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The Raiders aren’t scheduled for a first-round draft choice in 2011, having traded it to New England to acquire Richard Seymour. But Al Davis has never been shy about trading up, and the organization has not been without a first-round pick since 1989.

Here’s a ranking of Raiders’ picks in the first round since they returned to Oakland in 1995:


1. CB Charles Woodson, Michigan (4-1998): His level of dedication Monday through Saturday was a constant issue and so were injuries, but Woodson’s addition was one of the turning points in getting the Raiders back to a position of prominence with three straight division titles. Has blossomed into a potential Hall of Famer in Green Bay because 1) he grew up; and 2) the Packers system has put him position to utilize his unique coverage, tackling, pass rushing and ball-stripping skills.

2. CB Nnamdi Asomugha, Cal (31-2003): A study in perseverance who blossomed in 2006 with eight interceptions and has been largely ignored because of his exceptional cover skills ever since with three interceptions in his last 60 games. Is not expected to return in free agency, and the Raiders will soon learn if the ability to shut down one receiver was worth all the money they paid over the past three years.

3. RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas (4-2008): I’m going to go ahead and assume that 2010 was not a mirage and that McFadden is what he looked to be at Arkansas _ a versatile, dynamic playmaker who gives the Raiders a bigger, faster, more powerful version of Charlie Garner and their best all-around running back since Marcus Allen. The Raiders still haven’t maximized his receiving skills.

4. RB Napoleon Kaufman, Washington (18-1995): The Raiders’ fourth all-time leading rusher with 4,972 yards and second in a single season (1,294 yards in 1997). Was not a frequent visitor to the end zone (12 rushing touchdowns) and was a subpar receiver but a game breaker but had “Raider speed” in excess. Retired to become a minister following 2000 season.

5. DT Darrell Russell, USC (2-1997): A two-time Pro Bowler in 1998 and 1999 with 19.5 sacks thsoe two seasons, Russell’s taste for partying and the night life saw him face NFL discipline for violating the substance abuse policy and eventually cost him his life in an auto accident in Los Angeles after his career was done.

6. T Robert Gallery, Iowa (2-2004): With rotating line coaches and philosophies, Gallery played at left guard and right tackle as a rookie, eventually moving to left tackle and finally left guard. Became a solid if injury-prone pro at the latter position. A nice save.

7. PK Sebastian Janikowski, Florida State (17-2000): Yes, he holds every Raiders kicking record and has outperformed many of the people who were drafted ahead of him with a controversial choice. But Janikowski has missed some key field goals (last year vs. Arizona stands out) and hasn’t been the game-changer befitting a specialist drafted in Round 1.

8. TE Rickey Dudley, Ohio State (9-1996): Another player who didn’t revolutionize the position after Al Davis traded up to get him and was heavily criticized because of his inconsistent hands. But keep in mind Dudley caught 29 touchdown passes between 1996 and 2001. The only Raider to score more touchdowns during that span was Tim Brown.

9. LB Rolando McClain, Alabama (8-2010): An encouraging if not dominating rookie season, McClain carries himself like a veteran in meeting and film rooms and is being counted upon to take the next step and be a playmaker in addition to getting everyone into position.

10. T Mo Collins, Florida (23-1998): Struggled as a tackle, Collins was eventually moved inside to right guard and was a key figure in a power-blocking scheme that helped the Raiders lead the league in rushing during their breakthough season in 2000 when they won a division title and advanced to the AFC championship game. Weight issues helped cut short his career.

11. S Michael Huff, Texas (7-2006): Played out of position at strong safety for two seasons, then lost his job to Hiram Eugene in Year 3. Huff rebounded in 2009 with a better season and in 2010 showed another dimension with four sacks as a blitzer. Expected to hit the free agent market, Huff could be headed elsewhere if another team comes up with big money.

12. CB Fabian Washington, Nebraska (23-2005): I can remember one training camp when Washington was the best defensive player on the field, but he never became the player the Raiders expected and was eventually traded to Baltimore for a fourth-round draft pick. Washington said the fault was his for not being mature enough, but he hasn’t become a top-flight player in Baltimore, either.

