Jackson available at combine


Raiders coach Hue Jackson is scheduled to address the media later today.

He’s one of 19 coaches, front-office types or analysts available for 15 minute sessions throughout the course of the day.

Position groups brought into the inteview room today will be offensive linemen, kickers, punters, long snappers and tight ends.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DMAC

    Yeah, looks like its confirmed.

    Stanford Routt’s three-year deal is worth $31.5 million, including $20 million over the first two years.
    You read that correctly. No team in the league values Routt as highly as the Raiders. They managed to drastically overpay even though they were essentially bidding against themselves. Routt is a versatile corner, but it’s laughable to hand him two-thirds of Nnamdi Asomugha’s salary.
    Source: Jason LaCanfora on Twitter

  • Dakota

    Jezuz, I hope the rest of the NFL owners run Davis out of town. You thought they were pissed at Nnamdi’s deal, wait until they get ahold of this one! Routt who? But now he is making $10 million a year?

    Man! Crazy.

  • YoungAmerican

    I’m sick to my stomach. This is ridiculous. All the free agents the Raiders have to lock up, all the holes this team has, and they give Routt $10 million+ a year. Virtually ensuring Nnamdi will be gone. I feel like I’m losing my mind…

  • Nnamdi21

    Routt’s got a surprisingly good record when it comes to passes thrown his way and completions made against him.

    Stunning actually. Used to seeing him let guys fly off the line free and then P.I. them to extend drives that result in TDs.

    At least once a game 8 times a year.

  • Bcz24 Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Ya know… if YOU black people would stop ASSUMING everything a white person said is racist then maybe this sh1t would die. JFB is racist because he thinks a guy who has very few accolades shouldnt act like a superstar, and Dakota is racist because he thinks some who lies a steals is a POS, and RaiderRockstar is racist because he thinks Michael Vick is trash for killing animals and I am racist because I quoted Jamarcus as speaking in the third person. The only racist comments I ever see on here are from the black people calling everyone racist. Im surprised Kell didnt sh1t himself because some guy in an earlier post said Cam is from a tribe… ohhhh my goooooooood that is SOOOOOOO racist… grown up dude. We dont hate black people because we point out the flaws of professional athletes, YOU only take notice when its a black professional athlete… thats YOUR problem.
    Because I NEVER hear ANY character assassinations of White Athletes in here.

  • Nnamdi21

    152. it took YEARS for someone to confirm what I said on here about Al f’ing over other teams without ever playing them.

    He knows his business and how to skew other teams like the the Jets and Revis, 49ers and Crabtree, ect ect. just by paying his guys more.

    Brilliant in its way. Sh*tty when it comes to guys like J marc, Terdell Sands, ect ect…

  • General Bauce

    Haaaaa routt for ten mil a pop? i guess…..at least nnamdi aint coming back! yes

  • Big Black Buck, yes, strong character, no.

    All day everyday in here, from bloggers of the bastions of morality like Missouri, and other fly over parts of the country.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    So Kell, you giving a thumbs up or down to Routt at 10 mill per?

  • Dakota

    He made $3 million last year….what exactly did he do to earn another $7 million per? Wow, this is sickening.

  • If Routt deserves 10 mill, Nnamdi deserves 17 mill.

  • YoungAmerican

    Wonder how this will affect potential contracts for Huff and Gallery.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Rod Woodson saw Routt’s contract and immediatly dropped the clpboard and strapped a helmet. If Routt is worth 10 mill per, then I can easily get 7 or 8 at my age from Al.

  • General Bauce

    Kell that’s a lie……Al Davis is white and gets ran thru the mud by you on the daily so shut up

  • DMAC

    Naw Kell,
    If Routt deserves 10 mill, Nnamdi deserves 20 mill

  • bcz24

    Because I NEVER hear ANY character assassinations of White Athletes in here.
    No you just dont pay attention. Dakota’s second job for the last 2.5 years has be shredding Tom Cable at every opportunity… you just dont ‘hear’ it when its not a black guy.

  • RedneckRaider (The Real MaddenRaider-Hater; seriously, I hate that guy…)

    “If Routt deserves 10 mill, Nnamdi deserves __________”


    Routt doesn’t deserve 10 mill.

