Final: Colts 31, Raiders 26


Fourth quarter notes

— Peyton Manning’s 7-yard back shoulder throw to Pierre Garcon with 7:38 to play put the Colts up 31-19 and in control.

Indianapolis, following Janikowski’s fourth field goal fo the game, drove 68 yards nine plays, doing much of the damage on the ground as the Raiders stuck almost exclusively with the big nickel defense they used most of the game.

— The Colts played a deep Cover 2 and enabled the Raidres to pile up completions while eating up valuable clock time in the fourth quarter.

— The Raiders drove 80 yards in 12 plays to score on a 6-yard touchdown pass from Jason Campbell to Zach Miller, but Jacob Tamme recovered Sebastian Janikowski’s onsides kick.

— Manning’s second interception of the game, this one by Chris Johnson after a deflection on a slant route to Garcon deflected by Rolando McClain, set Oakland up at the 37.

The Raiders only netted 10 yards with a third-down sack by Mathis forcing Janikowskon to the field for his fourth field goal of the game, this one from 45 yards with 12:59 left, bringing Oakland within 24-19.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Kirk

    The naked bootleg works every time.

    But the Raiders aren’t smart enough to use it or defend against it.

  • RaiderRetribution

    with the 2nd pick Raiders now a lock between the 12th and 18th pick of the second round, barring a trade.

  • Kirk

    It’s Hue’s fault he didn’t run any misdirection except one play.

  • Thec07

    First round pick is just that no matter how you slice it. Thankfully its not a top ten like most ssuggested…

  • morilla

    I think how they approach the run could have been handeled different. They seemed to do better right up the gut. Trying to get the edge on the Colts is almost impossible. They are way too fast.

  • alex7

    Young American,

    I hear you on the knee-jerk reactions. I’m trying to educate some people here and bring facts into the equation.

    Seems like a lost cause sometimes.

  • buckeyeraider

    I know there is a lot of frustration boiling over after another disappointing loss…but, damn some of you guys are killing me. Bashing Hue and JC…really????

    For most of the last seven years this team would be giddy if they scored 17 fricking points. This team has taken a monumental leap forward in Jackson’s first year as OC. They are 8th in total offense. They have scored 30+ ponts in 5 diff. games, plus 28 in a win over the chargers. Swept SD after losing the previous 13.

    Hue should get at least partial credit for helping jumpstart DMacs career. He’s utilized him well, and playcalled to his strengths for the most part.

    If they beat KC and sweep div. rivals and head into offseason at 8-8, that is something to build on. Another strong draft and FA period and look out. Continue to strengthen the OL.

    Another offseason should do Hue, JC and the WR corps a world of good.

    They have taken a large step up from abysmal, bottom of the barrell offense to competent and respectable.

    Hopefully, next year they take another jump from decent to formidable or even dominant.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Kirk, Jason used it just a few weeks ago.

  • alex7

    Kirk wants more misdirections against a fast defense.

    Morilla wants more runs up the middle.

    I want a QB who can throw the ball down field instead of checking down twice in a row on 2nd and 10 and 3rd and 6.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Completely agree Buckie

  • morilla


    I couldn’t agree more.

  • mac

    nice one Buckye

  • mac

    gotta agree with the 257 too

  • alex7


    thanks for your non-emotional, rational post.

    I will say though that the whole “QB needs more than a year in a system to be comfortable” thing is a little far-fetched.

    Rex Grossman took the Redskins reigns and ran with it right away.
    Orton came out on fire in Denver last year.
    Warner in Arizona didn’t need an adjustment.
    Bradford in St. Louis is kicking butt 1st year in system with no WRs.
    Brees 1st year in NO
    Schaub 1st year in Houston.

    If you’re good, you can QB well your 1st year in a system.

    If you’re really young, I’d understand. But Campbell is almost 30.

  • morilla

    Alex7 Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 7:27 pm
    Kirk wants more misdirections against a fast defense.

    Morilla wants more runs up the middle.

    I want a QB who can throw the ball down field instead of checking down twice in a row on 2nd and 10 and 3rd and 6.

    Hahahahaha, now that’s a list.

  • mac

    hard to fathom that we have brains istead of dolts for a welcome change

  • morilla

    You think Ortin will be in Denver next year?

