Problem with Wimbley buyback?


FoxSports.com is reporting the buyback provision in Kamerion Wimbley’s original six-year contract could violate the NFL’s 30 percent rule when it comes to pay raises.

Quoting Wimbley’s agent, Joe Linta, earlier today, FoxSports (via Adam Caplan) reported Wimbley had been informed of the Raiders exercising a $3.5 million buyback to retain his services through the 2011 season.

If there is a problem with the buyback, it could temporarily make Wimbley a free agent, although indications are both the team and player are interested in working things out and having him in Oakland in 2011.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Give him a contract…Al!!

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  • Jerry, you have anything on the combine?
    Who are you most looking forward to see?
    Who do you like?
    What holes do the Raiders have on Offense and Defense that need attention?
    Whats your Mock Draft?
    What are your thoughts on the CBA?

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    What’s up RaiderNation? Just got back out to the Bay.. I’m here for a couple days to move out my place and resign with the black and silver!

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    notmelkiper Mel Kiper Draft Guru
    With the Raiders having no first round picks this year, it just doesn’t seem right to have 40 times at the combine

  • Agent Drew Rosenhaus is expected to push for a “lucrative extension” for TE Greg Olsen this offseason.
    Coordinator Mike Martz likes Olsen, but the former first-rounder’s talents are going to waste in Chicago’s tight-end unfriendly system. If Martz stays on in 2012, the Bears won’t value Olsen as highly as other teams will. You can bet Rosenhaus knows it, too. Without an extension, Rosenhaus may grease the wheels for a trade out of Chicago.

    Go get ’em Al!

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    S/B easy to fix….add another year with another buyback.

  • wcraider

    Sorry, but it ain’t illegal. If it were, his entire contract would have been voided by the NFL right after it was signed.

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