All quiet on Gradkowski front

Given the public endorsements for Jason Campbell as the Raiders starting quarterback from both Al Davis and Hue Jackson, it’s no surprise that Bruce Gradkowski was not tendered before Thursday’s deadline and had no talks with the club about a contract for 2011.

Asked by beat writer Steve Corkran if he’d received a tender and at what level, Gradkowski said, “No, nothing,” and said there had been no contact with the Raiders about playing this season.

A year ago, the Raiders gave Gradkowski a second-round tender which paid him just under $1.8 million last year. At the time, Gradkowski was considered insurance if JaMarcus Russell continued to go downhill after being benched for the last six games of the 2009 season. When Davis finally tired of what he later called Russell’s “personal problems,” he acquired Campbell from the Washington Redskins.

Gradkowski started eight games for the Raiders over two seasons, winning three.

The Gradkowski-Campbell story line was a dominant one throughout the 2010 season. Gradkowski replaced Campbell at halftime of a Week 2 win over St. Louis. Campbell got his job back when Gradkowski sustained a shoulder injury, leading the Raiders to a 35-27 win over San Diego. The last act in the drama came when former coach Tom Cable returned Gradkowski to the starting job on Nov. 28, a 33-17 loss to the Dolphins during which the quarterback re-injured his throwing shoulder and was done for the season.

On Jan. 18, Davis, when talking about the quarterback position, made reference to Gradkowski’s inability to remain healthy. After taking the starting job from Russell in 2009, Gradkowski went down against Washington in Week 14 with torn MCLs in both knees and was done for the season.

The Raiders could still attempt to sign Gradkowski once a CBA is reached and free agency begins, but it’s more likely he’ll be looking to land a job as a backup somewhere else.

The most likely scenario would have the Raiders re-signing free agent Charlie Frye and then looking for a developmental quarterback with Campbell in the last year of his contract.

Gradkowski never made any secret of his desire to be the starter, and while there appeared to be no friction with Campbell, it simply wasn’t in his personality to lay low and play the role of the erstwhile backup.

Frye, a favorite of the coaching staff, had his season ended by wrist surgery and was placed on injured reserve. But unlike many players on I.R. who are seldom seen, Frye remained a presence in meeting rooms to lend support to the other quarterbacks.

Kyle Boller, the backup to Campbell when Gradkowski went down, is also a free agent.

In other news, according to the National Football Post, the Raiders issued a second-round tender to long-snapper Jon Condo. Condo played under a second-round tender last season and earned $1.68 million and would make roughly that amount again if restricted free agency holds up under a new CBA.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • phatcable

    rmr was a ballboy for the raiders he was fired along time ago by al davis for asking for pregame autographs and tripping over his own feet when he ran the ball out too the kicker,and he has never gotten over that dismisal.

  • Bauce Madness

    Kell nice to see u positive about JC….its refreshing OG

  • Bauce Madness

    I dont want an 18 game season….keep the 4 preseason games…alot of guys who played for years in the NFL needed those two games to make the team

  • Bauce Madness

    No MR is a former 49er gold rush girl who is upset that people at Raider games dont accept that kind

  • Davy Jones

    252.Bauce Madness Says:
    March 7th, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    Davy….the guy stays lyying all the time and he gets called on it constantly….anyone with eyes saw the last two seasons we never ran Kiffin’s offense. The wr routes and the 7 step drops indicate as much


    Yeah, he’s using his eyeball test on that. One thing you can count on is that he’ll never post a reliable source that the Raiders are still using the Kiffin playbook that, the MRBS detector is through the roof on that one.

    Now, the Sid Gillman playbook I might actually believe . . .

  • raidertalk

    Maybe reduce the preseason games by one with one extra regular season game?

    4 pre season games still seems like too many though…it seems that every year a starter gets injured in one of those

  • phatcable

    rmr once tore his dress in the black hole and sued al for the price of a dress and a petty coat.his panties were ok they were in a bunch at the time.

  • Harder2000

    @Bauce Madness, you’re right about players on the fringe needing the games to make a name and get a shot at the team, but if it was expanded to 18 games, the squad would most likely be expanded, leading to more roster spots for talented players.. And as Brady’s agent proposed, it could be possible to limit each players active games to 16, forcing the teams to shuffle around more – Especially in the later rounds where injuries and fatigue plays a role! Only possibilities, but dont se an expansion of the schedule without an expansion of the roster..

