UPDATE: No live Raiders chat on Saturday


UPDATE: We will NOT be conducting a live chat on Saturday during the draft. We will instead be running a live chat on Monday from noon-1 p.m. that wraps up the Raiders’ draft and take a look at what they’re next moves may be. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Join Raiders writers Jerry McDonald and Steve Corkran for a live chat during the final day of the 2011 NFL draft on Saturday at 9 a.m.

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Jon Becker

  • oo

    Thats it Jer nice an early

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    Great job so far Coach. Keep it going.

  • Al Davis MachoMachoSupremo

    24.YoungAmerican Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 5:51 am
    There’s just no value to the Van Dyke pick. He could have been selected with the 5th rounder. Frustrating. I really hope he ends up being a big-time player.

    Coach got the speed, the rest of the coaching staff will develope the talent.

  • “The Raiders obviously differed with any opinions from draft analysts and the like that young Wiz was a smallish zone blocker ill-equipped to deal with the beastly nose tackles prevalent in so may 3-4 defensive schemes.”

    – once again, the “undersized” argument about Wisniewski is absurd, the kid is 6′3 313.

    These are some of the best NFL Centers over the last few years, along with their size:

    Jeff Saturday 6′2 296….5 pro bowls
    Shaun O’Hara 6′3 303…..3 pro bowls
    Olin Kreutz 6′2 292……6 pro bowls
    Nick Mangold 6′4 303…..3 pro bowls
    Dan Koppen 6′2 296…….1 pro bowl
    Matt Birk 6′4 309……..6 pro bowls

    And here are the latest 1st round Centers:

    Alex Mack 6′4 311
    Maurkice Pouncey 6′4 303
    Mike Pouncey 6′5 303

    – Not one of them is heavier than Wisniewski, while some of them are slightly taller, but an inch or two make no difference on a Center’s game.

    And those guys don’t play for zone-blocking teams either.

  • Chris in NY

    Is Wisniewski really that big? I hadn’t checked the numbers from the Combine, but that was kind of the thing that always worried me about him just watching him here and there on TV. To the naked eye I would’ve thought he’s about 5-11, 285. I feel alot better about the pick if your numbers are correct.

  • Chris in NY

    Really hoping we get Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa in the 4th round today. He was one of my favorite QBs in this draft. In fact, I think he has as good a chance of panning out as a franchise QB as any others taken in this draft through the first 3 rounds.

    That’s the guy I’m really hoping drops to us and we take him.

    Banking on Campbell is ridiculous. We got the guy for a 4th-round pick two years out. He got pulled twice for poor performance and only got his job back due to injury. Was basically along for the ride in almost all our wins. Only under contract for one more season. It’s imperative to get somebody else in here who can play the position, particularly since it seems we’re letting Grads walk. Boller is atrocious. Frye is a backup at best.

    To me it’s Stanzi and Vince Young. To me, those are the only two acceptable QBs available. Really hope we get at least one of them.

  • YoungAmerican


    # raidertbone Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 5:58 am

    C’mon American … VD was the fastest player at the combine. Did you think Al was going to pass him up? No chance!


    I just thought he’d do it in the 4th instead, which would still be a reach, just not as egregious.

  • YoungAmerican

    # Chris in NY Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Is Wisniewski really that big? I hadn’t checked the numbers from the Combine, but that was kind of the thing that always worried me about him just watching him here and there on TV. To the naked eye I would’ve thought he’s about 5-11, 285. I feel alot better about the pick if your numbers are correct.


    That’s what he checked in at at the combine, so I’m going to assume that’s his real size.

  • HairyBush

    As far as the Raider track team goes, Van Dyke will replace dhBUST on the relay 4 X 100 team. He drops the baton to often….

  • HairyBush

    On a positive note, Mel Kiper had Van Dyke rated higher than the other Miami CB who went a few picks earlier

  • HairyBush

    Vince Young will set this team back

  • Kirk

    Linemen last an average of 10 years in the NFL. Skill players last only 5 years. So if you draft linemen, it’s like getting two players. Thank you God, that we are drafting O linemen.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Not only did he check in at 6’3″ 313#, he was also amoung the top OLinemen on the benchpress. He benched 30times. 6th overall for all Olinemen and probably 2nd amoungst drafted Centers.

    So where are these undersized and lacks strength talk coming from?

  • YoungAmerican

    The one thing that might save Van Dyke that other speedy CB prospects didn’t have: loose hips. The kid is very fluid in his movements. If Woodson can teach this kid to use his hands and be in the right place, his natural fluidity will make it a lot easier for him to reach his potential.

