Jackson-Davis highlights, Part II

Second in a series of posts with highlights from the Hue Jackson-Al Davis press conference Tuesday:

— Not comparing their ability as a head coach in any way, but Hue Jackson went out of his way to ingratiate himself with his new boss more than any coach than Joe Bugel.

Bugel actually put his arm around Davis after replacing Mike White and said, “I love this man.’’

Jackson referred to Davis throughout the proceedings as “coach Davis’’ and had this to say in his opening statement:

“Obviously when I came here a year ago a lot of things were said. ‘Why you want to go work for the Raiders?’ One, I’m from California and I love being back home. But two, the opportunity to work for coach Davis. I know a lot of people quote me when I say coach because he is a coach. He was one of the greatest coaches of our time coaching a football team.

“I want you guys to know, I’ve worked for a lot of owners in this league. I’ve been on four different football teams. I started with Dan Snyder, I worked for from there to Mike Brown, from there to Arthur Blank, from there to Steve Bisciotti. And I’m not saying this because I’m sitting here. I’m being very honest with you, not one of those guys, and they’re all excellent at what they do, but I’ve never had the opportunity to sit and talk football, football, the X’s and O’s and what it takes to win in this league consistently on a consistent basis, and there’s nothing like working for coach Davis.

“I know a lot of stuff gets said about this and that, I’m telling you I’m here. I’m a walking testimony of coming here in the first year and having an opportunity to make something great. We’re not where we want to be but I’m so excited about the opportunity that the men that are sitting in the back of the room, Mike Waufle and Kevin Ross, guys that I know this past year that we did everything that we could to get this organization where we want it to be, and none of us are satisfied. We all are ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work. So I’m glad, to be here, glad to be the head coach of this football team. I plan on being here for a long time.’’

OK, it’s probably a good idea to talk up the boss. But referring to Cincinnati owner Mike Brown as “excellent” strains the credibility of the speaker.

— Davis wasn’t overly impressed with the show of support in the locker room for Cable in part because he promoted after a show of player support instead in 1997 instead of Jon Gruden, a mistake he rectified the next year after the Raiders went 4-12.

“Three of the players came to me, led by the minister, Napoleon Kaufman, who runs a church now. They wanted a guy to be the head coach, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go in that direction,’’ Davis said. “ I hired the line coach as the head coach because the players wanted him. They were all excited. And he was a great coach. This guy was a great line coach. His name was Joe Bugel, and uh, but those things, sometimes you relent and sometimes you don’t. But this had no chance.’’

Davis felt Cable cultivated the support because “he was through, and he also knew how to go into the locker room and get the support. Which is good. I think it’s great for a coach to get support when you’re leaving.’’

Davis seemed to find the pointed criticisms from punter Shane Lechler more amusing than disturbing.

“My first reaction was three years ago, if you get out your newspaper, Shane said publicly he wasn’t coming back, he didn’t like it here,’’ Davis said. “A month later, he was coming back because I gave him the highest paid contract of a specialist in pro football.’’

— Sounds as if the Raiders had no intention of picking up the option the contract of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, whose deal voided automatically anyway because he failed to meet performance incentives.

Davis acknowledged Asomugha’s skill as a cornerback and his worth in the community but noted, “that 17 million dollars can bring you two or three players that can help you win.’’

When there were stories that Asomugha wanted to play with the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis, Davis said he him asked him point blank if he wished to be traded.

“He said, `No. I want to stay. I don’t want to go.’ ‘’

— Davis on the trade which dealt a first-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for Richard Seymour: “You may not think it was a good trade. I thought it was a great trade. Still do.’’

— Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey still has the owner in his corner, although it’s notable Davis didn’t use the word “great’’ when evaluating him.

“He’s going to be good. (He has) explosion. He can catch, he’s getting better, and he’s a good guy. He’s going to be good.’’

More to come in a couple of hours . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • beach

    Hue turned around the offense and is Head Coach. Great! Now the test is getting a darn good Defensive Coordinator. Then we can talk playoffs!

  • http://chismetime.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/sofia_vergara_01.jpg r8eray
  • Mistabr0wn

    It was the Raider way back in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Its ok if we are winning. I didnt care for Cable but if he wants to have a piece in his hotel room after hours who gives a toot!

    # 504 Raider Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Nothing for you and me. But Al Davis said “it wasn’t the Raider way.”

  • hwnrdr

    You know that explains why he looked out of it while wearing the headset for nothing…

  • TerrapinRaider

    Then the beating women stuff. Just gotta put the kabosh on that. Sounds like a few women involved.

