McFadden thinks turf toe not as bad as ’08


Darren McFadden has turf toe and although he hopes to face the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, it’s not a slam dunk.

“It might be a game time decision,’’ coach Tom Cable said. “He’s feeling much better, so we’re not trying to chance it right now and see what he can do tomorrow.’’

McFadden said the condition is not nearly as bad as his rookie year, when turf toe on both feet essentially wrecked his season. Behind the scenes, there were those in McFadden’s camp that felt the Raiders mishandled the injury and should have shut him down earlier. He even sought medical opinions outside the organization.

“It brings back memories but at the same time it’s something you learn to deal with,’’ McFadden said. “You know how to approach it.’’

Following the Indianapolis game, McFadden said in the locker room he had rolled his ankle while Cable said he had turf toe. Thursday was the first day he was available to the media and he confirmed his left toe was the issue.

McFadden said he went out and “ran around’’ at practice, but on the official report he was listed as not having practiced.

“I have full intentions of going out and playing so I’ll see how it goes,’’ McFadden said.

Defensive tackle Richard Seymour did not practice and will be a game time decision. Right tackle Langston Walker was limited, saying he made it through 95 percent of practice before he had a “miniscule’’ headache.

Receivers/punt return specialists Nick Miller and Johnnie Lee Higgins were limited with ankle injuries, as was safety Mike Mitchell (ribs), tight end Zach Miller (foot), cornerback Chris Johnson (groin), and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle) participated fully.

More news, notes, quotes and observations:

— The fact that the Raiders are 15 points shy of doubling their 2009 point total and are having their best offensive season since 2002 is of little consolation to offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

Asked if he was pleased by the Raiders’ progress, Jackson said, “No. Not pleased at all. We didn’t win enough games, so I’m not pleased by any stretch of the imagination We’ve been very inconsistent moreso than anything and we’ve got to strive to move forward and be a more consistent offensive football team.’’

Jackson gave himself a “C’’ as a playcaller because “when you don’t make the playoffs and don’t win your division there’s nothing to feel good about. The last two years (with Baltimore) I’ve been in the playoffs and I know what it’s like. That’s the reward for all your hard work. I wasn’t able to help the team get it done this year to my liking or our player’s liking.’’

Interestingly, Jackson had no problem with the play-calling against the Colts. He thought the play calls were fine and the execution was poor.

Critics (OK, me _ as well as a lot of you) thought the Raiders erred in going to the perimeter too often against a Cover 2 team noted for speed rather than attack between the tackles.

“They did some things defensively against us that we didn’t do a great job against. I know everybody cried about ‘Oh we have to run the ball more,’ ” Jackson said. “You got to do what it takes to win a football game. That’s the most important thing. I didn’t leave the game saying, ‘Oh gosh I should have run it more. Oh gosh I should have thrown it more.’ ”

Regarding quarterback Jason Campbell, Jackson said, “He’s really done a good job. He really has. I think Jason has really grown into this role here for our football team. I’m very excited about his future and what he can be in 2011.’’

Jackson wouldn’t bite about questions regarding his own future and the possibility that the Raiders’ offensive improvement could make him a potential head coaching candidate.

“Honestly the only thing I’m worried about is the Kansas City Chiefs and winning this game this week,’’ Jackson said. “That’s the only thing that’s on my mind, period.’’

— Former Chiefs coach and Raiders arch-enemy Marty Schottenheimer will enter the Chiefs Hall of Fame as part of the team’s alumni weekend.

It was Schottheimer who gave Jackson his first job in the NFL as an assistant coach with the Washington Redskins.

“He put me in the league so I have a lot of respect for him,’’ Jackson said. “He taught me a lot of football.’’

Reminded that Schottenheimer has a well-documented disdain for all things silver and black (not to mention an 18-3 record against the Raiders as head coach of the Chiefs), Jackson laughed.

“He does hate the Raiders and on Sunday I’m going to hate him,’’ Jackson said. “That’s part of the business.’’

— With San Diego tight end Antonio Gates headed to injured reserve with plantar fasciiitis, Zach Miller can probably expect a phone call elevating him to the team along with Jacksonville’s Marcedes Lewis.

“It would be great. It’s always been a goal of mine,’’ Miller said. “I’m just happy I was voted as high as I was, even though I was playing with a foot injury. Obviously I want to be one of those guys picked on the roster, but with the injuries this year and missing time, I feel like I ended up with a pretty good season.’’

Sebastian Janikowski, on the other hand, wasn’t as upbeat.

“If you can answer that question for me, that would be great, because it’s happened before,’ Janikowski said when asked what’s keeping him from being named. “I lead the league in field goals, scoring, it’s happened before. Same story.’’