  • bcz24

    I just cant wrap my head around this man. Nnamdi isnt worth 17 million but he will give Routt a 7 million raise? How come the 30% rule applies to Kam Wimbley but not Stan Routt?

  • RedneckRaider (The Real MaddenRaider-Hater; seriously, I hate that guy…)

    Bcz24 Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 10:47 am
    I just cant wrap my head around this man. Nnamdi isnt worth 17 million but he will give Routt a 7 million raise? How come the 30% rule applies to Kam Wimbley but not Stan Routt?


    Good question, but I’ve never completely grasped the 30% rule anyways…

  • Nnamdi21

    Man, $3.5 was alot for Routt. Davis loves that size and speed but the former Houston Track Star has never really had a break out season imo

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Why does Al get all penny pincher when it comes to coaches and then gives under-achievers like Routt the bank? Stop saving, get a DC, and please don’t give Huffy and Gallery (who are much better players than Routt) 14 mill per year.

  • KoolKell Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 8:55 am
    It’s never the black guys play, that you racists take issue with.

    It’s that his moral turpitude is not percieved as high as those Podunkers from Dakota, or New Mexico. The Pillars of American high standards.

    I don’t think it has to do with moral turpitude, I think people believe they are not very intelligent, and therefor process information slower. Not a good combo for a QB

    Until some of these Good Ol Boy owners pass Thier teams to younger generation, it ain’t gonna change.

  • General Bauce

    Im not Routt’s biggest fan nor am I his biggest critics. I want nnamdi gone….he makes no plays. Now time to acquire a vet cb like Jonathan Joseph

  • Dakota

    I have never once seen or read anywhere that Routt is considered by NFL people a top tier CB….yet now he is making top tier CB money.

    This smells of the 2008 offseason.

  • Kim Newton said he wanted to be an entertainment icon.


  • raidertay

    Routt yrs $31.5 mill.

    Im just not too excited about this. Even if the Raiders bring back every single player (including Namndi). I just dont see them competing for the Superbowl. Something needs to change in Oakland.

    We cant paying ridiculous money to the same players and expect to be in the hunt for a Superbowl. Its not like we are the Jets and we are going to the AFC Championship every year. Something drastically new needs to happen in Oakland. Hopefully Hue can bring that.

    Im tired of simply wishing these average Raiders somehow squeak into the playoffs

  • General Bauce

    Also i dont want Huff back. Guy is soft on the field. Branch,Mitchell and Brown can play safety and make big plays

  • RedneckRaider (The Real MaddenRaider-Hater; seriously, I hate that guy…)

    Aso – 17 mill best spend elsewhere?

    Seymour 15 mill per year (5 mill over value?)
    Routt 10 mill per year (6 mill over value?)
    Wimbley 10 mill per year (6 mill over value?)

    -I think we now know what Davis meant….

  • DKnight007

    128.Macho Man Randy Savage Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 10:21 am
    The Oakland Raiders have agreed to terms on a three-year contract extension with cornerback Stanford Routt, a source with knowledge of the situation said Thursday.

    Routt will earn a maximum of $31.5 million over his, including $20 million over the first two years, according to league sources.

    The deal places him in the upper echelon of cornerbacks (Champ Bailey’s new contract averages roughly $11 million per season, for instance). Securing Routt at this rate could further lessen Oakland’s ability to give Asomugha the type of top-of-the-market deal he will command.

    Routt had 55 tackles and made two interceptions, returning one for a touchdown in 2010.

    Wow….IF this is true. This is considered the 2nd STUPID move of the offseason so far.

    Signing an underachiever like Routt for this much money…is a slap in the face of Nnamdi IMO.

    The first was getting rid of Marshall as D-Coord, and winding up downgrading to Chuck B.

    Jesus C***st! Grrrrrrrr!

  • fingers

    10 million a year for Stanford ” the Torch” Routt?…
    Gee, now I feel a whole lot better…

  • BoJackson

    Does anyone else think Al is going to trade our next 3 first round draft picks for Cam Newton???