13. CB Phillip Buchanon, Miami (17-2002): Buchanon was a frequent visitor to the end zone (four defensive touchdowns, three punt return touchdowns) but was so maddeningly inconsistent that Tim Brown said of him, “Phillip giveth, and Phillip taketh away.” Traded to Houston for second- and third-round picks _ and they were ecstatic to get that much.

14. LB Napoleon Harris, Northwestern (23-2002): The Raiders moved aside Greg Biekert to make Harris the starting rookie middle linebacker in 2002, flanking him with veterans Bill Romanowski and Elijah Alexander. Had speed and athletic skill but never showed much instinct for the position. Sent to Minnesota as part of the deal that brought Randy Moss to Oakland.

15. DE Tyler Brayton, Colorado (32-2003): Played in 65 games with 48 starts , Brayton’s effort level was never questioned but he had just six sacks as a Raider and none over his last 39 games. Biggest moment was a knee-to-the-groin of universally hated Seattle tight end Jerramy Stevens which cost him a $25,000 in fines was generally well-received by both teammates and opponents.

16. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland (7-2009):With 35 receptions in 26 games (25 starts), 490 yards and two touchdowns, it’s time to dramatically increase production or it’s time to start applying the “B” word. Some already have.

17. S Derrick Gibson, Florida State (28-2001): Jon Gruden wanted Arizona State tight end Todd Heap. Davis gave him Gibson, who hung around for 69 games (with 32 starts) on scholarship but had little value except as a big nickel defender confined to tight areas, mostly as a run defender.

18. T Matt Stinchcomb, Georgia (18-1999): Had a serious shoulder injury in his senior year at Georgia, but the Raiders drafted him anyway. Surprise! He needed reconstructive shoulder surgery. Played tackle, center and guard, excelling at none.

19. QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU (1-2007): The Raiders got indifference. Russell got $39 million.


— G Gene Upshaw (17-1967) was drafted specifically to counter Chiefs’ mammoth defensive tackle Buck Buchanan. One of the best NFL guards ever.

— RB Marcus Allen (10-1982) never saw eye to eye with Davis but is the all-time leading rusher in franchise history (8,545 yards) and author of the organization’s greatest Super Bowl moment with a 74-yard run against the Washington Redskins.

— S Jack Tatum (19-1971) was one of the NFL’s most feared hitters and personified the Raiders’ philosophy of intimidation.

— TE Ray Chester (24-1970) was a find out of Morgan State who was traded to Baltimore after three promising seasons for a declining Bubba Smith but returned in 1979 at age 31 to have his best year _ 58 receptions for 712 yards and eight touchdowns.

— WR Tim Brown (6-1988) was a Heisman Trophy winner out of Notre Dame who will likely hold the franchise records for receptions (1,070) and receiving yards (14,734) forever.

— CB Terry McDaniel (8-1988) arrived two selections after Brown and made five Pro Bowls, interceptions in 11 seasons before he hit a sudden decline in his early 30s.

— S Patrick Bates (12-1993) had the classic look of a Raiders safety and a pedigree to match from Texas A&M, but his heart never seemed to be in football. He in fact walked away from the team in the days preceding the 1995 season opener, later to return.

— DT Chester McGlockton (16-1992) made four Pro Bowls and played at a high level but his play and effort deteriorated as he became disenchanted with his contract.

— QB Todd Marinovich (24-1991) saw his career derailed by drug issues after having earned the reputation at USC as a “Robo QB” built by his father, a former Raiders assistant Marv Marinovich.

— QB Marc Wilson (15-1980) is one of the most reviled quarterbacks in franchise history, but it’s worth noting his record as a starter was 31-19. If the Raiders get that out of Jason Campbell, they’ll hold a parade.

— DE Bob Buczkowski (24-1986) and T John Clay (1-15-1987) were first-round picks in back-to-back drafts. Both were busts, although Buczkowski got in the news in 2005 after being arrested for delivery of a controlled substance, promoting prostitution, criminal conspiracy and participating in a corrupt organization.

