Raiders also interested in Perry


CSN-Philadelphia reports the Eagles are interested in Green Bay safeties coach Darren Perry as a candidate for defensive cooridnator, even intimating there could already be an offer extended behind the scenes.

I’m hearing the Raiders are interested in talking to Perry about the the same vacancy. Perry was the Raiders secondary coach in 2007 and 2008 and a defensive backs coach for Pittsburgh in 2004-06. He has not been a coordinator in the NFL and his level of interest in rejoining the Raiders is not known.

The Raiders have already spoken to former defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, but my understanding is if he rejoins the club, it will be as linebackers coach, replacing Mike Haluchak.

Bresnahan coached linebackers for the Indianapolis Colts in 1996-96 and coached linebackers for the Florida Tuskers in the UFL in 2009 before becoming defensive coordinator and also coaching linebackers in 2010.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    Any Raider fans worth his salt would know what kind of player Bo was except a stinking niner fan, why do you come everyday with your nonesense son?

  • r8rwill

    priest, wouldn’t an ‘ignore button’ be a great thing on here??? i often think about having a troll patrol…we use this sight to share info, to some it is ebtertainment, others just like to stir it up to get attention.. the greatgradkowskiraider is of the latter ilk.. i am afraid.. we feed the trolls they get bigger. rmr is on here twenty four seven, it is a big part of his life, and in all honesty he is more to be pitied thaan scorned….

  • I like Bo, and I hate to do this. But this punk priest deserves nothing less. Now, aside from Bo not having a Super Bowl ring, which we already know, here’s more on the great, unstoppable Bo Jackson, who was “all the offense we needed”.

    1989 season, we’re 8-6 going into our final two games, our opponents are Seattle and NY Giants.

    Seattle – Bo Jackson: 12 carries for 69 yards. Not bad. But not enough. Certainly not “all the offense we needed”. Evidently we needed more.

    Here’s mr. Clutch a week later, vs. NY Giants, final game of the year, with a playoff birth on the line-

    10 carries for 35 yards.

    Looks like Bill Parcells “knows” Bo. LOL.

    I like Bo, but priest deserves a splash of water.

  • olinesux

    never ever seen a player like bo never will either….


  • # olinesux Says:
    January 28th, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    what they did to bo…please it was a freak injury…


    It turns out, he had a bad hip. Perhaps that’s something Tampa Bay might have known about. How do we know the Bengals weren’t spearing for that hip? If they were, they in fact took him out, for good. So be careful if you’re going to boast of Bo putting Boz out of the game.

  • olinesux

    let the whiner fan hang around, its fun seeing somebody make a fool out of themselves….

  • r8rwill

    priest you are one of my favorite posters and i would hate for you to blow it on a nobody and get suspended. it has happened to others, myself included.
    some on here have a lot to say and say a lot, a few say a lot and have nothing to say.. we know who they are even when they don’t!1lol

  • djohnnyg

    The best course of action is to simply IGNORE the persons on here who you don’t want around. Don’t read their posts, don’t respond to them.

  • beast 21

    Bresnahan wouldn’t be bad as a LB coach

  • alex7

    Like others have said, it doesn’t matter what coaches we bring in so long as it’s davis’ defense, we won’t stop the run.

  • ohioraider