Still no Seymour


No sign of Richard Seymour as the Raiders started practice earlier than usual Wednesday.

Everyone else was accounted for, including right tackle Langston Walker, who was wearing a helmet and appeared to be getting ready to work with the first team. Walker missed the Indianapolis game, still suffering from the effects of a concussion.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • r8rwill

    priest, i agree, jc is not one of the things we need to fix now..nor is jano. i think we can fond what we need in the draft, except for a vet wr..

  • Aimonas

    The problem is Seabass makes 1 great kick and then falters. In Arizona he missed 3 the last one killed us. That game alone would have kept us with a fighting shot at the playoffs against the Colts. Then his horrible kickoff after Mcfadden scores a Touchdown in Jacksonville. Jano has one games for us but it is the inconsiticy that kills us.
    As for the offseason We need to bring in Mankins, and draft a good Guard. Shift Mario to Right Tackle. Could be a special line. On D we need OLB that Howrd falled to be, and we need to figure out the safety situation, rid the contract of Chris Johnson & figure out what the heck is wrong with Stnaford Routt.