— The Raiders find themselves within reach of the NFL record for penalty yards in a season, needing 106 yards to break the 1998 total of 1,304 yards set by Chiefs in 1998.

They’ll have to go some to break the record for penalties. The Raiders have 138 penalties, 20 shy of the Chiefs’ record of 158 in 1998.

The Raiders’ club records are 156 penalties (1994 and 1996) and 1,274 yards (1969 in 14 games).

Oakland’s penalty breakdown this year: 64 for 448 yards on offense (first), 56 for 575 yards on defense (second) and 18 for 176 on special teams.

Oakland has been called 55 times for false starts, offsides or delay of game. By contrast, the Atlanta Falcons, the NFL’s least penalized team, has 54 penalties all season.

The Raiders are tied for fourth with 18 holding penalties, with Jared Veldheer the team leader with five. Veldheer also leads with seven false starts.

Asked about penalties being a problem Wednesday, Cable said, “Actually I know everybody talks about it. But I think our style of play is to really cut it loose as I always say but I think that will grow as we mature. We’ve had a bunch of good games and a bunch of games where it was kind of ugly that way too. The penalties need to get better, will get better but I don’t see them as being as big an issue as I do the turnovers.’’

The strangest stat?

The Raiders are 0-5 in games where they had eight or fewer penalties.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • J Hill

    Who has time to watch college football these days?

    Gets in the way of my tee times.

    Al Davis is such a draft expert, I just let him take care of it and know we are going to end up with a great player!

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  • edward teach

    The thing about limiting Dmac’s carriers to 15 or so a game is that we lose when we do it.

    If we want to limit those carries to that amount to “prolong his career”, isn’t that the same as prolonging the losing? He’s a good player, but it’s not like he’s a once in a lifetime talent. Take maximum advantage of his abilities now. When he can’t do it anymore we get another back. Sounds harsh, but he was brought in here to help us win games, not to see how long of a career he could put together.

  • M Lonetree


    Jake Weinke/Torreta/Akili/Harrington/Couch/Crouch/Leaf/Klingler Locker probably can’t hit a curveball either.

  • TerrapinRaider

    If I were to take a wild guess ..I would say there is a 35-45 percent chance Cable gets the boot as of right now.

    That shoots up to 55 percent or more if we lose to KC.

    I think most objective people can see that Hue is a better coach than Cabes …its just a question of would he make a great HC?

  • DKnight007

    199.504 Raider Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 7:39 am
    “Draft Guru” Todd McShay has Jake Locker as the 3rd QB prospect and Ryan Mallet as the 5th QB prospect. If that is the case it would implicate that Mallet falls to the 2nd rnd.

    If Mallet is on the board when we pick there is no way Al Davis passes him up. I sure as hell hope Mallet is there.

    We can get O-Line help down the line if it isn’t taken care of in free agency.


    If Mallett falls to Raiders in 2nd Round, they have to pick him!

  • TerrapinRaider

    And if he were to take on the HC responsibility; then who carries the offense? Does he keep both roles? I’m not sure if that is ideal; but Hue is the key to “continuity” if you really want it.

  • DKnight007

    Mallett needs work on his footwork though.

    Mallett kinda reminds me of a taller version of Matt Ryan.

  • YoungAmerican

    Mallett has some nice physical tools, but if I were the Raiders I’d be hesitant to blow my highest draft pick this year on a Bobby Petrino quarterback…

  • TerrapinRaider

    Well, unless Mallett does a serious face plant at the combine (if he participates) then he won’t fall to the second.

    Draft Insiders and Draft Ace (a college kid who supposedly has been the most accurate for 2 years running) have Mallett departing the stage in the Top 10.

  • M Lonetree


    If HueJack really can shoulder the extra load as HC remaining the play-caller shouldn’t be too difficult. He can just check on the D and STs from time to time. But since he’d never even been an OC before this year, it remains to be seen if he’ll find himself engulfed by all the added demands of the HC position. I wish him luck however it goes.

  • M Lonetree

    best nickname I’ve heard recently was in reference to Carolina’s starting QB – Jimmy Saturday.

  • TerrapinRaider

    I don’t know where the Raiders go in the 2nd. Its just too difficult to judge with that late of a pick. But I expect an OT or OG (not both), C, CB, OLB, and WR to be drafted. Maybe a RB if Bush departs stage right.

    A DE in the 2nd may be highly desired by Oakland but I just don’t think the high quality starter drops to the second to man the RDE position.

