The Cable waiting game begins


There’s a raucous meeting of some sort going on behind the thin walls between the media room and the club facility, but the open locker room period was largely devoid of activity.

Only a few players trickled in between 10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Monday in advance of an 11 o’clock team meeting, all voicing support for coach Tom Cable as well as addressing concerns about a potential work stoppage.

Punter Shane Lechler, asked about the difference between the Raiders of past years and the 2010 version, continued his campaign for Cable.

“I think it was, to tell you the truth I think it was Cabes,’’ Lechler said. “Cable came in and was like, ‘Hey guys, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to win the AFC West and we’re going to go do this and we’re going to compete and we’re going to win.

“He really helped this team out because he’s a blue-collar coach, and that’s what this organization I think needs. He’s not going to – excuse my French – he’s not going to (B.S.) you.

“He’s a straight shooter, and that’s how he is. That’s what I enjoy about him. I enjoy playing for him. Hopefully he’s here for a while. But I really do really, seriously think he’s the main reason we’ve got this thing headed back in the right direction.’’

Lechler has read the reports _ both ESPN’s Adam Schefter and the NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi have said Cable is “unlikely’’ to return _ and hopes they’re not true.

“That would be a shame. I seriously believe that it would set us back again,’’ Lechler said. “I can’t go through another head coach, man. I just can’t. I’ve been through too many of them. And they all come in here and say the same thing, ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to turn this …’

“No, you’re not. I’d rather be with the guy that’s here right now, and we’ll roll with him.”

Lechler has played for six head coaches in 11 seasons _ Jon Gruden (2000-2001), Bill Callahan (2002-03), Norv Turner (2004-05), Art Shell (2006), Lane Kiffin (2006-07) and Cable (2007-present).

Tight end Zach Miller said if Cable weren’t retained “That would be a disappointment for everyone on the team. We’ve rallied behind him and he’s always been an honest coach with us, a great guy we follow. I don’t think anybody on the team wants that.’’

Said linebacker Ricky Brown: “You know what, I think he’s done a great job here. It seems like that other rumor started yesterday and we were kind of taken aback by it. None of that stuff, the players have no control over that, and the only thing we can do is play.’’

Brown, however, was realistic enough to understand there’s always a possibility of change and donned his silver and black colored glasses to look at the bright side.

“There’s a lot of respect for coach Cable just as there was a lot of respect for Art Shell when he was here.’’

Cable meets with the media for his weekly press briefing at 2 p.m.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    When Cable got the job the tream was a JOKE.


    Yeh, so he said yesterday.

  • 97.Orthodoxdj Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 3:12 pm
    Cable’s first year was for 12 games as INTERIM HC. It doesn’t count as a true year. To say he’s had three years isn’t fair.


    Oh J.H. Cripes, the man is 17-27 in oakland and 28-64 overall as a HC. How much more evidence do you need to see that the guy isn’t qualified for the job? Decent o-line coach, that is it. Keep it simple for the guy and he is okay.

  • Haven’t seen the Raiders this physical on either side of the Ball in years.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    MaddenRetard, Gruden is not coming back. Face it.

  • YoungAmerican

    Young American, I don’t know why you’re explaining Al’s philosophy of hiring young, unexperienced coaches. Sports teams hiring coaches on the cheap is nothing new. I don’t know why you try to explain it like it’s some kind of unique philosophy that sets Al apart. LOL. It just puts him right there with the Bidwells and Sterlings. He’s part of a big flock of sheep who’ve owned sports teams and screwed their coaches.


    Did I say it sets Al apart? Did I say he did it for any reason other than it doesn’t cost him much and because inexperienced guys are more likely to be yes men?

    You make up things in your mind, RMR. You frequently project the notion that people are trying to defend Al Davis into posts that, if anything, are critical of him. You do it all the time, like you have some sort of sick obsession with him. You’re mentally ill.

  • 89706Raider

    Can’t believe people keep mentioning Josh McDaniels. Boy needs to be on someone’s VERY short leash, not trying to lead a football team.

  • Yeh, Al Davis prefers head coaches who are inexperienced, so he can give them an opportunity to coach in the NFL, plus this saves him money. Yeh. In other words, he’s a cheap skate who hires coaches with every intention of screwing them. He’s so special.


    Lowdown_in_Beijing Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 12:48 pm
    “We’re not losers anymore” may possibly be the dumbest quote in America…

    Yeah, that was kind of desperate wasn;t it?

    Your other line in your previous post was also correct:
    “You don’t replace a Chevy with a Dodge”.

    Unless Harbaugh is coming, in which case I want him to bring Luck with him, then it makes sense to stick with Cable-at least for the last year of his option and the remaining year on what I think is Hue’s two-year contract.
    Cable won’t have been HC for three years until the 6th game next year.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    The Raiders are playing better than they have in 8 years and some want to get rid of the coach????

  • Adjusting the Practice schedule for Eastern Time Zone games was brilliant, as well.

