Seymour, Asomugha, Lechler make Pro Bowl


Defensive tackle Richard Seymour, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and punter Shane Lechler were the Raiders’ selections to the Pro Bowl Tuesday.

Seymour, who was at his most dominant earlier this season, is a reserve interior lineman with Baltimore’s Haloti Ngata and New England’s Vince Wilfork as the starters.

Asomugha is a starter at cornerback along with the Jets’ Darrelle Revis, with New England rookie Devin McCourty the third corner.

Running back Darren McFadden did not crack the top three running backs, with Jacksonville’s Maurice Jones-Drew (the starter), Houston’s Arian Foster and Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles getting the nod.

Place kicker Sebastian Janikowski, who set a Raiders scoring record with 135 points, lost out to Baltimore’s Billy Cundiff.

The Raiders announced that defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, tight end Zach Miller, McFadden and Janikowski were named as alternates, although it was not divulged at what level. All would have a chance to go to be added to the team if someone drops out because of injury.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Kolb is 6’3″, what 26 or 27, still unbeat up enough to have some drive.

  • alex7


    Easy option is we lost GM Bruce Allen and no one could replace the majority of our Super Bowl roster that was 30-38 year old veterans.

    Hard to replace Gannon, Brown, Rice, Rod Woodson, Kennedy, Parrella, Romo, and Armstrong when Al is drafting…

    Derrick Gibson, Brayton, Teyo Johnson, F. Washington, and Andrew Walter.

    Can’t reload without a good QB.

  • alex7

    I’m wondering though, if Kolb struggled this year in Philly, what exactly does he need to succeed?

    Pro Bowl RB, WRs, and excellent coaching staff…

    and he struggled. Risky.

  • alex7

    Wallace is 5’11

    yet he’s thrown more TDs than INTs every year, including a solid 11 TDs 3 INT the one year he started in Seattle (2008)


    There’s his link. Surprisingly, he’s never had a bad year.
    Might make good competition and easy to bring in.

  • alex7

    wonder what scouts/fans have seen in him.

    #s show a high completion %, few turnovers, kinda JC-like. Hope he takes more shots down the field than JC.

    What he has going for him is he isn’t a known quantity like JC, being he hasn’t started more than 20-something games. Kinda Gannon-ish in that regard.

  • You can’t take Palmers numbers in Cincy and transfer them here.

    You can’t take Tom Brady’s number’s in New England and transfer them here.

    You can’t take Kolb’s in number’s Philly and transfer them here.

    This is not Fantasy Football.

  • Wallace is fiesty. Don’t know how well he could scramble anymore. And 5’11” won’t help him. But a good back up no doubt.

    I fell Palmer is just to hammered. I will give JC hte benefit if Al inks everyone ASAP and we will know about Campbell after the first game next season. If I can guess Al correctly, Campbell is here to stay. He’s gotta make a Plunkett out of him if it’s the last thing he does.

  • You can’t just plug in somebody else’s numbers from a different system and transfer them to the Raiders from your play-station.

    This is not Fantasy Football.

  • KK, about the only take charge qb I could see making it in Oakland would be Payton Manning. But if JC has the same support team he’s had this year, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt til the first game of the season in ’11. We’ll know then how him and Hue spent their off season.

  • alex7

    I’m pretty sure good QBs put up good #s and give us a glimpse into the talent-level of a QB.

    If you really think otherwise, ok.

  • alex7

    Wouldn’t you think Campbell would have progressed by now?

    Not sure why 2 months in shorts will make a bigger difference than 15 games.

    Especially when he’s a 29-year old veteran.

    Basically, his flaws are career-long. Lack of pocket-presence. No leadership. Dumps off without giving deeper routes much time, even when he has time. Struggles against pressure Ds. Doesn’t read the field.

    Those were his problems in Washington, and he brought them here. Not sure one off-season suddenly cures that.

  • alex7

    He did well vs the Chargers, Broncos, Jaguars.

    Horrible vs Titans, Rams, , 49ers, Steelers, Chiefs (until OT, and Colts.

    Its hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when that’s been his history for 6 years now. Panics.

  • Cable will get better.

    So will Hue.

    JC, we’ll know after the first game.

    Cable and Hue and Marshall will spend a lot of time together drinking beer and eating pizza and burn a lot of midnight oil in an attempt to make this team better. And they’ll have to do it in the late hours and early morning hours because Al will be sleeping, so they won’t have him breathing down their backs. Cable can present to Al a concept and plan for the 2011 season and Al will like it because he’ll know they’ve spent a lot of time doing their homework.

    Just don’t see it any other way. JC is here to stay. So is Al.

  • alex7

    Denver and Jax had league-bottom pass defenses, so just not that much to get excited about.

  • alex7

    It would be great to see what Al has thought of JC’s season so far, especially given how little he uses that big arm of his.

  • SnB Production

    To echo KoolKell’s comments, numbers just don’t automatically translate.

    Carson Palmer has played on the same team and same system for 7 or so years and is still not very good at it.

