Halftime: Colts 17, Raiders 13

Second half notes

Indianapolis took a 17-13 lead on Peyton Manning’s 18-yard touchdown pass to Jacob Tamme,a drive helped by a 25-yard pass interference flag on Chris Johnson (minimal contact) and with skirmishes resulting in personal fouls on both sides.

The Raiders got in position for a 53-yard field goal attempt by Sebastian Janikowski at the gun, but he missed the kick after earlier converting from 59.

—The Colts went three and out following Janikowski’s field goal, with Michael Huff stopping Jacob Tamme a yard short on a 4-yard pass from Manning on third-and-5.

The Raiders then drove from their own 18 into Indianapolis territory, with Darren McFadden bursting for 26 yards on the first play, Campbell hitting a 9-yard pass to Louis Murphy on third-and-9 and a 9-yard pass to Chaz Schilens to the Indy 29 on third-and-4.

A 4-yard pass to Brandon Myers on third-and-6 brought out Sebastian Janikowski at the two-minute warning for a 38-yard field goal and a 13-10 lead. The kick fin

— Janikowski hammered a 59-yard field goal through the uprights with 9:31 to play at halftime as the Raiders tied the score following a 34-yard drive in nine plays. Oakland had its first two first downs of the game on the drive.

It was the second-longest field goal in Raiders history. Janikowski had a 61-yard field goal against Cleveland 364 days ago. Janikowski and Morten Andersen are the only two players in NFL history with two field goals of 59 yards or more.

—The Raiders stiffened to open the second quarter, forcing a chip-shot field goal by Adam Vinatieri after Chris Johnson broke up a second-and-7 Manning pass for Pierre Garcon and John Henderson batted down the third down throw.

Indianapolis drove 50 yards in 11 plays for the score.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    One NATION, the only NATION, the RAIDER NATION!

    One NATION, the only NATION the RAIDER NATION!

    One NATION,



  • There’s only one Nation.

  • SnB Production


    Right. If Al Davis INSISTS on playing strict Man2Man…you need to two top tier man2man corners.

    ITs the only way it can work because guys like Routt and CJ are going to give it up.

    The Raiders should be looking for a guy that can step in…maybe its Champ Bailey…maybe the draft or maybe a trade.

    The Raiders are the ones that need a Derrel Revis playing opposite Nnamdi.

    THat or change up the scheme a little.

    CB is the biggest need

  • EMRaiders

    8-8 = playoffs next season.

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    4.EMRaiders Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:38 pm
    8-8 = playoffs next season.


    Not a SAFE bet!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Time has some fight in us, which is great.

    Once we completed a few passes, the running game got going a little.

  • EMRaiders

    A safe bet in that we won’t make it this season…lol

  • A while back someone posted the teams we’ll play next season.8-8 is going to be tough.

  • SnB Production


    I am looking for the flags too on those deep throws….and they are going to come because CJ and Routt can’t handle the Man2Man the Raiders run.

    Both are good nickle backs…not starters man…ain’t going to happen

  • aig-raiders

    uh why is dmac only getting 6 touches so far? hue gettin pass happy again? cant watch game so pls fill me in guys

  • EMRaiders

    With a new OT, DT, CB, WR and new young promising QB in the wait, we can go 8-8 or better no prob.

  • olinesux

    theyve improved each year since cable took over, he should be allowed back. hope they win next week and sweep the division.

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    8.neilb Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    A while back someone posted the teams we’ll play next season.8-8 is going to be tough.


    Yup, but with the correct moves this team can be a 12 win team, even with that sched!

    UNfortunatly the biggest upgrade needed is QB. “upgrade”

    the bigest need overall has to be RT, and a VET POSS WR.

  • EMRaiders
  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    We can win with JC, just not as clean as often as we need to.

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    A scary scene played out on Sunday in Cincinnati, where Chargers RB Mike Tolbert was taken off the field on a stretcher following a collision with two Bengals defenders.

