Players gone from Raiders’ Web site

The listed rosters are still intact, but the Raiders have removed the images of players, including Nnamdi Asomugha and Darren McFadden, from the borders of the lead page of their official Web site.

Welcome to the lockout.

Considering that other teams haven’t done the same thing (haven’t checked all of them), I can only assume this was either an NFL directive or suggestion.

Next up will be the union’s antitrust suit in an attempt to block the lockout, which could lead to an eventual start in free agency with the league setting the rules.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Sweeper777

    I think the owners should CRUSH the players union! When Peyton Manning is whining with his 100+ million dollar contract I get nauseated. Come work for my $12.00 Hr digging trenches you whiney rich losers. Free agency destroyed the game. Players don’t play to win, they play to increase their already bloated contracts. There is no team loyalty, teams don’t stay together anymore. Bring on the replacement players, I’d love to see another guy like Tim Mazzetti get a shot. Put a couple plumbers and pipefitters on the steelers, some long shoreman on the raiders. I’d rather watch B grade football with guys that care than A++ with rich losers that don’t give a hang.

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