Next up for Raiders _ finding a D-coordinator


Lost amid the postgame revelry at Cowboys stadium Sunday was the following message over the P.A. system:

“Darren Perry, you have a call. Please use the silver and black courtesy telephone . . . ”

Perry finally found one, only to see Winston Moss got there first.

OK, I made that up.

Perry and Moss are both believed be coaches of interest as Hue Jackson looks to fill out his staff, with no hard evidence other than a previous link to the organization. There are also defensive coordinator openings in Arizona and Tennessee, with Philadelphia switching offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator last week.

Perry coached safeties for the Raiders in 2007-08. Moss was a Los Angeles Raider from 1991-94 and has interviewed for the club’s head coaching position with Al Davis and at that time publicly expressed his interest in working for Al Davis.

During Super Bowl week, Perry brushed aside inquiries about moving up to a coordinator’s spot, while Moss at one point seemed open to the possibility of the Philadelphia opening before Castillo was hired.

Negotiations could not take place during Super Bowl week, but chances are any team that was interested in either man made some sort of contact through agents to gauge a level of interest. The same goes for two Pittsburgh assistants _ defensive backs coach Ray Horton and linebackers coach Keith Butler.

Both the Packers and Steelers run 3-4 systems heavy on zone blitzing. During an interview with a Fresno area radio station last week, Jackson dodged a direct question from Lorenzo Neal about what system the Raiders will run.

A couple of things point to the Raiders continuing with a 4-3. Defensive line coach Mike Waufle, currently the shining star of the Raiders’ staff, has been almost exclusively a 4-3 coach. The Raiders two best young talents along the defensive front, Matt Shaughnessy and Lamarr Houston, would be better in a 4-3 than a 3-4, and scheme is all about the best use of talent.

Shaughnessy is a natural 4-3 end, about three sacks and a winning record away from being a Pro Bowl candidate. Houston showed he can play left end in a 4-3, but his true calling may eventually be as a three-technique defensive tackle _ a role he could lay this year in the unlikely event of Richard Seymour leaving via free agency when a collective bargaining agreement is reached. In a 3-4, Houston is too small for the nose.

The ideal move for a defensive coordinator comes when he has some say over the rest of the defensive staff and brings in his own philosophy. That wouldn’t necessarily be the case in Oakland.

That’s not to say Perry and/or Moss aren’t looking for a chance to move up and are intrigued enough by Jackson and some of Oakland’s defensive talent to give it serious consideration.


— Got it wrong again. Had the Steelers winning, 23-17, but can’t say I was unhappy to see Aaron Rodgers prevail over Ben Roethlisberger. Was also glad to see Charles Woodson get a ring, although the broken collarbone just before halftime reminded me of some of his injury-plagued seasons with the Raiders.

There’s a lot of Woodson stuff in Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, including an exchange where King asked “what Al Davis might be saying tonight.”

Replied Woodson: “I should have never let him get out of here.”

In hindsight, absolutely. But face it, Woodson grew up as a professional in Green Bay in a way that never happened in Oakland. The Packers were the only team willing to ante up the kind of money the Raiders had been paying him.

— You wonder whether anyone got together with officials before hand with instructions to “let them play” or of it just worked out that way. But it was refreshing to see instances of minor contact in the secondary ignored. No pass interference, no cheap illegal contact first downs.

— The world champions will be on the Raiders’ schedule, although it won’t be determined for a couple of months at least when they’ll visit Lambeau Field.

With road games at Green Bay, Buffalo, Kansas City and Denver, the possibility exists for some frigid December games. (I’m assuming Minnesota will be back indoors next season).

— The Raiders may never have a passing game like Green Bay, but they can win playing an offensive style similar to Pittsburgh. The Steelers may well have won the Super Bowl had it not been for Rashard Mendenhall’s lost fumble.

That’s not to say Green Bay wasn’t a deserving winner. Rodgers’ passing numbers were amazing considering four potential first-down passes were drops and he missed a couple of open receivers with throws he usually makes.

— About the commercials . . . I don’t care. Never have.

— This year’s Super Bowl meal attraction at my house _ hickory smoked Turkey breast, soaked in a brine of apple juice, water, Kosher salt, brown sugar, maple syrup, sliced apples, sliced lemons, oregano and lemon pepper for 24 hours. Enough left over for a couple of days of sandwiches.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SilverNBlackPA

    Nothing Al Davis ever did set the Raiders back more than mistreating Marcus. In fact Raiders never made the playoffs while Marcus was in Kansas City.