  • TerrapinRaider

    I know the players did that; but I never heard the coaches doing it. Certaintly not the HC.

  • http://www.actionext.com/playlist_57486.html La Milicia Negra

    TerrapinRaider Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Do you really believe their DC went away on his own. I mean Seriously?

    yeah, seriously! no team fires their DC, if they have the 2nd best defense.. Im sure he just felt he was done in the NFL, and wanted more time..

    they could promote Pagano, but he still have to accept, if he wanted to be raiders DC, they couldnt do much about it, other than pay him more.. and Im sure he got more as DB coach in Baltimore than he would have in Oakland as a DC, so yeah, I dont buy it one bit… actually I think its funny you think that pagano wanted to go back here as DC, when he already have been in this circus, in stead of being in a smooth franchise, with all going for them..

    whats Pagano’s chances for a Playoff trip as a baltimore employee compared to as a raider employee… if were are lucky were on the way up, they are already there..

    So no, I dont think their DC got fired, I think he left.

    if you are right it just shows 2 things, that we are to slow to act (as always) and that were are an inferior franchise compared to baltimore…

    If we ever had a chance to snag Pagano, we should have anounced Hue as HC the same day Cable got fired, no reason to waste time

  • djohnnyg

    Isn’t there a blog for all you Niner and Bronco fans to go to?

    Go to google and type in ‘Bronco lovers’. (wait. that might take you to a very weird fetish site which you’d probably prefer anyway). Or, “Niner fans football talk”. Something like that and you’ll get to you guys need to be.

    The fact you hate the Raiders so much and yet frequent THIS blog show much you are actually owned by you obsession and hatred for the Raiders.


    “Hatred is a poison that a person drinks and then waits for the other person to die”.

  • priesttj

    The dude has issues to be sure, he likes putting his hands on people when he can’t get his way. He is going to pay one way or the other. Hitting women is cowardly act he’s 280+ lbs. how many women could handle being hit by him.

    I hue get sthe people he wants to help him get things done I think he has a plan as I stated months ago I just hope he’s ready to execute it.

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Priest, you knew about Cable hitting women before last season, yet I hardly heard you rail against it in this activist manner like you are now. Guess women beaters have to be out of Al’s inner circle before you’ll criticize them. A@@hole.

  • Mistabr0wn


  • http://www.actionext.com/playlist_57486.html La Milicia Negra

    well guys..

    Ill go home to bed, its 6AM here soon..

    take care!

  • Mistabr0wn

    tj steps in cow piles every night but he comes back for his beating every freaking night…LMAO!

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Jason Campbell could beat a woman to a bloody pulp tonight, priest, and you’ll say she had it coming. Oh, and when I say she, I’m talking about the woman he hits, not Campbell.

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Campbell looks like Ashanti.

  • Mistabr0wn

    tj whatever you do…..dont stop posting.

  • http://blackhillsphoto.com/sturgis-weddings/black-hills-weddings.jpg Dakota

    priesttj Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:45 pm
    The dude has issues to be sure, he likes putting his hands on people when he can’t get his way. He is going to pay one way or the other. Hitting women is cowardly act he’s 280+ lbs. how many women could handle being hit by him.

    I see you are no longer calling him the next Madden?

  • Mistabr0wn

    H Jack’s gap rivals Strahans….wow that thing is wide!

  • http://blackhillsphoto.com/sturgis-weddings/black-hills-weddings.jpg Dakota

    Mistabr0wn Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 9:02 pm
    H Jack’s gap rivals Strahans….wow that thing is wide!

    Yeah, when I saw that gap I didn’t know if I should smile….or kick a field goal.

  • phatcable

    The fire in Hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the Raider football team and the Raider Nation……..AL DAVIS……what he meant too say was i will fire hue

  • Mistabr0wn

    AL didnt like Cable personally or professionally. Its kinda funny that they spent 4 or 5 years together.

  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell

    TerrapinRaider Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Then the beating women stuff. Just gotta put the kabosh on that. Sounds like a few women involved.
    That was 2 years ago, and you never said a word, bootlicker.

  • bigblackdeath29

    i don`t know if cable beat his wife,that a he said she said thing.he did how ever break the jaw of a asst. coach.

    p.s. he cost the raiders the division.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ng4yHw2xk&feature=PlayList&p=E565EF0DE2F587FA&playnext= Raider75

    this is great… Even Al’s wife gives him sh!t.

