Chemdi Chekwa interview


A conference call interview with Ohio State corner Chemdi Chekwa, selected in the fourth round (No. 125 overall) by the Raiders:

Hints that the Raiders might be calling

“Not really. I knew they were interested in taking a corner. I didn’t know if it was specifically me or whoever. I’m just happy to be a part of the Raiders. I was just waiting by that phone, got that phone call and I’m glad they welcomes me to the Raiders organization.’’

Strengths relative to outside corner or slot corner

“Whatever they want me to be. I think I can do both. I did both in college. I think I’ll be ready to do whatever they ask me to do.’’

Amount of pre-draft contact from Raiders

“I spoke to them at the combine. They had contact with my agent and were in touch. I didn’t go there and meet or work out with them. At the end of the day I’m happy they picked me at all. I’m happy about it. ‘’

Needed areas of improvement

“Not in particular. I think I have to continue to get better and continue to work on what the Raiders like to do …. I’m just going to continue to train and get better and be ready to go once the lockout ends and I’m ready to go out there.’’

Comfort level playing man to man

“ I think I’m good at that. I’m a corner. That’s what I do. I’ve been there, I’ve played zone. I do whatever they ask of me.’’

Amount of man-to-man played at Ohio State

“We played a lot of man. We played zone coverages, we played man, we mixed it up. We played some zones where one corner was playing man and the rest of the team would be playing zone. We do a lot of different things at Ohio State but we played a lot of man.’’

The chance to be coached by Rod Woodson

“It’s a good opportunity. When I once met with the Raiders at the combine I also met with him. That would be a good opportunity. I think he will really do a good job helping me grow as a corner and I’m excited about it.”

Expect Raiders to be interested because of your speed

“No, you know, so many thoughts go through your mind during the draft, you know, that I’m just excited that they reached out and drafted me at pick 113 and happy to be a part of this organization.”
Possibility of helping replace Nnamdi Asomugha

“I’m not getting ahead of myself right now. Really at this point I’m just trying to go out there and compete for a position, continue to get better, continue to work on my craft, and be ready to play once I go up there and once it’s time to play in the NFL.”

Understanding of contact with coaches after today

“It’s very limited. There not really a lot because at this point I’m just gonna go back and training trying to get better and once the lockout ends, then I’ll be ready to the OTA’s and things of that nature.”

Where are you going to train?

“I’ll be training up in Columbus Ohio, at my school with the rest of the guys after the draft.”
Condition of injured wrist

“It’s not 100 percent now. I’ll probably be cleared in a couple weeks. And I’ll continue to do rehab like catching the football, I can do everything but full contact for right now. I’ll be cleared in a couple weeks and I’m excited about it.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • GG

    Last pick coming any minute now.

  • This team needs some more speed. I hope we get another fast guy with the seventh pick.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    Drum roll….

  • Raiders for life

    Pick #7 comming up. Pat Devlin?

  • YoungAmerican

    This is one of the fastest Raider drafts in recent memory. DVD, Chekwa, Jones and Moore? Damn.

  • RaiderRetribution

    all compensatory picks so no more trades, only 2 picks to go for the Raiders #241,

  • Kirk

    202 A.B.


  • hendu

    A.B., thanks for confirming,Tim was the first to come to mind,sure are many more! RAIDERS

  • RaiderRetribution

    Devlin that’sa right he is still available, but I still like Beal with this pick.

  • Bauce Rules

    pick is in

  • RaiderRetribution

    Lefeged maybe

  • GG

    lol they went to the break on purpose, they mentioned someone wrote in about always going to the break when the raiders were up and they “lol’d”

  • Another WR!

  • GG

    David Ausberry WR

  • hendu

    Is another Bo Jackson ready to step up,7th round? RAIDERS!!!!!!

  • YoungAmerican

    6’3, 230lb WR/FB/TE.

  • He only runs a 4.6 40, WTF.

  • Bauce Rules

    Camp fodder wr lol….guess we gotta wait for udfa blaine sumner or wait til 2012…..run d shall be no higher than 25th

  • YoungAmerican

    Ausberry = Marcel Reece clone?

  • Bauce Rules

    Well i hope Tommy kelly gets a high ankle sprain in preseason so Hendu and Seymour can start

  • Kirk

    Scouts descibe him as Mike Williams without the speed.


  • RaiderKen

    He switched to TE guy’s a project.

  • Guy
  • RaiderRetribution

    Ausberry must be Gordon & Moore’s backup.

  • Kirk

    USC, Al’s school.

    Al drafted him as a favor to his school.

  • RaiderRetribution

    not one linebacker,

    hey that mean Mr. Sam Williams & Mr. Ricky Brown will still have a roster spot.

  • Bauce Rules

    Al will never give a full damn what outsiders think….he will do it his way

  • priesttj

    Guys I know you’ll think I’m joking but I absolutely LOVE the David Ausberry pick he is a 240 lbs. WR about 6’4″ and can run. he is fluid and a possesion type guy who didn’t play much at USC. but I’ve talked to a particular scout for us about him many times and I cannot believe he got him in.

    He is a lot like Marcel Reece very similar H-back type guy. He mad esome tough catches for USC in some big games but for some reason the staff didn’t play him a lot.

    I’m telling ya’ this is NOT a trow away pick it’s exact;y the kind of pick we do well with………I’m in disbelief right now that he remembered this kid. and got him.

  • GoodOle00

    Charlie Casserly NFLN:

    “Excellent technician…pro ready on the offensive line”

    Hope Wizzer anchors the O.

    We win when we have great Centers.


    RaiderDuck Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 2:14 pm
    Good grief.

    Every year we have to go through “But we’ll just diiiiieeeeee if we don’t draft this here NT from BFE State in the 7th Round! He’s all All-Pro for sure!”

    The NT proceeds to spend a year on the Practice Squad of whatever team takes him, then cuts next Training Camp.


    Agree 100%. Some of these comments are pure entertainment.

  • noteasilyimpressed

    McFadden, Bush, Taiwan Jones=

    Csonka, Kiick, Mercury Morris