2011 mock draft


Here’s my crack at Thursday night’s first round of the NFL draft, suitable for mocking:

1. Carolina QB Cam Newton, Auburn

Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney has worked overtime spreading the word that Newton is not a character risk. With top pick, he has no reason for misdirection.

2. Denver DT Marcell Dareus, Alabama

Switching to a 4-3 scheme, the Broncos need an anchor. He’s no Ndamukong Suh, but Dareus is a nice start.

3. Buffalo OLB Von Miller, Texas A&M

This is Buffalo’s do-over for having blown a first-round pick on Penn State’s Aaron Maybin in 2009.

4. Cincinnati WR A.J. Green, Georgia

Message to Chad Ochcocino: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Green easily the draft’s top wide receiver.

5. Arizona QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

Ken Whisenhunt can talk up John Skelton all he wants, but the Cardinals fell apart without Kurt Warner.

6. Cleveland DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina

Another team switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4, and the Browns are a little light at defensive end.

7. San Francisco CB Patrick Peterson, LSU

No way Jim Harbaugh takes a quarterback inferior to Andrew Luck in Round 1, and with Von Miller off the board, this one is too easy.

8. Tennessee DT Nick Fairley, Auburn

It’s been a revolving door since they lost Albert Haynesworth, and Fairley is the man to bring stability.

9. Dallas OT Tyron Smith, USC

The Cowboys are looking for a starting right tackle. Smith, who played on the right side at USC, qualifies.

10. Washington WR Julio Jones, Alabama

This is a classic case of taking need over the best player available. Santana Moss is a free agent, and the position is a wasteland.

11. Houston CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

Texans are delighted to get second most coveted corner in the draft. Now if they can sign Nnamdi Asomugha . . .

12. Minnesota DE Cameron Jordan, Cal

Vikings need help with Ray Edwards a free agent, Jared Allen getting double-teamed. Jordan’s dad played with Vikings.

13. Detroit T Anthony Castonzo, Boston College

Job 1 for the Lions is to keep quarterback Matt Stafford upright, and Castonzo could be his body guard for a decade.

14. St. Louis DE Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson

Rams gamble Bowers’ knee is sound and get a top five quality pick to pair with Chris Long.

15. Miami QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

Once upon a time, there were rumors about Dan Marino and he fell to Dolphins. They’re hoping history repeats.

16. Jacksonville DE J.J. Watt, Wisconsin

Having scored with Tyson Alualu at defensive tackle last year, Jaguars get another piece for their defensive front.

17. New England OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

New England winds up with a solid offensive tackle with the pick they got from the Raiders for Richard Seymour.

18. San Diego NT Phil Taylor, Baylor

The Chargers really haven’t been the same defensively since Jamal Williams began to slip. They finally replace him.

19. New York Giants DT Corey Liuget, Illinois

When it comes to team building, the Giants can’t help themselves. They stock up on defensive linemen, and Liguet brings interior pressure.

20. Tampa Bay DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

The Bucs brought in Gerald McCoy and Brian Price to play defensive tackle in last year’s first round, and get a third piece in their defensive line puzzle.

21. Kansas City DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

Had 26 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks and five forced fumbles as a senior. The Raiders are going to hate seeing this guy twice a year.

22. Indianapolis OT Nate Solder, Colorado

The Colts are structured around quarterback Peyton Manning, and he needs another body guard at tackle. Solder is the best one left at this point.

23. Philadelphia CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado

Smith gives the Eagles something they need desperately _ someone who can cover a wide receiver other than Asante Samuel.

24. New Orleans DE Aldon Smith, Missouri

A big part of Saints’ success in championship season came from forcing big plays with a pass rush. Last year, not so much.

25. Seattle QB Jake Locker, Washington

Ideally, they’ll hang on to Matt Hasselbeck for another year while Locker moves into a nicer residence in Seattle.

26. Baltimore CB Brandon Harris, Miami

They need a corner badly, and it’s between Harris and Aaron Williams. Ray Lewis votes for the Hurricane, and he’s the boss.

27. Atlanta TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame

With Tony Gonzalez probably in his final season, the Falcons grab the only player at his position worthy of a first-round pick.

28. New England RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

Patriots passed on the former Heisman Trophy winner at No. 17 and are delighted to find him still on the board.

29. Chicago G-C Mike Pouncey, Florida

Any hopes Steelers of pairing Pouncey brothers evaporates 20 minutes before their turn comes up.

30. New York Jets DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio State

With Shawn Ellis at age 33 and Trevor Price near the end of the line, Heyward can step in as a youthful contributor on the defensive front.

