Wisniewski press session highlights


Highlights from press sessions after the Raiders’ pick of Penn State center Stefen Wisniewski:


How he got the news

“(I) talked to coach and my uncle was on there as well so I got to talk to a couple of people, so it’s great news.”

If he thought he would really end up with the Raiders

“I thought that if I was around at 48 that it was very likely, but there were some other teams interested before, could have happened, it didn’t and I’m thrilled to be a Raider. I’m so glad I was still around for their pick.”

On being prepared to be with a team other than Raiders

“I prepared myself for anything. I really, I took the attitude that I would have been excited to go wherever, but can’t help but be a little bit more excited, you know being a Raider and being able to play or my uncle.”

Reaction at his home

“Everyone’s thrilled. Everyone’s thrilled. My dad, obviousy, knows I’m in good hands playing for Steve. I mean, we grew up Raider fans, grew up cheering for Steve. It just feels right.”

Playing for his uncle Steve

“Oh, he’s not going to go easy on me, that’s for sure. I’m glad, because he knows what it took. He knows what it takes to be a great offensive lineman in the NFL and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure I become a great one and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

How frequently he saw Steve play

“I saw him once a year, sometimes twice – whenever he came out to the East Coast. The Raiders didn’t come out too often, but whenever they did I was there wearing my Wisniewski jersey. I guess now I get to wear a Wisniewski jersey but it will be mine.’’

Expectations of playing as a Wisniewski with the Raiders

“You know what? That’s exactly the kind of situation I faced when I came to Penn State. I was coming in to a place where my father and uncle had left quite a legacy, and there’s certain expectations behind that. And to be honest, I like that.

“I kind of looked at that as a bar that was set high, and I made it my goal to exceed those expectations and try and be better than they were at Penn State, and that’s the goal I’m gonna set here with the Raiders. I’m gonna try and be better than my uncle. That’s a really high goal. I realize it’s tough, but I’m gonna set my goal high and we’ll see how close I can get to reaching it.”

Possibly wearing Steve’s No. 76

“Oh, I don’t think I can take that one, no. That’s his number. I’ll find my own.”



“We just had the opportunity to draft Stefen Wisniewski from Penn State University. He’s going to play center for the Oakland Raiders and I’m very, very excited. I told you guys last night when I went home that I knew a plan would unfold and obviously that plan came into place today, well-executed by us, and now we have a guy that we had targeted on our football team and I’m very very excited about.’’

Whether he’s looked at strictly as a center

“He is the center on the Oakland Raiders football team 2011.’’

Why Wisniewski is best suited to play center

“He’s very smart, very athletic, very tough. I think he’s a young man, his body type will be able to handle big nose guards that we face in the NFL. We play a lot of 3-4 defensive football teams so there’s going to be a lot of big people that are going to be playing against him week in and week out and those type of defenses. I think his body type will fit exactly the style of running that we hope to run this season.’’

Affect of Steve Wisniewski’s presence

“You know what, a lot of people say that. I want you guys to know and Raider Nation to know, obviously Steve was a tremendous football player here for 13 seasons. And he did an outstanding job. But this is not about Steve, this is about Stefen.’’


On possibility of taking Wisniewski

“I was kicking his name around for a few days, and last night I was thinking, you know that could possibly happen. I watched him at Penn State since he was a freshman playing. And I thought he was an outstanding football player. I saw him mostly playing guard. If you can play center, you can play guard, tackle or quarterback, whatever.”


“Well, he’s strong, he’s intelligent. That’s all been said about him. What we need is strong, intelligent guys that are going to go out there and have a tenaciousness at the way they play, just being tough guys. He’s got all that. He’s big and he’s strong. It runs in the Wisniewski family.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Bauce Rules

    Im not mad at this move…..It means sorry ass nnamdi is gone! thank god!…..we got another 3rd….Al gonna get his guy



  • Buckeyeraider

    I’m about to puke. Thre’s Al’s speedy CB. Couldn’t they’ve gotten him in about say the 5th or 6th rd.

    What a disapointment this days turning out to be, IMO.


    armond Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:12 pm
    if al davis wants to get back at the pats and the niners then he should trade the whole damn 2012 draft for andrew luck next year and im all for it.


    If it gets us Andrew Luck, I’m all for it.

  • Pretty Rick

    I hope we address the guard spot in the 4th rnd. I’m not even mad at the Van Dyke pick either, even if we can keep Naamdi we could still use some more depth.

  • Roch R

    Go Raiders! As always.

  • severeraiderz

    TerrapinRaider Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:30 pm
    repost ….

    just a correction here …we did not reach for Wiz ..since when do you reach for day 1 starter in the 2nd?

    moreover, if you look at the board, when Wiz came off there other C/OGs started coming off as well. so we didnt reach at all. he wouldve been snapped up in the 2nd.

    Kaepernick was being considered in the middle of the first when there was a run on QB’s, he still didnt go unitl the beginning of the second. Wiz would have been there late second at least and we reached by a good 15-20 picks.

  • Bauce Rules

    Yall trippin……i stand with Al eventho I woulda went different but we picking again within the next 20 minutes

  • KoolKell Says:
    April 28th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    I have no idea who the Raiders will pick. I kinda hope Wiz. Frankly, I’m not a college football guy anyway.

