How prolonged work stoppage hurts Raiders


In some ways, the Raiders are better prepared to withstand a prolonged work stoppage than a year ago given that systems of offensive and defense are already in place.

With the NFLPA announcing its attention to decertify, the labor dispute will now be litigated instead of negotiated. The process could be a slow one.

The Raiders have an unquestioned starting quarterback in Jason Campbell, and have signed more players than most NFL teams, meaning it won’t be quite the free agent scramble other teams will face when things get up and running.

In terms of player development, however, losing conditioning, minicamps, OTAs and possibly even training camp time hurts the Raiders in an area they expected to be a big reason for a step up in class in 2011.

At the close of the season, coach Tom Cable, when talking about his rookie class, could barely contain himself when thinking about the possibilities for Year 2. As rookies, Rolando McClain, Lemarr Houston, Jared Veldheer were starters and contributors so when they ended the season, it’s as if they weren’t rookies any more.

But having that baseline and moving into the second season, they could have served as young veterans counted upon to set an offseason example.

The rest of the rookie class needed the offseason even more than the big three. There was talk of Jacoby Ford returning punts, an idea which could be stalled based on the length of the lockout.

Speculation is Bruce Campbell is going to be given every chance to win a starting job at right guard or left guard. Campbell needs a lot of work and a lot of reps. In light of a potential work stoppage, it makes sense the Raiders made no move with Cooper Carlisle, who would be better prepared to play on short notice.

With Nnamdi Asomugha likely out of the picture, cornerbacks Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware will get a chance to get signfiicant playing time after learning the hard way in 2010. Linebacker Travis Goethel won the weak side linebacker job out of camp only to be stalled by back surgery. He was looking to win it again this year.

If Michael Huff winds up signing somewhere else, any chance Stevie Brown had of making a legitimate bid for the starting job at free safety against Hiram Eugene would have been by outperforming him in the offseason and in training camp.

Young veterans are affected also. Jackson said he fully expects Darrius Heyward-Bey to become a productive wide receiver. If Heyward-Bey is smart, he’ll spending a lot of time with Campbell to be on the same page.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • HayesDaze37

    Actually, BHP — There are millions of Union workers out there who are partners. And, no, I’m not taking the Union’s side in this thing…

    But, the Owners and Players each have a fiduciary duty to the other party…and a large part of that duty includes trying to make as much money for the League as possible, so they can split the proceeds. Once the Owners made the sneaky deal for payments regardless of whether games are played, the Owners broke that fiduciary duty.

    Partners?? In the language of their contract, it states (or will again) that BOTH parties are in business together, and that they are in fact partners…partners who, among other things, agree to bargain in good faith with the other party.

    Any contractual agreement that relies on an agreed-to split of gross profits — whether between millionaires or shack-dwellers — must include transparency of the books.

  • priesttj

    KK look man I’m not sure what you think Al Davis has to do with what I said, but I’m just going to say this if you want a war with me just ask. I’m tired of your crap. I couldn’t care less about Al Davis it’s you that’s obsessed with him not me.

    Now if you really want a piece of me just ask………..get it.

  • HayesDaze37

    You guys gonna have a playground scrap?

  • HayesDaze37

    I got company…gotta run.

    You boys don’t hurt each other, now. We’re all rooting for the same team, aren’t we??

    It’s a great night to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?!

  • priesttj

    We can have whatever he wants to have I’m just sick of that dude. Just because he hates the man he wants everyone to feel the way he feels or else you’re an ass kisser. I have a different opinion based on MY EXPERIENCES. If he doesn’t like it TOUGH!!

  • Disgusting, greedy parties in the entertainment business and want more money. In the end, the fans will pay via price hikes from parking, tickets, peanuts, you name it. Business is business, but were talking entertainment business, not auto factories or or the farming industry, or hospitals, where people work hard for their paychecks so they can go to football games and spend a weeks pay.

  • DaRayduh..What’s up bro? Been layin’ low ‘eh?