    “I’ve made mistakes, yes. No question. We also need great players,” Davis said. “Should I take some of the blame? I certainly do. You guys give it to me. You want me to get it from my wife? I do. She was used to winning.”

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    priest, I have news for you. If Hue wins, and I think he will (and be subsequently ran out by Al, like Gruden was), guess what? Al will have very little to do with it. Al signs Hue’s checks, that’s it. Hue’s going to be the one putting the gameplans together, and getting the players in position to win. Then it’s the players getting it done. Al’s role? To sit up there with his mangled f’n hands and just watch, like the fans.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ng4yHw2xk&feature=PlayList&p=E565EF0DE2F587FA&playnext= Raider75

    # phatcable Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    The fire in Hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the Raider football team and the Raider Nation……..AL DAVIS……what he meant too say was i will fire hue


  • Mistabr0wn

    KK, shouldn’t you be cleaning your bed pan?

  • http://www.JasonTheSnakeCampbell.com Random Drug Tester

    Is it just me?….or did Al just break-up with Nnamdi in the presser?

  • http://blackhillsphoto.com/sturgis-weddings/black-hills-weddings.jpg Dakota

    No wonder Al never sued me for calling his HC a Wife Beating Buffoon.

    He agreed with me.

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Al’s nothing more than a fan, priest. He’s never thrown one touchdown pass. Never made one game saving tackle. Hasn’t put together a game plan to put his players in position to win in nearly a half century. He’s just the guy who hired everyone, that’s it. And that’s all he’ll get credit for if this team turns the corner. Might as well warm up to that now. If you think there’s going to be this “he’s a jolly good fellow” celebration for Al if this team turns the corner under Hue, forget it. It’s Hue will be hoisting, same as Gruden. Just get used to it.

  • Mistabr0wn

    Al said the obvious:
    “#21 isnt worth 17 mil”

    And then he put an exclamation point on it by saying J Ford will look good wearing #21


  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell

    Just one hour after Raiders owner Al Davis did his best to make sure no one would ever hire Tom Cable again, the Seahawks announced they’ve hired Cable as assistant head coach/offensive line coach.

  • jlhraider

    al davis = tales of the crypt

  • Mistabr0wn

    KK, thats the Seahawks problem. You go out of your way to backhand AL and all you do is make a buffoon out of yourself.

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Al Davis bashes another great Raider.

    Marcus Allen
    Jon Gruden
    Rich Gannon
    Nnamdi Asomugha

    Sorry, Al, but they’re in the history books. They’ve played great football wearing the silver and black, and you can’t erase that. They’re great Raiders. All of them. That’s what you get for bringing in good players. Typically, they’re going to play good. The proper thing to do is thank them when they leave.

  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell

    BrownStains, why don’t you go back to your trailer & cockroaches, where you’re happy, I guess.

  • Mistabr0wn

    U forgot Howie Long & T Christensen.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ng4yHw2xk&feature=PlayList&p=E565EF0DE2F587FA&playnext= Raider75


    —-AL DAVIS, post-presser gaggle/

    -Q: Do you regret trading Jon Gruden to Tampa?

    -AL DAVIS: Oh no, no, I don’t. No. Not at all. Nope. Because look, Jon beat us in the g-damn Super Bowl, that’s the only thing I regret. But take a look at Jon’s performance at Tampa.

    -Q: But Gruden won a Super Bowl.

    -AL DAVIS: What are you talking about? His deal at Tampa, how long was he there?

    -Q: Five years? Seven years?

    -AL DAVIS: What did he do?

    -Q: He won a Super Bowl.

    -AL DAVIS: Yeah, the first year. Beat us. He didn’t win a Super Bowl, he beat us with … Dungy goes around and says it’s Dungy’s team.

    Q: But you haven’t had a coach longer than four years since then…

    -AL DAVIS: Yeah, well that’s true. But I gave him the first two years, and then the next two years I gave it to him because I felt that we were ready. But that’s what it is. I can’t deny it. You can read.

    -Q: Did Jackson get the same kind of contract, two years and two years at a team option?

    -AL DAVIS: I didn’t say what he did.

    -Q: I’m asking you…

    -AL DAVIS: Yeah, well, I’m not telling you. That’s up to you.

    -Q: Are you demanding on coaches?

    -AL DAVIS: No, that’s B.S.

    -Q: Would you say you’re about average as far as the league goes? It seems to me you’re demanding.

    -AL DAVIS: Yeah, I’m demanding of doing it right and being right, and treating players right.

