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Blogs were down for part of the day and I’ve been working on the print product with beat writer Steve Corkran stuck in a travel nightmare from Kansas City, but here are a few highlights from coach Tom Cable’s final press briefing with the local media Monday:

His level of satisfaction with the Raiders’ progress

I’m elated in that regard. I’m disappointed in the playoff thing, though. There was a time in the season where I felt like there would be some key games in there and if we could get one of them it would happen for us. It didn’t and it’s unfortunate, but that’s pro football. You have to take care of business but we certainly got this thing back on its feet and we’re very proud of that.

As I said yesterday, you can’t call us losers anymore, at least from this point forward. That’s a huge accomplishment for this team, particularly for the guys who have been around here for a number of years, and the organization itself. It gives everybody, the city of Oakland, everybody in football, something to look forward to as we move forward.

Grading the season

I would say a B-minus. Anything more than that would have mean going to the playoffs. But there was so much accomplished in terms of getting the team together and keeping them together and playing hard really every week, and going out there and doing it the right way for each other and responding to the challenges that we set out for them, the improvements that we made on offense … we still have some inconsistencies, we turned the ball over too much and too many penalties.

If you’re looking for something as you move forward into 2011 I think those have to be at the top of the list in terms of getting better.

Grading the draft class

I’d give it an A-plus, just flat-out an A-plus. I think those guys from top to bottom have contributed, and they’ve contributed it the right way. They’re awesome young men that just love to play and they do it right and they work at it every day and it shows up on game day how much they’re contributing and they level they’re contributing.

On when he’ll meet with Al Davis to discuss his future

I’m going to rest, you know. I’m going to rest for a few days here, seriously. We’ll have a chance to meet sometime in the next two weeks, I’m sure, but nothing’s been set up. There’s nothing like that. Right now, today, it’s not necessary. We’ll do that moving forward. I think right now, a chance to reflect by everybody, evaluate the team, evaluate the staff, and do those things. I think those things are most important right now, and we’ll sit down whenever it’s right and necessary and we’ll make those decisions.

On speculation reappearing on his future even with a much-improved team

I think it’s more the culture of what it’s been like here. It’s been so up and down for a number of years. Am I surprised by it? No. I’d like for it to just go away and have Al and I sit down and discuss it, which we will. I know what we’ve done. I think everybody else who knows football knows what we’ve done. Whoever says it or writes it probably doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. You can quote that.

On if it would be frustrating not to be able to finish what he started

Well, it would be, but it’s not for today, I can tell you that. Right now is to get through with the team today, which we just finished up before we came down here, and get ready to start evaluating.

I think that’s the most important thing. One of the things that we did in this organization last year, I felt better that in the years I’ve been here, is we looked at everything and evaluated it, and I think that helped us go into the offseason and really make good decisions, and good choices in the draft. I think collectively, we did it right, and I think it’s on us, the challenge for all of us right now, is to be able to repeat that, if not improve it somehow.

If we can do that, certainly that will give this team another boost if you will and we’ll certainly have something might be special as we go forward.

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chris in NY

    DHB seems to have heart and has elite raw athleticism, but I don’t know if he’ll ever be a football player. I don’t buy the WR coach excuse. Ford and Murphy have been great early on for a couple of 4th-rounders.

  • priesttj

    When they throw that out he catches it Lefty12 but his mechanics still suffer he doesn’t set up the DB as well as he should They just play off him and he’ll catch those outs but that’s it. He could catch 10 outs a game if they threw them.

  • Chris in NY

    Grads > Campbell

  • lefty12

    Priest,agreed and wonder why they don’t throw it more often-easy 5-10 yards every time.It would also help with his confidence,give him some easy catches.

  • lefty12

    Chris-I wouldn’t say murphy has been great.He drops more passes than DHB but he also has a lot more thrown his direction.Hopefully,he too will become more consistent catching the ball.He does seem to be able to get open.IF those 2 can become more consistent we would have a damn good receiving corps.

