Ranking Raiders’ Round 6 selections


Fifth in a series

The Raiders are scheduled for one selection in the sixth round of this year’s NFL draft, No. 181 overall.

Here’s a ranking of their sixth-round picks since returning to Oakland in 1995:

1. DT Grady Jackson, Knoxville (193-1997): Started 41 games in 2000 and 2001 for an AFC West champion before leaving in free agency. Played 185 games in 13 seasons.

2. DE Trevor Scott, Buffalo (169-2008): Converted from tight end to defensive end in college, Scott has 13.5 sacks in 42 games, having his 2010 season cut short by ACL surgery.

3. DE Chris Cooper, Nebraska-Omaha (184-2001): Nicknamed “Baby Howie” because he wore No. 75, played the defensive line and bore some resemblance to Howie Long, Cooper had a career-high nine starts with 2.5 sacks with the Raiders in 2003. Played seven seasons for Raiders, Cowboys, 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals. Tried to catch on with Raiders last year but didn’t make it out of training camp.

4. LB Travis Goethel, Arizona State (190-2010): Scheduled to be the surprise starter at weak side linebacker last year, Goethel missed half the season with back surgery but will compete to start at that position again this year.

5. CB Calvin Branch, Colorado State (172-1997): A reserve defensive back and special teams player, Branch played in 54 games with the Raiders from 1997 through 2000, then came back five years later to play in six games in 2005. He is now a member of the team’s scouting staff.

6. TE Brandon Myers, Iowa (202-2010): Currently the Raiders backup tight end to Zach Miller, Myers has 16 receptions for 99 yards and no touchdowns in 26 games with five starts. Had key special teams strip and recovery on kickoff return in 2009 win over Cincinnati.

7. G Kevin Boothe, Cornell (214-2006): Started 14 games as an Ivy League rookie for the horrendous 2006 Raiders, but was cut the following year because he didn’t fit into Tom Cable’s zone blocking system. Boothe has been a reserve lineman for the New York Giants for the last four seasons. He started five games last year.

8. FB Oren O’Neal, Arkansas State (175-2007): Promising career as a lead blocker ended with a devastating knee injury in the 2008 preseason finale. Cut after four games of the 2009 season.

9. OT Eli Herring, BYU (190-1995): Considered a potential first-day pick, Herring let it be known he wasn’t interested in playing professional football because of his religious beliefs in terms of playing on Sundays. Raiders took him anyway. He never came back, but one it was a worthwhile gamble considering his talent.

Others: DT Antaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin (175-2005); LB Ryan Riddle, Cal (212-2005); OT Pete McMahon, Iowa (214-2005); DE Shawn Johnson, Delaware (166-2004); LB Cody Spencer, North Texas State (182-2004); OL Dustin Rykert, BYU (204-2003); DB Keyon Nash, Albany State (189-2002); RB Larry Ned, San Diego State (197-2002); DL Darren Yancey, BYU (188-1999); RB Tim Hall, Robert Morris (183-1996).


— DT Nolan Harrison, taken at No. 146 out of Indiana in 1991, played in 82 games with the Raiders from 1991 through 1996 with 55 starts and 13.5 sacks.

— S Stacey Toran, taken at No. 168 out of Notre Dame in 1984, was an emerging star as a starting strong safety who was killed in a single-vehicle drunken driving accident near his home in Marina Del Rey


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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post ladies!

  • irjonny


    the ravens are one of the best defenses in the league. i can’t remember who their CBs are can anyone else? bet everyone remembers suggs, and lewis. i agree that a DB needs to be a sure tackler, but every DB misses a big tackle every now and then because of the open space on the edge. yes even Nnamdi and Revis. teams don’t run on the edge of the ravens more because the LBs and DEs don’t let it happen. that’s where we need to go with our defense. the CB position much like the WR position has one high paid high calibur guy and decent players of that position to compliment. routte is that guy now. just like we have to focus on our o-line to protect our weapons, we must focus on LB,D-line to protect our defense.
    huff is gone, Nnamdi is gone (unless he takes a pay cut) let’s accept that. if we want a sure tackler at the FS position how about mike mitchell and use eugene in the cover1 single high for speed?

  • priesttj

    Bauce one thing you have got to understand man is that there are no perfect corners. I don’t care how many you go through you will always have issues with them for one reason or another.

    I have been a Raider fan for 45+ years the only corner that I can think of that I had zero probelms with was Mike Haynes. Even CWood used to piss me off because he just wouldn’t play sound defense and would give up easy TD’s because he got bored. No one threw at him so he would get lazy and get beat. Nnamdi doesn’t do that even Willie Brown who was an unbelieveable talent wasn’t perfect.

    I have zero issue with Nnamdi doing what he does he’s the best inthe business. And we have him not someone else.

    You know Bauce I’m a firm believer in someone not missing their water until the well runs dry. I would much prefer Nnamdi on our side tghan someone else’s…………..period