    (So in other words they can go anywhere …depends on who falls)

  • PurpleDrank81

    Jake Locker has a Terrible 0-Line and Terrible Receivers.. The kid has heart and is capable of making good throws but I wouldnt want him on this squad.

    Ryan Mallet has that old school Al Davis arm but he has a Ryan Leaf Attitude and doesnt seem like his heart is in the game. If he put in hard work the last 2years he would be the number 1 pick but he’s kind of just relying on his arm and not putting a 100% of his mind into the game,

  • YoungAmerican

    OLB Greg Jones would be a fantastic pick in the second round.

  • M Lonetree


    don’t think a quality DE drops to the second round? Houston comes to mind.

  • M Lonetree

    On the other hand, the Raiders or even the Edmonton Esquimeauxs can probably get Vernon Gholston from Rex for some nail polish and a can of Tinactin.

    turn that work-out warrior loose!

  • GoodOle00

    We need LBs. Not sure about Goethel but wouldn’t stand pat with him next year. The Trevor Scott experiment looks to be going the way of Tyler Brayton and 1st round drat picks Kam Wimbley and Q Groves don’t look like they are ever going to be dominant or cover well enough.

  • GoodOle00

    Got a feeling we are going to punish KC. They think they’re going into the play offs intact. We’ll see about that…

  • YoungAmerican

    Trevor Scott and Groves are good enough depth guys, Wimbley isn’t terrible but isn’t a force, and while it would be nice for Goethel to turn into a starting-caliber player, it would be silly to depend on a 7th round pick becoming that in his second season.

    The Raiders use their LBs in coverage more than any other team. Greg Jones is a solid tackler who can cover as well. Well-rounded player, and would help the Raider defense improve at a lot of the things they already like to do.

  • Sir Dennis Eeatin-Hog

    Mallett will go in the top 12-15, maybe top 10, unless something happens between now and then and his stock plummets. McShay is a tool who looks to be different than Kiper whwnever possible, and both Kiper (based on his scouting) and Mortenson (based on his scouting sources) declare Mallett to go inside the Top 10.

    Of course, I’m not saying any of the so-called gurus or insiders are the end-all-be-all, because they get their fair amount of stuff wrong.

    I live in Arkansas, Mallett grew up here, and I’ve followed his career from HS. He has a rocket arm and he has a reputation of being very intelligent when it comes to understanding complicated offensive playbooks and film study of defenses. However, that intelligence does not consistently translate into game-day execution. Sometimes, it’s like he woke up on Saturday dumb all of a sudden. Mallett’s completion percentage improved this season over last, but I’m not sure Mallett is as consistent as the Petrino offense was at forcing him into high-percentage checkdowns. They really stressed over the offseason for him to dump it to the backs and TEs crossing underneath and NOT force as much into double and triple coverage.

    The guy has at least 5-6 plays every Saturday that I’ve heard analysts say there are only 3-4 QBs in the NFL who can make those throws on Sundays.

    My biggest concern is Mallett holding up under pressure, because he is not mobile at all moving in, out, or around the pocket. The speed of NFL lineman, LBs, and DBs will be a world of difference even than the SEC athletes, because all 11 players are the best of the best making fewer mistakes and willing to take his head off.

    Luck, to me, is going to be a superstar barring injury. You don’t have the big-rep guys like last year’s draft with Bradford, McCoy, and Tebow, but you’ve got a few guys who can end up being stars in the league.

  • DKnight007

    230.M Lonetree Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 10:03 am

    don’t think a quality DE drops to the second round? Houston comes to mind.

    Yeah, there are always depth at the DE position in the draft that can be found from Rounds 2-4.

    Just depends if you draft the right one. The Raiders have hit the last couple of years with Scott, Shauny and Houston, but they missed bad on Moses a few years ago in the 3rd Round.

  • sirblitzalot


    RE: post 201 (LMAO. And the fumbles were from Turf Fingers?)

    That is totally probable. Have you ever “lost the handle” due to injury, while playing football? (Have you ever played football?) Your brain actually reduces neuronal firing to the bundle of nerves (brachial plexus) that innervate the feet, due to increased firing of the nerves that innervate the injured tissue, including the great toe (s). That is why when a player fumbles the ball (unforced) he usually is injured immediately prior to losing the ball (See Louis Murphy). Playing without injuries means less fumbles. Hence, DMAC held onto the ball very well this year!

  • sirblitzalot

    Actually L. Murphy is probably not a good example. He is more like Charlie Brown. The more important the catches the less likely he is to make it. There is probably too much neuronal firing in his head..”Oh, I better not drop this, I better not trip over a blade of grass…I better look down to make sure…Opps! I dropped it!). Then he falls down and fakes an injury. But you get the point?