  • raidertay


    I didnt realize that Al has a 2 year option on Cable. I hought it was a one yr option.

  • tj and lefty slapping each others nuts like 2 blue hairs in a old folks home discussing the greatness of DHB and the lack of will to get him the ball from the very team that drafted him.


  • ArchiveTony

    My gawd..not more “Bey could be an NFL player if he just caught the ball” takes?
    Give it up. When a player is reduced to posters commenting about his potential, it means he sucks. Means he can’t get the job done. Means he’s done nothing.
    Last year at this time weren’t some of you guaranteeing that Bey was going to light up the league in year two?
    Now it’s year three talk?

    sounds familiar, somehow?
    Player who was a bust in year one. and two, and three, and cut?

  • olinesux

    it was a bad match from the beginning dmc wasnt a zone runner at ark and they tried to make him that the first two years…

  • alex7

    Tyrod looked very inaccurate to me. That’s usually a quality that gets worse in the NFL, not better.

    Backyard football stuff.

  • armond

    boise would get destroyed by maroon azz stanford. that is the most physical running game in the country led by the the best qb by far in the country. there is no qb more pro ready than luck and i think he might be better than manning was. if he stays all 4 years or at least a 3rd, he will be better than manning. can do everything peyton could and cant do. im a cal fan and i hate them spoiled azz fuggers. gotta give props tho to luck and harbaugh.

  • olinesux

    jeff george > cantbell even now….

  • ArchiveTony

    priesttj Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    I know Lefty12 I watched it with my bro and father in law
    No way!.
    father in law?
    You are married, and you live on this board every night?
    I thought koolkell had the lead for most miserable marriage. You move right into the running TJPriest.

    how the heck can you be married, and live on this board, night after night? she that bad?

  • armond

    i would trade my whole draft and a conditional 1rst rndr in 2012 to get luck if that would work. that is the kind of qb u take a huge risk on. luck would be the missing piece to a 15 year run in the playoffs. and dont tell me yall wouldnt like that sh!t cuz u know u would. dont care al, pull a ricky williams trade an get that dude.

  • Chris in NY

    Campbell did improve as the year went on, but he just never pushes the ball downfield like a winning NFL QB must.

    Stick an Aaron Rodgers or other great QB on this team and the Raiders are still sitting home this week … with a first round bye that is. Think about it. Dynamite running game. Loaded d-line. Elite secondary. Miller, Ford and Murphy to make some catches.

    For example, two teams that we played this year that are supposedly loaded with talent — SD &Indy — I think we’re significantly more talented than them, but their QBs carry them.

  • armond

    owen marecic is a bad dude. got raider written all over him. can play fb/lb and most likely help on special teams. yall see how he opened up hole after hole for those rbs? i saw a few plays that taylor and the other rb got caught that dmc wouldve scored on. im talkin 60-70 ydrs easy. u wanna see dmc get some of those long azz tds he had arkansas then u gotta get marcic.

  • ArmChair GM

    I’m sorry…I know that DHB MIGHT improve in the upcoming seasons…but I would cut him.

    With money and contracts being an issue for the entire league, and as many free agents as we have to resign, DHB is an expensive MAYBE that we just don’t need.

    Spend that money on some proven talent!

  • lefty12

    Armond,you make too much sense for this place.

  • alex7

    Cade McNown
    D’Wayne Bates
    Nate Stimson
    Khari Samuel
    Desmond Clark
    Billy Miller
    La’Var Arrington
    Lloyd Harrison

    That’s who ended up being selected with all the picks traded for Ricky.

    I’m on board for a crazy trade like that for Luck or the Missouri QB.

  • buckeyeraider

    G’night folks.

  • Chris in NY

    Yeah Armond. That guy can play. I was also extremely impressed with TCU’s middle linebacker on Sat. Not sure where he’s projected to go but that dude has difference-making player written all over him.

  • alex7

    Good point armchair,

    would be silly to lose out on Huff $-wise while paying millions to DHB, Jano, and Lechler.

