Hue Jackson highlights

Highlights from Saturday’s sessions with coach Hue Jackson on the final day of the draft:

If any potential picks got away

“There’s always a couple guys you go, wow, you know, that you might’ve wished would have fell, or right when you’re picking that you could have picked. But I am extremely happy with every guy that we were able to put on our football team. As I said yesterday, you have a process, you have a board. And I truly believe that you play true to your board. If a guy goes off that you wanted, that’s why you evaluate all these guys. You take the next guy. You take the next guy that’s on your board, based on your evaluation and your judgment, and that’s what we were able to do, and that’s what we got done.”

Ausberry’s position _ tight end or wide receiver

“He’s a really unique athlete. Because guy’s over 6-3, he’s 240-plus pounds, runs really fast, 4.56, can catch. We’re gonna find out exactly what we need to do with him. We’re gonna bring him in here as a receiver. But obviously this guy has room for growth. I mean, this guy could get up to 255, 260 pounds. And who knows, he might be an unbelievable tight end. But to me, those are the kind of guys you find in the seventh round, who have that potential, who has the measurables, the size, the speed combination, and now it’s just a matter of us coaching this young man and seeing what he can be.”

Addressing needs on offensive line, secondary

“I think they were needs, based on where we were, based on some uncertainty about what’s going on in the league right now. And I think we addressed them as well as we could. I mean, we are putting two very strong, bid-bodied offensive linemen on our football team who love to play the game. We’ve addressed our secondary concerns, if there were any, with two players that are extremely gifted and talented, that are big, long guys who can really run. So there’s no question, I think we came into this with some thoughts that we wanted… as I told you guys, I think is a very talented team. I didn’t think we had a ton of holes to fill. But there were some things that we needed to get done, and we were able to get those things done.”

Concern of Richard Gordon’s meager receiving stats

“Some tight ends in college, they don’t get the ball very much. Because when you play — probably at the University of Miami, they throw the ball down the field to some of those big, tall receivers that can really run, or the small guys that can run, so they keep those guys in for protection. But when you get to evaluate the tape, you know, the workout tape, the game tape, and you see a guy can catch, can make plays, but also block at the point of attack, it makes that guy very enticing. And he was a tremendous pick for us. I’m very excited about him, because he has nothing but upside.’’

How to interpret only corners being chosen for the defense

“I expect us to be one of the best defenses in football. And I’m not just saying that. I believe that. We have some tremendous, tremendous players over there. Cornerback here for the Oakland Raiders will always be a position that we address. We love guys who can cover, we love guys who can run, we love guys who are athletes, who can play several different spots back there in the secondary, but I think the message that’s sent is that we’re pretty solid over there on that side of the football. I feel that way. I think our staff, our organization feels that way, but we wanted to make sure that we continued to grow in the secondary. I don’t think you can ever have enough good corners, you know, guys who can cover different types of offenses as they put out there, and we were able to address that.’’

Guidelines for contacting undrafted rookie free agents

“(No contact). That is still being determined by the league. And again, until that rule is known, there’s nothing we can do. When they say the draft is over, everything is over, and that’s what every team in this league has to do at this point in time. . . . Right now, there will be no phone calls. Right now, when the league says, ‘Stop shop,’ we’re stopping shop.

Denarius Moore in contrast to receivers already on roster

“Well, he runs 4.42, he’s tall, he makes plays, he’s very athletic. I see him as a guy who is maybe a little different than some of the guys we have because this guy is different in that he is coming from Tennessee, from the SEC, which I think is a very good school and he’s proven that he can make plays from anywhere on the field. One that you guys can see that we’ve done is infuse our offensive team with even more talent. More guys that can make football plays. If a guy can make a play, I want him on this team. Because that’s the name of the game, you gotta go out and make plays. We have guys that can make plays; the Jacoby Fords, the Louis Murphys, the Darrius Heyward-Beys. Those guys can make plays but I am still searching for anybody that can help this team win, I’m looking for them and this guy can.”

