Young Wiz would love chance to say `uncle’


Stefen Wisniewski would like nothing better than follow in his uncle’s footsteps while at the same time being under his watch.

The nephew of Raiders assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle at Penn State wasn’t shy about considering the one in 32 chance he could wind up being drafted by Oakland with the No. 48 pick in the draft.

Details in my Saturday story from the NFL scouting combine in Bay Area News Group papers . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Harder2000

    Gotta go, good talk guys, have a great weekend..

  • SnB Production


    So without Asomugha, the idea is the QB is going to spread the pain more evenly?

    To a bunch of guys that gave up al 29 pass TDs last year?

    Good players dominate period and don’t need excuses.

    I hope there is a step funtion improvement in the front 7 run defense….they have to make the opposing QB think with more looks, moving players around…different blitz packages.

    They try to play Raider ball with this new secondary, less Asomugha and maybe Huff, and it will be an unmitigated disaster

  • Just Fire Baby

    Raiders are 2-1 without Nnamdi the last two years.

    DB’s aren’t difference-makers, we will neither be great or awful, either with him or without him.

  • SnB Production


    The Raiders were 3rd worst in the league giving up 29 pass TDs.

    I still haven’t heard WHAT is going to be done to fix that given the guy that gave up ZERO will soon be departed.

    I think that number 29 goes up to 35 to 40

  • YoungAmerican

    PFT on C Ryan Bartholomew of Syracuse:

    Bartholomew backs up strength with speed
    Posted by Mike Florio on February 26, 2011, 9:35 AM EST

    Ryan Bartholomew of Syracuse has taken the early lead in the offensive line version of the Underwear Olympics.

    After managing 34 reps in the bench press Friday, Bartholomew has done the 120-feet-in-a-straight-line thing in an unofficial time of 4.89 seconds.

    Not bad for a guy who weighs 302 pounds.


    Slated to be a 5th-7th round pick.

  • Just Fire Baby

    40 TD’s!!!!


    Improvements in the Run D will limit the scoring drives in total, and that number could go down right there.

    Besides, Nnamdi didn’t get any turnovers, while CJ and Routt not only had turnovers, but TD returns as well.

    I’m not really concerned about losing Nnamdi. I liked him as a player and more as a person, but he is overrated.

  • SnB Production


    40 TDS may be high….I’ll roll with 35 because Nnamdi’s replacement (playing opposite Routt is going to give up at least 5 TDs.

    Anyway, Nnamdi missed the 1st KC game and Pitt game.

    Hard to get turnovers when the opponent targets you 3 times a game because you are doing your job covering the receiver.

    Opponents had to focus their pass attack to the inside and the opposite side. Unfortunately, the Raider defensive braintrust lacked the creativity to take advantage of this weapon.

    I am deeply skeptical of those who say you can lose an elite player like that, when the rest of the D played poorly, and think you are going to come out as good…let alone better.

    So who are the three new elite talents the Raiders acquired by letting Nnamdi walk.

    Because just retaining Routt, Wimbley and Seymour ain’t making me hopeful.

    Rather have seen them retain Nnamdi and Seymour and called it the day. And they could have re-signed Routt for $5 or $6…$10Million? Gimmie a break

  • Just Fire Baby

    Nnamdi may have been an elite talent, but he did not have elite production.

    In the Miami game, they ran the Wildcat and our “elite” player was covering Chad Henne on the outside.

    Not condoning the Routt figures (way too high), but Nnamdi almost made it easier for opposing QB’s on some plays. Clear out Nnamdi’s side of the field and focus on these two routes or the back out of the backfield.

    Nnamdi helped simplify the offense for opposing offenses, due to our lack of creativity in using him.

  • SnB Production


    The problem is that the “lack of creativity” in the braintrust will now have 1 less weapon to work with.

    Secondary is now a concern. New starting CB or Chris JOhnson…..and a new FS in our high safety scheme.

    More options for the opponent in attacking the Raider defense…..

    I can only hope Rod Woodson can influence the scheme and get these corners in a position to succeed…especially the young kid taking over for Routt.

    I am also thankful the Raiders don’t have a 1st rounder this year….get ready for the next 3 out of 4top picks to be Defensive Backs that run real fast

  • imaquaman

    real madden raider says So Al’s basically going to leave Bresnehan lying in wait while he begs Winston Moss to take a job that he clearly doesn’t want? Great for team chemistry. The Raiders will ALWAYS suck until Al is gone.
    you clearly are not a raider fan .who do you support ?chargers ,whiners ,chiefs .dont try and say you are ,you have no idea what it is like to be a raider fan .you are nothing more than a disease trying to infect the raider nation from within.ill bet your real name is marty snottinhiemer am i right ?thats it huh…now coming from middle aged white male who was born a raider you sock plain and simple ,what ever team you support thats where you need to go ,you are a sheet talking punk !!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    On that whole “Burn list” rankings, what often goes unsaid on here is that Routt was 3rd in the league, Nnamdi 4th and CJ37 was 6th.

