Final: Colts 31, Raiders 26


Fourth quarter notes

— Peyton Manning’s 7-yard back shoulder throw to Pierre Garcon with 7:38 to play put the Colts up 31-19 and in control.

Indianapolis, following Janikowski’s fourth field goal fo the game, drove 68 yards nine plays, doing much of the damage on the ground as the Raiders stuck almost exclusively with the big nickel defense they used most of the game.

— The Colts played a deep Cover 2 and enabled the Raidres to pile up completions while eating up valuable clock time in the fourth quarter.

— The Raiders drove 80 yards in 12 plays to score on a 6-yard touchdown pass from Jason Campbell to Zach Miller, but Jacob Tamme recovered Sebastian Janikowski’s onsides kick.

— Manning’s second interception of the game, this one by Chris Johnson after a deflection on a slant route to Garcon deflected by Rolando McClain, set Oakland up at the 37.

The Raiders only netted 10 yards with a third-down sack by Mathis forcing Janikowskon to the field for his fourth field goal of the game, this one from 45 yards with 12:59 left, bringing Oakland within 24-19.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • mac

    we had a crap st this year,if only for a few plays we would be at the arse end,coverage was awful

  • armond

    that pi on routt should never been called. the only reason the colts got 30 was cuz of the punkazz refs on that play. our zone is fugged up and i dont know what to say. u can really see how stupid these guys/coaches are when u r at the game. u can call out what will happen based on the alignment before it happens. naamdi on the other side of the field in a trips set, the blown coverage by branch behind aso and mcclain slpit out wide AGAIN. we are so fundamentally flawed its pathetic.

  • DT42

    Its hard to judge a QB that has never been in a system for more than one year. JC has had a new OC and new system every year that he has been a professional. I think that going into next season the Raiders should see how much development occurs.

    Also I think that its hard to judge a OC that is just completing his first year of ever being an OC. Give JC a chance to create chemistry with his WR corps. Give Hue a chance to truly evaluate what he has in his toolbox. Personally I think that DHB is not a deep threat. His strength is RAC. Now we just have to focus him on route running and catching the ball. I think that Hue will make those adjustments and use him better. I think that Ford is a potential big play threat in the Steve Smith mode. Next year will be exciting to see him develop. Maybe we get Chaz back and Murphy continues to develop. Couple that with an effective run game and we are in a good position to be successful next year. I would like to see the Raiders hire a better WR coach. I’ve never been sold on Sanjay Lal.

    We can increase depth and get some competition thru the draft. I’d like to see the Raiders pick up Wiz’s nephew out of Penn State or the Center at FSU. I was happy with Satele’s development late in the season but we need depth in the interior of our line. Tackles can get some help from chip blocks and TE’s. But the best way to help an offense in pass protection is for the QB to able to step up in the pocket.

    I’d also like to see the Raiders pick up a young QB that can be developed. I was hoping Colt Brennan would have stayed as the 3rd QB but I don’t know if he has recovered from his car accident after the Raiders cut him. It won’t hurt to bring back Grad’s but we have to understand that he can’t be relied on because he is injury prone.

    As for Cable, I’ve been on the fence with him for a long time. I wanted Trestman to come back because the offense he brings has the same firepower that we saw today with the Colts. I hope that the Broncos (he “retaught” Tebow how to throw a football) don’t pick him up from the CFL.

    Cable did something that no one else has been able to do since Gruden. He convinced this team to give a damn about being Raiders again. What none of the media (Jerry) has mentioned is that we haven’t been blasted by the term “organizational dysfunction” by all of the mainstream media, unless you count KK and RMR as mainstream. We built on a solid off-season and draft and took a good first step in the right direction. Now the bar has been raised and a playoff run should be expected for next year.

    Although no one can be satisfied with a potential 8-8 finish, everyone has to admit we have come out of that 7 year tunnel and taken one step closer to being back on top. If we beat KC next week and I mean beat them bad, then this team can go into the off-season knowing that they dominated the AFC West. That is something to build on. We haven’t had that around here in a long time.

  • zopi

    There was just too many things that needed to go right today, and about half of them did even then the Raiders still only lost by five points. Still a loss.
    It was going to be a tall order and got bigger without Seymour, there is also a big gap between Walker and Henderson, and Jason is still learning, very hard too handle Freeney and Mathis.
    And, as always either the Raiders are just the most undisciplined players in the league or the refs have a different agenda with the them. Bad enough to play against Manning another is to have the refs make every call against you.

  • 504 Raider

    OK Nation, I calmed down after taking a nap.

    Here’s what I think will happen with the coaches.

    *Cable stays because the team did make a big improvement from last year.

    Hue Jax will obviously stay and build on the success of the offense in year two.

    Marshall will be given one more year because his unit did improve from last year and it would be another year for his defense to grow.

    *If anyone is let go it’s Cable because he is in last year of contract and he’s been here the longest and still no playoffs. He’s the last of the double digit loss stench still around.

    Now what Hue Jax and Marshall have going in their favor is the QB of each unit.

    We know Campbell will take maybe a week off after the season and be right back at it, working out, watching film and correcting mistakes. He won’t eat much either.