Running back and return specialist not a need but drafting Taiwan Jones

“How do you pass up a guy that can make plays like that? As I keep saying, you find a special talent, a guy that can score touchdowns as often and as fast as he can, and if he is sitting there, it’s hard to pass up those kinds of guys. I wouldn’t pass him up and we didn’t pass him up. I mean, he’s on our football team. This guy is a tremendous, tremendous football player and he is something special. So when you talk about need, need sometimes is important and I think we addressed those needs but also just the talent alone, you cannot pass up a guy that can make a play on your football team. Especially when they’re sitting on that board.”

Differences between Van Dyke and Chekwa

“Both of them can play corner but one’s a little bigger than the other as far as weight’s concerned. They both run extremely well. One’s in the 4.2’s, the other in the 4.3’s. One will play right and the other will play left, that’s obvious. But they’re guys who demonstrate the characteristics that we look for. They can play man coverage, they can get up in the line of scrimmage with some very good receivers that we’re gonna face in our division. They can line up with the big guys and obviously that’s the question that you guys have, ‘can he really line up with Vincent Jackson and go play the guy’ well that’s yet to be seen. But we’re going to coach this guy, again I have two of the best secondary coaches in football in Rod Woodson and Kevin Ross and we’re going to get these young men ready to play.”

Getting playbooks to players during brief period where lockout lifted

“Oh boy, I was trying to get them as much information as I could. Oh man, I don’t know how much we were able to give them before the league said ‘stop’, but I know that we were trying to do everything that we could within the rules to make sure that we got our players the information that they needed.”

NOTE: Tight end Brandon Myers said Friday he didn’t receive a playbook but expected to get one Monday.

If playbook is dramatically different than a year ago

“No, not for the most part. The expectation is different, you know, and how they prepare with that playbook, but there’s no question that our player are… I hope when we come back and we hit the ground, a lot of our guys know exactly where we are and what we’re trying to accomplish on offense, defense, and special teams.”

Comfort level at safety with Huff possibly out of the picture

“I think I feel very comfortable where we are at safety. Obviously I can’t comment on the player you just mentioned because the rules won’t allow me to. But know this, I hope we can get every last one of our players back that are sitting out there because I think they’re good football players. We drafted them, they were here, and we’d love to keep them here.”

If some players are taken off the board regardless of talent if they don’t appear serious enough about football

“There’s no question. Everybody can’t wear the silver and black. Just like everybody can’t wear other teams’ jerseys. We look for specific type of player to play for us. And obviously the measureables are important. We want the guy as big as he can be, as fast as he can be, as agile as he can be. But at the end of the day, he’s got to want to play football. And that’s what it comes down to. You got to like the toughness, the physical nature of this sport, and if you don’t like that, you don’t have a chance to be very successful in this league. All these young men that are on this team this season, and you alluded to last year, and that’s all I can speak to because these are the only two years that I’ve been here, they like to play football. That’s what this is truly all about. You got to want to come to work in this building each and every day and prepare and go to practice and compete and then go out there whether it’s Thursday, Sunday, Monday and play as well as you can to give this organization and team a chance to win.”

Chekwa’s ability to play safety

“He’s like you said a guy that plays in the Big Ten and the Big Ten is known for running teams and all that. But I think he can do anything we need him to do. obviously we’re going to play him at corner. The guy has an unbelievable skill set because he’s a big guy, he’s a physical guy. He can get up in your face and put his hands on you and redirect you and get after you and run. So if wee needed him someplace else we’ll find that out as we move forward. But right now he’s just going to play corner for us.’’

How special teams was helped by draft

“If you take a look at all these players that are on our team, they’re all athletes who can run, who are big-bodied guys who love the game. And I think anytime you put a collection of athletes together like that they have an opportunity to play a multitude of different things. And obviously special teams is a huge part of what we do here. There’s offense, defense and specials teams and I truly feel that guys who can contribute on offense and defense should be able to contribute on special teams, too. Now all won’t based on decision that we make, based on their opportunity and skill set but all these guys have a chance to lineup and contribute. Whether it be the field goal team, whether it be the punt team, whether it be the kickoff team, kickoff return team. All of these guys have a chance to be a part of our special teams.’’

