How Seymour compares to previous No. 17s


If the Raiders don’t trade back in to the first round of the draft, they can be expected to take the public stance that their pick that round is Richard Seymour.

Seymour arrived in 2009 in exchange for New England’s first-round pick, Al Davis is on record of considering it a great trade, and he backed up that assertion with a two-year extension for the defensive tackle with $30 million, $22.5 million guaranteed.

If no collective bargaining agreement is reached before Friday’s deadline, the only way Oakland will be able to trade back into the first round is by using other picks to either this draft or future drafts. Player movement will not be allowed during a lockout.

2010_Mike Iupati, G, Idaho, (49ers)
2009_Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas City (Bucs)
2008_Gosder Chelius, T, Boston College (Lions)
2007_Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida, (Broncos)
2006_Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa (Minnesota)
2005_David Pollack, LB, Georgia (Bengals)
2004_D.J. Williams, LB, Miami (Broncos)
2003_Bryant Johnson, WR, (Cardinals)
2002_Phillip Buchanon, CB, Miami (Raiders)
2001_Steve Hutchinson, G, Michigan (Seahawks)
2000__Sebastian Janikowski, K, Florida State (Raiders)
1999_Damien Woody, C Boston College (Patriots)
1998_Brian Simmons, LB, North Carolina (Bengals)
1997_Kenard Lang, DE, Miami (Redskins)
1996_Reggie Brown, LB, Texas A&M (Lions)


Keep an eye on Tennessee-Chattanooga cornerback Buster Skrine (pronounced `Screen’) at any point after the second round for the Raiders. Skrine clocked a 4.29 in the 40-yard dash, and Oakland has taken four of the previous nine sub-4.30 performers at the combine since 1999 (Fabian Washington, Stanford Routt, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Ford), according to the National Football Post.

Skrine holds the school record at Chattanooga at 4.22 and is a two-time all-Southern League choice who can bench press 360 pounds and has a 35-inch vertical leap, according to his bio on CBSsports.com via NFLdraftscout.com


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • bcz24

    No. I am too bitter about losing Nnamdi. I’ll read the article if Nnamdi is re-signed. Until then I thumb my nose at Routt and his newfound supporters.
    I am officially placing you on the Routt Rue the Day list…

  • DMAC

    FK Gallery.
    Go up North w/ Cable.
    Loper did just fine w/ out you.

  • YoungAmerican


    Yep, hopefully they keep Loper around. He seemed to do pretty well for himself.

    Looks like the Raiders will be taking at least one OG in the draft.

  • anthonyraiders

    Well gallery has been getting hurt alot the last couple years, but the line plays alot better when hes there. That saying he just might be the product of the zone blocking system. i dont know but if jackson still plans to use the z-block system and we lose gallery, finding a replacement will be hard. So hopefully the raiders do go more power and loper could be a replacement with his size and power.

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s still a great day to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?!

    Some people talk about Gallery like he’s some kind of wimp, or as if he isn’t physical enough. Any talk of the sort is nonsense. Gallery has become one of the most versatile Guards in the NFL…and he’s plenty physical enough for whatever blocking scheme thrown his way, especially so with mixing-up schemes.

    It’s time to throw away memories of his days at Tackle, and realize just how hard it is to find a quality Guard in this here League. We’ve got one of the better ones at the position…and if he’s relatively affordable, there’s simply no reason to let Gallery go.

    Also…with the emergence of Veldheeer, we’ve got one of the better left sides in the League, they work well together. If the right side was as solid (Campbell?), we could aim directly at adding a young Center to the bunch, and just get stronger.

  • buckeyeraider


    Bringing in four new starters on the O-line would be disasterous. Obviously the O-line is going to get a makeover, but hopefully not a complete overhaul.

    Bruce Campbell is obviously going to get his shot to replace the aging Coop. But, he’s far from a sure thing.

    I’m all for drafting Wiz 2.0 or even better yet Moffit from Wisc in 2nd or 3rd, who can both play either C or G in case Gallery OR Satele leave via FA.

    Even if Robert stays, you can’t count on him because of his injury history/missed games.

    Not sure why everyone is so eager to jettison Satele, though. The guys blocking was critical to the screens and reverses that were so important to Hue’s offense last year. There were some huge gains and big plays.

    I defenitely want Samson back next year. Maybe a Marcus Cannon or someone like that can be drafted to compete with LWalker, who was probably a stopgap at best.

    Upgrade, not a complete overhaul, IMO.

  • buckeyeraider

    That’s still two and possibly three new starters. I’d like to bring Gallery back. Draft either Wiz 2.0 or Moffit who can back up either C or G for a year or two.

    Draft Marcus Cannon or Gilbert to compete w/ Walker at RT.

    To just bring back Jared Veldheer, who did show promise..but also struggled with penalties and pass pro at times…and then surround him with four completely new starters would be asking for trouble, IMO.

  • Davy Jones

    593.RaiderRockstar Says:
    March 3rd, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Davy Jones,

    I would say that Vick is a “good” QB or an exceptional athlete. He does not belong in the following upper echelon category of QB’s

    Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Matt Schaub, Big Ben, etc


    For 2010 Michael Vick had a better QB rating than Big Ben, Matt Schaub, Drew Brees, and (gasp!) Peyton Manning. His rating was about equal to that of Aaron Rogers.

    Whether you like the guy or not, Michael Vick is an elite QB in this league.