Raiders take Chekwa


The Raiders continued to run to speed, rather than run from it, with the selection of Chimdi Chekwa, their second cornerback in four picks.

Chekwa had the third fastest time among cornerbacks at the combine at 4.4.

Chekwa’s overview at NFL.com: Chekwa lacks the measurables to line up against a number one receiver in the NFL, but he has the skills to develop into an effective corner in sub packages. He is a smooth athlete that shows the hip fluidity to be solid in both man and zone coverage. He also flashes the ability to close quickly and break up passes on underneath routes. He does not have the explosiveness to mirror faster receivers and takes too long to fill in run support despite being a willing tackler. Overall, Chekwa is fluid enough to cover slot receivers and should be a Day 3 pick.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • severeraiderz

    Jones presents great value…not a position of need though. Bye Bye Bennett and possibly JLH, thanks for your times as a Raider

  • hellsbells

    Buy Bennet. Like this pick. We need a shifty third down back. Hope Cannon last to the fifth.

  • JB

    Cannon in the 5th. C’mon Al. Take the Mauler Marcus Canon.He’ll pay big dividends as soon as he’s back physically.

  • severeraiderz

    Get this….Taiwan Jones used to be a corner hahahahahahahahahahahah lmfao

  • ohioraider

    39.Bob Marley Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 10:19 am
    At least he’s smart.

    “Chimdi, the only OSU football player who majors in accounting, made the Big Ten’s all-academic team and graduated in December.

    While a student, he would study at traffic lights and recite concepts learned in class while on his way to football practice.

    “I don’t know if I would have this drive to succeed academically if not for my parents,” Chimdi said. “They want to see me graduate with a good GPA.”

    First order of business for Chekwa: conduct an audit of Al’s brain. Check for signs of corruption.

  • hellsbells

    We really only have three backs, Cartwright was emergency back . Only st player. Can’t wait to see this kid on the field.

  • zopi

    I am not so sure that Mr. Davis wants to part ways with Asomugha, or that he didn’t want to keep Chucky Woods.
    I believe Mr. Davis took care of both.
    He gave 16M to Nnamdi, and I don’t think there were money issues with Woodson. Nnamdi wants to leave and try to win a ring somewhere else. It’s too bad, but sometimes a stronger and healthier front seven can work wonders on sub-par dbacks. That’s Raider (Mr. Davis’) defensive idea. And that’s why he prefers dbacks like Van Dyke, Chekwa (great name for a CB) with phenomenal speed and very little technique.

  • jaider

    PLEASE keep Nnamdi…We let Woodson go, and look at him..we would have had Woodson, AND Nnamdi at the corner…he deserves the money, and he is also a good guy…keep him!!!!!