Live chat: Raiders draft preview today at noon

Join Raiders beat writer Steve Corkran on Tuesday at noon for a live chat to preview the NFL draft on Thursday night.


Jon Becker

  • YoungAmerican

    The Raiders definitely need more offensive firepower. A second pass-catching TE will help Hue stretch the field horizontally. He loves those multiple TE sets.

    I don’t think there will be a WR drafted high, but I also don’t see the Raiders will be bringing in any veterans. I just think that Greg Little will be able to step in immediately and pay huge dividends for the offense. He won’t be some “project” guy who needs extra attention like DHB does. IF he’s there at #48 – and with his stock rising, that’s becoming a big if – it could be a home-run pick at a tremendous value.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Young American I thought Chambers was our second pass catching TE?

  • CJ Legend 34

    My bad I mean I thought Brandon Myers wass our second pass catching TE?

  • YoungAmerican

    Haha I was going to ask… I like Myers, but he struggled to step up when Miller was injured. Better hands than I think anyone expected him to have, but he’s really better suited to special teams. And considering that the Raiders went through most of the season with only two TEs on the roster, they could use help at the position. Especially with a weak/developing WR corps.

    Two and three-TE sets are becoming a lot more common in the NFL. The Ravens and Patriots run a lot of looks like that with great success. Given that the Raiders have had a lot of TEs in for visits, I think they’re looking at moving in that direction.

  • DutchRaider77

    What do you think of Bo Scaife as a possible signing. He was in Fischer’s doghouse last year, deactivated for a couple games(?).