Ranking Raiders’ Round 2 selections


With the Raiders not scheduled to pick until the second round, having dealt their first round pick to New England for Richard Seymour, here’s a ranking of club’s second-round picks since returning to Oakland in 1995:


1. TE Zach Miller, Arizona State (2-38-2007): The funny thing about this pick is that the Raiders were widely criticized within the management and agent community for overpaying by $1 million in the slotting system. Consider it money well spent. Made his first Pro Bowl and he’s been Oakland’s most reliable receiver. First round pick_JaMarcus Russell.

2. C Barret Robbins, TCU, (2-49-1995): Probably should be No. 1 considering his contributions to winning teams, but, well, you know . . . First-round pick: Napoleon Kaufman.

3. DE Lamarr Houston, Texas (2-44-2010): Yes, it’s only been a year, but he looks that good. May eventually settle inside at three technique, but with Seymour around he can be used both outside and inside. First-round pick: Rolando McClain.

4. WR Jerry Porter, West Virginia (2-47-2000): Could be a pain in the rear, clashing with both Jon Gruden and Art Shell, but a productive No. 3 receiver during the Raiders AFC championship season. Had 284 receptions for 3,939 yards and 30 touchdowns from 2000 through 2007. His last year _ 44 catches, 705 yards and six touchdowns _ seemed marginal at the time but would be celebrated now. First-round pick: Sebastian Janikowski.

5. DE Lance Johnstone, Temple (2-57-1996): Became a very good edge pass rusher, a great find at a school not known for football. Had 21 sacks in 1998 and 1989. First-round pick: Rickey Dudley.

6. CB Stanford Routt, Houston (2-38-2005): If the Raiders are correct, considering what they paid to keep him, Routt will vault to the top of this list as the replacement for Nnamdi Asomugha this year. He is coming off his best season but couldn’t hold on to starting job in previous years. First-round pick: Fabian Washington.

7. DE Tony Bryant, Florida State (2-40-1999): Solid, productive base end played in 40 games in the division title seasons from 2000 through 2002 (he missed eight games in 2002 with a neck injury). Had 17.5 sacks as a Raider. First-round pick: Matt Stinchcomb

8. LB Thomas Howard, UTEP (2-38-2006): An instant starter at weak side linebacker who had six of his seven interceptions and both touchdown returns in his second year. He has since been displaced in the starting lineup and never got a serious look in 2010. Class act who never complained and maintained good attitude. First-round pick: Michael Huff.

9. OT Langston Walker, Cal (2-53-2002) and TE Doug Jolley, BYU (2-55-2002): Walker ascended to a starter’s role but left after the Shell offensive line debacle and made a surprising return in 2009. Jolley had excellent hands and play-making ability but was dealt to the New York Jets following the 2004 season. Caught 79 passes for 972 yards and five touchdowns in three seasons, not including a touchdown catch in the 2002 AFC championship game. First round picks: Phillip Buchanon, Napoleon Harris.

10. C Jake Grove, West Virginia (2-45-2004): Hailed as a second-round steal, Grove managed 16 starts only once _ during the disasterous 2006 season _ but may have had his best year in 2008 after recovering from microfracture surgery. He parlayed that season into a lucrative deal with Miami, with the Raiders astutely dealing for Samson Satele _ the player Grove replaced. Grove is out of football. First-round pick: Robert Gallery.

11: Mike Mitchell, Ohio (2-47-2009): Mitchell made strides last season after hamstring issues slowed his progress as a rookie, and jumping to the conclusion that he’s a bust after two seasons would be a mistake. One of the more heavily criticized picks that year, Mitchell shows a willingness to hit and has value in big nickel and dime packages. Presence of Tyvon Branch could prevent him from betting shot at strong safety. First-round pick: Darrius Heyward-Bey.