  • Kell, no doubt the Raiders are far better. Cable stuck up to Al enough to get the Raiders back to that respectable 8-8 area. But that’s it. Al still pushes him around, and you could see Al’s signature on most of the lofty play that led to our losses this year. Basically it took Cable 3 years to do what it only took Gruden ONE YEAR to do. We need a real head coach. It’s old.

  • YoungAmerican

    Cowher and Gruden and other won’t come because they want to implement their own schemes, pick their assistant coaches, and have control over the roster. Until Al gives his coaches a little more power, the “big-name” guys won’t come here.

    Gruden asked for those things, and Al shipped him out of town.

  • Cable meets with the media for his weekly press briefing at 2 p.m.



  • YoungAmerican

    # 89706Raider Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Can’t believe people keep mentioning Josh McDaniels. Boy needs to be on someone’s VERY short leash, not trying to lead a football team.


    Well, if there’s one team where he’ll have a short leash…

    Don’t like him as an HC candidate, but as an OC if Hue takes over as HC? Maybe. McDaniels is good with quarterbacks, anyway.

  • GG

    A league source tells Profootballtalk.com that the 49ers may ultimately not hire Trent Baalke as GM, and instead opt to pair Michael Lombardi with Jim Harbaugh as general manager and head coach.
    “Lombardi and Harbaugh have a close relationship,” the source said. “I think Lombardi is ending up there.” Baalke was initially expected to be hired “within 48 hours” midway through last week, but it was never announced. Lombardi and Harbaugh also spent time together in Oakland, when Lombardi oversaw some personnel decisions and Harbaugh coached quarterbacks. It’s a match that would likely be much more appealing to fans.
    Source: Profootballtalk on NBC Sports

  • LOL

    Report: Brett Favre sued for sexual harassment
    Posted on: January 3, 2011 6:00 pm
    Edited on: January 3, 2011 6:21 pmScore: 103
    Log-in to rate:Log-in to rate: Log-in to rate: Posted by Will Brinson

    If it seemed that Brett Favre would move out of the public limelight until training camp next year, well, sorry — he’s reportedly being sued for sexual harassment by two massage therapists that worked with the New York Jets.

    According to Good Morning America, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York on Monday against Favre, the Jets and Lisa Ripi, who hired massage therapists for the Jets. (Note that this is not related to any sort of potential litigation involving Jenn Sterger, which might have some forensic issues, but could still come.)

    The suit alleges a number of scandalous items, including the allegation that Favre texted Scavo and other unidentified therapists seeking to “get together.” In addition, Good Morning America reports that, according to the lawsuit, Favre allegedly attempted to persuade multiple therapists into having a threesome with the quarterback.

    The allegations also include a number of other instances where Favre sent — surprise, surprise — text messages to the masseuses seeking what would appear to be some sort of sexual interaction.

    And perhaps worst of all, the masseuses claim that when they complained about Favre’s behavior (at one point, Scavo’s husband supposedly called Favre to demand an apology), they were not offered work with the Jets again.

    “I suspect that this case is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the harassment and discrimination experienced by women working for NFL teams and their players as well as all of men’s professional sports,” Elizabeth Eilender, the attorney for Scavo and O’Toole said in a statement to ABC News. “I hope that Ms. Scavo’s and Ms. O’Toole’s courage to bring this suit will empower other women to come forward without fear of retaliation and retribution in order to protect their livelihoods and self-respect.”

    Obviously, Favre was fined $50,000 by the NFL for a failure to cooperate with the league’s investigation into allegations involving communications between Favre and former Jets’ sideline hostess Jenn Sterger.

    At the time of Sterger incident coming under public scrutiny, Deadspin.com also published a report about additional women being sent messages from Favre. Without making ANY conclusion that relates to the guilt or innocence of either party, it’s pretty obvious that the two stories align in a similar manner.

    All of that is to say that, barring this lawsuit not actually being real or a speedy settlement, the world shouldn’t plan on not talking about Brett Favre any time soon.”

  • Young American, why doesn’t Al just give Cowher that kind of power?


    Some might like to bring in McDaniels as OC but it’d be like having an ambitious KIffin hanging around.

  • 7 minutes ago – Tom Cable on an ESPN report that it’s unlikely that he’ll return as coach next season: “Whoever says it or writes it probably doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. You can quote that.” Raiders RapidReports
    Tags: Tom Cable

    11 minutes ago – Tom Cable said he has yet to sit down with team owner Al Davis to discuss the season and whether he’ll return as coach next season. “I’m going to rest for a few days here, seriously,” Cable said. “We’ll have a chance to meet sometime in the next two weeks, I’m sure. But nothing has been set up.” Raiders RapidReports
    Tags: Tom Cable

    17 minutes ago – If offensive coordinator Hue Jackson takes a head coaching job with another team, Tom Cable said he wouldn’t take on those duties again, assuming he returns as Raiders coach. “I like how it works now. I think it would be wise of me … to hire someone to do those things.” Raiders RapidReports
    Tags: Tom Cable

    24 minutes ago – Coach Tom Cable said it was a “big help” to have Hue Jackson take over his role as offensive coordinator this year. “I think it allowed me to touch the entire team and have deeper, more solid relationships with everyone, rather than just the group that I’m so dialed into all the time.” Raiders RapidReports
    Tags: Tom Cable

  • YoungAmerican

    Apparently Sidney Rice and the Vikings haven’t even talked about a new contract yet.

