Davis likely watching negotiations from afar


Negotiations have broken down between the NFLPA and ownership with reported differences of opinion on how much rookies should be paid in the event of a wage scale as well as the basic matter of who gets what with regard to the revenue split.

The last time things were this contentious, a strike was averted in March of 2006 in part because Al Davis took a leading role along with commissioner Paul Tagliabue and executive director Gene Upshaw. When the deal was consummated, both Tagliabue and Upshaw publicly credited Davis for helping to avert a work stoppage.

Two years later, the owners elected to opt out of the agreement _ something either side could have done. The vote was unanimous, meaning even Davis voted to opt out of the agreement he helped put together.

At the Jan. 18 press conference announcing the hiring of Hue Jackson, Davis was willing to give his opinion on almost everything except the possibility of a work stoppage.

“I just would like to stay out of it at this time,” Davis said. “We have a management council that’s working on it, the commissioner is heading it up with (NFL executive vice president) Jeffrey Pash and we’ll see where we get. No one has asked me to come forward.”

Thirty-owners voted for the last agreement, with Cincinnati and Buffalo abstaining.

Davis has always been considered a player’s owner, and it’s conceivable his fellow owners feel he would be willing to give too much away. He conceded his voice may not be what it once was, especially with Upshaw having passed away five months after the agreement.

“I don’t have Gene Upshaw, he’s my captain for 15 years and I drafted him No. 1 when everyone said we were crazy,” Davis said.

Besides determining the split between players and owners, the division of money with regard to profit sharing is huge for the Raiders, as is a provision which would set aside money to assist in the building of new stadiums.

In previous years, when I’ve asked Davis about the team’s ability to compete relative to its comparatively meager revenue stream, he flatly rejected any suggestion that it had an effect. His tone changed this year.

“The last few years, we don’t have the resources that other teams have,” Davis said. “I think we have shown we can compete, but it’s a question of winning and what happens with the collective bargaining agreement”

Davis reaffirmed his belief that the current site, is best for a new stadium, applied my estimate of 22,000 season ticket holders and said, `if they can’t get it done, you’re going to have to use other avenues . . . if we’re going to compete, we’re going to need a new stadium and we’re going to fight to get one. We want the fans out there, you’ve got to support us, you’ve got to help us. Someone said 22,000 fans. We’re at the low end and we’ve got to do better. That’s just the facts.”


Teams can begin designating franchise players today, and according to story rounding up likely candidates by the NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora, the league sources said Zach Miller would likely be tagged by the Raiders.

Miller is worth keeping around, given his status as the club’s leading receiver in each of the last four years and status as a Pro Bowler, but to do that would mean leaving Richard Seymour free to go in the absence of a long-term contract.

Seymour was franchised last season at approximately $12.4 million and would receive a 20 percent increase if franchised again, or just under $15 million. Given the way Davis and Hue Jackson have talked up Seymour this offseason, and the fact that Oakland shipped its first-round draft pick this April (No. 17 overall) to New England to get him, I still think Seymour is more likely to receive the franchise tag.

It’s worth noting the NFLPA is questioning whether the league can even franchise players in the event of a lockout, and that any player who is franchised could be susceptible to an entirely different set of rules once a CBA is reached.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • I thinks it’s going to be Chuck Bresnahan.

    I used to hate him with a passion, then we got Rob Ryan and I found myself wishing Chuck was still around.

    At least Bresnahan was the first to move Charles Woodson around to take advantage of his play-making skills, instead of just leaving him stationed at his LCB spot.

    And, as Dakota once pointed out, our LB’s came up with 15.5 sacks the last year he was around, which bodes well for McClain, Wimbley and Groves.

  • hwnrdr

    You got a point there Bob! However…too bad Willie Shaw fell into a blackhole…called retirement!

  • Hwndr

    Yeah, there’s a lot more to be looked at regarding Bresnahan but I gotta run, see you guys later.

  • Is Charley Sumner still alve?

  • alive….sorry.

  • hwnrdr

    Good Afternoon Neil…
    Charlie Sumner…wow!

  • NoMoreFargas

    Get Logan Mankins and watch just how mediocre T-Rex Gallery is !


  • Morning Hwnrdr,how ya doing?

    Yeah,figured if we’re going back in time to Chuck might aswell go all the way back and get a D coach with a ring.

  • hwnrdr

    I know right?

  • Besides,it will give Al someone his own age to chew the fat with.

  • Gotta run.

    Have a great Friday everyone.

  • Just Fire Baby

    PFT is reporting that the Pats will franchise Mankins.

    He isn’t going anywhere.

  • Silver-and-black666

    There will be no NFL football next year, I am buying Stanford season tickets now because of this.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Not sure the hype with Mankins.

    Yes he is a Pro Bowler, but the Patriots and Tom Brady were 9-1 in the playoffs without him, and 2-3 with him.

    Certainly not saying that it is Mankins fault for that record, just showing how little value a Pro Bowl guard is in the grand scheme of things.

  • The U.S. Prez is getting props for Speaking to the Arab world in a way to insire them to freedom.

    Murbarak steps down!!!!

  • Good Morning Nation!

  • hwnrdr

    Mubarak steps down!!!!