  • lefty12

    You don’t cut a guy with his physical talent this soon.You give him at least the life of his contract.Guaranteed he’d be picked up in a NY minute if he was cut.

  • Chris in NY

    Huff deserved Pro Bowl recognition this year.

  • djohnnyg

    74.RaiderDebo Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 7:28 pm
    SnB Production Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    If you fire Cable, who do you bring in “realistically”?

    Same question for those wanting to replace the Quarterback. Who do you bring in “realistically”?

    I think you stick to the script

    Simple. Just name Hugh as HC. He was a hot coach last year. The Bears are still crying in their milk that he blew off interviewing with them. He was brought in here to get this offense on track foe the 1st time in the last eight years and he delivered. Tom Cable has been talking about “keeping the momentum going” and “taking the next step” since 2008. 8-8 is the best he can do? Time for Hugh to take a stab.

    Yeah the Bears are crying in their milk all the way to a first round bye and homefield in the playoffs.

  • lefty12

    Nite,Buckeye.Wish I could say good luck tomorrow night but I really can’t,can’t stand your HC and his stupid bow tie.lol

  • armond

    chris i saw him too tearin up that wisconsin o. i forget his name but he played his butt off. like those 2 wrs tcu had and that daulton really impressed me.

  • djohnnyg

    129.Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 8:17 pm
    KK, why don’t you stick to discussing the best Thai brothel to cheat on your man-wife at.

    Technically that’s not really cheating.

  • ArchiveTony

    # lefty12 Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    You don’t cut a guy with his physical talent this soon.You give him at least the life of his contract.Guaranteed he’d be picked up in a NY minute if he was cut.
    what physical talent? lots of players are fast. LOTS!!
    If you aren’t productive, and helping out your team, what does it matter that he’s fast?
    His physical talent should be on the track, not the field.

  • armond


    watchin luck 2nite made me just say fugg the draft. we can always trade naamdi for some picks and then trade down with those picks like we did last year 2 make up the difference. we missed on russell bad so unfortunately it set us back. the only way to make up for that fast is to take a huge risk NOW and hope we recoup in 2 years. desperate times calls for desperate measures. i think its worth the risk. this team is ready to win now but we need a qb that can lock that spot up for the next 15 years. we have everything on offense except that and the defense will be easier to build in 2012. if we make some low risk/ high reward signings, we wont have to spend 2 much on just 2 guys. we need to look for young guys who need a chance to shine that dont cost as much. thats why i mentioned james jones more than vjax. he doesnt cost us much but would help us out alot. get a few guys like that and youve rebuilt a team in a year or 2.

  • ArchiveTony

    # KoolKell Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    If Cable does return next season, he will not be joined by Hue Jackson. Jackson and Cable have fought over control of the offense all year long, and it seems like Al Davis is in favor of keeping Jackson over Cable.
    Exactly, Cable is a blue-collar football guy, and Jackson is a cutie.
    Jackson is a cutie? Huh?

  • djohnnyg

    They were talking in NFLN earlier tonight and I can’t remember who said it; but they said that Harbaugh was the hottest NFL HC candidate in the league right now. I’ve heard others saying the same thing and linking him with every NFL HC gig out there, saying it would be a major coup to get him.

    Could u imagine if that hot of a prospect actually shocked the world and came to…(gulp) Oakland???

  • djohnnyg

    I want Cable to stay unless we get a shot at:

    -Schottenheimer (kidding)

  • ArchiveTony

    Nice thought, JohnnyG, but why would he?
    He has his pick of where to go, right?
    First NFL gig? Make your mark?
    Can’t see him choosing the puppet route, can you?

  • lefty12

    Djohn-if he is smart he’ll go to Michigan and skip the NFL.He’ll get as much money and be more secure.