  • 3 minutes ago – Tom Cable on whether he expects to return as Raiders coach next season: “I hope so. I hope so.” Raiders RapidReports
    Tags: Tom Cable

  • YoungAmerican

    RMR, you’d have to ask Al. He hasn’t given a coach that kind of power yet, I don’t see it happening now. It is what it is. Unfortunate, but nothing can be done until Al relinquishes control or shuffles off this mortal coil…


    Romanowski had it right on Schefter’s Cable “exclusive”, when he said “he made it up” because no one knows what Al is going to do.

  • YoungAmerican Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    RMR, you’d have to ask Al.


    Why don’t you ask him? You know everything about him. You’re the one professing to us why Al does this or that. I’m just wondering why this guy clearly doesn’t care about winning.

  • priesttj

    M post #1104 was funny as hell in the last thread and very true. lol

  • 27.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 12:28 pm
    Belichick took 2 years in New England.

    S. Payton won his division his first year.

    Tomlin wins Super Bowl his first year, and since he inherited Cowher’s team, it should be noted that Cowher won his division his first year, in 1992.

    Andy Reid had the Eagles at 11-5 his second year.

    Tom Coughlin was 11-5 his second year.

    Just what team are you guys using as a standard when you say that the Raiders just need more continuity with their head coach? I’m trying to find a team in the league that gives any coach more than 3 years to come up with at least a winning record.


    Did any of these teams waste A LOT of money on FA that NEVER produced (not Cabes doing)? Did any of these teams draft JaWalurs ( not Cabes doing)? Did they have sorry azz scrubs at ALL posisition on the O=line the first 2 years ( not Cabes diong)? How about the franchises… were they LOST, having no idea how to win?

    Cabes took over a team that had NO good WR’s, sorry O-line, poor tackling, NO pass rush, No int’s, horrible run D, NO QB!…

    Looks like Cable made Filet Mignon out of a COW PIE!

  • Why didn’t Cable intervene with those FA transactions, and demand that Al cut the ones that aren’t playing well and replace them with better players? Your whole argument is founded on the idea that Cable is a spineless twirp. And you want to keep him?

  • You call 8-8 “Filet Mignon”? LOL. Why am I even bothering.

  • PlunkforHOF

    I’m proud of my beloved Raiders this year. They didn’t give up on games when they got behind as in the recent past. Lots of people on this blog said they’d be happy to see improvement to 8-8 this year… I’m one of them. Those who smugly predicted 4-12 or 5-11 can go pound sand.

    Give Cable and Campbell another year. Keep Dmac and Bush. Draft to improve the O-line (although I must say they also improved at the years end.) Replace DHB with a vet. Draft a bargain QB to develop (Kaepernick?)

    Go RAIDERS!!! .. forever

  • edward teach

    Everyone knows who makes the personnel decisions. Everyone knows who hires the staff.
    Everyone knows that a proven coach won’t come here because of who wields the power, and how he wields it.
    Everyone knows whose philosophy dominates the scheme, especially on defense.

    A proven winner in the NFL does not, with all the other jobs available, have to or need to work under those cicumstances. This is why we get the coaches we get, and everyone knows that, too.

    Cable took a team that had lost more consistently than any team in NFL history, helped remake a large portion of the roster with players who wanted to play hard, and in less than three years got the team to 8-8, and swept the division. The players want to play for him. The performances were unven, granted, but his offensive coordinator was in his first year of NFL playcalling and made a mess out of the QB situation, his wide receivers were terrible, and he had a rookie MLB and very young players at other key positions. No doubt this team will improve again next year, and with a very young roster continuing to improve and a few key additions this team has a chance to not only win the division but win in the playoffs. You just don’t start over once things have begun to turn around.

  • BumpNRun

    Still miffed that Davis traded Gruden to the Buccaneers after ’01. And still remember the press at the time. Most were of the opinion that Davis got the better of the deal, even as they were trying to figure out what it meant for a coach to be traded. But what sane organization changes the head coach when a team is so close? None other than the Raiders, to my knowledge. That includes such models of sanity as D. Sterling, Robert Irsay, Art Modell, and Bud Adams. But Davis does it in ’02.

    What that tells me is that Davis thinks HE is the ultimate decision maker, not the head coach. Any head coaching change in Oakland doesn’t reflect the coach’s ability to succeed, but the coach’s ability to succeed while doing it Al’s way. Cowher won’t do it Al’s way. Neither will Parcels. Or any other high profile coach. That’s part of being a high profile coach. You have ideas of your own, a style, an approach to the game.

    Problem is, I don’t think Cable’s version of Al Davis football is as adaptable as Gruden’s. Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it going to the Super Bowl.