    I’m a great believer that you praise players. For a while here, between Kiffin and the other fellah, they were knocking the players. He changed this year because of me, praising players.

    I don’t believe you knock people like that. I just never have. I like players. If I’m demanding, I’m sorry that I am. But I don’t think I am. I’ve had a lot of great coaches come through here.

    Look, go get David Shaw. He would be a perfect guy. Ask him where he learned. Go get Jim, ask him where he learned. Harbaugh. Ask Fox, who’s now the head (coach) and getting a second chance at Denver .

    I could just go down the list of all these guys that have been here, they go through here. What’s his name couldn’t wait to come back, Mike Waufle. He was the most sought after defensive line coach other than from the Giants. But, I’m not going to sell my philosophy.

    -Q: Were the allegations of Cable doing stuff while he was coach of the Raiders?

    -AL DAVIS: No, I’m talking while he was with the Raiders and I told you that ESPN documented all three things. You have to get it out of ESPN.

    But then there are other things that he did that were not documented on ESPN. This Lutz complaint. But I can’t talk about it, I just can’t. Check with a lawyer. Is he telling us the scoop? I’d like to talk about it, I really would.

    -Q: So, the Lutz lawsuit was settled?

    -AL DAVIS: I was told that it was just settled, not dismissed.

    -Q: How important is a head coach to winning?

    -AL DAVIS: A head coach? Very important.

    -Q: How frustrating has it been not to get the right head coach in here in recent years?

    -AL DAVIS: Well, it may not have been the right one; it may not have been (we had) all the good players. I have to be honest. I have to check myself. I thought we could have done better several times.

    Take a look at Norv (Turner) is fighting for his life down there in San Diego. Everyone was excited when he was with the 49ers. Then, when he went down there, he got them into the playoffs and all but now they’re starting to slip a little. It’s pretty tough to hang on to that damned thing.

    I had picked Payton, Sean, brought him out here, Mike Lombardi was handling it, got him under contract all set. He went home to Dallas, and Jerry (Jones) didn’t want to lose him, so he gave him a million-dollar contact as an assistant and made promises to him and then the next year he goes to New Orleans.

    They win a Super Bowl, then this year they’re supposed to ride through the playoffs, they get beat by Seattle that we nailed them (by 30 points).

    -Q: What do you make of Kiffin’s post-Raiders career?

    -AL DAVIS: Well, you make the determination. You guys had it all figured out. You ought to read the opinion of what the arbitrator said (about) who’s a liar.

    -Q: We would like to read that ruling.

    -AL DAVIS: You can’t get it? You can get it.

    -Q: Was there any doubt that you would beat him in arbitration?

    -AL DAVIS: Well, I beat him because he lied. He’s a liar. He lied to you guys. He got letters… (Expletive) him if he was a liar. He lied in Tennessee .

    -Q: Do you have the talent to win 10, 11, 12 games?

    -AL DAVIS: I don’t think games. We had the talent to get into the playoffs, like we did in ‘80 – I saw Glenn (Dickey) sitting here; he laughed at me in his column because I’m playing Cliff Branch and Jim Plunkett. He called them … What is that word they use for old-timers?

    -Q: Legends? Reclamation projects? Retreads?

    -AL DAVIS: Yeah, yeah, retread, that’s the one they use. No one that we ever played wanted to cover Cliff Branch, that’s for sure, no matter how old he was.

    Then, New England got a lesson the other day. Not that the guy still has it, but had they kept him, they would have beaten the Jets.

    -Q: Moss?

    -AL DAVIS: Yes.

    -Q: Do you regret trading Moss?

    -AL DAVIS: Yes, I did at the time. Yeah.

    -Q: Not now?

    -AL DAVIS: I can’t look back that far now. No, that’s a mistake I made. I let it happen. The coach wanted to trade him. He scared him. All coaches are scared of him.

    -Q: Are you worried that Cable’s going to come out with some stories?

    -AL DAVIS: Oh, I don’t care. He can tell whatever he wants. He can tell whatever he wants. Cable…

    -Q: Do all the coaching changes wear on you?

    -AL DAVIS: No, they don’t wear on me but there’s no question it could be easier if I didn’t have to make the changes.

    -Q: Why was it improper for Cable to bring a lady friend on the road? I know when Nolan was coaching the 49ers, his wife regularly went to road games. What’s the etiquette of it?

    -AL DAVIS: I guess it’s the squareness in me that it’s never been, the players can’t have wives before the game. If the coach has got to concentrate on the game, and he’s got his wife there, in another room, she shouldn’t be with him.

