29. Chicago: Carimi; 30. N.Y. Jets: Wilkerson; 31. Pittsburgh: Heyward; 32. Green Bay: Sherrod


Chicago selected Gabe Carimi at No. 29, the second first-round pick for Wisconsin (Houston took defensive end J.J. Watt at No. 11).

With Kris Jenkins out of the picture with the Jets because of repeated injuries, the New York Jets took defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson out of Temple. He’ll also play some end in nickel defenses, or so says Steve Mariucci.

Pittsburgh dashed my hopes of a fifth correct selection by taking Cameron Heyward of Ohio State instead of cornerback Aaron Williams of Texas.

Williams remains an interesting option for the Raiders. He may not last until No. 48, but the less distance there is between him and the Raiders, the less Oakland would have to give up to get him in terms of picks.

Green Bay gives me my fifth correct prediction out of 32 _ they don’t call it a mock draft for nothing _ with the selection of guard Derrick Sherrod out of Mississippi State.

(Cam Newton at No. 1, A.J. Green at No. 4, Tyron Smith at No. 9, Adrian Clayborn at No. 20, and Sherrod).

Raiders coach Hue Jackson is scheduled to talk to the media to address the first day, although no one is expecting to reveal anything about any trades that may have fallen through . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • BHP..

    Jammy is you QB hero, JaMarcus Russell… Kaepernick will likely be as lazy and an addict too

  • marios


  • BHP..

    Jammy is your QB hero, JaMarcus Russell… Kaepernick will likely be as lazy and an addict too

  • marios

    oh second…

  • # La Milicia Negra Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    well thats it…. Im hitting the sack.. its 0540 here, so iguess I deserve some sleep, now tha Al didnt trade up into the 1st round…

    Nite Gents!

  • Raider 510

    1.La Milicia Negra Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Jammy is you QB hero, JaMarcus Russell… Kaepernick will likely be as lazy and an addict too

    Kaepernick has zero relation to Jamarcus…not sure why you would even bring up his name, but please, please no Mallet! I have a feeling we might tho =(

  • olinesux

    colin k tomorrow!

  • priesttj

    LMN that comment just shows how ignorant you are, you should have taken that to the sack with ya’

  • YoungAmerican

    Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona and Minnesota have yet to pick. Dalton will be gone, but Mallett or Kaepernick might fall to #48. I’m not sold at all on taking a QB at #48, but if the Raiders do I really hope it’s Kaepernick and not Mallett.

  • Priest, he doesn’t play o-line, give it up, and Mallet went to the 2nd rd, so go figure…..

  • Nite all!

  • J Hill

    I’d like to see us nab a starter in rd 2.

  • irjonny
  • J Hill

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see us go with a FS.

  • irjonny

    we might be able to get wiz in the 3rd.

  • priesttj

    Who doesn’t play Oline? what are you talking about?

  • priesttj

    I’v ebeen telling you guys the Wiz kid isn’t what everybody thinks he is. He’s a good player but he’s not what everyone says he is I think we can get him in the 3rd. Draft Kappy in the 2nd comeback and get Wiz in the 3rd and a WR in the 4th. Draft Van Dyke in the 5th and you have a very good draft.

  • J Hill

    We should wait until next year to draft QB. Campbell will get every chance to prove himself, and if he ends up being decent then picking a QB this year will end up being a waste.

  • priesttj

    Jhill we’ve drafted 4 safeties including Huff and they’re all with the team. Why another FS?

    You don’t like Branch there? I think the kid is a natural FS…

  • RaiderRetribution

    The draft fell right into our hands at #48.

  • RaiderDuck

    What about:

    Marcus Gilbert in Round 2,
    Stefen Wiz in Round 3,
    Casey Matthews in Round 4,

    We take that CB from Florida in the Supplemental.

    We pry Clausen lose from Carolina for a 3rd-Rounder next year.


  • Priest, Torrey Smith is still available…

  • priesttj

    Jhill BITE your tongue drafting a great QB is NEVER a waste you cannot win without one if we have a great young Talent waiting in the wings it’s a position of strength. I’m not trying to replace Campbell because I think he’s going to be very good I’m trying solidify that postion for the next 15 years.

    IMO this is the year to do so because of the depth I think Kappy is easily as good as Locker who was taken 8th overall. and we’ll get him 40 picks later and get Wiz in rnd 3 just make sure all the picks after him are solid picks and you’ll have a solid org. for the next 10 years.

  • priesttj

    You’ll be able to get Oline help throughout this draft trust me. Carimi and Sherrod are decent players not great no better than kids that will be available in the 4th.

  • priesttj

    Torrey Smith now there’s a name that would a great value at #48 that’s good value because these GM’s reached after these QB’s.

  • olinesux

    campbell gets hurt too easily….boller at backup? nah, get colin k!

  • priesttj

    Jake Locker at #8 overall that is NUTS just crazy and Christian Ponder at #12 what are these guys doing they’re desparate and desparate men do desparate things.