    McClain is a well known film junkie so he will improve from his rookie year.

    I feel good about our direction. Go Raiders!

  • RaiderRetribution

    Alex, I can tell the WRs are open, when I see 4 rushing the QB, two defenders on Zach and two on Darren, that leaves 3 on 3 which means 3 one on one.

    JC does check down too much, he will have a complete training camp and a second year with these WRs and OC ( as long as he doesn’t accept a HC job somewhere else) to resolve that issue.

    If we lose Hue, I have no problem getting a better QB than Jason…

    who is better than Jason that will be available?

  • BigLefty

    McClain didnt het a tackle until half-way through the third quarter. I’ve never seen a MLB guess wrong so many times in 1 game and fill the wrong gap.

    All three LB’s sucked today. no contain

  • alex7

    Buckeye Raider,

    I think a good QB gets rid of the ball in the 3 seconds that Campbell was afforded on most passing plays. He too often backpedals then checks down (instead of stepping up and finding a WR).

    More importantly Buckeye, do you see JC as a guy that can lead us to victories when the Jets, Patriots, Bears, Lions, and Packers also choke off our run game next season?

  • alex7

    oh, and Vikings too.

  • alex7

    If he isn’t the type that can do that, then I don’t see much of a reason to expect to go better than 7-9 next year.

    To be a playoff team, you need a playoff QB.

  • confucius400

    Jets, Patriots, Bears, Lions, and Packers oh my

  • RaiderRetribution

    Black haired draft guru may get his wish,

    Panthers will draft Luck (possibly Cam), depending on contract negotiations.

    So the Raiders could offer a 7th round pick for Clausen….


  • armond

    Campbell refuses to stand tall and take a chance down the field to a WR, and sometimes he would break the pocket (he is good at sliding in the pocket) but again he will dump it to RB out of the backfield. He has had some success at this, but you just can’t do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    BINGO, HALLELUJAH!!! he will not stand tall in the pocket and make the big league throws. he had time to do that but refuses. that was the talk of the whole damn section i was in. he plays scary. all he wants to do is play safe without taking chances. no guts no glory.

  • jmcclain

    Other teams we play don’t fear Campbell not there d cordinators not there safetys not there d backs no one. They no stop the run have campbell TRY to beat us and we win. If we only had a qb who could do more. Other teams would fear us as far as the offense goes. Everyone just imagine how potent we would be on O with a good qb you think we scored points this yr imagine a good qb in our system. And Campbell is not the reason we scored points this yr if ghats what some people are thinking.

  • mac

    Dare i say it ,trade a film junkie(MOVIE BUFF) for a playa

  • RaiderRetribution

    Stanzi, Locher could be there when we draft in the second, but I would much rather have that top tiered OL or DE that fell down in the draft.

  • morilla

    I really want to see Schilens more involved. I know they need to creep him in slowly, but he is a beast.

    Imagine him and Fitzgerald out there running routes.

  • alex7


    good points on the one-on-one matchups. EVERY NFL QB lives for 1-1 matchups, but ours doesn’t take advantage of them.

    The problem is, he had that reputation for 4 YEARS in Washington, despite having Santana Moss and Chris Cooley as sure-handed options.

    Campbell earned the nickname “Captain Checkdown” in Washington.

    I don’t think this problem is correctable.

  • armond

    also some of u in here were asking who jacob tamme was. well i watched him alot at kentucky and thought he would be a good backup to miller when he came out. he can catch really good but is undersized by todays standards. he also isnt a great blocker but miller aint that good at it himself. dont sleep on tamme cuz he can ball. he is way better than meyers.

  • armond

    dmc suffered another lil turf toe yall. probably why he didnt play as much.

  • morilla

    McClain needs to train hard this offseason. He needs to cut some fat and work on his lateral speed and overall closing speed. I am willing to cut him some slack since he is a rookie.

  • alex7

    JC has had Cable telling him to “cut it loose” for months.

    His coaches in Washington certainly told him the same thing if he had the “Captain Checkdown” nickname AND was benched multiple times in his career there.

    He didn’t have the sense to throw it into the end zone at the end of the Jax game.

    He waited until we were down 2 scores to start forcing throws downfield.

    I think it’s part of his too-laid-back demeanor, and that isn’t correctable.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Mr. Ford & Mr. D. McFadden are the main two reasons we had our three 500 yard games against Denver (twice) and Seattle.

    Each game Darren had a 100+ yds rushing nad Ford had a big play (reverses and/or receptions).

    Ford is the primary reason we defeated Kansas City.

  • armond

    alex7 it aint correctable. he is who he is and it makes me sick that he doesnt see it as a problem. we need a speed rusher at de. more evidence of that 2day as i have been saying for so long. when seymour is out we dont do sh!t. shawny is good but he aint great. houston is more of a dt in a 4-3. all of this gets exposed when big sey is gone. yall need to hear me on this.