And no, that organization was not the Raiders. He was long gone by then.


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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raider E


  • Been hearing alot of Tyrod Taylor QB from VT….dude could play!
    Had 24 TD 5 INT season in 2010

    Runs a 4.5 6’1″ 216 Lbs.

    Projected 4th-5th RD

  • Gust372

    You guys are all such skilled armchair scouts. It’s amazing none of you have been hired by NFL teams.

  • Gust, took the words right out of mouth…I’ve been waiting for that call for years now!
    Hopefully…. sooner than later!


  • Silverandblack666

    Raider E-tarded

    to quote the almighty Monday morning QB “YOU”

    “but the guy is a damn good runningback when healthy”

    So is Chaz Shillings

    So was Arman Shields

    You cant be serious can you or maybe slightly retarded. I am sure one day you will figure it out. try reading a book or taking a class at your local community college.

    Injured players on the bench do not help their team, Einstein.

  • Silverandblack666

    DMAC is our version of Reggie Bush, great speed when he hits the corner but not that good between the tackles.

  • Silverandblack666

    Here is something we can all agree on.

    Tony La Russa’s daughter is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader!!



  • Raider E


    When did Chaz or Arman ever do a damn thing but sit on the bench. I think you might be reaching a little. Dont have to be smart? Only have to have eyes dmbfuk 🙂

  • Raider E

    DMAC is our version of Reggie Bush, great speed when he hits the corner but not that good between the tackles.


    Did you watch any games last season?

  • Gust372

    LaRussa’s daughter has a big head, just like dad. And she looks kind of trailer trashy.

  • Watching BSPN….ticker on the bottom said Raiders were ranked 29th overall on run defense.

    I say we fix that….with the 48th overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select:

    Marvin Austin DT North Carolina

  • Gust372

    You have to spend serious bread on defense to have a consistently solid run D. Run D is a premium in the NFL.

  • Gust372

    Green Bay Packers are the champions. What they do isn’t much different than what previous champions have done. The Raiders know what the industry standard is. Either they compete, or they continue playing this stupid game of upholding traditions and adhering to methods that are outdated and don’t work anymore.

  • You have to spend serious bread on defense to have a consistently solid run D.


    Whereas the Raiders choose to use those resources on longsnapper.

  • DutchRaider77
  • Gust372

    DutchRaider, thanks for the additional pics of LaRussa’s daughter.

  • Silverandblack666

    Well you must be blind or sucking on Dmac’s junk. Are you his girlfriend or just some lackey.

    He finished #12 in rushing last year do I really need to post a link to prove this. Not what he is being paid to do.

    Again you are celebrating mediocrity, get a grip little sack sucker he is average at best and coming out of college he was supposed to be the next Marshall Faulk.

    There are many here on this blog who would go so far as to call him a bust.

    One of the keys to being a good Rb in this league is staying healthy see, Curtis Martin.

  • Raider E


    Your stats are soooo trivial. Are you really reducing your argument to juvenile sack embracing proportions? Get a grip old man 🙂

  • Raider E

    How the fuk would anyone besides you and BSJ call a 1100 yard rusher a bust? You just wanna argue huh? Tell you what, get that sack sucker you married to cheer you up old man 🙂

  • Silverandblack666
  • Raider E


    Like I stated before, I really dont want to get in a statistical debate. However, DMAC is second to only Jamaal Charles in that top 12 if you look at yards per carry. Hell, Foster had almost 100 more carries dude. You are losing this argument Stud 🙂

  • Raider E

    I didnt realize Peyton hillis fumbled 8 times? WOW !!

  • Silverandblack666

    I didn’t call him a bust I said some people here call him a bust. I said he was mediocre. Probably above your reading level so let me dumb it down for you.

