Jackson, 49ers talk; will Davis move quickly?


Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has completed his interview Wednesday with the 49ers at an undisclosed location, according to the NFL Network, which reported him making a “strong impression.”

The 49ers will now move on to talk to JIm Harbaugh, having satisfied the Rooney Rule, and could in theory wrap things up today with their top target.

If things fall apart with Harbaugh over money, and he reportedly could be looking for more than $6 million per year, the question is whether they’re serious about Jackson and if Al Davis will move quickly to make sure he’s not without the man who upgraded the Oakland offense in 2010.


After sleeping on it, Shane Lechler is still mystified as to why the Raiders would part ways with coach Tom Cable.

Lechler had some strong reaction Tuedsay night to the Bay Area News Group as well as on a CSN-Bay Area interview which he criticized the decision to dump Cable as well as the direction of the franchise.

(One of many quotes in that interview that is sure to get back to Davis: “The last time I was this disappointed was when we traded Jon (Gruden) to Tampa. We went to the Super Bowl the next year but I’m not so sure that wasn’t with Jon’s team.”)

Talking from the airport to SiriusXM Radio Wedesday with Adam Schein and former teammate Rich Gannon, here were a few more Lechler jabs:

— “(Tom) had it down pat on how to deal with Al . . . I understand what he went through with head coaches because I’ve been through so many of them. he was able to keep Al’s angerness, I guess you would say, or decision-making, away from the team. It was a big reflection on coach Cable being very much a professional in this whole deal and understanding how to isolate problemsand only addressing the ones that seriously need to be addressed.”

— “I mean, there’s a reason we’ve been through seven head coaches. It’s difficult . . . it was tough for Jon Gruden when we were kicking butt every Sunday. I mean, we go to Kansas City, beat a playoff team and the plug gets pulled. I looked at it like, there’s no logic in this one.”

— “I talked to Al Christmas Eve, and he was bitter about the Jacksonville loss. I don’t know if he was using the conversation to vent a little bit or what. He was also checking on my leg, making sure everything was fine. We did not discuss Tom Cable at all. This one has totally got me off guard.”

— “I tried to talk to (Davis) last night after I heard the news. I didn’t get an answer. I tried to call John Herrera, who’s supposedly the spokesman of the Raiders, and I didn’t get an answer. I tried to call a couple of guys that are with Al, and no answer. So I don’t know Maybe he will (talk to me), maybe he won’t. He probably won’t talk to me after what he hears I’ve been saying the last couple of days.”


There was some news coming out of an otherwise quiet Alameda facility today _ linebacker Kamerion Wimbley is the AFC Defensive Player of the week after his three-sack performance against Kansas City, according to Raiders.com


Six practice squad players were signed to reserve/future contracts which keeps them property of the Raiders into the offseason _ WR Damola Adeniji, WR Shaun Bodiford, TE Kevin Brock, G Alex Parsons, FB Manase Tonga and CB Joe Porter.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaidersBlog Chris Hansen
    Hue Jackson will interview with Al Davis soon. He’s been told to “be ready.”

  • J Hill

    I wonder if SF will offer Hue the same 5 million a year they were willing to give Harbaugh?

  • GalacticGus

    RMR, do you think we shoulda kept Cable?

  • GalacticGus

    # GalacticGus Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    RMR, do you think we shoulda kept Cable?

    i mean the Raiders.. why am I saying we…

  • 798.djohnnyg Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 8:56 pm
    If you were a potential HC deciding on which team to go with would you rather have a 6-10 team to coach or a team “on the rise” at 8-8 with a ton of talent ready to be taken to the next level?


    I’d have to ask myself is this team still on the rise, are they dysfunctional, how much control do I have, what are the chances I choose my own staff, can I implement my own philosophy, and will the talent still be there. I guess I could work for minimum HC salary, but I’d have to make sure the sinister forces behind the deal would be worth the risk.

  • tuckrulefool



    “As you are aware, we have been engaged in a series of internal discussions over the last month about the future of our football team. We have two critical decisions to make – the direction of the coaching staff and the future at the quarterback position. They are separate issues to me and will be dealt with separately. Today, I informed our general manager Mike Reinfeldt to move forward with plans to begin the process of identifying the next quarterback for our franchise. He will inform Vince Young’s agent that Vince will not be on our roster next season. I want to offer my personal thanks to Vince for all of his positive contributions to the club. These kinds of decisions are never easy and this is especially true for this particular player. I certainly wish that things would have worked out better, but I think it is best for the franchise that we move on at this point. I also informed Jeff (Fisher) today that I was continuing the evaluation of the coaching staff and I am hoping to make a decision soon.”

  • J Hill

    So going 2-4 down the stretch in a playoff run was good enough for 2 more years and 5 million?

    You don’t think the Miami and Jags losses were enough to move on?

  • edward teach

    The only person laughing harder than us at Al for signing Pakulak is Shane Lechler.

    Dude’s probably on the floor when he heard that.

  • olinesux

    im laughing that lechlar thinks hes that important….

  • J Hill

    What would you guess Lechler’s value would be on the open market?

    Certainly now where near what Al is paying him?

    How much does he think Jerry Jones is going to pay him?

  • EMRaiders

    Lechler will get us a 3rd rounder in the draft. Or perhaps a 2nd string player at a key position.

  • phatcable

    lechler wasnt a good punter till they brought in hue jackson!

  • TerrapinRaider Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I don’t think so because that prob means a paycut for him. At the end of the day its about $$$$ and he still wants paper. So don’t think he’ll be thrilled to get a pay cut. Will you??
    How about winning. Playoff games……..how much is that worth? Sounds like a lot to him.

  • DHB

    Ya’ll quit dissin on Coach Davis. He is da man. Ya’ll dissin him too much. That dissin on him hurts my feelings. The man made me a #1 pick, so quit dissin him. Me and JC gonna be the JC to DHB connection next season. We’ll see whos dissin who then.

  • I wonder what this petty schit by Al Davis towards Lechler, does to the rest of the locker room?

    Not good, I suspect. Dummies.

  • phatcable

    Vince young on twitter= going too mix up a gallon of the purpledrank and head too oakland

  • mkyd1963

    Plunketthead Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    No votes for Hue will be accepted

    Put me down for Wayne Newton

  • djohnnyg

    My opinion of Al Davis is getting worse by the moment. He takes a team on the rise and ruins it. Does he think HE is the one the team was playing so hard for this year?

    If he does, than he truly is delusional. He’s destroying everything good from this past season. He’s self destructive and probably needs to be stopped.

    It’s amazing the Raiders have any fans at all after all this garbage.