Jim Otto’s thoughts on Stefen Wisniewski


Q: What kind of role did you play in the Raiders’ selection of Stefen Wisniewski? Did you have to sign off on the pick?

A: “No, not at all. Not at all. I was kicking his name around for a few days, and last night I was thinking, you know that could possibly happen. I watched him at Penn State since he was a freshman playing. And I thought he was an outstanding football player. I saw him mostly playing guard. If you can play center, you can play guard, tackle or quarterback, whatever.”

Q: What about him specifically impresses you?

A: “Well, he’s strong, he’s intelligent. That’s all been said about him. What we need is strong, intelligent guys that are going to go out there and have a tenaciousness at the way they play, just being tough guys. He’s got all that. He’s big and he’s strong. It runs in the Wisniewski family.”

Q: Any qualities of his that remind you of yourself?

A: “Not really. He’s bigger than I was, but he’s a good football player. I used to like to think that I could play football myself. I wanted to be the best, and he’s that same type of person wanting to be the best out there on any given day and he will be on every day.”

Q: Is there anyone that he reminds you of?
A: “I didn’t see enough of him to really give you a decent answer that way. He plays the type of football that I like, so he’s a Raider and he’s going to be a great Raider for us.”

Q: What are the biggest obstacles he has to clear?

A: “Well, it’s a faster game in the NFL. Stronger guys, faster. He’ll play against stronger, faster guys that will be more like himself. He is a very fast, strong individual, and he’ll be playing against people of the same likeness. So, it is an adjustment but if you’ve got the dogged determination, which I think he has, he’s not going to let that bother him. Thanks a lot. Good to see you guys.”


Jon Becker

  • olinesux

    colin kap will be a very good qb in the league….

  • J Hill

    Wassup B!

  • Mallet goes to Patriots!

  • YoungAmerican

    RRS, aren’t you here to tell me how wrong I was about the 6 QBs being off the board by #48?

  • JB

    Ellis is graded out higher than Foster. Ellis it is. Hopefully Cannon will still be around in the 5th round. He’d be a steal there – even with his condition.

  • Bauce Rules

    Kell you have your nerve when you talk down on people all day everyday. I’ll say and do what I want when a punk like you in causing trouble in here

  • bcz24

    thank god we can stop talking about mallett

  • lefty12

    Hendu,I gave up trying to figure what Davis was going to do long ago.We still need Olinemen,a CB,OLB,possibly a DE,a back-up TE,depth at DT, and maybe a project QB(P.Devlin) wouldn’t hurt.

  • aig-raiders

    Dang it, Mallet is gone. Ok lets go, Casey Matthews.

  • Best RT please.

  • noteasilyimpressed

    Ryan Mallett is a New Cheatland Patriot!

  • severeraiderz

    KoolKell Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    If Satele goes down, you have to move Veldheer, then replace Veldheer at LT.

    They need a Center to challenge and provide quality depth.

    And we reached for a Center when OG is our most glaring need on the OL. We will likely have Loper and B. Campbell starting at one of our guard positions….im not good wit that, especially with a raw LT and a rookie C

  • Gust372

    I’m pretty sure our new hands-on head coach is looking for a Branch or LaMonica to draft, too. This is a joke. The kid’s probably good. But just the fake that we draft a Wisnewski tells you who’s really in charge.

  • Has James Brewer been picked?

  • armond

    if al davis wants to get back at the pats and the niners then he should trade the whole damn 2012 draft for andrew luck next year and im all for it.

  • hendu

    POST 42,thats what IM talkin about,and we NEED more NASTY! raiders!!!!!!!!

  • J Hill Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see us go with a FS.


    Man, I effin well really don’t like Belichick.

  • YoungAmerican

    Good pick for Seattle.

  • severeraiderz

    What Todd Mcshay says:

    Oakland Stefen Wisniewski OC Penn State
    What he brings: Wisniewski is a limited athlete but has enough short-area quickness and takes good enough angles to excel on the interior. His strength is in his lower body, allowing him to root defenders off the ball when in phone-booth situations. His lack of overall balance and inability to sustain blocks are concerns.
    How he fits: LG Robert Gallery is on his way out and C Samson Satele could leave in free agency, which leaves a big hole inside. This is a pretty good run blocking group that struggles in pass protection and while Wisniewski is not a gifted athlete, he can really solidify the interior of a unit that really needs a makeover and he will bring toughness.

  • RaiderRockstar

    How many QBs were off the board by #48, RRS?



    6. I guessed 5, you guessed 7 and JFB guessed 8

    we were ALL wrong. at least 6 isn’t an NFL record!

  • James Brewer is still there!! Hang on baby!!

  • noteasilyimpressed

    John Moffitt to Seattle

  • JB

    Brewer still on the board. Graded out at 5.7 (.4 higher than Wiz’s 5.3).

  • Bauce Rules

    Jheezy! We went oline baby like smart guys!…..oh yeah LA in 6 vs mavericks

  • 42.Bauce Rules Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:06 pm
    So what we reached a bit. We needed nasty and tough guys on the lines. Al is doing things right and haters like Kell and MR are in fear



  • armond

    trade down and get more picks like last year. hankerson is still on the board along with ellis. now that moffitt is gone we gotta look at other positions.


    armond Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:12 pm
    if al davis wants to get back at the pats and the niners then he should trade the whole damn 2012 draft for andrew luck next year and im all for it.

    If JaJason plays most of the 2011 season like he did against Tenn, St Louis, SF and Pitt – Al Davis won’t have to trade for the top pick in the 2012 draft, he’ll own it.

    JaJason sucks.

  • BloodRaider

    Good solid pick Wiz 2.0, another OL would be good here in the 3ed

  • Bauce Rules

    Wiz is fine…..wasnt my top choice but hell we needed a new center cuz Satele will never be good in power scheme

  • Bauce Rules

    NinerWoman49….shut the fk up u punk. and what if Campbell plays like he did in the games we kicked ass? Fk u and your JaJason bs. I hope u come to coliseum this year boy….i got something for u

  • bcz24

    If Kiper and Mcshay are such draft gurus how come no team in the NFL has hired them to run their draft?

  • Curtis Brown is still available!

  • Ssssshhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooot…….Hankerson is off the board!!!!!!

  • TerrapinRaider

    just a correction here …we did not reach for Wiz ..since when do you reach for day 1 starter in the 2nd?

    moreover, if you look at the board, when Wiz came off there other C/OGs started coming off as well. so we didnt reach at all. he wouldve been snapped up in the 2nd.