His assessment of this year’s quarterback draft class

“ I think it was a class that had some guys that were good players, the Gabberts, I thought was a tremendous talent. I know Jake Locker went first to Tennessee and obviously he’s very talented. It wasn’t as strong in my opinion as some past years. In my opinion I didn’t see Sam Bradford, I didn’t see Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan. That’s just kind of the way I see it. That’s just my opinion. I just think there were more guys who have an opportunity to ascend and become very good players as you continue to go through the years with them. Obviously the truth for a quarterback is to get on a team that is going to give you an opportunity to showcase your talents and abilities. Most quarterbacks when you’re drafted you don’t get that opportunity sometimes. You get plugged into a system that you’ve never seen. You get plugged in a terminology you’ve never heard of before and it can be difficult for a quarterback. Is this one of the stronger classes that’s been around? I don’t know that. But is it overall as so many guys have gone a pretty good class? I think that’s yet to be determined.’’

Drafting players such as Van Dyke and Gordon with something to prove

“To me that’s the kind of player you want. You want the hungry player who has something to prove, who is interested going out showcasing his talents and his abilities and letting everybody else know you made a mistake. Both of those young men are very eager to show Raider nation, to show our team, their teammates, this organization that we made the correct choice. I truly believe that. I think a hungry player is a good player because they do have something to prove. I’m looking forward to watching these guys compete and play.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB Production

    This team hasn’t had a dominant secondary in years. It has strung along a secondary that looks good on paper but was never a difference maker

    Go with a more pedestrian secondary and invest the Nnamdi money in a top notch difference maker at WLB and a backup NT.

  • J Hill

    who’s behind Quentin Groves, Wimbley and John Henderson?


    Those guys are all pretty much penciled in as starters. Goethel is behind Groves and Wimbley at LB, at Bryant and Houston are the depth at DT.

    Meanwhile, Chris Johnson is hardly penciled in as a starter, and I certainly hope it stays that way.

    When we faced teams that put 3WRs and a Jamal Charles in the pattern, we need CBs covering those guys instead of Ss and LBs.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Agree with stopping the run… Disagree with the drop of talent between Nnamdi and Routt. Nnamdi is a once in a generation corner stuck in a 1970s D. Routt is a track athlete. Nn is poised to become a D PofY ala Woodson. Routt is not even in Terrey McDaniel’s level.

  • J Hill


    How about we get our offense more consistant so we can play the defense that we were built for?

  • aig-raiders

    Macho Man Randy Savage Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Interesting that hue says the raiders look for big & fast, and how other teams look for other qualities. Steelers: mean & physical….

    I agree 100%. Why are the Steelers D so good year after year? They just flat out draft high motor football players who produced in college. Lamar Woodley didnt have good combine numbers nor the chiseled body but he was a high producer at Michigan. Turned out pretty good. This year they took Heyward, who was a captain on Ohio St. and is a high motor football player. Ziggy Hood didnt have great combine numbers either and he’s turning out to be a nasty player too. We focus so much on combine numbers that we hit 1 homerun for every 10 we miss.

  • SnB Production


    Any defense can look good if the offense is putting up 25 to 30 a game….but that’s not realistic until the WRs and Jason Campbell step up their game….and of course the O-Line, which was addressed.

    I just think CBs are a dime a dozen. I would have rather seen the 3rd and 4th go to OLBs and NTs

    By the way, I don’t believe that Desmond Bryant spells Henderson at all. Bryant is a 3-tech just like Seymour and Kelly…read penetrating to get to the QB.

