Plaxico talk inevitable, but is it realistic?


Saw that CNN-SI’s Peter King speculated the Raiders would be in the running for incarcerated New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress and wasn’t surprised.

Linking the Raiders to a player with a troubled past is almost a knee-jerk reaction, even if Oakland has been out of the bad boy business for a few years now.

Maybe it had something to do with sinking with big names such as Randy Moss and DeAngelo Hall, but the Raiders, with both their draft picks and free agent signees, are looking for earnest workers who have a passion for the game.

Burress’ problem isn’t the gun charge that landed him in prison. It’s the fact that before that knuckleheaded transgression, Burress had a reputation for having a questionable work ethic and being late to meetings.

Maybe 20 months in the can has changed him, although there’s no way of knowing what it did to his skill as a receiver.

Hue Jackson has been insistent about liking his young receivers, and the Raiders seem destined to stick with the Louis Murphy-Darius Heyward-Bey-Jacoby Ford trio and cross their fingers that Chaz Schilens can remain healthy. Personally, I find Tennessee wideout Denarius Moore to be one of their more intriguing draftees.

Burress to Oakland only happens if A) He plays for something near the league minimum plus incentives; and B) he sells Jackson on the notion he’s a changed man and is worth a look.

Not impossible, but not the way to bet, either.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    Al Davis absolutely wrote the book on signing troubled players. Wrote the book.


    Exactly, he was a good 10 years ahead of his times, and the other owners are just catching up the last few years.

    No Al is again the pace car, but jumping off the bandwagon of troubled players.

    Al has bought low and sold high with scumbag players.

  • Just Fire Baby

    *Now Al is again the pace car.

    The early stage Alzheimer’s again. I can’t type and/or notice the difference from Now, Know and No.

  • Al Davis hasn’t changed. He does the same thing now, except now he’s on his own, and he couldn’t spot a good player if his life depended on it.

  • After the past decade, mythologizing Al Davis is now officially a symptom of dementia. What more proof does anyone need that the man was a fraud all along? He was a low level tool for some low level mobsters. He used a loophole to steal the Raiders’ from their rightful owner. He brought in Ron Wolf, the actual football guy, to build him a team. By putting out a bunch of propaganda, through those silly newsstand specials about how great the Raidahs are, he’s tried to take credit for Wolf’s work, while barely mentioning him. Since Wolf has been gone, the only consistent success the Raiders have had was under Jon Gruden. From 2002 to 2009 the Raiders had not won more than 5 games in any season. No NFL team has ever reached such a low. As I said, those who still mythologize Al Davis are demented. They used to just be full of it. Now with damning evidence right in their face of Al being a fraud, and their insistence on mythologizing him as some sort of genius, they are truly showing signs of being insane.

  • 2003-2009, I meant to say. Of course in 2002, the Raiders went to the Super Bowl, with Gruden’s team, and got crushed by a team Gruden was coaching.

  • Archive Tony

    lol@MR sitting here, just desperate for someone to talk to.

  • aig-raiders

    I would jump for joy for s moss. The perfect vet.

  • mr
    do you know Ron wolf? Had he himself told u he was the man here?
    Or are u just talking.

  • priesttj

    Are you seriously asking that dude if he knows Ron Wolfe? he knows Ron alright but the last name is wuff wuff!! it’s the stinking mutt he sleeps with.

  • ArchiveTony

    As compared to you, TJ, desperately wanting everyone to think you have an in, that you’ve “talked with” all these people, only to be proven you’re a fraud?
    Funny how you repeatedly comment how you “talked to George” about so and so, until it’s pointed out that George thinks you’re an idiot, and when you call Raider talk, he hangs up on you, while everyone in the background laughs.

  • This would have been a nice pick up for the organization:

    In nine years as Green Bay’s general manager, Ron Wolf made many of the moves that turned the Packers into one of the best franchises in football. Now Wolf’s son is climbing up the Packers’ organizational ladder.

    The Packers announced today that Eliot Wolf, who is entering his eighth season with the Packers, has been named assistant director of player personnel.

    “Eliot is an important part of our personnel staff,” Packers G.M. Ted Thompson said in the team’s announcement. “Over the years, his responsibilities and duties have continued to grow. His contributions to our efforts in pro scouting have been tremendous, and he has taken on more in the college scouting and draft preparations. We believe this adjustment is an appropriate recognition of his continued growth within our personnel group.”

    The 28-year-old Wolf served as assistant director of pro personnel for the past three seasons and a pro personnel assistant for four seasons before that.

    Wolf’s bio on the Packers’ site says he started helping his dad study film when he was 10.


  • armond

    143.Just Fire Baby Says:
    June 4th, 2011 at 11:13 am
    Chris Johnson rap song, lol.

