`Hard Knocks’ for Raiders?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reportedly the favorites in the clubhouse to be featured in the popular HBO series “Hard Knocks,” but ESPN’s Adam Schefter had an interesting name of another team supposedly in the running:

The Raiders.

A team as notoriously private as the Raiders would seem to be the longest of shots to get the full-on behind-the-scenes treatment.

But Al Davis has allowed coaches in the past to be filmed in the locker room and on the sideline. The photogenic Jon Gruden was the most notable, but there have also been instances the past couple of years where Tom Cable has been featured.

Hue Jackson has some charisma about him and is good in front of a camera. He’d make for some very good practice viewing in Napa and “Hard Knocks” exposure could help national interest as well as local ticket sales.

One issue would have to be worked out, however. On the days when Davis is at practice, photographers, as well as those invited guests, are told not to photograph him by security personnel. Any ideas HBO had of zeroing in on Davis in his golf cart would probably be put to rest rather quickly.

During some instances with NFL Films, such as annual highlight films, the Raiders have also insisted that some of their slogans be mentioned, as well as specifics regarding team history which Davis considers important.

An unfettered view of the Raiders doing business would be fascinating viewing. Even with some restrictions it would be interesting, to say the least.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • GG

    Or, take his Raiders and signed players to the UFL.

  • GG

    Here’s a good highlights video and presentation on the UFL and what it offers. It’s very fan-driven.


  • GG

    Btw, Marty Schottenheimer and Jerry Glanville just signed up to the UFL as head coaches :thumbs up:

  • Nnamdi21

    47. Listen man, the reason for these new rules and “player protection” is a bunch of BS. The reason is MONEY.

    You take Manning out game one and ticket sales slide.

    Protecting players is the excuse for watering down the game but protecting their “assets” on the field is priority one because its ALL about the money. Have no illusions.

    KNEW they would ruin the League. Just a matter of time. HATED Tagliabue cuz I knew exactly what he was doing and how it would destroy the game.

  • bcz24

    I called that hit BS, but I am not going to make a stink about a call in favor of the Raiders. It was a bogus call, as are more than 50% of the ‘roughing’ calls on QBs. That one went in our favor and I will take it.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I didn’t see anyone in here crying about “ruining the game” when Jacksonville was called for that bogus hit to the head on Jason Campbell, reversing the fumble return for a TD that would have iced the game for them.

  • Nnamdi21

    54. yeah you did

  • Just Fire Baby

    Really I didn’t.

  • bcz24

    What the hell? How did my comment slide in the middle? The blog is still messed up huh…

  • Just Fire Baby

    I would rather protect elite QB’s for the benefit of being able to watch them play for 16 years, than want to beat them up and watch Bruce Gradkowski against Tyler Thigpen in December.

    We just need an elite QB and we will be on the plus side of things.

  • bcz24

    If you breed them to not get hit, then they will not be able to take a hit. 10 years ago the elite guys could take a pounding and still be there. We shouldnt think that the freak injury Brady suffered is normal.

  • bcz24

    It took me 30 minutes to post my last comment, it kept telling me I was posting too fast. WTF this blog has been jacked up for weeks now.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    62.bcz24 Says:
    March 22nd, 2011 at 8:38 am
    It took me 30 minutes to post my last comment, it kept telling me I was posting too fast. WTF this blog has been jacked up for weeks now.


    Welcome to the new world order. This blog has probably been ‘surveilenced’ by the NFL since the conspiracy against Coach Davis has surfaced. If you post to fast, they can’t keep up on the tabs.

  • bcz24

    It was my only post in over an hour! LOL.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I feel like I am watching the end of the blog as we know it.

  • Silverandblack666

    No football and now no football BLOG!

    Whats next is my pocket puzzy going to break?

  • 66.Silverandblack666 Says:
    March 22nd, 2011 at 10:13 am
    No football and now no football BLOG!

    Whats next is my pocket puzzy going to break?

    You have Prez Ob@ma in your pocket?

  • the end of football as we know it

  • GoodOle00

    Yup end of days. At least Jack azzes like Dako-tex and Brown I will have to bait suckers elsewhere for their desperate fix of some kimnd of human contact negative as it may be.


    Go Raiders.

  • On the Next Episode of Hard Knocks, Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders…….

    ….Coach Davis gets irate with John Herrera after Herrera comes back with McDonald’s cheeseburgers with no onions….

    ….Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bresnahan briefs Coach Davis on what he learned as the Defensive Coordinator of the Florida Tuskers of the UFL….and gives Coach Davis a overhead projector presentation call “Why Al Davis is a better owner than Mike Brown.”…

    …the players are gathered together for a video presentation titled “The Greatness of da Raaaaaaaiders, Circa 1964-1983”…..

    …Jon Condo and Shane Lechler practice snaps and punts…

    ….and a nut case fan is removed from the team facility after claiming he was a priest….

  • raidertalk

    HBO is in danger of becoming relevant again!