Jones is Raiders’ pick

The Raiders selected running back Taiwan Jones of Eastern Washington with the second of their two fourth-round picks, No. 125 overall.

Jones joins a crowded backfield with Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Rock Cartwright and Michael Bennett already in the mix. Bush is a four-year veteran and potential free agent but Oakland place a first- and third-round tender on him before the lockout, an indication they intend on retaining his services.

Raiders’ runnning backs coach Kelly Skipper was in attendance at Jones’ pro day at Los Medanos College, where his agents said he was 90 healed from a fractured metatarsal that prematurely ended his season.

Jones timed anywhere from 4.28 to 4.35, depending on the stopwatch.

Jones’ overview on NFL.com: Jones is an FCS-level prospect with the big-play ability to provide value as a backup running back but does not have the power, durability or ball security of an NFL starter. Is explosive and can take it the distance but doesn’t have elite balance or elusiveness. Inconsistent reading and setting up blockers and locating backside holes but does a good job getting through seams in his vision. Could become a weapon in the passing game due to his speed, but his hands and ability to hold up in pass pro need to improve. Injury history should be investigated. Jones likely will hear his named called on Day 3.

A more detailed scouting report is available on on CBSsports.com


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Harder2000

    @Pretty Rick, Ford will be in on that action too! Too much explosion to pull him from the duties imo.. Who of DVD and Jones are best returning punts?

  • so will Andrew Luck our QB next season?

  • severeraiderz

    Take Jones and Jerrell Powe….im thinking Cannon will be there in the 7th

  • Dakota

    The 2012 summer Olympics are right around the corner….I predict 7 gold medals for the People’s Republic of Al.

  • Pretty Rick

    Thec 07,,a few posts ago I said JFord earned his way into the receiving line up so they’ll probably have focus mainly on being a receiver while Van Dyke or Jones contribute on special teams.

  • What pick do we have in the 5th?

  • Harder2000

    Good pick by Greenbay! Cannon, Sturdivant, Virgil Green, Mims and Byron Bell are all good prospects for the late rds imo..

  • I’m out. I can’t take the excitement.

    Go Lakers!!

  • hellsbells

    Maybe we could lose some of these scumbag agents with a rookie salary cap in place.

  • DutchRaider77

    Michael Bennet doesn’t impress me any more? Cartwright is a great mascot…

    Think Hue’s trying to copy the Baltimore receipt of R. Rice, McClain and McGahee=McFadden, Bush and K. Jones?

    So Free Agency get Vet WR, Vet Right Tackle and vet Full back (depth)?

  • Thec07

    severeraiderz Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:39 am
    Thec07 Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:35 am
    Pretty Rick Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:33 am
    So I guess Taiwan Jones will return kickoffs and Van Dyke will return punts.

    Over JFORD???? No way ….


    Yes way if we want to use Ford more as a receiver


    I am glad i dont smoke…

    You want to replace JFORD who returned back how many KO’s for TD’s? Are you serious???? KO duties never hurt your ability or limit you in playing Wr….
    See donald royal from denver…..

  • Guy

    Don’t forget Greg Jones or some big fat NT Harder, still have 3 picks so I’d be happy with one of them.

  • TerrapinRaider

    You guys may be in need of perspective. We are in the 4th round. You don’t find a many starters in the 4th …many prob won’t make their teams. You draft potential here on out ..they all have ‘issues’.

    Now Taiwan sounds like a legit contender for PR’r ..shifty player, elusive and fast + emergency rb

  • Thec07

    severeraiderz Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:41 am
    Take Jones and Jerrell Powe….im thinking Cannon will be there in the 7th

    Jerrell Powe or Ian Williams would be solid…

  • The Raiders may have the best third running back in football now.

  • J Hill

    Over JFORD???? No way ….



    Your boy’s role as a WR is going to expand big time.

    He is not even in the coversation for PR’r mayne. That’s already Jone’s job. And Jones will get some of the KRs as well.

    Can’t have arguably your best WR taken out on a STs play.

  • Harder2000

    True Guy! Would personally love to see Jerrell Powe! Big ass NT!Great value!

  • Pretty Rick

    The more I think about it the more I kinda understand the pick. We really don’t know what deal is with Bush, and Let’s be honest with ourselves, Cartwright and Bennet are pretty much washed up. Sidebar,,, ran into Lawrence Taylor this morning at a gas station in Palm beach Florida, he was on his way to play some golf with his buddies,, but don’t worry there weren’t any 16yr old girls with him.