  • ArchiveTony

    Lots of coaches would do a better job than cable, lots.
    Done little that anyone can say stood out.
    All anyone will say is “the players performed for him”.
    No they didn’t.
    3rd place in worst div in AFC?
    Had no idea who he should play as qb?
    No idea who his RB is?
    Played Russell/Bey/Kwame and others far too long?
    another season ending, not being a winner?
    hell, even Al yanked his play calling from him.
    Hired his assts.
    told him what to say to the press.
    al even told the playes what they could, and couldn’t say to the press.

    You really want that returning, again?

    wouldn’t it be nice to get someone actually in charge? or WANTING TO BE IN CHARGE? Cable is content being that bump on the log, and nothing more

  • lefty12

    Armond-it might be possible.The owner in Carolina is so cheap he might be willing to trade out of the spot.

  • djohnnyg

    Well I wouldn’t think Harbaugh would come here but guys are saying he loves Al and the Raiders, and there’s been discussion in the past.

    I want to hear more of this Harbaugh loves the Raiders talk please. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • lefty12

    Djohn-the whiners,donkeys,and Michigan are for sure going after him.Do you actually think the old guy will outspend all of them to get Harbaugh.If he was a player the old guy would pay,but not a coach.

  • EMRaiders

    I don’t know why people think making another HC change would help this team stay on the right path to improvement. Unless we strike gold and get someone that we know for sure will get us at least 10 wins, I say we are better off with Cable. He has shown he can get this team behind him, and the players have bought into his system. Why not give him another year and see what he can do.
    The only problem I see is if Jackson wants to be a HC himself. I don’t know if any team will actually give him the opportunity, but if there’s interest out there, that might be a problem. This has been all Jackson’s offense, and if he leaves, I’m not sure Cable can take over the reigns and have as much success. Maybe if we bring in another OC, but even then, that would be a set back for not only the team, but Campbell as well.

    The logical thing to do is to keep them both. Cable is the emotional coach that can rally this team together, and who the players have come to respect and are willing to play hard for him, and Jackson is the systematic brain behind the offense who has proven in one year he can be competitive. We need them both, and AD should try to do everything he can to retain them.

    I can honestly see us making the playoffs next season, and in Feb 2013 winning the superbowl. But only if we stay the course.

    If Cable gets one more year, and next season we regress, then we can go and look for a HC then. This way it will also give Jackson one more year to prove that he can be consistent with the improvement of this offense, and maybe then become the HC.

    No one really knows what AL will do, maybe someone should contact Wikileaks and ask for a leaked “Cable”….

  • JB

    JaBustus put us in the hole for at least a five year period. That really pisses me off. He was our one shot at getting a real elite franchise QB and he ends up being a junkie. To make matters worse he nailed the organization a bunch of bucks, put the whole team development back five years and who knows when/if we’ll get another shot at a reputable franchise QB.

    Maybe a crazy deal like was mentioned earlier, trading a slew of picks to Carolina, may make sense. We can buy good FA talent for the other positions but that’s not the case when talking about a real franchise NFL QB. I’d say go for it Al. Make he deal. Get Luck in here and let’s go to the SB within the next 3 years.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12 as mcuh as no one wants to believe Mr davis will pay a coach I really think he will pay whom he really wants if he wants a coach he’ll pay him. He tried to coax Jimmy Johnson out of retirement with money and he wouldn’t take it. He just didn’t want to coach again. He also had Sean Payton signed sealed to a contract worth $38 mill over 6 years or something.

    If he really wants Harbaugh no one will outbid him trust me. Same with Bush somethink he’ll let Bush go haha guess again. Not only will Bush be here next year but book it and lock it he’ll get minimum 250 carries to boot. Wether Hue or anyone else is coach.

  • djohnnyg

    Jim Harbaugh DID already coach for Al so he knows exactly what he would be in for if he did come here.

    I think you stick with Cable one more year unless he wins of course than he can stay forever.

    If Al fires Cable to bring in Josh McD as Nancy Gay is suggesting than I will give up on Al Davis.

  • GoodOle00

    114. Can’t believe anyone would think we’d want McDaniels as HC after he gutted a League leading offense of its best players.

    That guy Kiffened the Broncos. I only wish they’d kept him another season and draft