    Runs from the room.

  • alex7

    Next year we have a very very tough schedule.

    Our QB has sucked against the Titans, 49ers, Rams, Steelers, and Colts.

    Next year he gets the Patriots, Jets, Bears, Packers, and Vikings D.

    I don’t see an improvement next year unless the top position changes.

  • 14 Rushing attempts against the #30 Rushing Defense, in a close game.

    The #2 Rushing Team Lost.

  • alex7

    Orton would be an improvement, Morilla 🙂

    At least his WRs lead the team in catches.
    Imagine if he’d had a D and running game there with his passing #s.

  • mac

    plus the lions are gona be very hard

  • SnB Production


    The Raiders were not a playoff team this year. Still too many holes…too many penalties and too much inconsistency from players to coaches.

    Key for the offseason is:

    1. Keeping Miller, Seymour and Bush.

    2. Sign an elite 2nd corner to match with Nnamdi or allow and practice more zone concepts

    3. Get a RT that can both run and pass block

    4. Send the coaches to a couple of clinics on how to run a training camp, coach fundamentals and both identifying and executing in-game adjustments

    5. Oh, hire a special teams coach

  • Checking down to Mac/Bush are not rush attempts.

  • mac

    ok KK change your tag to SK

  • buckeyeraider

    The Raiders should be kicking themselves for being eliminated from playoff contention. They let some opportunities slip away. AZ,SF and Jax most notably.

    But, they are a young team, learning how to win. They are close. Knocking on the playoff door, really.

    And yet it seems the majority, or at least a very vocal minority want to blow it all up and start all over. Fire this coach, He’s gotta go too. They’re all bums.

    It would be funny, if it wasn’ so sad. I don’t wanna hear about Cowher, or Gruden coming back. That’s pie in the sky BS. Ain’t happenin folks.

  • Al Davis will not allow a Rushing Team.

    Hue Jackson is applying.

  • mac

    no one expected the playoffs this year,that we were close is commendable,good things to build on.keep the faith.

  • Every time the Raiders get away from the running game, they lose.

    -On principle

  • McFadden get’s 11 carries, Bush 3. REALLY SERIOUSLY?

  • McFadden get’s 11 carries, Bush 3. REALLY SERIOUSLY?

    What, the game got out of hand?

  • McFadden get’s 11 carries, Bush 3. REALLY SERIOUSLY?

    What, the game got out of hand?

    When did the game get out of hand?

  • mac

    or maybe mjd up the gut for 31 yards was bad
    on principle

  • RaiderRetribution

    It was great to see Schilens get some receptions.

  • mac

    time for a hairut old man?
    maybe trim some bush?

  • alex7

    KK, why do you ask questions if you ignore the answer?

    That’s a trait of someone averse to learning.

  • mac

    for some reason D’s hate it when he’s(eventually) on the field.

  • buckeyeraider

    I don’t think JC was that bad today really. Wasn’t great, by any means. But, as you’ve already mentioned, quite accurately to those who are complaining we didn’t run it enough…well, they tried..but couldn’t.

    The Colts controlled the LOS. They throttled the Raiders #2 ranked run game. Their speed eliminated the Raiders screens. Plays that might have been huge gains against other D’s were dragged down from behind for meager two yard gains.

    So after those two elements of the Raider O were neutralized, what did Hue and JC have left? A rookie LT matched against Dwight frickin Freeney and Mario Henderson making his first career start at RT vs. Mathis. Really?

    People complaing about checkdown. Really? You think JC had all day back there for the deep routes to develope.

    I think JC accounted fairly well for himself today. As he has since Grads went down, really. He wasn’t the reason they lost to Jax, and he wasn’t the reason they lost today.

    They lost the battle at the LOS. Both sides.

  • armond

    jason campbell had plenty of times to throw down the field. there was 1 play where he immediately checked down to bush when he had dhb open down the sideline. he took the safe route 2 many times to make things happen. he had a play where he couldve ran for a td or atleast to the 5 and threw across his body to miller who was covered. the pass was incomplete and we kicked a field goal. i think that was the kick jano missed. we were down 24-19 at the time. this dude just isnt a winner. he has no fire to will his team to a victory and im sick of it. tired of guys who just accept things as they are instead of taking it. this was a game HE needed to take from peyton. notice how peyton called that bootleg for himself to ice the game? thats what winners do.