    We never have allowed it. She shouldn’t be with him in the hotel. I don’t think it’s right, that’s all. Sometimes, it leads to what happened.

    She claims, it was on the ESPN show, I don’t know what show she was on, that he hit here. What the hell does that have to do with the football game of ours. No, I don’t like it.

    -Q: Did some of these alleged incidents occur during Raiders road trips?

    -AL DAVIS: Yes. Look, let me say something. I’m not apologizing for any of that. He deserved it.

    What am I going to do, sit here and take the wrath of a lot of women because I supposedly didn’t …. I don’t know what he did. It’s just what they claim.

    -Q: What are your thoughts about Darrius Heyward-Bey?

    -AL DAVIS: He’s going to be good.

    -Q: What do you see from him that makes you think so?

    -AL DAVIS: Explosion. He can catch, he’s getting better and he’s a good guy. He’s going to be good.

    -Q: Would you like to see your son Mark taking on a heightened role?

    -AL DAVIS: He’s going to take on whatever role he wants because, as for longevity, I don’t have a cap or no cap, so I could be four years or a few weeks. So, when I’m gone, he will take on the role.

    -Q: How will this team be different from tenures of Kiffin and Cable, whose problems one could say almost exceeded those of Kiffin?

    -AL DAVIS: What do you mean, you could almost say? So, what are you asking me? Well, I don’t expect to even think of terms of what we’ve had over the last few years.

    No, I think in terms that (Jackson)’s upstanding, got a super family and that he knows how to live and what’s expected of him.

  • Mistabr0wn

    KK, why dont you get a new dis that isnt played out & retarded?

  • http://www.aldavissucks.blogspot.com The Real MaddenRaider

    Cable’s actually a good offensive line coach. It’s where he belongs. He’s a good enough O line coach to coach anywhere. Pittsburgh. He was just never a head coach. Only Al thought he was. Cable was Al’s idea. Nobody else’s. Nobody else had ever considered him as head coach. Same with Russell. Nobody else had considered Russell in the first round. It was Al’s idea.

  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell

    I read in the newspaper the other day, that Davis has sued 4 out of his 5 last Head Coaches.

  • TerrapinRaider

    123.KoolKell Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 9:07 pm
    TerrapinRaider Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Then the beating women stuff. Just gotta put the kabosh on that. Sounds like a few women involved.
    That was 2 years ago, and you never said a word, bootlicker.


    Oh that BS. I been wanted Cable FIRED before and after the reported incident! Nothing changed in my stance. Watch how you callin’ bootlicker, mf

  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell

    So he hires another Head Coach with no options elsewhere.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ng4yHw2xk&feature=PlayList&p=E565EF0DE2F587FA&playnext= Raider75

    lol… Al said f’k him talking about Lane Kiffin

    -Q: What do you make of Kiffin’s post-Raiders career?

    -AL DAVIS: Well, you make the determination. You guys had it all figured out. You ought to read the opinion of what the arbitrator said (about) who’s a liar.

    -Q: We would like to read that ruling.

    -AL DAVIS: You can’t get it? You can get it.

    -Q: Was there any doubt that you would beat him in arbitration?

    -AL DAVIS: Well, I beat him because he lied. He’s a liar. He lied to you guys. He got letters… (Expletive) him if he was a liar. He lied in Tennessee

  • http://blackhillsphoto.com/sturgis-weddings/black-hills-weddings.jpg Dakota

    I think Al is a major impediment to the Raiders winning, but damned if he doesn’t keep things interesting and entertaining…..but mostly frustrating.

    Al has made some good choices over the past few years, like drafting McFadden, firing Cable, firing Ryan, firing Marshall and cutting Russell and hiring Jackson.

    Too bad Al was simply fixing his own mistakes with Cable, Marshall, Ryan and Russell.

    Worst GM in football.

    I’ll gladly trade all the offseason entertainment for an owner that canget the job done.

  • http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ KoolKell


    Do you fly the confederate flag outside your trailer?

  • http://chismetime.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/sofia_vergara_01.jpg r8eray

    Nobody talking about Mark talking over…??

  • Mistabr0wn

    KK, since I dont live in a tralier has it ever crossed your feeble mind how eff’ing retarded and lame you are ?

  • Mistabr0wn

    tj left?


  • http://chismetime.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/sofia_vergara_01.jpg r8eray

    When I’m gone, he’s going to take over.”
    #Raiders owner Al Davis on his son Mark