31. Pittsburgh CB Aaron Williams, Texas

Memories of Packers receivers running free in the secondary make the best remaining cornerback an easy pick for Mike Tomlin.

32. Green Bay OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State

In need of a second tackle to team with 2010 first-round pick Bryan Bulaga as future protectors of Aaron Rodgers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The Blackhole

    All Hail Coach Davis.

  • priesttj

    Duely noted!!!

  • irjonny

    colin kaepernick with the 1st pick. write it down. good night nation. no matter what here’s to a great draft

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    100.David Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Coach Davis has a plan and it will be revealed in due time.

    The press conference that intorduced Hue Jackson was not the seething display some think it was. It was a carefully orchestrated event designed to fool the media and others as to what the ‘true’ plans of the Raiders really are.

    Misdirection has always been one of Coach’s “techniques” to gain a competitive edge.

    ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ

    While I couldn’t agree with you more, I do believe that the inner powers of the NFL saw some kind of ‘misdirected’ message there and when their code breakers and psychics could not decipher it, they colluded with the owners and nflpa and called for a lockout. What I have said before is they saw Coach Davis bursting thru the gate and it drove them nuts. The long standing conspiracy to keep Oakland from greatness is here today just as it has been for the last 40 years. But Coachs’ resiliency has prevailed and will be evident again when he hoists the Lombardi next SB.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    78.KoolKell Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 7:34 pm
    Priesttj Says:
    April 26th, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Man that is scary the Redskins have made some monumental mistakes drafting QB’s. Heath Shuler to begin with and I cannot think of one QB in 50 years that the Redskins drafted that was successful. I think they traded for Joe Theisman or picked him up as a FA after he was a bust somewhere else. I gaurantee you they wish they had kept Campbell, now they’re spending another high draft pick on a QB. If campbell is successful here Shanahan is going to look like a complete idiot especially if he drafts another bust. Teams are desparate for QB’s and they’re reaching like crazy. That’s why I want to get a good young QB now when we don’t need him.
    Al Davis cultists are pretty predictable, but this is too much. Geez!


    Coach Davis haters are pretty predictable…

    Totally understand why we need a good young QB who we don’t have to baptize by fire. Makes total sense.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    Namndi will stay with the Raiders. Coach Davis is just testing the waters with his 25mil superstar. He’ll be back. If he does not come back, Coach will be compensated for him handsomely. No way Coach is gonna let a hot commodity like Aso walk without getting something in return. Namdi wants to stay a Raider and his loyalty to Coach will be matched by Coachs’ loyalty to him.

    Coach Davis is probably signing players as we speak. With the so called lockout being ordered to go away, Coach is busy at work. And he knows goodell and his pack can’t do anything about it because if they tried to, Coach would eat them up in court. This is an opportunity Coach is not passing up on. The NFL is in disarry right now and ripe for the pickin. And any owner who is dumb enough not to abuse this has no brains. But I am resting assured knowing Coach Davis and his team of lawyers are all over it. Coach will find a way to stick it to them and come out of it smelling like a rose.

  • Gust372

    David Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Coach Davis has a plan and it will be revealed in due time.


    It’s that he’s dying.

  • Gust372

    Let me tell you who won’t win the Super Bowl this year: The team run by an 80 year old.

  • The Blackhole

    Gust372 Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 12:06 am
    Let me tell you who won’t win the Super Bowl this year: The team run by an 80 year old.
    I agree Bill Bidwill of the Cardinals is in no position to win the Superbowl.

  • ohioraider

    Nothing from you geniuses about run support at all with your brilliant predictions. Team still needs help at DT, ILB, and safety.

  • The Blackhole


  • RaiderRetribution

    my first choice for our Raiders is G/C, S. Wisniewski Penn St at #55, [yes we moved back and still got him].

    2nd choice (for pick #48 is CB, B. Harris, the U)

    1st choice for 3rd round pick DB, M. Gilchrest, Clemson
    2nd Choice LB Mathews or TE DJ Williams

    4th round Boise St. Pettis, WR or FL Gilbert, OT

    5th round SHILO KEO!

    6th Buster Skrine

    7th QBs Taylor or Devlin

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders need depth at LB, Wilson of Illinois would be great pick if there at #48 and the top OL/DBs are gone, would love to see the Raiders draft 49 reps, baby!

  • RaiderRetribution

    in fact whoever is drafting the 49th position should draft Paea.

  • Carl Weathers

    Hey Jer,

    You left out Davis’ trade into the first round for one of the top CB’s.

  • Violent Hands

    Draft day in London sucks man i gotta wait another 12 hours at least before it all starts…tomorrow i will be on the roof watching Will and Kate pass our home and waiting for pick #48 GO RAIDERS!!!!