  • Bauce Madness

    Kell ill take 20,000 real soldiers like myself Norco Bob BHP Dell Bo Drexl R8eray D-racs Hwnrdr and the whole click i didnt name who Im cool with than to have 60′ full of fakes like in SF anyday

  • Bauce Madness

    Harder good pint well taken my friend

  • Bauce Madness Says:
    March 7th, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Kell ill take 20,000 real soldiers like myself Norco Bob BHP Dell Bo Drexl R8eray D-racs Hwnrdr and the whole click i didnt name who Im cool with than to have 60′ full of fakes like in SF anyday
    I’m sure the NFL, Al Davis, Amy Trask, would rather have a full stadium, rather than a half-full stadium of Davis stooges.

  • Bauce Madness

    Hey guys just to let you know…Kiffin’s offense revolves around 7 step drops and deep out routes and deep square ins lol

  • phatcable

    Rosenhaus expects Ravens to part ways with McGahee
    March 7 Baltimore Sun Share Article”Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Willis McGahee, said that he expects the Ravens to trade or release the veteran running back, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

    “We don’t expect to be back unless they’ll pay him his contract,” Rosenhaus said.

    It’s been assumed that the Ravens would release McGahee because he is scheduled to make $6 million in 2011. The Ravens could re-sign him to a less expensive deal if they released him.” Or he could just end up on a plane too Oakland.

  • Bauce Madness

    Al and company want loyal troopers not crybaby wimps who wont even come to games when the chips are down

  • Bauce Madness

    I like the direction of the offense….i believe we have the tackles but we need the interior vastly upgraded more than anything….also need a good vet to be our possession WR…..CHAD OR PLAX WILL DO

  • phatcable

    get your popcorn ready T.O. is coming too Oakland

  • Bauce Madness

    Defense got a good pass rushing line but run defense still suffers from not having a starter at NT. No wlb sux and we need another pass rushing DE. I aint worried about the dbs…just keep huff and aso away

  • Bauce Madness

    T.O. is not coming to Oakland buddy lol. Guy is a trash person for this team. Its all about him only and his career is basically done

  • phatcable

    johnnie lee higgins has his bags packed!

  • Bauce Madness

    Draft is only 5-6 weeks away….pro days coming up and private workouts I wonder who the next diamond in the rough Al drafts because the last 3 drafts he has done well with scott in 6th, Murphy and Ford in 4th, Veldheer as well

  • Bauce Madness

    Yeah my boy jlh is all but gone….ford outplayed him….simple as that

  • Bauce Madness

    Only way they keep JLh around is if Al wants him back. But if it comes down to JLH and nicki miller then JLH will be kept

  • Bauce Madness

    Anyhow time to jet….yall stay solid

  • Davy Jones

    For the record, I think Bruce Gradkowski played a little better than his QB rating would indicate at times. Certainly he played out of his mind in Pittsburgh. But the bottom line is, if he were that good the rating wouldn’t be that bad.

    Be hard to say that either Grad or Campbell is more than mediocre.

    I like the idea of going with Frye and a youngster. In fact, I posted it in this blog three days ago:


  • phatcable

    Michael Huff might be what the Cowboys need at safety
    2011 Written by Paul Jackiewicz After bringing in former Texas Longhorn wide receiver Roy Williams in 2009, it seems the Dallas Cowboys might be looking to add another Longhorn for next season.

    One of the Cowboys’ biggest needs this off-season is at the safety position. Gerald Sensabaugh and Alan Ball will most likely be gone via free agency.

    One of the most intriguing free agent safeties in the NFL this off-season might be Michael Huff who has been with the Raiders for the past five seasons.

    Huff is a safety that has superb coverage skills and is a very good blitzer. He also was coached by former Raiders defensive coordinator Roby Ryan. So the familiarity might benefit him if he does go to Dallas.

    Other notable free agent safeties this coming off-season will be, Quintin Mikell, Eric Weddle, Danieal Manning, Dawan Landry and Brodney Pool.

  • phatcable

    Bauce Madness Says:
    March 7th, 2011 at 2:44 pm
    Anyhow time to jet….yall stay solid
    ………….you must come back too beat down rmr again!

  • phatcable

    Now that Oakland Raiders starting offensive guard Robert Gallery has decided to leave via free agency, the team needs to figure out who will take his place.

    It seems that Raiders owner Al Davis has just the guy in mind to start at guard.

    It seems that Davis is very high on second year player Bruce Campbell and wants to see him start in 2011.

    Campbell was drafted in the fourth round of last years draft out of the University of Maryland as an offensive tackle.

    The Raiders worked on transitioning him to guard as he sat on the bench for the 2010 season to learn his new position and adapt to the NFL game

  • raidertalk

    @260, yeah but who wants pay to see a game full of shuffled non-starters… I dont