Glazer: Raiders denied in bid to talk to Thurman


The Raiders requested permission to talk to New York Jets defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman about the vacant defensive coordinator position but were told no, according to the Twitter account of Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer.

(Yes, I’m pretty sure this is the real Jay Glazer, unlike the erroneous information I passed along Wednesday).

Thurman was on the Baltimore Ravens’ staff with Hue Jackson before joining the New York Jets in 2009 and also worked with Jackson for a year on the USC staff in 2000.

Teams can deny permission to speak to coaches even in the case of a promotion unless it is for a head coaching job.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • ArchiveTony

    # Silver-and-black666 Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    douche douche

    Gannon was good under pressure but he did not have a good performance in the Super Bowl for the obvious reason…If I have to spell that out for you then there is no hope of your IQ getting any higher.
    U mean because TB knew the plays? Where the ball was going? Where every audible was going to end up?? because the team was too stupid and kept the same plays?
    Yeah, I can see how that’s Gru’s fault

  • Kell, Campbell handles the pass rush as good as Gannon?

  • RMR,

    Rich Gannon is gone, ok? Retired. Time to move on.

    Jason Campbell had the best QB play for the Raiders in a long while. Coming off 7 straight years of 11 losses or more, ok?

    Move on.

  • I think Gradkowski’s better than Campbell, Kell.

  • bigblackdeath29

    i give campbell 7-5.an upgrade over grads.

  • TerrapinRaider

    At first I thought Grads was better bec he was …but as Campbell was grasping the offense and the players in it more he clearly was better than Grads.

    Watching Grads play for an extended period …you can see soo many faults in his game. (The guy has no arm).

  • TerrapinRaider

    I find it interestng those tweets of Hue departing ways with Hackett Cable and Tollener ….Hacket and Cable being the ones riding the Gradkowski titantic all the way to the bottom

  • Grads is worlds better at evading the pass rush, and
    I think his arm is good enough.

  • Terrapin, who do you blame if the Raiders finish worse than 8-8 in 2011?

  • bigblackdeath29

    grads stats don`t stack uo too campbell.as well as the most important one.7-5 vs. 1-3 record.

  • TerrapinRaider

    But I can understand the anoymosity towards Hue. Afterall, he was the new guy taking over the whole offense away from that sham of a HC TC. So that can create some resentment.

    Hue Jack is the freakin’ man! This guy will take the Raiders far. I believe! We’re fighting for championships now! (Never thought so with that farse TC).

  • TerrapinRaider

    I cannot say who I blame until they play. For all we know we can lose every single OLinman to injury next year leaving us in a serious funk. Impossible question to answer without so many qualifications attached.

  • I don’t think any team with Jason Campbell as their starting QB, and no defensive system whatsoever is competing for a championship.

  • M Lonetree


    got your next wind didya? Gradkowski better than Campbell(or any QB except perhaps Todd Collins and a flightless Pennington?)?
    You do take asinine statements and platitudes to levels seen only by politicos and their hacks.

  • Chris in NY

    Campbell was only 8-5 if you give him credit for the Rams game where he was pulled after leading us to 3 points by halftime and Grads came in to spark us to victory and the Chargers game which he entered with a 12-0 lead and we were about to lose before Huff’s sack fumble and Branch’s ensuing TD return gave us an 8 point win.

  • bigblackdeath29

    310.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    Terrapin, who do you blame if the Raiders finish worse than 8-8 in 2011?
    the raiders will finish worse than 8-8 in 2011,why?

  • TerrapinRaider

    Hue Jack. Al ‘freakin’ Saunders! Man. You gotta be ampped…

    But truthfully, all things being equal (i.e we sign the FAs, injuries notwithstanding etc), next year’s success will fall on the defense.

    If they improve we’re in the playoffs fo’ sho’

    So watch out for who is named DC. That will be the best indication of this team’s success or not

  • Why will the Raiders do worse this year?

    Well, two reasons would be that Jason Campbell is the starting QB, and the head coach who stood up to Al Davis has just been fired. I like Hue Jackson, he’s smart. But so far he’s done nothing to disprove that he’s entirely controlled by Al.

  • Jason Campbell as starting QB, and no defensive system to speak of has me less than “amped”.

  • Chris in NY

    Not to mention a few when he only needed to throw for 100-150 yards while the D and running game dominated.

  • Jason Campbell starting QB, no defensive system, and that strange old guy being “heavily involved”, are 3 reasons, actually, that I’m less than amped.

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s a great evening to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?!

    Sigh…this Gannon thing.