  • Some stuff from various sites on Demarcus Van Dyke:

    Sam Shields came out of nowhere to help the Packers reach the Super Bowl this year.

    Can DeMarcus Van Dyke do the same thing as the next corner out of Miami?.

    From the Senior Bowl:

    I thought Van Dyke looked really fluid in coverage during the one-on-one matchups. He’s only 168 pounds, but there’s definitely room for growth on his 6-1 frame.

    Monday Practice Notes: The strongest performance from a defensive back from the South was contributed by Van Dykel. He was better than expected as he stuck to his receivers, particularly on deep routes.

    Tuesday Practice Notes: Fundamentally Van Dyke is terrific as he offers good fundamentals and quickness. Some feel he gets a little high in his pedal. Problem his he’s very slow to react and really shows no instincts.

    Wednesday Practice Notes: It was a matter of inches and Van Dyke fell short. Again, technically he’s very good and displays the ability to stay on the receivers hip out of breaks but he’s always literally a quarter step away from making the play.

    Analysis: Van Dyke showed enough to get consideration in the middle rounds, maybe even the late part of the third frame. Has skills but just needs to put it all together.

    Positive: Physically gifted cornerback who never pulled together a complete game on the college level. Quick-footed in reverse, can flip his hips in transition, and shows a burst of speed.

    Physical, will mix it up with receivers throughout the route, and aggressively defends the run. Takes on bigger opponents. Gives effort on special teams, specifically on coverage units.

    Negative: Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and slow getting his head around to locate the pass in the air. Possesses a thin build. Adequate burst out of his plant.

    Analysis: Van Dyke displayed a variety of NFL type skills throughout his college career and performed well for scouts in the postseason. He has the fundamentals to play for a team at the next level.

    Prior to the East-West Shrine Game, Demarcus Van Dyke’s chances of being selected in the 2011 NFL Draft were slim to none.

    However, Van Dyke had a very impressive week in Orlando at the Shrine Game, and that performance was impressive enough for Van Dyke to earn a late addition onto the Senior Bowl when Curtis Marsh had to pull out with an injury.

    Van Dyke was impressive yet again in Mobile, as he really showed his ability to cover opposing receivers both inpractices and in the game.

    DeMarcus Van Dyke/CB/Miami:

    Van Dyke finished up a phenomenal two months with a terrific workout. After a terrific performance at the Shrine Game in January, then a solid showing two weeks later in the Senior Bowl, he gave scouts more to think about with his combine effort.

    Van Dyke never ran slower than 4.30 seconds in the 40 then displayed quickness, explosion and balance in the position drills. He’s gone from backup with the Hurricanes last season to potential top-100 pick in the draft.

  • YoungAmerican

    On the bright side, the two other picks in this draft were on my big board. Same with McClain, Houston, and Goethel from last season.

  • TerrapinRaider

    let me see ur big board again

  • YoungAmerican

    # TerrapinRaider Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 7:03 am

    let me see ur big board again


    I’ll have to go find it on a one of the late pages, I started editing it as some of the players got drafted. Dumb move. One sec.

  • Chris in NY

    Yeah, Wisniewski was measured at 6’3.3 and 313 with 33 inch arms (8th among interior OL) at the Combine, so that’s official.

    “Stefen Wisniewski worked out for scouts as a guard and center, both positions Wisniewski is familiar with from his career in Happy Valley.

    Despite a lackluster 40-yard dash, a drill pretty insignificant when it comes to offensive linemen, he did finish in the top 10 in every other individual category including impressive showings in the Bench Press as well as the 3-cone drill.”

  • YoungAmerican

    earlier pages*…. long night, haha.

  • GG

    I tried using the chat yesterday, but no comments or questions ever went thru.

  • YoungAmerican

    This was my big board before yesterday:

    Final update to my big board before round 2 kicks off:

    2) CB Ras-I Dowling (Virginia), WR Greg Little (North Carolina), QB Colin Kaepernick (Nevada), CB Curtis Brown (Texas), OT/OG Ben Ijalana (Villanova), DT/NT Marvin Austin (North Carolina), or C/OG Stefan Wisniewski (Penn State)

    3) OT/OG Clint Boling (Georgia), OG/C John Moffitt (Wisconsin), OG/OT Orlando Franklin (Miami), OT Jah Reid (UCF), OLB Mason Foster (Washington), or NT/DT Kendrick Ellis (Hampton)