  • RaiderRockstar

    Chicago, Miami & Boston lost a combined 2 games to the Pacers, 76ers & Knicks …

    Meanwhile, Lakers have lost 2 to the Hornets & the Spurs are down 3-2 against the Grizzlies, LOL

    Go East !!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    I think the Raiders may have a shot at Ponder, Mallett or Dalton in Round 2

    They may have a shot at Kaepernick, Stanzi or Taylor in Round 3, too.

    Doesn’t mean Al Davis will draft the guy!

    There won’t be more than 5 QB’s drafted in the Top 50 picks. Print That. Fax it to Raiders HQ

  • RaiderRockstar

    Draft History – Number of QB’s taken in the Top 50 picks

    2010: 3
    2009: 4
    2008: 2
    2007: 5
    2006: 4
    2005: 3
    2004: 4
    2003: 4
    2002: 3
    2001: 2
    2000: 1
    1999: 6
    1998: 2
    1997: 2
    1996: 1
    1995: 3
    1994: 2
    1993: 2
    1992: 4
    1991: 4
    1990: 2
    1989: 2
    1988: 0
    1987: 4
    1986: 3
    1985: 1
    1984: 1
    1983: 6
    1982: 4
    1981: 2
    1980: 2

    is this the best QB draft class in the past 30+ years?

    the answer is NO!

    Ponder, Mallett, Dalton & Kaepernick could all be available imo

    one thing is for sure. 7 QB’s won’t be selected before Oakland is on the clock at #48

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!
    Should be interesting tonight…wil he or won’t he? i don’t think he would unless something “can’t miss” comes up! but not sure who that would be…
    And Rockstar…don’t read to much into the East. East has the talent, but the West has the chemistry…and sorry to say…The lakers are still the team to beat!

  • The Blackhole

    The question isn’t “Is this the best QB draft class?” the question is “Is this the most QB needed draft?”

  • The Blackhole

    Time to Rise and Grind Raider Nation

  • Dakota


  • Dakota

    So much for our self-proclaimed maverick owner. A real maverick owner would have had free agent players visiting Oakland within minutes of the Court’s ruling the other day. A real maverick owner would have had all players currently under contract contacted by Hue Jackson and playbooks would have been distributed to give us a head start on the season once the lockout was overruled.

    Al a maverick? Not any more…..now he is just interested in the money like all 31 other owners.

    Trask have your ballz in a jar Al?



  • So the league must conduct normal business?


  • hwnrdr

    Bo…why do you wanna trade DMac unless you want Taiwan Jones?
    Dirt Lot…did you just watch The Fly? LOL

  • Enjoy the Field Museum, Dakota? Art Institute?

  • DMAC’s value will never be higher, and I suspect his career will remain a festivus of injuries.

  • Dakota

    Field Museum. Have to go see Sue, the T-rex….she was a neighbor of mine.

  • MikieG

    Out of the 32 first round selections only about 15 have actually been graded out to be first round talent, so at 17, the Raiders would have been picking a second round talent for first round money. I am happy we have Seymour at 17 instead of a complete unknown gamble. At 48 we are going to get good value for the money. If Kapernic is there at 48 we have to take him, he is going to be an excellent QB….
    Glad were not going to overpay this year on a #17 pick that actually has a 2nd round grade. Watch for Bellechick to trade out of that spot and pick up even more pics. Once you get past #$15, all of these kids should be considered second rounders…
    Hopefully we pick Football players this year, instead of physical specimens..after all, they are going to be playing football, not walking the runway for a J. Crew modeling session.
    Good luck fellow Raider fans..love you guys.

  • Dakota


    How can you say we have to take Kapernic at 48 in one breath, and in the next breath say we should take football players and not physical specimens????? Isn’t Kapernic nothing more than a physical specimen at this time???

  • hwnrdr

    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 6:48 am
    DMAC’s value will never be higher, and I suspect his career will remain a festivus of injuries.

    True, but I’m hoping for a bigger break out year! Hoping…

  • Dakota

    See you guys later.

  • bcz24

    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 6:48 am
    DMAC’s value will never be higher, and I suspect his career will remain a festivus of injuries.
    I officially think you know close to nothing about football.

  • bcz24

    April 28th, 2011 at 5:56 am
    Nah, not yet. They are only drafting the rights. Contracts, lockout or not, wont be negotiated until there is a CBA

  • bcz24

    Why the eff didnt Jer write a Raiders Mock?

  • hwnrdr

    True but eventually…unless the new CBA comes with a reform rookie salary cap!