    Been pokin my head in from time to time. That press conference was a real turn off, so it did me some good not make any comments about it.

  • dickv

    From what i have read this has been the plan from the beginning. PFT had a good article on language of the union’s ability to legally decert. the players have a judge that will/ has ruled in their favor on more times than not… owners will try to have him removed: up hill battle.

    Free agency will happen within a months time, and the league will resume business with the two sides arguing it out in court. Owners bid to lockout players will fail.

    Keep in mind that the owners are more fractioned than the republican party. They are not in agreement, and will ultimately fight with each other more than the with the union.

  • GoodOle00

    191. Again Priest you’re wrong about something.

    The players actually ARE business partners NOT mere employees.

    Thats the problem with this situation. Alot of people have and opinion one way or the other regardless of their knowledge.

  • GoodOle00

    212. “”the players have a judge that will/ has ruled in their favor on more times than not… owners will try to have him removed: up hill battle.”


    Actually Doty is NOT presiding over this. It was assigned according order but Doty, like you said has presided b4 and there fore could get reassigned to it because of his experience.

    Lets hope so.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    March 11th, 2011 at 10:43 am
    Over/under on Dwight Howard rebounds tonight?

    I seriously think if I set the line I would put it at 21.


    Not bad eh??

    Right on the number

  • It’s crazy to think that you can ask a business man to show you his books for the last ten years as if you are partners with him. The players are employees NOT partners there is a HUGE difference in expectations you are not supposed to share in the profits you can only negotiate YOUR salary. As with any union you negoiate but to ask the business owner to consider you a partner is insane. Players make more money than any entertainers in this country that have the benefit being considered an employee with medical benefits. They wear the company uniforms and have to abide by company M&P’s and policies. They are not like individual entities they are part of an organization. In order to be a partner you have to bare some of the financial risk and they bare none.
    I agree with this post. It would be ludicrous if the owners show there books.
    This is all about money an power!!!

  • WOW…I am sick of the greed of the players.

    They are making millions of dollars and want more?

    The owners have INVESTED their money in a business and they players get paid no matter if the team makes money or not with their guaranteed contracts.

    Average players are making a hell of a lot of money, with ironclad contracts. Most working people have no contracts. They can get canned if they don’t produce and if their performance doesn’t ensure profitability for the company they get thrown on the street.

    What a bunch of punks.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Being a business man ….I simply don’t like unions …they can completely ruin a business …look at the airline industry, the manufacturing industry …seems like any industry affected by unions are on the borderline of extinction here in the US

  • souldogdave

    Keep your PMS off this blog and stick to football, loser.

  • RaiderSam

    Sweet Jesus, PLEASE END THIS God%&mn lockout…

    these stupid a$% back-and-forth posts between politics and personal lives of folks is excruciating…

    Get it done, please so we can get on to the draft..

  • dcraiderfan

    Don’t these idiots know that fans create the excitement and their salaries on all sides! Keep being stupid NFL and players. There are other venues out there. You have until the first week of summer, before fans of the game walk away, like they did to the NBA. Owners have more than enough to play all workers. Remember the worker in stadiums across America. Oh, players don’t you forget who pays your salaries, THE FANS period. Be stupid okay, I’ve think the government should tax the NFL heavy. All exemptions taken away and fire Goodell, period. Remember the fans make it and we can break it, so be stupid about it!

  • RaiderYYZ

    Chaz can’t get injured during a work stopage! Wait, yah, he probably could!

  • Raiderrobb

    FTP those greedy bastards cant split a billion $ pot. especially in the economic state as a nation …. i will protest all games and NFL merchandise this year if it’s a short season or worst….they aint getting nothing from me but i will still do fantasy lol

  • Raiderrobb

    well said DKnght007… these guys dont get it and get mad when we dont show up to watch a game and say we dont support our team… no they dont support me and the fam, and except for most of this year… they didnt show up either the last 7 years… put individual NFL games on PPV to boost rev if it dont sell out by thur for local people still can pay to watch a game when they cant go to game… win win for everybody