    4) TE Jordan Cameron (USC), OG/OT Marcus Gilbert (Florida), OT/OG Joseph Barksdale (LSU), WR Austin Pettis (Boise State), CB Curtis Marsh (Utah State), or OLB Greg Jones (Michigan State)

    5) DT/NT Ian Williams (Notre Dame), OT Byron Bell (New Mexico), QB Nathan Enderle (Idaho), C/OG Brandon Fusco (Slippery Rock), CB/FS Chris Culliver (South Carolina), or FS Robert Sands (West Virginia)

    6) OT David Mims (Virginia Union), DE/DT Cedric Thornton (Southern Arkansas), OG/OT Darius Morris (Temple), FB Henry Hynoski (Pitt), or OLB Mike Mohamed (Cal)

    7) DE/DT Brandon Bair (Oregon), TE Zack Pianalto (North Carolina), RB Noel Devine (West Virginia), or WR Ricardo Lockette (Fort Valley State)

    7) QB Josh Portis (Cal PA) or QB Pat Devlin (Delaware)

  • YoungAmerican

    Note that Brown would have been available to the Raiders where Van Dyke was picked…

    Also, Boling, Greg Jones, and Jordan Cameron are still available. For how long? We’ll see.

    My money is on Mana Silva being one of the 4th round picks.

  • YoungAmerican

    Today I’d like to see Boling and Williams, Enderle, and Bair.

  • TerrapinRaider

    wow you certaintly went heavy with OL prospects …tryin to say something?

  • YoungAmerican

    I didn’t expect Virgil Green to fall this far, so look for him to be in consideration.

    What I’d like to see:

    4. Boling
    4. Williams
    5. Enderle
    6. Bair
    7. Pianalto

    What will probably happen:

    4. Green
    4. Silva
    5. Lockette
    6. DE/LB
    7. DE/LB

  • YoungAmerican

    # TerrapinRaider Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 7:24 am

    wow you certaintly went heavy with OL prospects …tryin to say something?


    Haha maybe…

    I just think that in this draft, it’s the deepest position. Even defensive line is very top heavy. Great depth at the OG/RT spots. Which also happen to be positions of need for the Raiders…

  • Thec07

    Need to go get Ian Williams…Putting him in the Dline
    rotation will move us from being 29th in the NFL against the run….”IF” he is available at 17 today…

  • Thec07

    I am good with the draft becuase we picked up 2 trenchmen…I trust that our personnel dept with the other forces did their homework and due dilligence on these guys. I just hope all of them can contribute early and often….


    I’m sure you watched or had tape of alot of Fort Valley State games and placed Ricardo Lockette on your ‘big board’ from personal observations.

    Or could you just be regurgitating stuff you read on the myriad of draft sites ?

    I have a feeling your ‘big board’ is mainly just an amalgamation or general consensus of the so called experts opinions.

    Not saying that there’s no value to your ‘big board’ but I prefer to only offer opinions on players I’ve personally witnessed playing a variety of opponents.

  • As far as Joseph Barksdale goes, he started and played well for 3 years at an SEC powerhouse, so the production is there, as well as most of the raw tools like size, long arms and decent athleticism.

    Also, many high school stars flame out vs SEC competition, Barksdale didn’t so that tells me he’s got some talent, specially since he used to be a DT and I don’t think he’s been coached properly since he’s an LSU alumni where tons of talented players seem to get lost and never develop according to expectations.

    IMO, the kid excelled vs the toughest competition in College and has plenty of tools to compete for a starting job in the right side, a very decent pick.

    Here’s a scouting profile that I agree with:

    “Versatile player who has only four years of experience at tackle … Legitimate upside. Might just be scratching the surface of his potential and could wind up a better NFL player than he was in college.”

    – Here’s what longtime scout Gil Brandt had to say about the Raiders 3rd round picks:

    “Honorable mention goes to the Raiders, who made two good picks in the round: Cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke might be the fastest player in the draft. Oakland traded up to get LSU offensive tackle Joe Barksdale, one of those long-armed guys who seem to do very well in the NFL.”

  • YoungAmerican

    I have a feeling your ‘big board’ is mainly just an amalgamation or general consensus of the so called experts opinions.


    That’s exactly what it is. I’ve said as much. I don’t have access to tape, nor does anyone else here. Hell, most draft experts on the web don’t have access to REAL tape.

    I compiled my mock from watching the combine, tracking pro day performances, and research on a variety of websites. NFL Network/NFL.com, ESPN, Mockingthedraft.com, nfldraftscout.com, CDS draft, CBS’s draft site (which is great, by the way), walterfootball.com, and anywhere else that might come up when I search. It’s a composite of the information I get from all of those sources.