12. QB Marques Tuiasosopo, Washington (2-59-2001): Jon Gruden loved Tuiasosopo’s fourth-quarter college game tape and pushed hard for Davis to take him. Davis who had already bypassed Gruden’s top choice in the first round (Arizona State tight end Todd Heap), gave the coach the quarterback in Round 2. Problem was, Gruden was gone by Tuiasosopo’s third year and a system ill-suited to his skills was in place. He hung around for eight seasons (including one with the Jets), never seizing a starting job and throwing just 90 passes. First-round pick: Derrick Gibson.

13. TE Teyo Johnson, Stanford (2-63-03): A curious choice in that the Raiders already had Jolley, a similar player, on the roster. Johnson was a converted wide receiver and gifted athlete who also played on the Cardinal basketball team _ a classic Davis pick. Thought to be immature by Norv Turner was gone afer two seasons, 23 receptions and 259 yards. Last seen in the Canadian Football League. First-round picks: Nnamdi Asomugha, Tyler Brayton.

Note: The Raiders, awarded a pick at the top of the second round in 1998 after losing Chester McGlockton in free agency, selected defensive tackle Leon Bender out of Washington State at No. 31 overall. Bender, who wasted no time mixing it up with Steve Wisniewski during his first minicamp and expected to contribute right away, died of an epileptic seizure during the offseason. The Raiders had two first-round picks that season _ Charles Woodson and Mo Collins.


— DE Howie Long (2-48-1981) and TE Dave Casper (2-45-1984) made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

— QB Ken Stabler (2-52-1968) won an MVP and led the Raiders to their first Super Bowl win.

— S Mike Davis (2-35-1977) sealed the Raiders’ AFC championship with an interception of Brian Sipe in Cleveland.

— LB Phil Villapiano (2-45-71) was a standout linebacker and became a national sensation after being singled out by Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football.

— LB Matt Millen (2-43-1980) became an inside linebacker after playing defensive tackle at Penn State and started on two Super Bowl champions.

— DE Sean Jones (2-51-1984) had 15.5 sacks for the Raiders in 1984 but went didn’t become a Pro Bowl player until playing for Green Bay in 1995.

— G George Buehler (2-50-1969) was a very good right guard on Raiders line that included three Hall of Famers _ Jim Otto, Art Shell and Gene Upshaw.

— LB Jack Squirek (2-35-1982) intercepted a Joe Theismann screen pass just before halftime and returned it for a touchdown to give the Raiders a 21-3 halftime lead and contribute to a blowout of the Redskins in Super Bowl XVII.

— DT Bill PIckel (2-54-1983) was a contributor to a stifling defense as a rookie in the Raiders’ Super Bowl win over the Redskins and played virtually every snap in 1984 and 1985, being named All-Pro in 1985. He played seven seasons with the Raiders before finishing his career with the New York Jets from 1991 through 1994.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Ranking Raiders’ Round 2 selections

    How about ranking this Blog in its current status?

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  • Man, Al Davis is a drafting czar!

    Long live Al Davis

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    Last I saw of Teyo Johnson, him and his brother were tag-teaming my stripper roommate about 5 years ago.


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    Last I saw of Teyo Johnson, him and his brother were tag-teaming my stripper roommate about 5 years ago.

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    Just Fire Baby Says:
    April 12th, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Last I saw of Teyo Johnson, him and his brother were tag-teaming my stripper roommate about 5 years ago.


    I didn’t know Richochet was a stripper.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Tebow is not an NFL QB.


    He accounted for 7 TD’s in his first 3 NFL starts

    his 2nd start in the bigs he threw for over 300 yards and crushed the Houston Texans playoff hopes

    all under some interim HC named Eric Studesville, who previously manned the Donks NFL-worst rushing attack

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    That’s J Wiggs answer to everything.

    Make everyone else better and in turn you will be better.

    How about a guy who actually makes OTHER PLAYERS better, rather than relying on said other players to make him better?