    The Raiders need another younger version of Henderson to develop and get in the rotation. Right now Henderson is the only gap stuffing guy we got and that’s not good enough

  • Chris in NY

    Happy with the draft. Wish we had done something to bolster the QB position, but perhaps Al has something planned in free agency or trade to chase Vince Young, McNabb, Kolb or someone else to upgrade that spot long term.

  • SnB Production

    And if the offense is putting up big points…you don’t need to spend any money on the defense.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    The last time our D was good was when Gannon was ripping the league a new one. This strategy of stocking up to stop the pass would work if we had PRivers manning the O. Our O is designed for the run.

  • Chris in NY

    Really intrigued by Wisniewski, Jones and Moore. For some reason I can just picture a Moore-Murphy tandem for years to come.

  • aig-raiders

    I have no problems with drafting 2 Olinemen that will start this year. Guarantee you that Barksdale will start unless he pulls a Quentin Grove 2008 3rd round pick and gets cut.

    Seriously, what were alot of us (me included) thinking hoping that Al would bring in another QB? That would mean putting pressure on JaChoke and we know he doesnt do well with someone behind him. Al is giving JC every opportunity avail to succeed this year by not having any QB controversy nor competition behind him.

  • Carl Weathers

    For some reason when I read Hue’s comments I hear them in a Dan Reeves voice…

  • CJ Legend 34

    I don’t see how some of you can say DBs are a dime a dozen, that is just false,period!

    When have we had a successful Raider team that did not have lock down corners? If I recall last year our blitz was pretty good putting presure on the QB we just need better run stop on the D. Don’t forget our returning rookies should be better now as well.

    We have a young team getting better and I think Hue has what it takes to be a good coach in this league and attract more talent. He is respected by other players in the league. It will be nice to get other free agents that want to play for the guy rather than players that just want to rob Al every year.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    JCamp is your ideal QB if your D is the 2000 Ravens. The Raiders have never won a SB with D, Al is about scoring points and defending the pass, very 21st century, yet not very successfull. We need a QB, simple as that.

  • CJ Legend 34

    We had to get DBs in this draft. If Nnamdi leaves which it looks lik he is gone along with Huff we need replacements.

    Like I said before it takes corners about three years to get comfortable in the Raiders system. Like Hall or not he made the probowl and he came in and was just lost playing man to man defense. He needed that zone to feel comfortable and if I recall he runse about a 4.4 40 but he could not operate alone on the island. You have to gorow in the system. Nam said the same thing, I hate to see him go.

  • CJ Legend 34

    J Camp caught fire last year and looked pretty good. He can place the ball where WRs can make plays on the ball. I think he gets a bad rap to much. When Grads got hurt he came in and took advantage of the situation. I think he will have a good year.

    By the way J Camp is not as bad as Trent Dilfer. I can’t let you go there.
    114.Macho Man Randy Savage Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:24 pm
    JCamp is your ideal QB if your D is the 2000 Ravens. The Raiders have never won a SB with D, Al is about scoring points and defending the pass, very 21st century, yet not very successfull. We need a QB, simple as that.

  • Carl Weathers

    This draft seems to make most of our free agents expendable.

  • CJ Legend 34

    All you Campbell haters are the same ones still mad that they did not keep the greatest second string starting QB of all times Grads out to play the whole year.

    I guess you would be happy if Campbell was another Jamarcus Russell so you could justify your follishness in your next post.

    We have not seen decent QB play as decent as Campbell’s in his last games than Gannon. Please don’t get stupid and say Grads so I can LMAO!!!!

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    CJ, cmon man, JCamp is a 170 yd per hame QB. That would be awesome if our D could keep it below 4yds per rush, unfort our D suxs & we need a high svoring O. JCamp is not a 30 pt per game QB. So you can change Als D mentality or the QB.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Raiders r about winning SBs. You need a QB, a friggin real QB, a Stabler, a Gannon, a Brady Manning Brees Rothlis Rodgers….. Or a mean ax D!

  • Kirk

    We need a QB, an offensive line, and a defensive line.

    When are we going to stop the run?