    Seneca Wallace….”C’Mon Man!”

    Drew Stanton & Kevin Kolb? The Raiders are not the place for players needing a ton of development.

    JC is the best for now. If he can improve on where he is now…gain some more chemistry with his receivers…I’ll “Roll the Dice” with JC again…then roll the dice with sketchy QBs on the street

  • DaRayduh Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    KK, about the only take charge qb I could see making it in Oakland would be Payton Manning.
    Probably be the only one with carte blanche from Al Davis to do so.

    Or else he’d storm out of here.

  • djohnnyg

    Why are most people saying that the fact that the players loooove Cable that we have to keep him? Is it that they love Cable cuz he’s got them on the right path to the playoffs OR is it because Cable makes it okay to lose? That he doesn’t get “down on the guys when we come up short”? That “he understands how it is and doesn’t get upset with the players when they come in unprepared or when they’re inconsistent and lose to the dregs of the league.

    I like Cable as a guy. He’s easy to like with his happy go lucky locker room talk and his general warm fuzziness, but is he the guy to get this team to the next level?

    Cable told everybody THIS TEAM THIS YEAR was a playoff team. You guys are forgetting that even guys like Adam Schefter had us at 9-7 this year. Cable said playoffs, but at the end of the day WE ARE STILL 3RD PLACE IN THE AFC WEST and poised to finish the season at 2-5. It’s a weak finish period. To me 3rd place and finishing 2-5 is the most damning thing against him.

    I think with this weak finish we are getting worse NOT better.

  • alex7 Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 11:18 pm
    He did well vs the Chargers, Broncos, Jaguars.

    Horrible vs Titans, Rams, , 49ers, Steelers, Chiefs (until OT, and Colts.

    Its hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when that’s been his history for 6 years


    I know. But maybe (30% chance) he finds a comfort zone, likes his support team, gains a little confidence, works hard in the off-season, who knows. But we will for sure know after the first game. But you are right in your assessment of him, but lets’ give him the first game. He is here to stay. Al will make sure of that.

    That SF game was strange.

  • GoodOle00


  • alex7

    whoa, Palmer’s not good at it?

    You want better than playoff trips, Pro Bowls, 3,500 yards, and 33 TD seasons? Easy now.

    Off-year? Yes.

    Not good at it? wow.

  • DJ-

    The thing with Cable is consistency. That’s all. Als’ impatience with coaches has gotten us 7 years of garbage. I am excited for next year if things stay in tact. If it doesn’t work, put it all out to the trash, because that is where it will remain for some time.

    But we got a bit of a foundation here, would like to see where it goes next year.

    But Al needs to ink his staff so they can get right to work.

  • poised to finish the season at 2-5.
    Good point. Probably what Al’s looking at, too.

    Then what, start over with Kevin Gilbride? Wooohoooo!

  • If the Raiders lose, does Jackson, win? Interesting.

  • djohnnyg

    Here’s how it reads:

    (AP) Raiders fire Tom Cable

    A press conference is scheduled by Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis at 5pm today to announce the firing of head coach Tom Cable.

    Cable led the Raiders to their best start since 2002 even holding a first place tie with the Kansas City Chiefs for one week as late as week 9. Cable ends his stint as Raiders coach with a record of 16-28 with his most impressive victories being a sweep against the San Diego Chargers and an overall 5-1 record against rival foes in the AFC West, but failures against presumably much weaker teams such as Arizona and San Francisco ultimately proved more telling for Cable’s future with the Raiders.

    Also working against Cable was despite performing much better during a three game win streak earlier in the season the Raiders faltered when it mattered most and losing the positive momentum gained by dropping five of their last seven games.

    Owner Al Davis cited the poor finish and loss of positve momentum as one of the key factors in his decision to fire Cable. “The search will begin immediately for the next head coach who will lead the Raiders back into the playoffs”, and beyond”.

    -Melissa Shuster (AP).

  • djohnnyg

    The above is obviously fake by the way. My writing isn’t that good, but strangley better than some of the hacks out there believe it or not.

  • Pretty damn good.

  • Well, lets just trash KC next Sunday and roll into the off-seson on a good note, and Al inks his staff right away so they can get to work.

    But Davis needs to bring Cable, Hue and Marshall into his dungeon and tell them what a good job they did, with the improvements and all, then rip them a new one, read them the riot act, let them see fire coming out of his nostrils, tell them where the fire and brimstone really lies, that he means business or he’ll roast them, then end his tirade with another positive like, come and see me any time, my gates are always open, and then let them get to work.

    I got faith in Cable and Hue and Marshall. They were so close they could taste it. So could Al. They’ll make the necessary adjustments and we’ll be fine for next season. And we’ll know after the first game.

    JC is here to stay. At least for next year.

  • JLofty

    Bummer for DMcF. Maybe he will be motiv in ’11 and slay them all…
    PB is all about the past anyway. McFadden is about the future.