  • Thec07

    J Hill Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:46 am
    Over JFORD???? No way ….



    Your boy’s role as a WR is going to expand big time.

    He is not even in the coversation for PR’r mayne. That’s already Jone’s job. And Jones will get some of the KRs as well.

    Can’t have arguably your best WR taken out on a STs play.

    Jhill, what up mayne…Yeah I know he wont do PR…
    coming from an OG poster I will bite…Jones better get us some TD’s at KOR….

  • J Hill

    Dakota Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:39 am

    So now we take McFadden or Bush off the field on third down? Two excellent pass catchers?


    Relax mayne!

    The guy is our PR.

    He MAY get 2 or 3 chances a game to make a play in the offense.

    He has a better chance of taking snaps from DHB and Murphy than McFadden or Bush.

  • Dakota Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:39 am

    So now we take McFadden or Bush off the field on third down? Two excellent pass catchers?

    Great move.

    I don’t think so, Taiwan should return kicks and spell both of them, DMC can’t be counted on to play 16 games so Bush needs someone to complement him.

    Taiwan could finally kick Rock Cartwright and Michael Bennett out of the roster saving a spot for someone else.

  • The Blackhole

    Hue Jackson on ESPN at 11am

  • Dakota

    Well, we picked two guys on the o-line, so at least there is that.

    Still hope we address o-line in free agency because to rely on all these rookies and second year guys would be a huge gamble.

    Still need to stop the run too….

    Will still cross my fingers and hope it dawns on Al that Nnamdi’s do not grow on trees, and if he is going to put such a premium on that position then the best scenario is to re-sign the guy you already know is good and then move on to addressing our real needs instead of going through another dozen draft picks trying to find a guy that can do what you ask of CBs.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Taiwan Jones. Really? Another RB? Another smurf? Al must have the fastest tesm cause its the smallest. Cant stop the run, cant pass protect

  • The Blackhole

    lets draft Ricardo Lockette so we can replace that bust DHB

  • Harder2000

    Jerrell Powe would help stop the run! Great on running downs! Really a good runstopper!

  • J Hill

    Jacoby Ford is going to return SOME KO’s. No way they completely shut that down.

    But Jones gets all the PRs and will get at least half the KO returns.

    If Jackson has Ford as the #1 WR, then it wouldn’t surprise me to only see Ford return KOs in “need” situations.

  • armond

    taiwan jones is a great VALUE pick for all of u experts. the man is fast and is already our best pure open field runner on the team. we had no speed in the backfield when dmc was out. there were times bush couldnt turn the corner against sf when dmc wouldve. also he gives us options as a extra return man on punts and he can be opposite of ford on kickoffs. now u cant kick away from ford without taking a chance on jones taking it back. its about options. he can catch and if he is close to chris johnson how the hell can yall complain. this is just like kc taking McCluster last year when they already had jones and charles.

  • Harder2000

    @the Blackhole, Terrence Toliver would supply a possession WR, that could be good too!

  • No need for running back N.O draft Ingram when they have Bush,Pieere,Steckler and more and they are genius
    We have ame breakers Bennett and Cartwright we have to many?

  • CMon Man


    You are right on the money with your post. Al will NEGLECT just about every other need until he finds a replacement to the one guy that can play CB the way HE WANTS IT PLAYED!

    Neglect depth or competition at just about every position because 3 picks a year are dedicated to DBs and speed….

    Will only get worse if the secondary gets scorched this year.

  • The Blackhole

    Yeah I like him too


    i see a dose of reality is in order for some of u who r still delusional about this:


    money is not the issue. he is gon and theres nothing al can do about that. . get ova it!

    our needs at OL and CB are indisputable. we are addressing our needs. this is good!

    will these guys we r drafting work out? we have no idea. please dont pretend u really know how mid round picks r gonna pan out, much less higher round picks.

    all we can hope for is that we draft positions of need

  • Harder2000

    new post..

  • Just to let you know #3 in the N.F.L last year aganist the pass in a QB Pass freindly leauge Ware,Mc Fad, Brown all make Team you need alot of speed in your secondary

  • dirtbag911

    Just like JONTRAIN said ASO isn’t coming back, it would take a miracle for him to come back buy. But you guys fail to mention that there is something called FREE AGENCY!

    2)Braylon Edwards
    3) Santonio Holmes
    4) Sidney Rice

    You tell me none of those guys can fill any of our needs? And we must address everything in the Draft!!!! Give me a break!