  • lefty12

    It is kind of ironic that to some the Ravens are the model team they want to emulate yet they have only won 1(one) SB,and even that was a fluke.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    As long as Al is, we never stoping the run. Better hope DHB scores a bunch

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    The Ravens arent perfect. Yet their D is Als wet dream.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    For petes sakes, ed reed even looks like Tatum

  • lefty12

    Many Raider fans look up to the Ravens and think they are this great franchise yet one of their players cheated and stole a possible SB from us yet these same fans hate the Patriots because an official cheated and stole a possible SB from us.Where is the logic in that?

  • aig-raiders

    The Ravens is a GREAT D team. They just could never find the right QB to complement that team. Now that they seem to have a QB, their D is no longer the dominant D that once put fear into everyone. Give ’em their dues.

    Let’s not cheapen this thing by bringing Grad up. Grad is gone and let’s judge JC on his own. He didnt much last year. When our team played well, we looked good. When we needed him to carry us, he couldnt. When JC was putting up 3k yds in Wash, his offense avg 16.6 points per game. Let’s call it what it is. JC will have every opportunity to carry the team and lead them to the playoff this year. We all know that nothing short of 9-7 or 10-6 will be acceptable to the Raider Nation. No excuses this year.

  • aig-raiders

    Surely we can all agree that the QB gets all the credit for wins and he will get the blame for all losses. This year JC will have zero competition so he will either gets the blame or praise depending on our record.

  • mikedlopes

    We stopped the run last year, what you guys talkin’ about. We only ranked 29th because Manning and Tebow juked us for 100 yards.

  • lefty12

    AIG-phuck the Ravens.If they hadn’t cheated against us,they NEVER would have won a SB,period.The Raiders have never modeled themselves after them and hopefully never will.If fans are so in love with them and the way they build and run their team then follow them instead of coming here daily and complaining because the Raiders aren’t them.They build their team around their D,so does Tenn. and between them the only SB win they have is when their fat NT cheated and knocked our pro-bowl QB out of the game.I’m tired of people of so called Raider fans talking about the great Ravens.

  • BloodRaider

    What was the deal with the trade with the Patriots? Around pick 80 we make a trade with the Pats for their 3ed #92 and 4th #125 in exchange for our 2nd next year and our 7th #219 pick. So we make the trade and wait 10-12 pick until we can use the pick, what if Barksdale was gone by #92. Why did we jump the gun early instead of waiting until #92 to see if our guy was there? Any official explanation?

  • mikedlopes

    Patriots are so f***ing swollen with picks and talent it’s ridiculous.

    Then once the Lions get a secondary, they’re going to be ripped too.

  • aig-raiders


    You’re trying to use conventional logic on an Al Davis trade. Never gonna make any sense and will make you go crazy. Al is Al. It is what it is. Even Belicheat said it was the strangest trade he’d been involved in.

  • aig-raiders

    Sometimes I think the Pats out do themselves as in the case of not retaining Seymour. They do have a lot of picks but I felt like they passed on a very good RB in Ingram and DE in DaQuan Bowers. With all those picks, they could have took a risk on Bowers.

    I love the Lions draft. They are gonna be so darn scary. How the heck did Fairley drop to them at 13. He doubled Dareus’s tackle for loss. He outplayed him in their big game. A classic case of Suh vs McCoy and experts chose McCoy for his combine numbers. BS to me. Fairley will outplay Dareus this year.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Davis The Realist Dirty Raccoon

    Evenin NATION.

    What # will Wiz wear? 76? 67? 61?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Davis The Realist Dirty Raccoon

    134.aig-raiders Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 11:51 pm
    Sometimes I think the Pats out do themselves as in the case of not retaining Seymour. They do have a lot of picks but I felt like they passed on a very good RB in Ingram and DE in DaQuan Bowers. With all those picks, they could have took a risk on Bowers.