  • mac

    for kk,too many roofees Alex?

  • Just Fire Baby

    There was a play in the first quarter that was a head-scratcher.

    3rd and long, we have our O-line in and bring in Miller for added protection. The Colts rush only 4, but yet somehow we roll the protection to have Zac Miller singled up on Mathis, who blows past him and nails JC before he can throw it.

    Don’t no who to blame on that. Was it a designed call? Is the C supposed to call out protections? I know QB’s also call out some protections as well.

    Either way, it was another example of being severely outcoached/outsmarted, even though the Colts just stayed in a base defense.

    Hue Jackson, Jason Campbell and Tom Cable are the kids in the back of class not paying attention, eating paste and being part of no child left behind.

  • alex7

    The Raiders ran the ball for 40% of their 1st half’s plays, all the way until they went pass-mode for the 2 minute drill and got a FG out of it.

    40% of 1st half plays were runs.
    We sucked at them.
    We punted alot.
    We gave Manning the ball alot.

    That isn’t a recipe for success if it’s failing.

  • armond

    dhb was open all day and jc didnt look his way enuff just like last week. if we want our wrs to develop then we need to get a qb who is willing and talented enuff to do it. fugg not havin confidence in these guys.he doesnt have confidence in himself and it shows. he did another one of his puzzy azz get down slides. i mean really, he doesnt even slide right. i have never seen a more scary qb play in my life.

  • alex7

    When you go 3 and out a lot because you can’t run the ball well, the number of carries you get stays very low.

    Seems logical.

    The Raiders threw about 20 passes in just 3 drives:
    One-minute drill at end of first half.
    Two drives in 4th quarter when down 2 scores.

    JC passed 11 times in final drive, ending in a TD.

    Take away those 3 drives where you kinda HAVE to throw, and it was a balanced game-plan.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders had a great special teams this season, they got off to a slow start, but came out like gang busters ever since the first victory over the Chargers.

    We had two blocked punts that game – nearly a third, we’ve had 3 KO’s returned for TDs (two opening KO’s, which the HC and OC wasted) and we have been so close to blocking a half dozen other punts.
    We do not overhaul that we build upon it, just as we build upon Cable’s efforts to steer this team in a winning direction, we need a true HC.

    We must build on Hue’s production as well.

  • mac

    should have been a fan last year armond

  • alex7


    I think your point in post 292 is VERY true but most fans can’t see that because of the TV camera views we get.

    I would LOVE to see that 22-man camera angle and see how often a WR is actually open and JC checks down instead.

    Might this be the reason Jackson and Cable benched JC twice this year?

  • 187killa

    it just really sucks because we were scheduled to play the 3 worst divisions in football (AFC south(this year it sucked) AFC West(really no GREAT team) and NFC West)-and we got to play them 14 games(13 so far). the fact that the raiders didnt go atleast 8-5 up to this point is a dissapointment, shoulda been 9-4 against those teams. we’ll probably never get a schedule this easy again, but that being said, this team will be even better next year (watch out for J. Ford.) and i think we can match up with the bears and vikes etc.

  • RaiderRetribution

    I still like the taste of Elmer’s glue when it removes the crud from between my fingers.

  • Just Fire Baby

    One thing noboby seems to touch on, is that part of the reason the O-line looks so bad, is because teams blitz the crap out of us and than just cover the short route.

    They know that (A) our O-line will not do a good job picking up the blitz and (B) Campbell will immediately dump it off.

    So they bunch the LOS, attack the backfield and make sure to cover the TE or FB on the short route.

    Campbell refuses to stand tall and take a chance down the field to a WR, and sometimes he would break the pocket (he is good at sliding in the pocket) but again he will dump it to RB out of the backfield. He has had some success at this, but you just can’t do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • buckeyeraider

    They’re showing the Highlights on NFLN right now. Deion’s in the background yelling “let ’em play”. Those PI’s piss me off. They get no breaks..no benefit of the doubt. They get held to the letter of the law, every time. I don’t know if it’s because of reputation or what.

    It’s something they’re going to have to fight through and overcome. Doesn’t make it fair, though.