Ausberry closes it out in seventh


The Raiders’ final choice is USC wide receiver David Ausberry, who at 6-foot-3, 241 pounds will probably be looked at as a tight end or fullback.

A wide receiver compared to Mike Williams who was moved to tight end as a senior, had 64 catches for 700 yards and seven touchdowns for his career.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chris in NY

    81.raidertbone Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Bauce Rules Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Chris sorry but i cant roll with that…….grads is garbage and Al agrees. Chains moving? Um we saw more evidence of that with JC as qb. Points? How bout wins? How about our best games were never with Grad? And JC didnt lose his job the Miami game he had it stolen by idiot Cable and what happened?

    Bauce – you are spot on! It’s easy to cheer on a guy who is a folk hero on the bench (but made of glass on the field). When he came into the games, he had nothing to lose – except for his health, of course! I always liked Grads for his big heart — but that was about it. I like Jason – I think he’ll be even better in year two (especially with an improved O-line). I’d be shaky too if I had Carlisle and Satele watching my back!


    Hard for him to be any worse and remain the starter.

    Satele was arguably our best o-lineman last year.

    Campbell has no willingness to make tough throws in traffic. He stands there for the obligatory 3 seconds before looking to the RB or TE outlet so he can dump the ball off — which is where he was going with it from the beginning.

    Bring in Vince. Re-sign Grads.

  • Thec, this is only the draft, lets see who we lose and who is available before we make too many assumptions here first! ok?

  • Bauce Rules

    Im just gonna roll with Al….fk it. I been here all my life….what Im gonna jump ship now?

  • ohioraider

    # Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    A+ draft for Coach and getting who he could. Awesome.
    Very objective analysis. Who is this, John Herrera? Get a grip douche. You’re an ahole. Couldn’t give the old geezer more than a C- for this predictable fiasco, and only that because of Wisniewski. What a moron.

  • Thec07

    Butch Lewis is a very strong youngster. Athletic for his size… M ost of the trenchmen on both sides of the ball for SC are pro ready…

  • The Raiders don’t need to stop the run. This team will light it up like the Saints Super Bowl team.

  • ohioraider

    # Thec07 Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    806, I liked that we got trenchmen…We needed to address stopping the run….We did not…
    If Williams is avalible we need to bring him in ASAP…
    I dont trust Hendu to last a full season….

    Oh yeah and C- on the draft….
    Exactly right grade. God help us. When is this old douche gonna slip off the mortal plane?

  • Thec07


  • Man I would have loved, if we had kept Cable as our Draft superviser…

  • Harder2000

    Should add him then! Priority UFA! Besides, Butch is a cool name for a Football player!

  • Bauce Rules

    Thats false chris….JC stood in the pocket many times to throw it. He got creamed last year. Grad isnt coming back so you can forget that. The offensecan use more stuff with JC IN VS grad and you even know that. Seen grad throw it up the field? Lol laughable. And he is undersized with bad accuracy and bad decision making

  • What surprises me is the draft day is over and already the experts on here have doom and gloom. How come you aren’t on the Raiders scouting team? I’m good with this draft, addressed needs, made this team in a better place than last year, I see progress.

  • Raiders for life

    A+ draft for Coach and getting who he could. Awesome.
    Very objective analysis. Who is this, John Herrera? Get a grip douche. You’re an ahole. Couldn’t give the old geezer more than a C- for this predictable fiasco, and only that because of Wisniewski. What a moron



  • raidertbone

    I would go C+ on the draft, but this is ALL speculation. I just think of several Hall of Famers who were never drafted, and then players like JaWalrus who went #1 overall, and others like Akili Smith and Kijana Carter who went high, then went out! Time will tell, but I am glad we are adding bodies in the defensive backfield to account for the impending loss of Nnamdi.

  • ohioraider

    I like you guys still obsessing about the offense. Here’s the reality: RUN DEFENSE RANKED 29TH LAST YEAR. CRAZY AL STANDS PAT.

  • Bauce Rules

    And Chris in JC LAST FIVE STARTS he started to pull ball down and run. Actually is a better scrambler than Grad quiet as kept. Cant deny this fact and WRs in those last five games got TD RECEPTIONS…..coincidence? i think not

  • Harder2000

    Byron Bell, David Mims and Butch Lewis should all be brought in as Priority UFA’s imo! Size and mean streak to the Oline, should help improve the depth, size and power of the line in the future!

