Bresnahan officially added to staff


The Raiders confirmed the hiring of Chuck Bresnahan to their defensive staff without giving him a specific title.

Translation? If the Raiders can’t find a defensive coordinator candidate to their liking (or that candidate doesn’t want to come to Oakland), Bresnahan, the defesnive coordinator for the club’s run of division titles from 2000 through 2002, could ascend to that position.

If Oakland does hire a defensive coordintor, Bresnahan is expected to coach linebackers in place of the departed Mike Haluchak.

Bresnahan was a linebackers coach with the Indianapolis Colts in 1995-96 and coached linebackers as well as serving as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the Florida Tuskers over the past two years. He has also coached defensive backs, but the Raiders already have Lionel Washington and Kevin Ross on staff, plus director of squad development Willie Brown.

“Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and we welcome him back,” coach Hue Jackson said in a statement released on Raiders.com as well as to media outlets. “I worked with him in Cincinnati and he is fiery, a motivator and a teacher.”

The Raiders hired Bob Wylie to coach the offensive line Monday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • M Lonetree

    in the past ten years ten different NFC teams have gone to the Super Bowl.
    in the past ten years four different AFC teams have gone to the Super Bowl. (yes, the Raiders are one of them – woulda been twice but the Tuck.)

    no lions nor tigers (Cin) one bear, oh my!
    no ‘Fins no J-E-T-S no Titans (gosh is JFisher great!) no Ravens no Whiners no Cowgirls no Foreskins no Dolts no Chefs no Donks no Vikes no Falcs.

    explain that.

  • djohnnyg

    25.Dakota Says:
    February 1st, 2011 at 1:03 pm
    Back to L.A.?

    Yeah baby!

    Make it so Al!

    Finally be attractive to decent free agents.

    The guys who would hate that the most are the ones who criticize the org. the most on here.

    For whatever reason, these ones get real defensive when u talk about the possibility the Raiders might move somewhere.

    They especially hate the thought of moving back to LA.

    “Thug Life 2-Return of the Raiders.”

  • Raider J

    Jackson is smart for bringing in veteran coaching instructors like Bresnahan and Wiley.