    Really? Because of BO?

  • Just Fire Baby

    People weren’t free in Egypt previously??

    They didn’t have a democracy, but it’s not like they weren’t given freedoms.

  • BO’s speech in Cairo is credited in inspiring the young in the Arab world.

  • Non-violent popular uprisings are a powerful thing. Beautiful.

  • confucius400

    eygpt has weapons of mass destruction and we should attack immediately.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Until they elect a terroist group like Palestine did.

  • Just Fire Baby

    As long as the new guys don’t mess with Israel, I’m cool with it.

  • Nope, no anti-1srael rhetoric at all.

  • 1ran is next. A large middle-class and tonnes of beautiful women.

  • February 11 1991, Nelson Mandela freed from prison.

  • confucius400

    Ron Rivera unsure of Steve Smith’s future in Carolina
    maybe headed too Oakland .It doesn’t take long to realize that Panthers coach Ron Rivera is very direct. Ask him about wide receiver Steve Smith, and Rivera doesn’t try to skirt around the fact Smith’s future with the team is uncertain.

    “We have to go through the process and see how things fit and where he sees it. It’s a touchy thing,” Rivera said about Smith to Joseph Person of he Charlotte Observer. “We’re going to have to wait until everything’s cleared up and see where he is.”

    Rivera said he had a “great discussion” with Smith about his future. It has been reported Smith requested a trade during last season and he makes for a logical trade candidate. For now, Rivera is asking a wait and see approach.

    “We’ve got to have our minicamp and all that when we get the opportunity and see how he fits with it, and see how it fits him and see if it’s what we need and what we want, and we’ll go from there,” Rivera said. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s a part of what we are right now.”

    A prolonged work stoppage would make Smith more likely to stay in Carolina. Veteran trades wouldn’t be allowed leading up the NFL Draft, and an abbreviated free agency period could make it harder to pull off big deals.

  • You guys remember that one song (Egypt,Egypt) from the 80’s…Egyptian lover?


    Brings back some of my old break-dancing moves!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Everyone seems “maybe” headed to Oakland.

    Al already said he was short on cash in comparision to other teams (and also short on trading chips) and if the new CBA is not as favorable to the owners, Al isn’t going to land anybody on top of our own FA’s.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Walk like an Egyptian??

  • JFB

    The people will rise up against the Rebuglian’s here, too. 😉

  • Just Fire Baby

    Sure didn’t seem like it a few months ago.

  • Now do you see the diff between Dems & Repug’s?

    Peace or War.
    Prosperity or Recession

    It’s just that simple.

  • JFB

    I take it, you’re not having any of it, today?

  • Just Fire Baby



    Both sides care only about what will get them re-elected.

    Repubs win the November election, BO extends the Bush cuts soon thereafter (which was a great move on his part, BTW).

    It’s just that simple.

  • One stands for the people. The other for Power.

    It’s just that simple.

  • Just Fire Baby

    You keep believing that fairy tale.

    And Al Davis is all about “Just Win Baby” too right?

  • The ole bait & switch. 😉

  • What do you think Beck & co will say about the Caliphate, today?

  • Where’s the rest of the neo-thugs today?

  • We’ll just have to wait and see what entity steps forward and takes power over there. Hopefully the people will choose through elections, but will they choose an anti-isr@el anti-west religious government? Will be interesting to watch.

  • What, 60% of that population is under 30? Same in the rest of the Middle-East.

    Nah, these are modern people. Inspired by BO.

  • olinesux

    al davis for president

  • Just Fire Baby

    I’m sure Beck will say what he says everyday, the World is coming to an end.

    And I’m sure O’Reilly will give credit to BO.

  • No Lo

    AD: Herrera. Everytime I need that ahole.
    H: Yes, sir. Mr. Davis.
    AD: Do we have any scouts in Egypt?
    H: Uh. Uh. I don’t think so.
    AD: Get Jackson on the phone and tell him to catch the next flight to Cairo or Liberation Square or whatever the hell its called.
    H: What for?
    AD: I just a couple of guys on the TV who looked like legit 4.2 forty times. You know how I love speed. They had some good moves dodging bullets and the soldiers. We may be able to sign them on the cheap since I’m low on cash.
    H: Jackson called me back. He wants to know if Jet Blue flies to Egypt.

  • Just Fire Baby

    So what extremely raw and super-athletic Maryland Terrapin will we draft this year?

    Do they have a backup DB who runs a 4.3?? If so, might as well peg him for us in the 5th round.

  • Silver-and-black666

    “Do they have a backup DB who runs a 4.3?? If so, might as well peg him for us in the 5th round.”

    We could use our second rounder on him to amke sure no one else gets him…….sound fimiliar?

  • Just Fire Baby

    We could use our second rounder on him to amke sure no one else gets him…….sound fimiliar?



  • Just Fire Baby

    I always liked Mark Buehrle as a pitcher (fastest working pitcher in the league hands down) but I like him even more now.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    February 11th, 2011 at 9:44 am

    I always liked Mark Buehrle as a pitcher (fastest working pitcher in the league hands down) but I like him even more now.
    Not surprised. Although I’ve said the same thing about Vick.