    Arian Foster 1,616 Rushing yards

    Jamaal Charles 1,467 Rushing yards

    Michael Turner 1,371 Rushing yards

    Chris Johnson 1,364 Rushing yards

    Marice Jones Drew 1,324

    Adrian Peterson 1,298 Rushing yards

    Rashard Mendenhall 1,273 Rushing yards

    Steven Jackson 1,241 Rushing yards

    Ahmad Bradshaw 1,235 Rushing yards

    Ray Rice 1,220 Rushing yards

    Peyton Hillis 1,177 Rushing yards

    Darren McFadden 1,177 Rushing yards

    I would wager that 8 or 9 of those running backs make less money than Mcfadden.

    I understand you are bitter and angry because chat is all you have in life. When someone of a higher intellect shows you how little brain power you have it can be discouraging.

  • Silverandblack666

    I am not arguing with you and your feeble mind I am merely showing you the numbers, because numbers do not lie.

    One last time little guy, The Point Was….if he was healthy he would have been a top 5 rusher but he has not been healthy for the 3 years he has been here. I am guessing you will try to argue that point as well but as a starting RB you need to be reliable.

    Now go back to your imaginary land where your little chat opinion counts over numbers and stay inside because I fear you might win the next Darwin award!

  • priesttj

    While DMC hasn’t exactly been a great ROI he did have a coming out season last year. His stats side he was a huge part of this offense and showed why he was drafted #4 overall he has legitimate homerun ability. he did things I didn’t know he could do. And did them regularly. The kid can flat out play his health has been his downfall as was stated a starting HB must show durability.

    If he can give us a year like last year every year I’d take it in a heartbeat. But this arguemnt substanciates my arguement that Bush should be the workhorse for this offense and keep DMC healthy because when he is we are a damn good offense. His recieving skills are a big weapon inthis offense. Cut down his carries and keep him healthy.

  • Silverandblack666

    “as was stated a starting HB must show durability.”

    “Bush should be the workhorse for this offense and keep DMC healthy”

    Someone has a brain!

  • Raider E

    Wow, you really wanna be right dont you cream cake? I will tell you what, I will take DMAC finishing in the top 5 rushing next season, whenever it happens for $100. Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Intellectual 🙂

  • mikedlopes

    I know Campbell Soup hasn’t had consistency at the playbook, but it will be interesting to see how he manages going into year 2 with Hue Jackson.

    I have high expectations for both of them and our receivers.

    I think this is Chaz’ year as well.. he’s suffered enough, I think he deserves the limelight.

    HECK, We as raider fans have suffered enough! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!

  • Raider E

    No need to jump on a wagon SnB. Take the bet and be a man. Anyone can proclaim intelligence. Not everyone has balls, Do you?

  • Raider E

    Hey Mikedlopes,

    What were Chazs’ stats last season? You wanna get on that SnB? Hurry up too.

  • Raider E

    Alright SnB, I didnt think so. You go ahead and get back to your studies and become one of the best minds in Raider blog history dmbfuk 🙂

  • Raider E, that’s 666 not SnB.

  • Silverandblack666

    Calm down “Cujo”

    I know it hurts but suck it up, deal with it like a man.

    I will bet you $1,000 Dmac does not finish in the top 5 in rushing yards next year. No way he stays healthy all season.

    I would be more than happy to see it happen and pay you little man.

    I Love this team and would really enjoy seeing DMAC run for 1,700 yards!

  • YoungAmerican

    The Raiders are in serious trouble if the following players’ 2010 season was a mirage:

    Tommy Kelly
    Jacoby Ford
    Jared Veldheer
    Stanford Routt

  • Silverandblack666

    KK shut your pie hole and get back to the nursing home before you soil yourself in public.

  • Raider E, 666 is nothing but a troll, don’t waste your time.

  • irjonny

    this team is only going to improve from last year. dmac got a taste of being elite, campbell finally has the same playbook for 2 seasons. we signed out core back. still think nnamdi will be back. to hell with huff. good draft and some practice and we have playoffs in my opinion. i’m really excited to see campbell in year 2 with no qb competition during the week.

  • Raider E

    Its a bet !!!! Way to man up chick:)