Joseph Barksdale interview


An conference call interview session with Joseph Barksdale, the second of two third-round draft picks:

(Note: DeMarcus Van Dyke was not available. The Raiders are scheduled to have all three picks at the facility for interview sessions Satruday)

Going from Detroit to LSU
It was a pretty long and extensive process as far as choosing what college to go to. But it ultimately depended on, the SEC is a pretty strong conference, and I wanted to go to a school that was successful in the SEC. I wanted to win, and LSU seemed to fit those criteria, as well as being able to graduate and putting an emphasis on education.

A former defensive tackle, using that mentality on offense
“Definitely. I’d been playing that position four years prior to switching to offensive line, so a lot of those certain mindsets and things like that I still keep with me.”
The switch to offensive line

“When I first got there, the defensive tackle position was pretty deep … I went to coach Miles early and told him I wanted to help make an impact on the team, and he told me – he knew I would be a pretty good defensive tackle, but he said I could be a pretty good offensive tackle as well and suggested moving to offensive tackle because we were pretty thin at the time. So it was pretty much to help the team out.”

Preference, left side or right side
“Not at all. I’m just trying to come in and be as productive as I can on whatever side they put me on.”

Playing both guard and tackle

“I can play any position, anything that will help the team.”
The transition from guard to tackle

“Probably a good two or three weeks.”

Knowledge of Raiders history

“My dad actually told me a lot about the Raiders when I first started playing football, about how you guys have an overall winning tradition but hard-hitting defense and a fast-paced offense. I know a lot about the offensive line tradition as well. I know Oakland has a pretty good track record when it comes to developing offensive line talent.”

Awareness of being on Raiders’ radar

“Not really, man. I was just sitting around, probably like everyone else, just waiting on a phone call and being optimistic.”

Location for draft

“Family, in Detroit, Michigan.”

Scene at his home

“Ecstatic, man. My phone is actually still ringing with relatives and fans that are calling. It’s pretty exciting, man.”

Expectations on draft?

“To be honest with you, I had no idea. I just talked to my agent, talked to my coach and, you know, my family, and they just told me, keep your calm on, and that way you don’t know when you’ll be called, but when you are called you’ll be ready.”

A chance to start

“That would be something I have to discuss with the coaches. But all I know for sure is that I’m gonna come in and I’m gonna work. And let the chips fall where they may.”

Impressions of JaMarcus Russell

“I wish JaMarcus well. We actually never did play together, but I have spoken with him a couple of timesa nd he’s a good guy and I wish him well in his future endeavors.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • David

    “Jaquizz”??? Sounds like a pornographic blooper.

  • Welcome Stefen Wisniewski……I’m waiting for you to choose a number so I can order my 2011 jersey.

    – By the way, the “undersized” argument about Wisniewski is absurd, the kid is 6’3 313.

    These are the best NFL Centers over the last few years, along with their size:

    Jeff Saturday 6’2 296….5 pro bowls
    Shaun O’Hara 6’3 303…..3 pro bowls
    Olin Kreutz 6’2 292……6 pro bowls
    Nick Mangold 6’4 303…..3 pro bowls
    Dan Koppen 6’2 296…….1 pro bowl
    Matt Birk 6’4 309……..6 pro bowls

    And here are the latest 1st round Centers:

    Alex Mack 6’4 311
    Maurkice Pouncey 6’4 303
    Mike Pouncey 6’5 303

    – Not one of them is heavier than Wisniewski, while some of them are slightly taller, but an inch or two make no difference on a Center’s game.

    Very good pick.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    It’s all good. Coach sees projectability in his picks and we gonna roll with it. Keep up the good work Coach and get these players ready.

  • I cant complain we got what we needed a CB 2 OL who knows how they will turn out look at last years draft. late rouders like Brown,Ware, Mc Fad all on team young secandary young O line just building. did not draft QB going after V Young now that Titans draft locker we need to get best TE avaliable now

  • Also, 5 time pro bowler Andre Gurode is considered a big Center and it turns out he’s 6’4 318 (I always thought he was bigger)…that’s 1 inch taller and 5 pounds heavier than Wisniewski.

    This kid will turn into an excellent player real soon.

  • Butch Lewis, OT, USC
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 298.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.80.
    Combine 40 Time: .
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.75
    Benchx225:39 . Arm:35.5 .
    Projected Round (2011): 6-FA.
    4/3/10: Was an All-Pac 10 honorable mention in his first full season as a starter. Will really move up these rankings if he can bulk up to around 310 pounds and maintain his athleticism.


    Backup LT get him in the 6th/7th

  • lefty12

    “going after V.Young”-hopefully only in your wildest dreams.We don’t need another headcase QB.

  • SharkCatcher

    someone please tell me why I dvr’d the draft if these stupid son of some b9tches are jusT going to skip the commentary about our picKs..EAT warm feces ESPN.

  • T know like mike v

  • 55.Bob Marley Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 11:28 pm
    Also, 5 time pro bowler Andre Gurode is considered a big Center and it turns out he’s 6′4 318 (I always thought he was bigger)…that’s 1 inch taller and 5 pounds heavier than Wisniewski.

    This kid will turn into an excellent player real soon.


    Gurode is a big C @ 6’4″ and 318#’s He was up to 330 at one point in college, but as expected that was “corrected” my his NFL coaches. Gurode has also gained greatly in the strength department since his draft dayz.

    Wiz is a Strong, Fast, Smart, Big and Tall NFL C. He will get the job done.

    All This will be no display early and often the year. in game 1 hell see Von Miller, and Nate Irving.oh and Thomas, Marcus and Elvas Dungervill will be back.

    Agains the Lyons he will see Nick Fairley, and King Kong Suh.
    With the bills he/they will see Marcell Dareus, Heard, Kellen, Aaron Mayben, and Kelvin Sheppard

    NY Jets Ellis, Kenrick,,, Pouha, Sione,,,Pryce, Trevor,,,Muhammad Wilkerson,,, Saun Ellis

    Browns led by Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard, Adams, Titus, Ivey, Travis, Rubin, Ahtyba

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Don’t believe the hype, we are earning another A+ for the draft so far!

    Satele was terrible for most of the year. He played decent football in the last few weeeks of the season, but against the big 3-4 nts’ he was overmatched. Wiz 2.0 is just what the doctor ordered. Hu Jack needs hogs to run our offense. There is hype about wiz lack of strenghth, & iif he is better in a zone scheme? Wiz is a powerhouse at 318. Watched him play at Penn state & he was a beast clearing holes in the run game. In the 6-7 games I watched he didn’t give up a sack either. Excellent pick.

    VanDyke was given a low rate, why? Because he was benched? Maybe he was sat down for behavior. Vandyke is best suited to be a classic press cover corner. Most teams dint play neatly ad much press as we do. So clearly teams that play more zone ( most teams) wouldn’t have this man to man specialist rated very highly. The lack of demand foe his skill set doesn’t diminish his talent, that fills our need like an isotoner glove! I am confident in rod woodson & his ability to recognize what it takes to play this particular defense. After all not only was woodson one of the best dbs’ to ever play the game, but he also played superior football right here in silver & black! Not to mention the fact that he played for chuck b who is back for another turn. I believe Davis, chuck b, woodson & hu Jack all like this kid.

  • GG

    I think our OL this year is going to be very cool.
    Gaither will be gone from the Ravens, we could sign him too.