    JFB & Jhill,

    Solid Run Defense + Solid Pass Rush = Solid Secondary

    CJ37-Mitchell-Branch-Routt will be just fine

    Print That

    Draft Kape or Wiz at #48 !!!

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    LOL, He “accounted” for 7 TDs. OK. He sucks.

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    He “accounted” for 7 TDs. OK. He sucks.



    Jason Campbell only had 2 TD’s through the first 6 weeks of the season!

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    I’m sure Try Cheating just checks in here in between brokering deals on Wall Street**
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    Heading into Week 13 at San Diego, JCamp had 7 TD’s (ALL PASSING, NONE RUSHING)

    he isn’t a rookie! 2010 was his 6th NFL season

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    But Jason Campbell “accounted” for several more TD’s. LOL.

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    Top 10 QB’s:

    Blaine Gabbert
    Cameron Newton
    Jake Locker
    Christian Ponder
    Ryan Mallett
    Colin Kaepernick
    Andy Dalton
    Ricky Stanzi
    Pat Devlin
    Greg McElroy

    grab the best available at #48 and don’t think twice!

    Do you think 5 QB’s will be selected in the Top 50 picks ???

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    But Jason Campbell “accounted” for several more TD’s


    No, he didn’t.

  • SnB Production

    Stop dreaming of a “great” QB. That is way too hard for this franchise…..so be it.

    Build a great defense and run the football.

    Super Bowl? That would be nice…but realistically, you need that QB…so unless JC or another retread vet comes here and turns into the next Jim Plunkett…the Raiders should be trying to play elite defense and running the football.

    As I have said 1000x. Stop the doggone run! Run the football…..and yes, keep Nnamdi too.

    Spend the money on defense!

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    That pretty much still all the same?

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    Top 10 FS:

    Rahim Moore
    Quinton Carter
    Chris Conte
    Robert Sands
    Chris Culliver
    Jaiquawn Jarrett
    Deunta Williams
    Jerrard Tarrant
    Mistral Raymond
    Eric Hagg

    Culliver ran a 4.36 forty – ranked 124 overall in this draft could be Al Davis pick in round 3 or 4

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    Rockstar, think Tebow will ever win a SB as a QB?

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    As I have said 1000x. Stop the doggone run! Run the football…..and yes, keep Nnamdi too.

    Spend the money on defense!



    the defense is ready to roll. the front 7 on Defense is not changing and simply throwing $17-20 million per season at Nnamdi doesn’t help solve the run defense issues

    Just hope that Chuck B & Greg Biekert can coach up these guys better than Marshall & Haluchak did. Thats what it boils down to. leverage and discipline. gap responsibility and angles

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    I hope the defense just “plays better” because this thing with giving up long runs is far beyond ridiculous. Al Davis has got to let the coaches tweak the scheme. Otherwise, it will be more 25 yard cut back runs and the like.

    With Nnamdi gone, the pass defense changes remarkably. One can only hope that Chris Johnson regains that 6 or 8 game stretch where he replaced deAngelo Hall. ~ what a mess

    Anyhow, stop the run and run the football…and no more complaining about the offense not doing this or that.

    The Raiders aren’t built to put up 30. Hope DMAC and Ford can make a couple of plays and play tight defense.

  • SNB,

    Run the football & stop the run? You think Al Davis would go for that scheme?, really?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Jerry who did you have creating this ranking of Raiders’ 2nd round selections, Shanahan & Elway?

    Mr. Howie Long was not only the Raiders’ greatest 2nd round selection he was one of the top 2nd round selections in NFL history; Mr. Stabler would be 2nd all-time, then followed by Mr. Miller, Mr. Casper, Mr. Houston, and so on.

  • GG

    Jerrys article was ranking the top 2nd rounders since returning to Oakland, not all-time.

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    Ranking Raiders’ Round 2 selections

    How about ranking this Blog in its current status?

    I would rank it at PATHETIC
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