  • mac

    gnite ladies points taken,will discuss in the morrow,
    ,morilla,alex7, RaiderRetribution ,and the old man,,KK,have a blast gents,ciao

  • alex7

    Carson Palmer might be available, and while he’s had a down year, he also has made the playoffs twice in his career, thrown for 3,500 yards and 25 TDs almost annually, and has done this facing the

    Ravens and Steelers twice each year.

    You saw what he just did to the Chargers.
    Imagine him against the soft AFC West.

  • buckeyeraider

    Next years schedule does look daunting to say the least. At least the rest of the div. should play a similar schedule. KC’s should be tougher they play the other div. winners. Raiders will play 3rd place schedule.

    Who knows how good a team is going to be next year anyway. Hell, teams can change dramatically from one part of a season to another. Let alone one season to the next. Look at Tennessee this year. The team that started 5-2 and looked like a contender to what we saw today vs. KC.

    Then you factor in injuries, roster turnover. Minnesota could be 10-6 next year or 3-13. Hell, who knows?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Morilla, most definately,

    McClain needs some acceleration, he needs to put in some of Mr. Walter Payton’s workouts.

  • alex7

    thanks Mac, see ya.

  • 504 Raider

    Tamme has someone on his staff that teaches route running better than Lal.

  • alex7

    True, anything can happen with other teams, but for the most part, teams with Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, Tom Brady, and the Jets run-game will continue to outrace us

    if we have JC.

  • buckeyeraider

    Holy crap..it’s 11:30. Past my bedtime. Back to work tomorrow..my last week.

    G’night fellas.

  • morilla

    See ya Mac. I am stuck in a blizzard out here in NY. Currently drinking in the basement of my in-laws. By myself and drawing on my daughters GloDoodle. Haha.

  • DT42

    alex7 Says:
    I think it’s part of his too-laid-back demeanor, and that isn’t correctable.
    Stabler had the most laid back demeanor of any Raider QB’s. And he put the ball where he wanted to when he wanted to. Two factors about JC checking down too much (which i think that he does).

    1. I think is has to do more with the fact that this is his first year in this system and a lack of faith in his WR’s. If you drop back and see DMAC or Louis Murphy who are you going to pass to?
    2. When do you see JC step up in the pocket? Now that’s either a problem with the interior of the Oline or its something that he has to be coached up on.

    The problem with getting rid of JC is that I don’t see anyone that is going to be an improvement. I don’t see any QB’s that are coming out of the draft that wouldn’t benefit from a year on the bench learning (we might have a shot at a Ponder or Locker).

    Personally, I’m hoping that we pick up Landry Jones from OU in a couple of years, so i’m willing to wait and let JC get the job done in the meantime.

  • alex7

    Peyton Manning makes all guys with 2 hands look awesome.

    Tamme has 60 catches and 564 yards in 9 games.

    He’s legit, or Manning is legit, or both, so no shame in our safety losing a 1 on 1 battle with him.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw JC throw a nice seam route down the middle of the field.


  • 14 Rushing attempts against the Indy Colts?


  • alex7

    lol, KK is on noob or troll ignore.

  • alex7


    good points on JC, and I’m not sure if a veteran QB who still doesn’t have pocket awareness and mobility inside of it will suddenly learn it at age 30 next year 🙂

    As for the laid back demeanor, I know Stabler didn’t carry that over onto the football field. He wanted to win at all costs. Can’t say JC shows that same passion or awareness.

    He’d RATHER check down because it’s the safe bet, not because it helps his team win. He does it regardless of the situation (Jax to end the game) and he’s been plagued by it even though he had Santana Moss year after year in Washington.

    Don’t think it has to do with WR trust issues, nor should it.

  • dcraiderfan

    Can we all agree that the Raiders made it a game today! I wasn’t expecting to win against Peyton Manning, horrible team this year. But the progress the Raiders made since the first half of the season. Are we better than the past 10 years, maybe. We need to be a running team. Does Fatboy Cable need to be around next season? No. Just bring in a shared HC for the team. Draft more capable T, G, Blocking TE, veteran WR for the Offense. A troublemaker on the field and not OFF. Revamp the Defense on the line, CB to help out. Bring in the old Raider mystique the misfits, the misled and young players. Watch this team florish to the days of old. I believe this Raiders can wipe the division clean with an 6-0 record.
    I’m all the way HAPPY. And for the haters of Jason Campbell quit wining like a bunch of old ladies that you are!!!!! We don’t need Donovan McNabb either!!!!

  • SnB Production

    Once again, give me a free agent QB that is MEASURABLY better than JC.

    Don’t give me another retread with question marks because that’s what we have with JC. I’ll take JC with all his flaws after a year in the system and another offseason.

    You bring in another new QB, and you are tossing the season away. With all the B.S about this and that…the Raiders could have been a playoff team.

    Let’s get a possession receiver OR pray that Schilens can stay healthy…BTW, he shouldn’t play tomorrow…

    All the teeth gnashing in the world is not going to change the fact that the QB situation is what it is.

    Bringing in an unproven rookie to start is lunacy after the JaDavis debacle and the Raider history developing QBs.

    You run with JC and beef up the o-line and receiver corps. The offense, with all the issues still was top 10.

  • RaiderRobG