  • beast 21

    My two cents

    2nd rd- young Wiz C/G – plug in starter/great work ethic and is a BIGGER CENTER/ DON’T GIVE ME THAT CRAP THAT HE’S JUST LIKE SAMSON SATELE

    3rd rd- Demarcus Van Dyke CB – Questioned this pick but felt some relief a little better once Mel Kiper said he thought Van Dyke outplayed Brandon Harris lol… Think he’ll be OK but 1 rd to high for me/does a solid job covering but his ass better hit the weight room think he could add at least 10 pounds/ has potential tho/NEEDS WORK/ breaks up a good amount of passes and has great length

    3rd rd- Barksdale OT- Highly needed player/Played solid at LSU and is a mauler/technique just needs to be consistent

    4th rd- Chimdi Chekwa CB- C’mon man there was Jalil Brown there… Anyways the guy is solid not too bad but technique is needed… shows good flashes but needs work

    4th rd- Taiwan Jones RB- Dude’s a beast/luxury pick/not a need but glad he’s on our team

    5th rd- Denarius Moore WR- FINALLY a dude who can catch.. THIS PICK was a great one… Value/Plus the dude was a huge sleeper/If he had a good QB his stats would have been a lot higher/ love the pick

    6th rd- Richard Gordon TE- AGAIN questioned this pick but we do need a blocking TE and from what my source(friend that loves the U/not actual source)says he has a lot of potential just wasn’t used right and injuries.

    7th rd- David Ausberry WR/TE/FB- PHYSICAL player that moves the chains

    Check him out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=641DZvz2dcw&feature=player_embedded#at=96

    Alright with work/hope/ and prayers these picks will succeed lol jk


  • Bauce Rules

    Im not digging that we havent got a young NT for future….it bothers me no doubt

  • ohioraider

    # 860Todd Christensen Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    What surprises me is the draft day is over and already the experts on here have doom and gloom. How come you aren’t on the Raiders scouting team? I’m good with this draft, addressed needs, made this team in a better place than last year, I see progress.
    I’m not interested in your uncritical team support. Put up or shut up. Did this draft put us over the hump in terms of making the playoffs? If so, how? And what’s your prediction for this season?

  • Bauce Rules

    And we need another DE….scott is coming of acl injury and will not be 100 pct

  • JB

    Kevin Booth was originally drafted by the Raiders. He was a power blocking guard who was let go (to the NY Giants) because we switched to ZBS. Now we are going back to Power blocking and Booth is a FA. Do we bring him back home? I say yes.

  • Nnamdi21

    Transformer! More than meets the eye! lol

    Its kind of a long shot but so was Reece right?


    “A viable homerun threat from the Fullback position coukld “transform” the game.”

    That will be intersting to watch. Hope it happens.

  • Bauce Rules


  • Bauce Rules

    You have a connection to Ohio…..more than likely are depressed as most are who have any linking to that place

  • noteasilyimpressed

    McFadden, Bush, Taiwan Jones =

    Csonka, Kiick, Mercury Morris

  • OHIO, til this team can talk to its players, your reteric is unfounded. Go back to the Donkys.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Al said it wasn’t the defense but the coaching/play calling that made the D bad….hence, no need to upgrade the D, just hire a mediocre retread coach.

    All the girls who keep crying about the run D said just like the pathetic commentators who keep mentioning Al and his “love of speed”.

    We know, so you can quit posting it.

  • noteasilyimpressed

    This draft filled most of their needs, Raider Nation!
    Guarantee you that HuJack will be pulling all types of plays out of his you-know-what and the Raiders will be amongst the top teams in offensive categories across the board. He will utilize every draft pick.

  • Raiders for life

    I guess Al is happy with his QB’s….I’m still not sold on JC. and definetly not with Boller. Oh well.

  • RFL, it is what it is, lets see how things shake out, Al may not be done. Is he ever?

  • JB

    One of the two Smith QB’s, Alex or Troy) will end up in Oakland as the #2 QB.

  • JB

    Probably Troy Smith as he & HuJack have history.

  • Nnamdi21

    JB Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 5:18 pm
    Probably Troy Smith as he & HuJack have history.


    which is why he won’t.

    126. Sweet…



  • Dirt, if he brings Britt with him, sign him!