    Yup. Horrible, horrible decision on his part. Maybe the worst he ever made; worse than drafting Russell.

  • mack-madden

    Speaking of QBs struggling under pressure…

    I would like to cast my vote for Mr. Jamarcus Russell.

    Guy would be so scared while back peddling, it was a blessing if he actually got sacked.
    Would never even try to fight off a sack. Such an easy target for Defenders.

    Sometimes would even go down without defender being able to put a hand on him.

    A no-contact Sack.

    Sometimes he would attempt to throw the ball, only to have it slip out of his hand for a fumble.
    (Actually saw him do this atleast 3 times by my unofficial count)

  • Just minutes after a radio report surfaced in Arizona that the Cardinals were ready to hire Steelers secondary coach Ray Horton as their coordinator, there is news that Horton has a job offer with the Cowboys.

    Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports Horton has left to take a position with the Cowboys, presumably under coordinator Rob Ryan. (UPDATE: La Canfora has corrected his initial report, saying Horton has an offer on the table from both the Cowboys are Cardinals.) We mentioned earlier that there were conflicting reports about the Arizona hire.

    The Cardinals reportedly requested permission to speak with Horton, Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler, and Packers inside linebackers coach Winston Moss. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic has confirmed the Steelers denied the Cardinals permission to speak with Butler.

    UPDATE II: Somers says there’s “no way” Horton is going to Dallas. He’s scheduled to interview with the Cardinals on Wednesday.


  • Armchair,

    Theattackers “claimed to be Raider fans”. Maybe it was MR?

  • Biekert promoted to LBers coach…..does this make Chuck B the D Coordinator now?

  • Dakota Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Biekert promoted to LBers coach…..does this make Chuck B the D Coordinator now?
    I guess so………

  • SilverNBlackPA

    406.Dakota Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 1:29 pm
    Biekert promoted to LBers coach…..does this make Chuck B the D Coordinator now?


    Tafur being coy about it on his Twitter. On one hand he says this: “Biekert to LB coach doesn’t necessarily mean Bresnahan’s new defensive coordinator (ok, maybe it does). ”

    Then turns around and tells some people this:

    “@ElijahJoesph means no announcement/news on DC or Bresnahan coming that’s linked to Biekert promotion
    2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ElijahJoesph
    .@Steve_Key they’ve had extra offensive and defensive coaches before
    3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Steve_Key”

    So I don’t even know what to think.

  • Greg Biekert, who joined the Raiders coaching staff in July of 2010 as an assistant coach on defense, returns in 2011 as linebacker coach for the Silver Black.

    “I’m excited to re-connect with one of the true and great Raiders,” said Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson. “His vision and mine are right in line with each other.”

    Biekert played 11 seasons in the NFL including nine with the Oakland Raiders—from 1993-2001.

    Drafted by the Raiders in the seventh round out of Colorado in 1993, Biekert never missed a regular season game in 11 seasons, seeing action in 176 league contests with 155 starts. After playing 11 seasons for the Raiders, Biekert spent two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

    His career totals included 16 sacks, seven interceptions, 10 forced fumbles and six fumble recoveries. Biekert also played in six postseason games with the Silver and Black, starting the 2000 AFC Championship Game at middle linebacker, racking up a game-high 16 tackles and recovering Tom Brady’s fumble in the “Tuck Game” against the New England Patriots in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs.

  • RaiderRetribution

    just read it on yahoo and followed up on Raiders.com

    you guys are correct and it is official Mr. Biekert is the Raiders’ linebacker coach

    I like the hire/promotion.

    I think it makes it slim chances that Moss or Perry,with C.B. on staff, but still hoping for W. Moss to come over as defensive coordinator.

  • edward teach

    “…recovering Tom Brady’s fumble in the ‘Tuck Game’…”

    Gotta love that little tidbit.

  • Boy, Hue Jackson can sure sling it, can’t he? Yikes!

    Raider Legend Wisniewski Returns to Silver and Black as Assistant

    “Steve is my shining star,” said Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson. “His intensity, passion and vision were right in line with what I’m looking for. He was a great Raider player and I am looking forward and excited about working with him.”
    Biekert Will Serve as Linebacker Coach for Raiders

    “I’m excited to re-connect with one of the true and great Raiders,” said Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson. “His vision and mine are right in line with each other.”