  • Dj-

    You forgot to add that on a parting note, Cable was very displeased about the firing, and left a pimp hand on Davis as he walked into the press conference and abruptly left right after the incident.

  • I think the Raiders could/should have won 9 games including Indy.

    Jackson get’s cute. I hear he’s never been a play-caller before.

    But, I think Davis favors cute, rather than a run-team.

    Gnite Gentlemen.

  • 4AM is near. Later Folks.

    Oakland 51
    KC 17

  • djohnnyg

    Thx. KK.

    180.DaRayduh Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    You forgot to add that on a parting note, Cable was very displeased about the firing, and left a pimp hand on Davis as he walked into the press conference and abruptly left right after the incident.

    Ha. “After the incident with owner Al Davis Cable reportedly ran into one of the Raider waterboys and in a shocking display swooped him off the ground and body slammed him into the ground. Services for Scott ‘Geek’ Fernstein will be held Monday at Blanda-Wells funeral home just outside Jack London square in Oakland.”

  • beach

    99.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    The fans don’t need patience. They’re in control. They can stop purchasing tickets any time they want to. Al Davis is the one who needs to get a Super Bowl team onto that field, if he wants to keep his season ticket holders. So instead of telling the fans to be patient, I’d tell Al Davis he’d better get on the ball. 8-8 is better than 5-11. But it’s not a goal by any means for a respectable franchise.
    Patience is for losers. We need Jon Gruden back NOW! If the 49ers get Gruden, count 2 tickets off the season ticket holder list.

  • alex7

    Which 9 games KK?

  • djohnnyg

    I’d love to hear that Gruden has booked a flight to Alameda presumably to meet with Raider owner Al Davis about the Raider head coaching job and the announcement that he’s the next head coach the next day.

    Whatever Al decides to do, I pray he does it right after the KC game, or as soon as possible. Either way.

  • djohnnyg

    I don’t wanna wait months to hear which way Al is going with this. If Cable stays he stays and we hope for the best, but if there’s gonna be a change I hope we hear it quickly.

    Only thing though; Al doesn’t care what I want or how or when I want it.

  • alex7

    Al loves Hue.

    You guys get that, right?

    Either everything remains the same, or Hue becomes HC.

    Those are the only two options.

  • Beach, we agree on one thing, if SF gets Gruden, I’ma be one pizzed off mofo!!

  • djohnnyg

    185.alex7 Says:
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:13 am
    Which 9 games KK?

    He sounded like he was cashing in for the night. I’d better do the same.


  • alex7

    We traded the most knowledgeable coach we’ve had.

    Traded him after going 8-8 with Donald Hollas and owning the AFC West two years in a row.

    Why would you be ticked? At Gruden? At Al? curious.

  • Gruden, will know how to use all this speed, and mix in a few very good vet’s. If Chuck came back we WILL be BURST into the 2011 Playoffs, and kick azz. 13-3, 14-2

    With Cable we should still make the playoffs, but prolly need help in the end, like 9-7,10-6

    Gruden should keep cable as O-line coach/ast head coach.
    Keep Hue, if not McDannl.

  • beach

    I agree Djohnnyg, Cable stays unless the boss swallows his pride and brings back Jon Gruden. I’ve had so many relatives and friends give up their season tickets the last 7 years. I’m one of the few remaining suckers.

  • alex7

    Traded him for P. Buchanon, Tyler Brayton, Langston Walker, and Teyo Johnson.

    And $8 million.

  • alex7

    lol, at least Gruden would kick JC to the curb during his first press conference.

  • beach

    Nice to see we’re on the same page, DRAC. Just like in 1995, Al would be forgiven by just making one major move!!! Hopefully, someone in Al’s inner circle can show him the light. Bring back GRUDEN!!!

  • 191.alex7 Says:
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:24 am
    We traded the most knowledgeable coach we’ve had.

    Traded him after going 8-8 with Donald Hollas and owning the AFC West two years in a row.

    Why would you be ticked? At Gruden? At Al? curious.


    I am not mad about this. Al made a move that should have greatly benefited our team, and org. Gruden showed his hand when he showed intrest in other jobs, and was asking big way bucks.

    If this had worked the way many thought it was gonna, had we won that SB, Ol Al would have been executive of the year/decade, WORLD!!!

  • beach

    I’m even willing to go out on a limb and say Gruden would come back to Oakland for less money than other teams, if he can just run the show!

  • beach

    Please forgive me if I’ve been watching too many Disney films. I like happy endings! Why can’t the season ticket holders get together and demand GRUDEN BACK? Can Al Davis enjoy having little or no fan base? Tom Cable is OK if mediocrity is your goal. Come on, 0-6 vs. the rest of the AFC and over 30 points allowed to all 6 of those teams? That is a freaking embarrassment.

  • CDERaider Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    As far as Cable goes…I’m split. Part of me sees what you see, improvement. Another part of me think…meh…it was all Ford and McFadden.

    .. And Reece, Bush and Miller, and even JC (to some extent) …


    “to some extent” …LOL. So even you know how ridiculous that is.