  • JB


    How far down do you think Marcus Cannon will fall? I think he’s a much better long term player when compared to the Wiz. Everybody is all excited about the Wiz because of his uncle. Like you pointed out earlier, he’s a ZBS blocker. Not sure he can be converted to a power blocker. AD needs to show some discipline and rebuild the lines while the draft stock is there.

  • JB

    2011 – the year of the BIG UGLIES.

  • Jonesy941

    branch plays SS not FS huff plays FS and is now a FA

  • RaiderDuck

    Another thought: Da’Quan Bowers was projected as a possible #1 overall before word about his trick knee got out. If he’s still there at #48, even though DE is not a need…

  • PurpleDrank81

    Lil wiz is a decent player but we should not draft him in the 2nd.. Kaepernick at 48 would be awesome and so would Rodney Hudson… Corner in the 2nd mite be a reach becaus theres teams before us who are lookin for cb and there isnt to much difference in talent between the 3rd and 2nd

  • mikedlopes

    Yeaaah.. I’d rather have McFadden or Bush passing the ball then Kyle “All I Can Throw Is Picks” Boller

    Again, we need to fix the line.. It’s pretty much decimated at this point.

    Once free agency opens up we can take in Palmer and Ocho, then we’ll have a fire to cook our Soup, and a solid teamplayer to help our huddle/receiving core.

  • aig-raiders

    Wow what an interesting first day.

    1. Detroit absolutely got so lucky with Fairley falling right to them. Arron Rodgers and Cutler are going to be running for their lives next year. Fairley will have a better year than Dareus guaranteed.

    2. The Saints stole the draft though imo. Getting Jordan and Ingram were pretty impressive. A lot of people are going to regret passing on Ingram. He reminds me of people passing up on Eddie George.

    Looks like Al will get a shot at Kapernick or Mallet tomorrow. I would think Al let Hue gets his pick for his first draft with Kapernick, who must remind Hue of Joe Flacco.

  • aig-raiders

    Heard Da’quan is even off some teams board due to his injury. If he’s there, Al will nab him in the 3rd or 4th round like he did with Bush.

  • priesttj

    I think Cannon may be there is the 5th or even the 6th at that point you can throw a pick away for him. If he beats the illness you have a solid 2nd in the 6th rnd. And that’s what I mean we don’t to draft more tghan 1-2 Olineman this year as long as they’re quality players we’re good. Like last year the 3rd and the 4th I see that the same way this year. Good value!!

  • J Hill

    No, Priest.

    I do not like the idea of Branch at FS. I didn’t see anything from him against the pass that would make me move him to FS. Actually thought he shoulda been benched.

  • priesttj

    There were some serious reaches in that 1st rnd some of it flat out stupid you could’ve had Locker at 20’s same with Ponder why reach.

    To be honest the best value in the 1st rnd was Jimmy Smith at #27 he might be the best cover corner in the draft. And they got him late in the 1st rnd. That was very smart.

  • RaiderDuck

    If Da’Quan is still there in Round 4, it means the knee IS totally shot. Al takes him, signs him, IR’s him immediately, and says, “Go get the Microfracture done. See you in a year.” Wouldn’t be a bad gamble in the 4th for a guy who led Division 1A in sacks.

  • PurpleDrank81

    Yea but Jimmy Smith loves that purpledrank and purple weed… Lol but he is talented

  • aig-raiders

    There was only 1 team that Jimmy Smith should go to and that was the Ravens. They have the perfect environment to grow that young man. Congrats to Smith and the Ravens. It’s not even fair sometimes, considering how guys fall to them. They get Smith and the 1st round pick from texas from last year’s draft (he was injured). They are gonna be scary on D again.

  • da trinity

    I’m down wit kappy. I would love for da raiders to some how get another 2nd round pic maybe trading our second next year to pats. That way we can get some big ugly to block for our future qb. In the end I hope we stock pile some more picks

  • Akeem Ayers

    DaQuan Bowers

    Brandon Harris

    Torrey Smith

    Aaron Williams

    Stephen Paea

    Rodney Hudson

    Marvin Austin

    Benjamin Ijalana

    Kyle Rudolph

    Are all prospects we should also take into consideration.

  • RaiderDuck

    New Post.

  • RaiderRetribution

    List of players still available:

    DBs: Williams, Brown, Harris, Moore

    LBs: Ayers,Wilson, Carter, Sturdivant, Reed, Moch, Herzlich

    DL: Bowers, Paea, Austin, Sheard, Beal

    TEs: Rudolph, Kendricks, Williams

    WRs: Little, Hankerson, Cobb, Young

    QBs: Dalton, Mallett, Kaepernick

    OL: Wisniewski, Hudson, Ijalana, Franklin, Reid, Gilbert, Barksdale, Moffitt

    if we stand pat we get any two of these 30-40 players

  • elboocho

    Hell no w/Kapernick, he is all legs and no accuracy, if he falls to the 4th round then it will be a good pick, otherwise it is a reach in my opinion.I would pick either Ayers, Williams, Hudson, Austin and if all of those players are gone then take a chance on Bowers.