Raiders taking on water

No media availability for the remainder of Camp Seymour (a big thank you to correspondent Ben Beitzel for keeping us in the loop) but from various Twitter accounts it appears things are going swimmingly for the Raiders at Competitive Edge Sports.

Today was a day for water workouts, and judging from some of the tweets, it was no day at the beach.

The following were relayed by quarterback Jason Campbell and wide receivers Nick Miller, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy.

Murphy also tweeted a short video which shows players a few players, including Campbell and himself, looking exhausted.


There have already been reports of teams concerned about their training camp sites and looking at the possibility of having cap at their facilities rather than somewhere else. Many teams, including the 49ers, already have their training camps at the facility.

The Raiders have held their camp on the grounds of Redwood Middle School and been housed at the Napa Marriott since 1996.

As of now, the Raiders are moving forward as if camp will go off as planned in Napa, and there is no word of a deadline where they must let the Marriott know if they’re suddenly going to have a lot of rooms available during late July and early August.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer