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Some more of today’s season-ending press briefing with Raiders coach Tom Cable:

Challenges with regard to team-building with labor issues pending

For the coaches part of it, we’re really not as involved in that. I mean it’s going on and it’s going to affect us and all of that, but we’re really not part of it. We’re gonna’ have a East/West game, we’re going to have a Senior Bowl, we’re going to have the combine, we’re going to have a draft. So, you know, staffs are going to get hired during this change in time, whether it’s here or other places, and you know that part of it, I think is going to move forward.

The uncertainty is, as a coach, you’re sitting there saying, `Ok, what am I gonna’ be able to do with my team in the offseason program?’ That, to me more than anything, I think is what’s on my mind right now. I can think of four or five guys right now that need to get coached. They need to go work on certain things as we get ready for the new year and so you’re sitting there going, `Wow, maybe that’s not going to be possible this year if there is a shutdown.’ So we’ll just have to wait and see.

How to fix the turnovers and penalties

I think it’s really the discipline that comes with maturing. I think being able to, maybe not put so much on their plates in some areas where it’s a little bit simpler for them, maybe. In duress situations like loud stadiums on the road, those kinds of things. That’s one area. The turnover thing is just a conscientious effort to one, get more turnovers so that your turnover ratio can be balanced, but I think when you look at it, you can’t turn the ball over as much as we did.

It probably cost us three, four games, and that’s reality. You’d like to say, `Well your defense is going to go out and just get a stop and hold them to field goals’ but it doesn’t always work like that. So we’ve got to really look at it, evaluate it, and digest it completely, you know, and take ownership of it. And then we’ve gotta’ give to players in a way that allow them to grab onto it and make it better.

On whether Jason Campbell has firmly established himself as a No. 1 quarterback

I feel like Jason has done so much, you know, since the — really the last six, seven weeks in particular in terms of being just calm and running his team and organizing and being in control out there. I think it goes without saying that a good run game around him allows him to get into the play-action game and throw the vertical pass game, but I’ve also been impressed by his ability in (the) two-minute (drill).

You know, that’s something, an area, that we’ve been pretty good at all year. And when you look at these last six or seven weeks, I think he’s done an exceptional job in that situation. So, I’m very excited about what he’s done and where he’s come, and proud of him.

Points of pride, areas of regret

I don’t have any regrets, first of all. I don’t have a one. I wish we were better at the turnover department. I wish we were better in the penalty department. I also like the fact we play our butts off and we’ll hit you in the mouth. So I’m not going sit there and split hairs over well, are we too aggressive, are we this or that. I like where we’re at. I think just being better decision making and those things. But the things I’m most proud of, I love how this team came together. I like how they worked for each other. I think they honored each other by, you know, if we had an emphasis one week for the defense and the offense vice versa, they did it for each other.

I’m pleased as can be about the young people on this team, how much they improved steadily. I’m pleased for our quarterback, how much, after going through some tough times when I sat him down and put in back in and how he stayed the course and was a real pro, and then at the end I think continued to improve. I’m pleased for Darren McFadden. He was healthy, and look at what he was capable of doing. It was nice to have Michael Bush yesterday. Guys like Kamerion Wimbley, who we traded for, to come in and have that kind of year, and John Henderson coming in here.

I think we found some real leaders on our team. I think that’s one area I’m probably excited about as we move forward is I think we’ve got some good older guys that really showed some leadership and yet we’ve got some young guys that I think you can see are going to be outstanding leaders. There’s really a lot. I like how we got back to running the ball. I think the first couple of years I was here that was what we did well and then we kind of fell down last year but we came back this year and ran it good.

Having Hue Jackson as the offensive coordinator/play-caller

We talked about that a few times. It was a big help. I don’t think think there’s any question. I think it allowed me to touch the entire team and have, I don’t know, deeper, more solid relationships with everyone, rather than just that group I’m so dialed into all the time. I think it helped a great deal.

The possibility of Jackson being sought by other teams

Well, if that happens for him I’m going to be excited for him. That’s what everyone wants to do in this deal. Don’t want to lose him. If he gets the opportunity to do it, I’m supporting him.

On taking over play-calling if Jackson leaves

I like how it works now. I really do, and I think it would be wise of me, if I can say that now, to kind of keep it in terms of the organization that we have now and hire someone to do those things.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • EMRaiders

    I don’t know why people think making another HC change would help this team stay on the right path to improvement. Unless we strike gold and get someone that we know for sure will get us at least 10 wins, I say we are better off with Cable. He has shown he can get this team behind him, and the players have bought into his system. Why not give him another year and see what he can do.
    The only problem I see is if Jackson wants to be a HC himself. I don’t know if any team will actually give him the opportunity, but if there’s interest out there, that might be a problem. This has been all Jackson’s offense, and if he leaves, I’m not sure Cable can take over the reigns and have as much success. Maybe if we bring in another OC, but even then, that would be a set back for not only the team, but Campbell as well.

    The logical thing to do is to keep them both. Cable is the emotional coach that can rally this team together, and who the players have come to respect and are willing to play hard for him, and Jackson is the systematic brain behind the offense who has proven in one year he can be competitive. We need them both, and AD should try to do everything he can to retain them.

    I can honestly see us making the playoffs next season, and in Feb 2013 winning the superbowl. But only if we stay the course.

    If Cable gets one more year, and next season we regress, then we can go and look for a HC then. This way it will also give Jackson one more year to prove that he can be consistent with the improvement of this offense, and maybe then become the HC.

    No one really knows what AL will do, maybe someone should contact Wikileaks and ask for a leaked “Cable”….

  • bigmd10


  • JB

    JaBustus put us in the hole for at least a five year period. That really pisses me off. He was our one shot at getting a real elite franchise QB and he ends up being a junkie. To make matters worse he nailed the organization a bunch of bucks, put the whole team development back five years and who knows when/if we’ll get another shot at a reputable franchise QB.

    Maybe a crazy deal like was mentioned earlier, trading a slew of picks to Carolina, may make sense. We can buy good FA talent for the other positions but that’s not the case when talking about a real franchise NFL QB. I’d say go for it Al. Make he deal. Get Luck in here and let’s go to the SB within the next 3 years.

  • Orthodoxdj

    Keep Cable, draft well again, re-sign some of our guys, and keep Campbell until we have someone better. Continuity is the key right now.

  • EMRaiders

    So what are the odds of drafting a QB and him being the next Bradford/Flacco/Brady?

    Drafting a rookie QB and expecting him to have immediate success is a bit unrealistic, and something extremely hard to make happen. It not only depends on whether or not the player has all the intangibles, but whether or not he has the right coaches, and supporting cast around him.
    I think pure physical abilities is not always the best thing to judge who you should pick in the draft, specially for the QB position. exhibit A – JR.

    From now on, teams should take the scouting reports of the last 5 or so successful QB picks and compare them to all prospect QBs in the draft and make their decisions respectively. And even then, you are still asking for a lot.

  • ArchiveTony

    Points of pride, areas of regret

    Cable: I don’t have any regrets, first of all. I don’t have a one.
    The above, alone, should get him canned.

    Not a regret? Not one?

    In other words, you don’t have the balls to admit to that long list of mistakes?

    When you come in 3rd in a weak division, and end up 8-8? With so many “stars” underproducing? Leading the league in penalties?
    No regrets?

    weak, Cable, sorry and weak

  • alex7


    I’m of the belief that you have to go GET someone better. Not a good strategy to just wait and hope a draft pick or free agent falls into your lap.

    Texans went out and got their QB.
    Vikings last year went out and got their playoff QB.
    Bears went out and traded for their QB.
    Pete Carroll went out and traded for his QB.
    Bills went and got Fitzpatrick instead of settling for the mediocre Trent Edwards.

    I hope we bring some guys in like Drew Stanton, Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, Sage Rosenfels…bring some competition and keep looking for a guy that can become a playoff QB with this rushing attack and D.

  • alex7


    don’t forget that Cable has VERY little influence on what happens on game day.

    He has no control over the roster, the final cuts, the coaching staff, the philosophy, the play-calling on offense, the defense.

    His job, honestly, is to gel those guys into a group that believes in the staff, has a direction, and plays hard. Al isn’t paying him to be an x’s and o’s guy.

    I think he did his job.

    The other stuff falls on Al’s lap, specifically the team’s lack of a true QB and WR.

    Can’t think of any playoff teams that don’t have a star QB or WR.

  • RaiderDebo

    Can’t think of any playoff teams that don’t have a star QB or WR.

    Can’t think of a star QB without a star receiver.

  • GG

    Cable says “you know” far too much.

  • Just Win Baby

    No way in hell Al Davis drafts another rookie quarterback as long as he is alive. At least not with his first or probably even his second pick.