    Anyone who thinks Gannon didn’t play some of the best QB in the NFL for a few years is wack. He wasn’t good, he was great for a brief flash in NFL history. However, what made Gannon great, was the fact he had to tough it out, scrape for every chance to play QB, and learn along the way. Who knows if Gannon would’ve played MVP football later, had he remained a starter on his other teams? What we do know is that he was a great player for a few years…and most players don’t have the same said about them at any point during theirs.

    JCampbell, like Gannon, might just end up playing great NFL QB at some point…but, he hasn’t come close to it yet. At least not for more than a few brief moments. What we cannot do is make a person burn hotter than he naturally does…and this is where JCampbell’s doubters come in. Beaten and bloodied, our QB should never be bowed, but JCampbell has been seen to do a pretty good JCutler impersonation in that regard.

    I might — might — agree that JCampbell’s a better athlete than Gannon (he’s bigger, and likely stronger), but that doesn’t mean he’s more athletic, or that he has as much talent as Gannon had.

    Talent isn’t potential…talent is what you have right now. JCampbell has the potential to improve his talents as a QB…but he hasn’t shown he’s as talented as Gannon to this point, and he hasn’t shown anything resembling greatness except for isolated plays.

    Of course, JCampbell’s MY QB, so I hope he shows he’s got more talent next year…and I hope Al’s right about him growing as a QB much the way the great Raiders QB Plunkett did. We know Jason’s got athletic ability…but will it convert to greatness? Only if his confidence level rises, and then he can be a leader of a tough Playoff football team.


    aig-raiders Says:
    Say all you can about Vy or Kim Newton, those dudes walk around with the attitude that they will carry you.


    VY? Right up until he strips his clothes off, throws them in the stands, and cries his way out of the stadium. And that’s just one incident of childish behaviour by this so-called leader.

    Kim Newton?? It’s easy for pampered superstar COLLEGE athletes to act like leaders in college. Even a sizzurple addict had the NFL fooled (not just Al) for awhile. Kim hasn’t shown me anything more than the same type of “potential” any other star running-QB has…even if he does have a great arm. As far as leadership goes, let’s see how it goes after he’s got a few $Mill$ in his pocket legally, and see if his leadership is a truth or myth. Not convinced here.

  • Chris in NY

    The no defensive system does worry me. I feel like we could have a top-5 D with the talent on that side of the ball and a more complex defensive game plan to keep opponents guessing and thus hesitating.

  • Nobody has any clue what type of defense we’re going to use next year. What kind of system was this talent drafted for? Nobody’s talking about that. Because they know what kind of system. Al’s system. Man coverage. And Al’s basically going to bring in a DC that runs that system. And, that is no system. Any team can just put 11 on 11. You have to have a scheme that’s somewhat deceptive.

  • Chris in NY

    I don’t know what to make of Kim Newton.

  • Chris in NY

    Quick poll: odds of Al signing VY?

    I say 40%

  • M Lonetree

    I am absolutely certain that most of you here, if you watched Bart Starr or Bob Griese (mediocre game-managing QBs surrounded by superior talent) play you would say they could never win a Super Bowl.
    Hostetler, Dilfer, Doug Williams, Johnson, Rypien and yes Plunkett, mediocre to poor QBs that got ‘er done because of the talent surrounding them.
    JaSoup is as good as any of those names, so stop puking all over yourselves about needing an elite Dan Fouts or Ken Anderson or Warren Moon.
    Do ya get it yet? It is the team that wins.

  • bigblackdeath29

    319.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 5:08 pm
    Why will the Raiders do worse this year?

    Well, two reasons would be that Jason Campbell is the starting QB, and the head coach who stood up to Al Davis has just been fired. I like Hue Jackson, he’s smart. But so far he’s done nothing to disprove that he’s entirely controlled by Al.

    stood up too al davis o.k. i give you that.but what was he right on?

    1.cut mike mitchell
    2.start grads
    3.don`t draft the fastest man in the draft(ford)
    4.i can run the offense i don`t need a oc
    5.zone blocking

    could go on all day

  • inonewordraider

    0% chance because
    1. not a long ball thrower
    2. has “personal problems”
    3. even more pressure on Campbell than Bruce provided

  • You can split hairs all you want, blackdeath, the bottom line is, the coaches that stand up to Al win more games.

  • HayesDaze37

    10% on signing VY…and only because you can never say never. Trust me, VY has just as many detractors (if not more) than supporters…and players at each potential destination know all about him.

    VY is not risking a draft pick on, and not worth much, relatively speaking, in contract negotiations. If I were to bring in a guy with VY’s track record, it would need to be a bare-bones, minimum contract, plus incentives.

    I would not take the keys from JCampbell and give them to VYoung…even though I’ve witnessed VY look incredible on many more occasions than can be said for Jason.

    Give me the TEAM guy every time.