  • Just Fire Baby

    KoolKell Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 12:55 pm
    Drew Bledsoe was horrible under pressure too. Way worse than Campbell, imo.



    Bledsoe did take a TON of sacks, however he hung in the pocket and made a lot of throws right before he was about to get creamed.

    Played with all kinds of crazy injuries and you can’t start for a Super Bowl team if you can’t handle a blitz.

  • When he joined the Raiders’ staff as an assistant coach on defense last summer, Greg Biekert was heralded as the man who “may be best remembered for recovering Tom Brady’s fumble in the ‘Tuck Game’ against the New England Patriots.”
    Now that Biekert has been promoted to linebackers coach, he may be known for pushing the recently-hired Chuck Bresnahan back into the Raiders’ defensive coordinator role.

    [RELATED: Bresnahan re-joins Raiders coaching staff]

    Because while Bresnahan, who was Oakland’s D.C. from 2000 to 2003, was brought back under the nebulous title of “defensive coach,” it was assumed he would be the linebackers coach once a new coordinator was brought in. So with Biekert the position coach, logic dictates Bresnahan is the man, right?

    Well, the Raiders insist Biekert’s hiring “stands on its own.” Besides, they still have designs on speaking to other coordinator candidates.

    Now that the Super Bowl is concluded, they purportedly include Green Bay assistant head coach/inside linebackers and former Raiders linebacker Winston Moss and Packers secondary-safeties coach Darren Perry.

    Still, you have to wonder what role and job description Bresnahan would fill if he is not the defensive coordinator…is defensive line coach Mike Waufle then promoted to D.C.?

    For now, though, Oakland is concentrating on trumpeting the internal hire and elevation of Biekert, who played with the Raiders from 1993 through 2001.

    “I’m excited to re-connect with one of the true and great Raiders,” new coach Hue Jackson said in a release. “His vision and mine are right in line with each other.”

    Biekert joined the Raiders staff last summer as a “defensive assistant” and remained on the team’s Web Site this offseason, even as other names began disappearing.

    Read more: Raiders retain Biekert as linebackers coach
    Tune to SportsNet Central at 6, 10:30 and midnight on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area for more on this story

  • Bresnahan will be the prevent D-cord!

  • This smells funny……another “passing game coordinator” situation?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Wouldn’t say curl my toes, but he stood tall in the face of pressure and was unafraid to take the big hit.

    Marc Wilson and Soup, would have never hung in the pocket they way he did, hence the reason Drew started 6 playoff games and a Super Bowl, and neither of those guys have come close to sniffing a playoff start.

  • Bledsoe

    98 wins 95 losses 76 passer rating, yawn.

  • Lakers getting Melo?

  • RedneckRaider (The Real MaddenRaider-Hater; seriously, I hate that guy…)

    Dakota Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 1:53 pm
    This smells funny……another “passing game coordinator” situation?


    We’re gonna have one DC for our 4-3 looks and one for our 3-4 looks. It all makes sense.

  • LA to TheBay

    Dakota Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 1:53 pm
    This smells funny……another “passing game coordinator” situation?

    “We’ll see if we can get somebody better on board as DC. If not, you’ll split coaching duties with Biekert. He’ll be Rushing Defense Coordinator and you’ll be Passing Defense Cooridinator.

    If we can do better than you, you’ll be listed as a defensive assistant and basically be Al’s spy.

    Welcome back, by the way.”

  • mack-madden


    Not sure if i ever officially told you this but…

    You were right about Darren McFadden.
    You and the “Keepers of the Faith”.

    In all fairness tho, my criticism of him proir to this year was justified by his play on the field.

    I am so glad I was wrong about your boy Dmac.

    Now DHB is next up to bat…

  • “Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo”!!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    “Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo”!!!!


    Is that a Jamarcus cocktail??

    The Purp and some Mellow Yellow?

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 2:07 pm
    “Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo, Purp ‘n Melo”!!!!


    Is that a Jamarcus cocktail??

    The Purp and some Mellow Yellow?


    Purple and Gold (Lakers)+
    Carmelo Anthony = Championship

    Only if Al could learn a thing or two from Buss!

  • phatcable

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    Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top…