  • raidertbone

    April 30th, 2011 at 5:21 pm


    Mike Brown is a stubborn old bastard, and he has said all along that he is not going to release Palmer. Having said that, there is always a price on everything and WHO in the NFL is willing to horrendously overspend every year to bring in players who are past their prime? Dan Snyder of the Redskins. I think it’ll either be an NFC team or shuffleboard for Carson.

  • SnB Production

    At least the Bengals will be able to get some amount of compensation if they lose Palmer.

    Asomugha was let go for nothing……I wish we traded Asomugha for a top tier linebacker…or something


    JaJason sucks.

    Anyone that watched the Tenn, St Lou, Pitt and SF games last season should know that he’s a complete stiff.

    His performance against SF has to rank among the most inept QB outings ever.

    His gutless slide in Tenn should sicken any Raider or football fan.

    His first half against St Louis was so bad the Raids had to bench him.

    He looked like a scared little girl against Pitt.

    He absolutely sucked for almost the entire first KC game as well. Took Jacoby Ford and a miracle to win that.

    And you guys are prepared to roll into 2011 with just this POS and Boller ?

    Forget about whether Grads is better or not. That’s no longer an issue if Davis has decided Grads can’t stay healthy or get it done.

    The issue now is WTF do the Raiders do to get a QB to step in for JaJason when he fails, gets benched or gets knocked out ? And he WILL fail.

    The draft might have provided an alternative for late in the 2011 season or 2012 – but that didn’t happen.

    So the ONLY answer now is free agency or trade.

    Me, I take a chance on Vince Young. Guy was a winner in college and most importantly he’s been a winner in the NFL.

    Best of all, he doesn’t cost a damn thing.

    No draft picks. Nada. You just sign him.

    If he can’t get his head on straight you lost some cash and a roster spot. BFD.

    But if he gets his act together he’s light years better than JaJason.

    The Raids could hope to sign a stop-gap like McNabb, Palmer, or Boller.

    Or pay a ransom for an overrated stiff like Kevin Kolb. Or surrender picks for a guy like Matt Flynn.

    Of course there is one advantage to going with JaJason in 2011. They’ll be one of the favorites to win the right to draft Andrew Luck.

    Every cloud has a Silver and Black lining !

    JaJason sucks.

  • zopi

    Predictably, many Nation dwellers in this blog are already predicting the worse for the team as soon as the draft is over, 4 months before the season starts. Way to go on your highly subjective meters.

    Obviously, in any other season even the most paranoid fanatic could predict any which way, but this season is totally different. No one knows what is going to happen with the new CBA, free agency, and player movement. Even if the lockout is resolved. With the way the NFL has handled the CBA fiasco, fans can only expect the worst.

    What one can easily predict is that once the new CBA is set and the new rules are drawn there will be an unprecedented amount of player movement. Some body posted a potential FA list, but that was only minimal and only shows notable players. I can see Mr. Davis easily upgrading the gaps with decent FA signings.

    Before issuing any grades on the draft and doomsday predictions, could we wait until pre-season games, whenever that happens, to issue any judgment on the future of the Raiders?

  • raidertbone

    I am anxious to see (and hear) that fat-ass Warren Sapp and his predictions this year on Raiders games. I burned his jersey for reason — and I hope the Silver and Black burns him every week … of course, then he’ll start calling them “my Raiders” again! POS!

  • Dhidee99

    Great draft by the Oakland Raiders!!!!

  • Dhidee99

    Looking at how we drafted I think we went after a guys who will help us in the near future rather than career type players. For example the tight end out of Miami its “obvious” he was brought in to help out on special teams and the 2TE sets that the Raiders like to play in no need to have Khalif Barnes out there now for extra protection or special plays for a linemen. This tightend was a dominate force on Kick off coverage too while at Miami. Now I would like to talk about Taiwan Jones, last year when RunDMC was hurt the running game was not the same even with Micheal Bush starting. Bush takes awhile to be a factor in games. So with this pick we still have our 1-2 punch If RUNDMC gets hurt and I believe Taiwan jones will be a better Third down Back than Cartwright. As far as the wideout drafted from Tenn. sooner or later we are going to strike gold at this postition will see. If not this year this guy can be a great gunner on punt returns.

  • raidertbone

    If Ausberry makes the team, it will be a as a special teamer.