyton Manning was carving up the Oakland defense, including a 20-yard strike to Reggie Wayne in which Nnamdi Asomugha dropped off in coverage and ended up arguing with Tyvon Branch over who was supposed to be guarding him.

The Colts had a 9-0 advantage in first downs.

— Phillip Wheeler flattened Jacoby Ford on his second kickoff return at the 17-yard line with 5:55 left in the quarter. The Raiders then had their third straight three-and-out on a drive that included a misscommunication between Jason Campbell and Darrius Heyward-Bey and a Campbell praryer toward Ford on third-and-9 that fortunately for the Raiders was not intercepted.

— Joseph Addai’s 6-yard run with 6:00 left in the first quarter capped a 57-yard drive in which Manning had a 14-yard completion to Jacob Tamme, a 14-yard inside screen to Reggie Wayne against Nnamdi Asomugha and a 20-yard cross to Pierre Garcon against Tyvon Branch.

— Lechler’s 47-yard punt out of the end zone was fair caught at the Oakland 43 after a failed possession at the 9 that started with a 4-yard loss on a sweep by McFadden.

Campbell threw incomplelte on third-and-9 when hit by Robert Mathis.

— Brown was stopped on a third-and-4 run on the Colts’ second possession as Manning audibled to a running play. Indianapolis had one first down on the possession on a 12-yard run by Brown.

— Oakland’s first series ended on Zach Miller’s drop of a third-and-4 throw on a right roll by Campbell for a three-and-out. Lechler’s first punt with a strained hamstring was shaky, with Indianapolis taking over at the 29-yard line.

— Colts went three and out on their first series, with Manning throwing incomplete to Jacob Tamme on first down (Chris Johnson defending) and incomplete to Blair White on third down with Asomugha breaking up the pass.

Lamarr Houston was playing defensive tackle, the right side on one snap and left on another.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    WTF was CJ doing?

    Had perfect coverage, and just grabs the guy for no good reason.

  • cw2147


  • SnB Production

    2nd and 25 and the defense let’s Peyton march right on down the field.

    Let’s either bring in another big-time man2man corner or start practicing zone defense in the offseason

  • YoungAmerican

    # SnB Production Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Again, let’s go spend $15MM and get another lockdown cornerback….


    Yep. You need two if you’re going to play defense like the Raiders want to.

  • morilla

    Man, I hate Dierdorf. Sounds like he has a mouth full of sausage.

  • Branch burned by TE.

    What happened to Raiders speed?

  • 504 Raider

    With us being out of the playoffs, this is the perfect type of game to work on keeping our composure. We’re losing our cool out there while Peyton continues to carve us up.

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    107.504 Raider Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:25 pm
    With us being out of the playoffs, this is the perfect type of game to work on keeping our composure. We’re losing our cool out there while Peyton continues to carve us up.


    Yep RAIDER style

  • SnB Production

    The running back was wide open for a td too

  • cw2147

    Raiders is making Tammy look like Antonio Gates

  • djohnnyg

    88 yds. in 1:13 ? Ridiculous.

  • morilla

    Ridiculous? Its the Colts.

  • there he is

  • SnB Production

    Yup….boom or bust kicker

  • We all knew the real Seabass was out there.

  • Raiders for life

    Raiders time management is not very good.

  • 504 Raider

    Not even mad with the miss.

  • Seabass or Suckass?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Lucky to get that spike in with one second.

    That last second ticks off on the road.

  • Is RaiderMom holding that “I love Payton” sign?

  • That miss will come back in this game. They always do.

  • SnB Production


    Right. If Al Davis INSISTS on playing strict Man2Man…you need to two top tier man2man corners.

    ITs the only way it can work because guys like Routt and CJ are going to give it up.

    The Raiders should be looking for a guy that can step in…maybe its Champ Bailey…maybe the draft or maybe a trade.

    The Raiders are the ones that need a Derrel Revis playing opposite Nnamdi.

    THat or change up the scheme a little.

    CB is the biggest need

  • Forget the miss.Bonehead flags are what you should be shouting at.

  • Ref post 122.Every time a team throws deep against us I’m waiting for a flag against the Raiders.