  • bcz24

    We gave up next years second rounder for a pick at the bottom of the 3rd? That was a horrible 10 minute stretch for us… who the fck woke al up

  • armond

    48.lefty12 Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:33 pm
    Obviously Kaepernick wasn’t such a priority for the team as he was for the bloggers.

    no need to be fiesty letfy. i aint a big fan of jc and any talented qb like kap gets us closer to getting him out long term.

  • YoungAmerican

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Much better CB prospects around right now. MUCH better. Al strikes again.

  • Bauce Rules

    Armond! as you should be doing on this glorious last friday of April

  • Bauce Rules

    Kell u wanted Wiz…Al took him……now shut the fk up and be happy

  • Terrible PICK!!!!!
    I’m P!$$eD!!!
    Effin typical Al!!!
    Eff it all up!!!!

  • Whens our next pick….tomorrow?

  • severeraiderz

    For the same picks that we got for our second next year we could have kept them and moved back and still got Wiz

  • armond

    did we get a seventh rndr in this pats deal as well?

  • Buckeyeraider

    Hell, let’s just put the perfect nightcap on this day and take……RB Taiwan Jones with the NE pick they just traded next years 2nd for. He ran a 4.3 didn’t he? Ugh.

  • YoungAmerican

    # r8eray Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Whens our next pick….tomorrow?


  • Thec07

    our next pick will be in about 15 mins…

  • The Blackhole

    If Demarcus Van Dyke has 99 speed in Madden I’m happy about the pick.

  • JB

    If AD wants a fast DB just convert DHB. WE need OL.

  • Bauce Rules

    You guys think Al gets Hue a young QB here at 92 or he goes dline?

  • TerrapinRaider

    com’on folks …yall trying to tell AL! how to pick corners?!????!

    com’on! you all have to check yourselves.

  • Thec07

    We pick again 28th in the third…

  • YoungAmerican

    Head —-> wall.

    Van Dyke couldn’t even crack the starting lineup for Miami last season.

  • Roch R

    Anybody seen Van Dyke play? Read the bio on NFL.com and it’s not flattering, in fact when they wrote it I can’t help but wonder if they we’re thinking of Al, …dual sport track athelete, 4.28 40, bad against the run, bad across the middle, I thought we already have 5 guys like this.

  • YoungAmerican

    Foster is gone.

  • Thec07

    Dline, we need a real run stopper…

  • Bauce Rules

    Al Davis Inc<—– Bauce!

  • severeraiderz

    I like Van Dyke as a prospect and a nickel guy as a rookie, but i would have waited until the 4th. Anoither player i dont mind, just where he was taken that bothers me.

  • jmcclain

    Relax everyone al knows what he’s doin i mean look are team the last nine seasons.

  • YoungAmerican

    Reid is gone now, too.

  • Wow, 175 lb Conerback. Al Davis’ crooked fingers are all over that one.

    I guess he surrendered #48 to Jackson.

  • noteasilyimpressed

    Mel Kiper actually gave Van Dyke props!

  • armond

    bauce we need to get ellis at dt and van dyke is better than yall give him credit for. he was considered a 4th and we get him mid 3rd. kiper thinks he outplayed harris for what its worth. matthews might be the next pick. if namdi is gone along with huff we will get 3rd rnde picks for nam and maybe a 4th for huff.

  • Carl Weathers

    50.aig-raiders Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:33 pm
    effin Al. We should have known about Van Dyke.


    We were talking about him yesterday! I looked up the top 10 40 times at the combine and there was good ol Andy Van Slyke.

  • bcz24

    Kiper just said Van Dyke played very well in 2010, and even outplayed Brandon Harris… still dont like the pick. He seems too small to play our bump and run coverage. Could be decent in a nickle situation maybe

  • Bauce Rules

    Terrappin lol well some CBs Al drafted stunk….but im rolling with Al

  • severeraiderz

    YoungAmerican Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:40 pm
    Head —-> wall.

    Van Dyke couldn’t even crack the starting lineup for Miami last season.

    last year he started and he had a pretty good year

  • noteasilyimpressed

    Remember, the Raiders have another pick at 92 I think.

  • Bauce Rules

    Armond….if we get Ellis….u better bring ur ass to da games this year bruh. I got a nice bottle of Clear Remy for ya!

  • Roch R

    Why is it we always seem to trade with the Pats??? Seriously WHY always the Pats?

  • ohioraider

    Where’s Father Pride & Poise?? C’mon, stop crying about the Wis pick and defend this! Your genius guru struck again!

  • severeraiderz

    KoolKell Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 6:42 pm
    Wow, 175 lb Conerback. Al Davis’ crooked fingers are all over that one.

    I guess he surrendered #48 to Jackson.

    If by surrendered you mean he let jackson call the player, because that was a poor pick in terms of value

  • jmcclain

    Bet you al told hue ” ok ill give you the first pick but im making the second pick “. Then comes dyke.

  • A pencil necked NFL Cornerback?

  • priesttj

    Van Dyke is quality depth he’s 6’1′ 185 can run like the wind and is similar to Stanford Routt not as big but has great cover skills not very physical. Has makeup speed but is aggressive in coverage. I like this kid we just took him about a rnd too high IMO.

  • J Hill

    How did we end up with another 3rd rd pick?