    Routt and CJ37 together are still an above average CB tandem.

  • imaquaman

    im sure if the rest of the defense can step up a little more nnamdi’s numbers would be better its just not smart to throw his way when they can have their way with the rest of the defense .with the way routt played last year i think the ball will be spread out more next year ,unless nnamdi leaves then routt will get nothing his way .we gotta have two good corners no way around it

  • GM guys!! Just got off PFT and read a head line “Rams scout arrested in Indy for public intoxication, public nudity”…lol, $uck$ to be him!

  • Just Fire Baby

    I think potentially losing Huff is much more problematic to our secondary than Nnamdi.

    We have guys on our roster who have started and experienced success (CJ37) ready to take over.

    Who on our roster is going to replace Huff? MM34 and Stevie Brown have never started at FS, and the only other guy to have started (Hiram Eugene) I am not excited to see him in there.

  • imaquaman

    your right but i did like the way both mm34 and stevie brown played i think they both could be good ,seems like they both want to be good anyway

  • SnB Production


    CJ was put on the bench for ineffectiveness..or should I say moved inside….Routt just flashed his first decent year.

    Regardless of those stats you posted…

    Someone gave up 29 pass TDs last year with one side of the field shut down.

    That’s 3rd worst in the league…and might as well be worst in the league considering they had Nnamdi locking down his responsibility.

    I am not willing to just say…Routt and CJ are good enough.

    That’s like having blind faith with Jason Campbell at QB.

    They are depending (AGAIN) on guys that have never done anything before.

  • SnB Production


    This defense hasn’t added any players and has now lost its All-Pro CB that is acknowledged as either the best or 2nd best in the league….they also might lose Huff…

    They are not getting better with these moves. And this with a defense that doesn’t seek to outscheme anybody

    Show me where I am wrong.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    February 26th, 2011 at 9:44 am
    I think potentially losing Huff is much more problematic to our secondary than Nnamdi.

    We have guys on our roster who have started and experienced success (CJ37) ready to take over.

    Who on our roster is going to replace Huff? MM34 and Stevie Brown have never started at FS, and the only other guy to have started (Hiram Eugene) I am not excited to see him in there.


    Draft Robert Sands…@ FS I’m sure he’ll do better than MM34 or Brown!

    Skip to the 57sec. mark!


  • TerrapinRaider

    Where are you guys getting this touchdown given up stat on Routt? 29 sounds a bit far fetched, happy countin’ don’t you think?

  • TerrapinRaider

    Don’t even think of putting MM34 at FS. That guy is born SS. If anyone it should be Branch or Brown. Not MM34

  • Just Fire Baby

    Our defense allowed a 53% completion rate last season, 2nd best in the league.

    Too many big plays that need to be tightened up, and our SS coverage was abysmal.

    That’s the main issue.

  • SnB Production

    69.TerrapinRaider Says:
    February 26th, 2011 at 9:59 am
    Where are you guys getting this touchdown given up stat on Routt? 29 sounds a bit far fetched, happy countin’ don’t you think?

    Not Routt. The entire defense gave up 29 pass TDs.

    With Nnamdi giving up zero

    Just want to know how the defense gets better losing all pro players and not adding anyone and also possibly losing a FS that finally started playing ball.

    I don’t drink kool-aid anymore

  • TerrapinRaider

    MHuff commented via twitter that he didn’t expect the Raiders to use the franchise tag (and they would not have if not for some stupid rule, and lawyers not knowing that rule when drafting the initial contract for Wimbley) and he expects Miller & Bush to be back because they would be RFAs. He thinks they are going to let him and Gallery test the open mkt with talks open to coming back to Oakland.

  • imaquaman

    you can compare top cornerbacks of 2010 here

  • DaTruth91

    @ JFB:
    Nnamdi is a crucial player for the Raiders, and quite frankly, with his loss the overall production of the secondary would suffer. The advantage of playing aside Nnamdi is knowing the balls coming to you quite often…But I still dont see Al letting Nnamdi go, thats his probowl draft pick

  • Raiderjambo

    Remember, Uncle Steve was initially drafted by the Cowboys, and then traded to THE RAIDERS. Maybe Jerra can swing another deal for young Wiz and send him our way.