Raiders confirm: Asomugha contract voided


The deal us undone.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will be a free agent, his contract voiding after failing to meet a number of likely-to-be-earned incentives in 2010.

“The contract is voided but we have to wait on all the ramifications of the CBA before we really move on from there,” Raiders senior executive John Herrera said Sunday morning.

The contract would not have voided, according to one league source, had Asomugha recorded an interception or sack. Another trigger was fumble recoveries, of which Asomugha had none.

Asomugha joins a large list of players not under contract through 2011, although it won’t be known until a collective bargaining agreement is reached between the NFLPA and ownership which ones will be completely free to leave.

There will be no player movement until a CBA is reached.

As Raiders free safety Michael Huff noted in his Twitter account, “Looks like Nnamdi is on the market . . . so he’s a free agent. I’m a free agent and routt is a free agent. This is gonna be interesting.”

Had Asomugha met a likely-to-be-earned incentive, the Raiders would have had the option of keeping him for another season at a minimum of $16.8 million (or the the average of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL, whichever was higher).

If the new CBA has a salary cap of any kind, it could have made it difficult to keep Asomugha at that kind of money when they have so many other free agents are on the market.

Other players’ whose contracts expire include defensive end Richard Seymour, guard Robert Gallery, tight end Zach Miller, running back Michael Bush, defensive tackle John Henderson.

Miller and Bush would only be unrestricted free agents if a new CBA allows for four-year players to be declared as unrestricted.

If a franchise or transition tag is included in a new CBA, the Raiders would be able to restrict movement, as they did with Seymour last season and Asomugha following the 2008 season.

The Asomugha story was originally reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raiderzride4free

    losing nnamdi is a big deal.

  • DHB plays for the Packers?

  • DaTruth91

    Those who hate on Nnamdi are idiots. If you look at all the best CB stats, Revis, Nnamdi, Bailey,ect. they dont have great statistics. Thats because the NFL is an adapting league, and QBs dont throw at them…

    All this means is that raiders have to sign Hue Jackson, in order to retain some of these key free agents.

  • luvmarvhub

    M Lonetree said,

    “do neuronal failures cause persons to prefer one sports team over another or could there be outside influences acting upon the psyche?”

    Believe it or not, parasitic infections and even some viruses that are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier do have influence on a % of people; if fact, researchers are finding more and more evidence that many human behaviors (some marked by risk-taking while others marked by passivity), are likely to be the result of such infections. Most of the Western World, in particular France, has a high load of toxoplasma gondii antibodies and if you want to read about it, I can supply you links. We are no different from the non-mammalian organisms –we can be inhabited by body snatchers. Forgive me for going so OT.

    Regarding your specific question: yes, there are indeed neuronal reasons that cause people to prefer some teams over others, in particular, to persist in preferring and supporting a losing team like our Raiders with their losing, delusional owner. That failure is likely the neruonal deficit known as “stupidity,” otherwise known as low IQ.

    I’ve seen my IQ as measured by three different tests. I’d not have expected my repeated support of this team to be representative of that number, but I’ve had to reach the conclusion that the number and the tests must be wrong (that is, that I must have tested too high and were I tested now I would find I have regressed to the mean, for no reasonably intelligent person would continue to support that which was sure to bring pain and unhappiness. Thus, I conclude–I am stupid.

  • luvmarvhub

    Last point–if I have any intelligence at all or understand human nature at all, I’d expect a person of Nnamdi’s age and talents to want to play with a winner. One never knows how quickly his time in the sun will be over. I seriously doubt that he or anyone else in the NFL ever expects the Raiders to be a consistently top-level contender.

    I think Nnamdi and others can and probably have entertained the idea that Al and the team might get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle for one season and make the playoffs, but that’s all. If they’ve any brains at all, they’d know there would be no repeated success. The Bay Area should be a huge draw for most players, but this team fails to interest free agents for the reasons you’ve all documented here time and time again.

    Al doesn’t like systems because systems are engineered and implemented by people called coaches. When he was in the old AFL and when that league merged with the NFL, he was seen as a person who had a keen eye for talent. Al revelled in finding players no one else had seen, and it was true that in those days it was altogether possible to find a fast kid or a bruiser (think Otis Sistrunk) who had escaped the eye of the other owners and scouts. Or, he liked those thought to be incorrigible, like Warren Wells, guys whom other teams dismissed as troublemakers.

    Bottom line is that Al only wants to win if the team is one that succeeds because *he* has identified the fast kid no one thought should be a first-round pick (DHB), the kid no one thought could learn the game (Bruce Campbell), the quarterback who has been scrapped by others (Campbell), the guy no one thought would play two sports (Bo Jackson), or the guy with the golden arm and no head/work ethic (Jeff George) or the golden arm and slow feet(Lamonica, who folded every playoff.

    Power, speed, big arms, outcasts–if Al identifies these guys and wins, everyone calls him his favorite name–“the genius.”

    If, on the other hand, the team wins because it is well-disciplined and because it employs a system that is intricate and has repeated success because it has interchangeable parts (so that injuries are not as catastrophic to it as they are to a team that relies on stars), if it succeeds because it is plastic enought to adapt to differing opponents and conditions, if all these things occur, the system itself will be praised which means those who have devised it and implemented it will be praised –the coaches, not Al. If it succeeds, that means the players will be praised for having executed it, not Al.

    Narcissists cannot abide the names of subordinates getting all the praise. Al is a certifiable narcissist. He keeps trying to catch lighting in a bottle with people he has deigned as “great football players” so that, should they succeed, he can get the credit.

    In the old days of the AFL and the newly merged leagues, a guy like Al could win and win and win because the game was indeed one-on-one match-ups won by power and speed and because players wanted to come here and play to roaring crowds who loved them.

    He knows those days are gone, but he clings to the notion he can catch a lucky break for one season, a winning season in which his team wins the Super Bowl and wins it with cries of “Only Al Davis believed in that guy, only Al Davis saw the potential of that guy.”

    Sad, for all of us.

  • jmcclain

    “The contract is voided but we have to wait on all the ramifications of the CBA before we really move forward,” Raiders senior executive John Herrera said. “This is not a surprise at all, we knew the language was in there.

    everyone relax they won’t let him go somewhere else.

  • al d. davis

    Alrighty…..here we go w/Alzheimer’s AL and his stanky stuff……entitled, “Revolving Coaches” (Please sing to the melody of “Green Acres” TV show.)

    AL’s folly is for all to see,
    Oakland Raiders is the team for me,

    Coaches spreading out so far and wide,
    Keep hiring and firing, just give me those days gone by.

    Coach upon coach is what I’d rather do,
    Dementia and inconsistency is the cardinal rule,
    AL just adores paying coaches half the price,
    Dah-Ling I love you, but AL’s fantasy is not-so-nice.

    Vertical attack, 1969
    Man to man, mighty fine,
    Revolving Coaches, aint so cool…..
    AL knows best, nobody’s fool….

    You are AL’s life,
    Cable’s gone, now Jackson’s his wife,
    Oakland Raiders We Are There!

  • ohioraider

    Very impressive! Wonder if somebody will have it removed like my mock Al daily planner was removed the other day.

  • manassamauler

    if aso leaves that would free up a lot $$$$$ for bush,seymour, huff. could sign all three of those guys with the aso money alone. aso will probably stay but it cant be for 15 mil a year! way to much for a corner. shouldn’t get more than 8 mil IMO.