    So far that information has been pretty reliable. Truthfully, it’s hard for anyone to project anything about the draft, because all it takes is one team to see value in a guy that maybe 31 other teams don’t see.

    I mention Lockette because it’s undeniable that he fits the mold of what the Raiders like. Unheralded prospect with a ton of physical tools, but raw in terms of football skill.

  • beast 21

    Tried to find some comfort for taking Demarcus Van Dyke in the 3rd round… This helped… Just scroll down to find Van Dyke


  • centurionWR87

    So if we have:

    LT: Veldheer
    C: Wisniewski
    RG: Campbell
    RT: Barksdale

    Who do we have at LG? Will it be Carlisle? Isn’t he supposed to be a rotational player?

  • YoungAmerican

    LG for now is Loper. Hoping that changes today.

  • We’re laying the foundation for what will hopefully be a young, powerful OL for years to come with Jared Veldheer, Bruce Campbell, Stefen Wisniewski and Joe Barksdale.

  • beast 21

    Would be nice tho to have maybe 1 more big nasty in the mix from the draft

  • Buckeyeraider

    G’morning fellas.

    Thanks Bob. After reading post 15, I feel a lil better about the Van Dyke pick. I thought he was a horrendous reach by Al, drafted only for his 40 time. Thought he might have been available in the 5th or later.

    Hell, he’s not even listed in the draft guide I have. They grade prospects through the seventh, even assign priority free agents, and then mention another five or six “To keep an eye on” including Buster Skrine…with still no mention of Demarkus Van Dyke.

    After reading your post, at least it sounds like he has potential and was moving up some draft boards.

    Get that kid in the weight room and put a lil muscle on that skinny frame and let Rod woodson work with ’em and maybe the worlds not coming to an end after all. lol.

  • centurionWR87

    I think with Van Dyke, we have to remember that Rod Woodson will have been very involved in the pick and that Davis and Jackson would listen to him.

    Between them they have obviously seen something they like other than just his speed… I’m not sure this is just another Al Davis pick…although it is infused, of course, with Davis’ draft pedigree preferences!

    I like our picks so far… a LOT!

    I think Mario Fannin as predicted by the ‘Walter Football’ website in round 5 would be a great replacement for Bush…

    Otherwise… we still need another CB probably, a TE perhaps, potentially a D-liner for depth and then perhaps a QB flier in round 6/7 – Ricky Stanzi would be a good project maybe?

  • YoungAmerican

    From a value standpoint, Davon House makes sense in the 4th round. But the Raiders may feel like they’ve already addressed CB with Van Dyke. And I’m not sure another DB would be the best option available to the Raiders.

  • centurionWR87

    @YoungAmerican Of course, thanks! I agree, we need a veteran to help these young guys develop… maybe look for some FAs when they become available!

    @BobMarley With you bro on that one!

    @Buckeyeraider Yeah I think that’s what Woodsen & co. see… raw talent that needs a few bounds and a bit more sharpening up!

  • centurionWR87

    Well they picked Ware and McFadden last year back to back right? Two DBs isnt unlikely I don’t think

  • centurionWR87

    Ware and Brown actually…

  • Sweep The Leg.

    LT: Veldheer
    C: Wisniewski
    RG: Campbell
    RT: Barksdale

    Reserves: Carlisle, Satele, Walker, Barnes, Henderson.

    Two rookies, two 2nd year players and a no-name in our starting five?

    I think we need at least one veteran in the lineup. It will probably have to wait until free agency.

    It can be tough for young guys to understand all the stuff that comes at them from a NFL defense.

  • J Hill

    Good reads on our prospects Marley.


  • fingers

    So Far, So good…. Keep it up Al and Hue………
    As far as Qb…. Pleazzzzeee No Vince Young ever in Oakland…
    Al has made a good case so far of staying away from headcases….We will need a Qb very soon but Vince Young isn’t the guy….

  • Buckeye

    Yeah, the fact that DVD not only blazed his 40 at the combine but also displayed good skills and garnered mostly positive reviews when actual competition was involved at the East vs West and Senior Bowl practices-games is a good sign.

    Keep in mind that Mayock said the CB class weakenend considerably after Brandon Harris, so a guy like DVD who is raw but has great, if unrefined, skills was bound to be picked soon afterwards.

    Philly, Baltimore, Atl, Miami, Cleveland and Denver all were intrigued enough to bring him in for workouts, that’s too many teams for a guy “experts” projected as a late round-undrafted free agent, that makes me think he was not going to last much longer.