    Tolbert went down midway through the first quarter when he was hit by Reggie Nelson after a short run. Nelson appeared to hit Tolbert on the left side of the helmet. Tolbert did lower his head slightly, and appeared to be injured on the impact from Nelson, and not the ground. It left Tolbert face-down on the field, and motionless.

    Players from both teams surrounded Tolbert as medical personnel immobilized him and strapped him to a body board before loading him on a stretcher. Because teams take every precaution available, there’s no indication to the severity of Tolbert’s condition to be taken from the scene on the field.

    It was certainly encouraging to see Tolbert give a thumbs-up as he left the field, which drew a cheer from the crowd.

    Tolbert was presumably taken to the locker room, and we’ll pass along any updates.

  • Ref post #9. Even on short passes you know we’re going to get flagged.Every time it’s a pass I’m waiting for holding or pass interference calls.

  • Guy

    Sure have a way of making back up RBs look good

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    No taklin

  • Guy

    That was a beauty

  • The Dirtee Raccoon


  • olinesux

    too much passing…

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    Take your broken jaw back to Indy Patyy Manny

  • Back to the game.

  • The Dirtee Raccoon

    GO FOR IT!!!!

  • YoungAmerican

    Sign free agents Harvey Dahl and Ryan Harris to shore up the right side of the line, make a run at WR Vincent Jackson, WR James Jones or CB Jonathan Joseph, and re-sign guys like Seymour, Miller, Gallery, and if possible Bush or Huff. Bring Satele and maybe Barnes back on the cheap… with another halfway decent draft, you’d be looking at a team that can play with the better teams in the league.

  • We need Seymore!

  • With R. Seymore’s health, do we still sign him to a “max” contract?

    Either way, we need some yound depth in the middle of the d-line!

  • aig-raiders

    emr thanks but on blackberry only

  • PUNT

  • morilla

    Why is someone posting about Tolbert here?

  • Plunketthead

    Time for JC to prove he is worthy of wearing black and silver.

    Come on Raiders!!
    Lets win this one!!

  • 504 Raider

    31.morilla Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    Why is someone posting about Tolbert here?


    Probably didn’t get the score of the KC/Tenn game.

  • 32.Plunketthead Says:
    December 26th, 2010 at 2:54 pm
    Time for JC to prove he is worthy of wearing black and silver.

    Come on Raiders!!
    Lets win this one!!


    Yep, it’s gonna take great play the last two games to keep the job.

    Even if jc plays well, we still need to draft a QB, and get another FA.


    The play calling is bad and so is Campbell and the OL.
    We didn’t get a first down until thirteen minutes into the second half.
    And that’s against the 19th defense in the league.
    Thirteen points at the half-by special teams!

  • Plunketthead

    Way to fight more yards, BEY!!!!!!

  • Plunketthead

    DMAC is about to break a big one!!

  • 504 Raider

    Please no more runs to Henderson’s side.

  • Plunketthead

    Ok lets stop bighead. Three and out

  • Should have the lead

  • 3rd qtr, McFadden has 8 carries???????????????????

  • olinesux

    freakin henderson giving props to jano…if he wouldnt of gotten blown up in the first place, they would still be driving.

  • SnB Production


    Don’t agree. Team has put up 16 points mid-way to 3rd QTR….in the game.

    Indy can play ball too

  • Tebow is 10/17 with a INT against Houston.

    We are seeing the birth of a superstar!


  • TerrapinRaider

    Pls stop jerking off over the damn stats. DMC is getting as many carries as the game dictates. If you didn’t notice the Colts were stuffing the run in the 1st. They are only now getting something positive out of it after passing more.

  • DT42

    more emphasis on run game, once you feed DMAC, work DHB on short and intermediate routes. Get Miller more involved. Ford for the deep stuff. On D stop those crossing routes and get more pressure on the Manning.

  • dumb-dumb

  • olinesux

    they do need to run more

  • raidermarty

    Cmon offense it’s time to get some rhythm going and hold onto the ball a little bit then score a td

  • morilla

    Heyyyyy Chazzzzzzzzzz!!!!?