Raiders on Gallery: No mutual decision


So much for allowing Robert Gallery a gracious exit.

Gallery’s reward for telling ESPN he was leaving the club because of a “mutual decision” reached with owner Al Davis is the club claiming the issue was really a contract matter.

That’s right.

The organization which rarely discusses anything to do with a contract has trotted out their version of negotiations which ended with the two sides nowhere close in terms of an agreement.

“He was asking for $8 million a year, and we were willing to pay him in the $2.5 million range,” Raiders executive John Herrera told beat writer Steve Corkran. “His asking price was way too high.”

So is this some sort of new era with regard to discussing contract figures? Perhaps they’ll be making that Zach Miller offer public soon.


More likely, the fact that Gallery spoke at all was an issue, so the Raiders decided to go ahead trash a Tom Cable ally on the way out the door.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    438.CMon Man Says:
    March 4th, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    WHy does it sound ridiculous.

    Carlisle is rumored to be out the door. Gallery is already gone…and Satele’s hold on the job is a big unknown…remember they tried to get Veldheer in there to replace him.

    So there is at least 3 new starters that are very likely….Walker might make it.

    As for the three new LBs….they did a decent job I guess…but someone needs to explain to me why this Raider team is not competitive against the run?

    Year after year after year of bad run defense.

    Claims of “they just have to play better” is the only intelligent answer anyone can come up with.

    The O-Line is a whole different animal than the 3 starters on the LB Corp.

  • DKnight007

    450.DKnight007 Says:
    March 4th, 2011 at 2:31 pm
    Coach Huey is playing with fire if he thinks he can add four new starters on the O-Line and hope they do far better than last years unit.

    Last years unti improved as the season went on and they did well with run blocking and were starting to play well as a unit.

    Plus by adding four new potential starters….there are basically saying they are starting all over again.

    That means they will take time to gel and learn how to play as a unit.

    Not good….this team needs to win NOW….not in 2 years, not in 5 years and sure as hell not in 10 years!

  • DKnight007

    God I hope G/RT MARCUS CANNON is still there when the Raiders pick at #48…..I’m starting to doubt it though.


  • anthonyraiders

    I think the reason we cant stop the run is are system and abilities of D lineman. First from what ive seen the raiders are a pass rush no gap control d-line. we do not have a DL who takes up space and takes up blocks, opening up lanes for the lb’s. seymor could do that but we use him more for the upfield pass rush. kelley is just the product of being along side a good DL “seymor”. Houston is more pass rusher and henderson is to old. Bryant in my opinion is a better base end. No pure run stopping beast, take up space, need know credit moose on this team. Paea second round please.

  • Plunketthead

    lol Jamarcus meet Jaforclosure
    JR’s house in Oaktown is being forclosed on

  • Free agent Zach Miller said Friday that he’s not necessarily tied to re-signing with the Raiders.
    “I’d like to be back in Oakland but I’m open to other opportunities,” he said. The Raiders likely tendered Miller as a restricted free agent, but the four-year vet is going to hit the open market once a new CBA is reached. Miller just so happens to be Oakland’s NFLPA rep. He called the progress of negotiations between the players and owners “absolutely a good thing.”

  • JLofty

    Macho Man, I’d give you Nnamdi as home grown but Darren McFadden?!? He was busting with talent at the draft. Needed some help picking up blitzes and such but….
    How ’bout Marcel Reece? Or Huff? Or Loper or Veldheer or Satele or Routt or Branch or Trevor Scott? Raiders are as good or bad at developing talent as anyone else. If you have a good coaching staff and a clear message you have better results. We haven’t always had that. I think we do now tho…