    I love the Lions draft. They are gonna be so darn scary. How the heck did Fairley drop to them at 13. He doubled Dareus’s tackle for loss. He outplayed him in their big game. A classic case of Suh vs McCoy and experts chose McCoy for his combine numbers. BS to me. Fairley will outplay Dareus this year.


    Agreed. Lions, and Tampa have built realy good D line’s very fast.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Davis The Realist Dirty Raccoon

    130.lefty12 Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 11:36 pm
    AIG-phuck the Ravens.If they hadn’t cheated against us,they NEVER would have won a SB,period.The Raiders have never modeled themselves after them and hopefully never will.If fans are so in love with them and the way they build and run their team then follow them instead of coming here daily and complaining because the Raiders aren’t them.They build their team around their D,so does Tenn. and between them the only SB win they have is when their fat NT cheated and knocked our pro-bowl QB out of the game.I’m tired of people of so called Raider fans talking about the great Ravens.


    yep # the Ravebirds they can lick Al’s Trophy case.

    But, Ray Lewis sould have played from day one in Silver and Black.

  • BloodRaider

    lol, that sounds about right.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Wow. Raider fans saying that when a NT falls atop a QB is cheating… TonySaru falling on Gannons shoulder was 100% Raider.if Gannon would have beaten their azzes on broken shoulder he wouldabeen Raider lore

  • GoodOle00

    SnB Production Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    The “so-on” are backup types that can be filled from UFA or other free agents….who’s behind Quentin Groves, Wimbley and John Henderson?


    Starter Travis Goethel, Trevor Scott, Lamarr Houston and Desmond Bryant

  • Kirk

    We better be looking for O line, D line, and linebackers in free agency.

    Al’s obsession with speed continues…

  • http://raiders.com A.B. Paine III

    I have a feeling that Taiwan Jones is going to be the steal of this draft. It will be interesting to see how they use him with McFadden and Bush. He is going to add a Reggie Bush element to the Raider offense. I think he will better than Bush, though.

  • http://0 Bob Marley

    espn’s AFC West blogger Bill Williamson has a good take on Taiwan Jones.

    It’s not the first time I’ve heard the names of Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles when evaluating Taiwan.

    If we picked this kid in the 2nd or 3rd, it’s a whole new story, but the 4th round was the right spot for him.

    There’s a reason 25 teams made the trip to watch this Eastern Washington kid workout.

    “The Oakland Raiders just made my favorite pick of their draft thus far.

    It may be a luxury pick, but the Raiders’ selection of Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones could end up being a terrific choice. Jones — a Bay Area native – was one of the rising players in the draft.

    He is a classic Oakland pick because of his great speed. He may be the fastest player in the draft.

    He has been compared to Tennessee running back Chris Johnson and Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles as far as explosive speed goes.

    He has to prove he can make the transition from a small school and he has to prove he can stay healthy. But this is a quality pick.

    Jones can also return kicks. Look at the options Oakland has now. Jones and Darren McFadden could create a nasty backfield in certain situations. Plus, Jones could take pressure off Jacoby Ford as a returner if Ford continues to become a bigger factor as a receiver.

    Perhaps the game will be too big for Jones or perhaps he’ll be the steal of the draft. I love this pick.”

  • mcskinnnylegs

    i hate jamie dukes.he said mcfadden is a bust while talking about him on the top 100 players.what an idiot

  • http://raiders.com A.B. Paine III

    The Raiders should trade next years fourth rounder for Jimmy Clausen.

  • mcskinnnylegs

    r u crazy

  • http://www.actionext.com/playlist_57486.html La Milicia Negra

    ABP III…

    yup, that would be a steal!

  • mcskinnnylegs

    trade bush for a veteran lineman

  • http://0 Bob Marley

    We should be working the phones right now trying to get these two small school projects

    OT David Mims
    WR Ricardo Lockette

  • TerrapinRaider

    It was an OK draft. Nothing too exciting. But what more can you expect with no #1 pick?

    And considering such, it could possibly be considered a great draft if we end up with 2 starters on that Oline this year.