Sooner, rather than later?


Raiders owner Al Davis is getting close to naming his ninth head coach since moving back to Oakland in 1995, and indications are no one will be surprised, beat writer Steve Corkran reports.

Unlikely to make any kind of announcement while games are being played Saturday and Sunday, indications are that Hue Jackson will be named coach No. 9 in the near future, possibly early next week.

According to senior assistant John Herrera, Davis has been busy wrapping up staff evaluations. There have been no confirmations of any coaches leaving the staff for other jobs. The Raiders typically sign assistants to two year deals, which means the only coaches who may be under contract for 2011 are Jackson, defensive line coach Mike Waufle and secondary coach Kevin Ross.

It is not unusual for assistants to stick around and work even after their contracts expire as they wait and see where they fit with a new staff.

If reports out of Dallas are true, one coach who won’t be rejoining the Raiders is former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who is reportedly closing in on a deal for the same position with the Dallas Cowboys.

For what it’s worth (absolutely zero to me because I don’t bet), my picks for Saturday are Pittsburgh over Baltimore and Green Bay over Atlanta. I’ve got Chicago over Seattle and New England over the New York Jets on Sunday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • TerrapinRaider

    Saunders was the senior offensive assistant in B’More

  • sorry heres a better linkhttp://www.baltimoreravens.com/People/Coaches/Al_Saunders.aspx

  • TerrapinRaider

    Per NFL.com:

    Al Saunders

    Senior offensive assistant; born February 1, 1947, London, England. Defensive back San Jose State 1966-68. No pro playing experience. College coach: Southern California (1970-71), Missouri 1972, Utah State (1973-75), California 1976- 1981, Tennessee (1982). Pro coach: San Diego Chargers (1983-88; head coach 1986-88), Kansas City Chiefs (1989-1998), St. Louis Rams (1999-2000), Kansas City Chiefs (2001-05), Washington Redskins (2006-07), St. Louis Rams (2008), joined Ravens in 2009.

    ………………………He’s been around

  • TerrapinRaider

    Lynn ..I don’t like men and this is not a beauty contest …i don’t give a puke about how the guy looks

  • Look up what Al Saunders did in KC 01 to 05 pretty impressive.

  • Plunketthead


    Nice link, Best I can tell Cable was let go because

    “Davis was said to be upset with Cable over the fact that Oakland lost two days of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) in June 2010, among other things”

    That is weak for firing a man, maybe Al is losing it.

  • Just Fire Baby

    On January 19, 2006, he joined the coaching staff of the Washington Redskins as the Associate Head Coach – Offense, reuniting him with fellow Don “Air” Coryell alumnus, Joe Gibbs. At the time, his 3-year, $6 million contract made him the second highest paid assistant coach in the NFL behind Gregg Williams. Players such as recent additions Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd have claimed that the signing of Saunders to the Washington coaching staff was a major pull factor in their decision to sign with the Redskins. In this role, he served the team like he did in Kansas City, as the primary play caller and offensive coordinator.

    Saunders offensive playbook reportedly has approximately 700 pages of various plays. When the Redskins struggled offensively in the 2006 pre-season and during the first two regular season games, the lengthy playbook became the subject of criticism -both humorous and serious- by Washington sports media. However, desiring not to provide scouting information to opponents, the Redskins only used a small number of plays (estimated by Saunders at around 2% of his playbook) during the pre-season. Beginning with the third game of the regular season, Washington’s offensive production increased but later fell.

    Many believe that the pairing of Al Saunders offense and the veteran quarterback Mark Brunell was a bad fit. The Al Saunders offense, an Air Coryell offense, requires a quarterback with a very accurate sense of timing and trust with the receiver which could not be replicated in Washington during Brunell’s 2006 season.

    In 2007, Jason Campbell dislocated his left knee in a week 14 game versus the Chicago Bears. Veteran back-up Todd Collins, who took over the reigns and was very effective as he led the Redskins to four straight victories and into the playoffs. Collins’ success can be attributed to the fact that he had been studying under Saunders’ offensive scheme since 2001.


    An air Coryell guy with a 700 page playbook??

    I hope about 550 of those pages are running plays.

    Seems like a move away from running the ball, and an attempt at Al to get the Jerome Plunkett-DHB connection up and running.

  • J Hill

    I have no problem with Baltimore staff coming over.

    Al Saunders as OC = good move!

  • Plunketthead

    Saunders is famous for having a huge playbook

  • TerrapinRaider
  • Snapping Turtle , WTF I didn’t think you would make him your wall paper

  • Just Fire Baby

    Didn’t we lose those two OTA days because players complained to the union about contact to the ground??

    Another case of Al siding with the cry-baby players instead of a coach who just wants to toughen them up.

  • TerrapinRaider

    I knew the name, its well known on the east coast, and knew he was in Washington for a bit; but didn’t know he had as many ties with the AFC West, Coryell’s offense, the Rams SB run and the like.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Lynn from Snot Says:
    January 16th, 2011 at 8:50 am
    Snapping Turtle , WTF I didn’t think you would make him your wall paper



  • Just Fire Baby

    Can we stop the Campbell gets a new OC every year now??

    This will be his 3rd year under OC Saunders in 7 years.

  • Is Mike Zimmer available! I like him to be our DC.

    I like Al Saunders offense.

  • Is Wauffle the next DC??????

  • J Hill


    How much longer are you going to wave the Cable flag?

    Should he really still be here if he was beefing with the owner?

    So what if Al “suggested” a guy who was above Hue in Baltimore as his OC? And a guy who has already worked with Soup?

    Seems like a good pairing to me.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Excuse me 3 out of 6 years.

    06-Rookie Campbell sits and learns Saunders offense
    07-Plays 12 games under Saunders play-calling
    08-10 3 years with two OC’s on two teams
    11-Back to the Al Saunders offense.

  • J Hill

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    January 16th, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Can we stop the Campbell gets a new OC every year now??



    There might be one or two posters who have said that. You post more about that than they do.

    GREAT to have an OC that Campbell has played under before.

    But according to Wiki, it seems that Campbell only played under Saunders one year, or shall we say 14 games.

  • Just Fire Baby

    new post

  • Buckeye,

    Rolle and Lal have to go!