Looks like Raiders will play spoiler


Arrived to spectacular sunshine at the Coliseum but a gloomy outlook in terms of the playoffs with the Chiefs taking a 24-0 lead when I got to the press box.

With the Tennessee Titans not being much of a come from behind team in terms of a passing game, Oakland’s finale will be similar to 1999, when they took a 7-8 record into Arrowhead and bounced the Chiefs from the playoffs. Oakland’s 41-38 overtime win gave Seattle the AFC West title . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • edward teach

    As far as DHB goes, according to the Raiders he was selected ahead of a lot of other receivers because he played in a pro-style system at Maryland and that would help him adapt more quickly to the NFL.

    The “give him time to develop” BS is just that. BS. He’s another height-weight-speed guy that doesn’t have the football skills. It’s not his fault he was drafted where he was, so I’m not banging on the kid, but if he was worthy of #7 overall we’d have seen it by now.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t think I am.

  • alex7

    The reason we lost to non-AFC West teams is simple:

    Our QBs struggled against the Titans, Cardinals, 49ers, Steelers, Dolphins)

    Can’t be a playoff team when your QBs have 5 bad games a season.

    Unfortunately, thats normal for our QBs career, which is why we got JC for a measley future 4trounder.