  • bigblackdeath29

    The Real MaddenRaider,

    not a al davis fan but if al does`nt hire hue jackson cable is 4-12.i have no respect for cable football mind.

  • r8rwill

    Aig-Raiders Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    274.r8rwill Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 3:57 pm
    aig you are blowing smoke again, gannon had the number one rushing team in the league.. when the smoke clears you can check your stats


    I stand corrected. And we are both wrong!

    1998 Raiders ranked 16th in rushing with Jeff George (I mistook this for Gannon’s first year)

    1999 Raiders ranked 3rd in the league (not number 1 as you proclaimed). This was Gannon’s first year with the Raiders.
    yeah me too!! i was thinking 2002, when he had the #1 scoring rushing offense…
    i never dogged gannon, just can’t stand the spin some guys try to tell us.. the fact is gannon was a nobody when he came here.. he didn’t make the raiders super by himself, and it took him a couple of years!!

  • M Lonetree

    KiffinRaider, the 5-11 5-11 5-11 of Giuliani-ness,

    8-8 bothered you, so you return to your true roots. hate and negativism.
    Raiders are doomed!
    the sky is falling!
    whee! you go girl!

  • 320.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 5:09 pm
    Jason Campbell as starting QB, and no defensive system to speak of has me less than “amped”.


    How are we gonna play this Sunday? Oh no OMG OMG OMG!!

  • r8rwill

    you can remember when half the crowd was yelling bruce , bruce bruce … where are they now????
    the great madden raider was the loudest in here.. gradkowski should thank his lucky stars if he is even in football this year..those who rooted for him are a poor judge of talent..
    do you remember plunkett sat on the bench for two years before he got his shot. and fans were calling him a bum!

  • HayesDaze37

    As we’ve seen for the better part of the past decade(s)… it takes a very special combination of players, coaches, and organization to play great football — especially for more than a year at a time. One BIG mistake drafting your franchise player, and your team is done for for years.

    Gannon and Gruden would have likely never had the same success they had here, had they not linked up right here, at that specific moment in time. The Organization was the right combination of so many factors, and all winning organizations are able to keep that chemistry going for years, not just games.

    HueJax needs to turn this team into one of those kinds of teams. So far, he seems to be accepted as a great Coach by anyone who is asked…but can he be a great Chemist?

  • M Lonetree


    you see it all. gracias.

  • HayesDaze37

    Ahhh…cocktails. What shall it be tonight? Yes, a primo Margarita I shall make, starting with a little Patron.

    I’ll think about the next Jimmy Buffett concert…maybe try to get some tix in the front row (spotter!).

  • Roch R

    Hue Jackson … he’s my son.

  • HayesDaze37

    Keep it real in here, M!

    It’s a great tequila night to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?!

  • Roch R

    JT the brick….He’s my son too

  • Roch R

    Gradowski…he’s Jim Plunket’s drunken love child

  • r8rwill

    gradkowski and cooper carlisle are cable scholarship guys and i don’t think hue will resign them..

  • Roch R

    Cooper should be done, and possibly should have been done last year, and I’ve called him out numerous times, but I have to admit he’s one of those technique guys, kinda a willey ol’vet that can play above his skill level.

    The fact is we ran pretty decent off of the right side, and credit is due.

    but yea Grads should be relegated to back up, that is what he is, a capable back, that’s it.

  • Chris in NY

    Just curious, how many of those guys played in the last 10 years?

    Here are the winning QBs of the last 10 seasons

    Brady x3
    Roethlisberger x2 or x3?
    P. Manning
    E. Manning

    You’ve got one guy in from 10 years ago who had considerably more success throughout his career than Campbell. The rest of those guys are great QBs with the exception of Eli, who’s still very good at least.

  • r8rwill

    somebody on here called gradkowski some name of a character from a sci-fi movie. anybody remember what that name was??

  • aig-raiders


    The point is VY and Newton truly believe they can carry their team and has proven as much. JC won at Auburn with 2 top 5 RBs in the next draft. VY and Newton have a lot to prove but I can assure you they will both end their careers with better numbers then JC ever will. JC doesnt carry his team nor does he carry the attitude that can do so.

  • OAKlifer

    327.Chris in NY Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 5:17 pm
    Quick poll: odds of Al signing VY?

    I say 40%


    0-8% I say if we go for a QB it will be Alex Smith or a Rnd3-7 draft choice Al see’s Jcamp as the leader for now.

    And Gannnon compared to Jcamp is not fair so early in Jcamp’s carrer If Jcamp is MVP someday then we can compare.

  • r8rwill

    m lonetree, i think what some of these guys do is rate players by their fantasy value..as if madden nfl is the real deal..anyone who knows football knows you can’t get this real game from the x-box ish…