    Somehow I get the feeling DeMaurice Smith doesn’t want his clients rapping about hoes and getting dome.


    this is exactly why these fuggers need to be allowed to work. not just cuz they cant rap but also they have nothin to do. i like that phone beat tho. sad part is he sounds no different than a lot of these lame azz southern rappers. same tired slow flow but hey nothin better than hoes and dome in caddy.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Yeah, the beat and hook wasn’t so bad.

    Someone should have just told CJ2K to finish his sandwich before he started rapping.

  • priesttj

    Everybody wants to be a star…..

  • lefty12

    Everyone wants to be a coach and GM but none are qualified.

  • Nnamdi21

    Archive Tony Says:
    June 4th, 2011 at 12:52 pm
    lol@MR sitting here, just desperate for someone to talk to.


    Heres the deal. You CANNOT weigh a thousand pounds with out HELP! When you get so fat you can no longer MOVE that equation solves itself. When you can’t move, you can’t get your own food so you don’t eat. Until you lose enough to get the food yourself so what I’m sayin’ is MR’s Mom! Stop feeding him and giving him internet access!!!!
    We know he bugs h*ll outa you but please, we hate him more!!!
    Same bait every time uuughh…

  • Moose

    To the all the Owners except ONE

    1]”There is nothing that hurts like shame,” === Shame no load, but it bruk neck.

    2]”In setting a snare don’t let the bird see you,”===set trap no mek bud see you

    3]”It is the water which stands there calm and silent that drowns a man,” === Braggin’ riber nebber drown s’mody


  • Kirk

    Raider, #156, nice post.

    Numbers don’t lie, only people lie.

  • raiderfankirk

    Post 156. More doo doo from doo doo. Lmao

  • lefty12

    Kirk,aren’t you the guy who makes negative comments about the players and games,then admits you haven’t watched the game?

  • raiderfankirk

    Not I sr.

  • R8rcain, some quick facts on Ron Wolf:

    Al Davis has never won a Super Bowl without Ron Wolf.

    Ron Wolf, however, has won a Super Bowl without Al Davis.

    For the record, the Raiders were mediocre at best in the 1990s, when Ron Wolf won his Super Bowl as GM of the Green Bay Packers, in 1996.

    The Raiders wouldn’t have a team again until 2000, with Jon Gruden.

    Basically, Al Davis has never had a consistently winning team without either Ron Wolf or Jon Gruden.

    These are facts. Indisputable. Your only comeback is to just wish I wouldn’t talk about it, right?

  • raiderfankirk

    Then go to Packer blog real raider hater. Got anything good to say about the team? Dam….touch whole.

  • Why should I go to a Packer blog? I’m a Raider fan. I want a GM who knows how to win. Al Davis doesn’t. And that’s the point I was demonstrating. We need someone like Ron Wolf or Jon Gruden. Hue Jackson? Meh. We’ll see. I don’t think he was as coveted as Gruden was when we got him. Gruden was a successful OC in Philadelphia, running an offense with some serious weapons. I like Jackson’s personality, but I dunno. I’d rather have a GM, to be honest. Someone like Wolf. Al needs a right hand man to help him out. He’s been clueless for decades now. And, in recent appearances before the press, he’s shown signs of dementia. We can not win until he either has some kind of consultancy in the front office, or retires.

  • There’s really nothing good to say about the team as long as Al Davis is here. It’s like having a friend with an terminal disease, yet the disease operable. But for some reason, he refuses the operation. We can stand around his bed and talk about how lucid and funny he is, how sharp he is, considering his condition. But we’re all wondering, why won’t he just get the operation? He’s back to normal. If Al Davis removes his giant tumor self from the team, the Raiders at least have a chance again.

  • Anyhow, I’ll check in much later. This blog is really dead. I’ll just drop in from time to time and give MY take on this team, and MY solution. You all know what it is. There’s no reason for me to repeat it constantly. However there is a damn good reason for me to make sure it’s as discussed as all of the other solutions here. So when I come in and see solutions being discussed, I’m going to offer mine. Those who don’t like it should just contact the blog’s moderators, see if they can impose a rule that doesn’t allow criticism of Raiders management. I wouldn’t hold your breath. Might be best to just grow up and realize that not everyone shares your opinion. All the best.

  • lefty12

    Raiderfankirk-I meant the guy before you.Sorry for not making that clear.

  • Mr, a couple corrections of your small dog like yapping.

    A, You are NOT a Raider fan. So stop posing. You are just loanly, and very jelous of Al Davis.

    B, you arnt going to check back much later, cause you never leave this blog. go back and look at the posts, you and/or one of your many fakes post on EVERY article dang near every hour. Al Davis IS your life.

  • priesttj

    Not only is he NOT a Raider fan He Hates those who are…..That’s why he attacks everyone who tries to enjoy the team.

    Just stop reading his post… and it’ll make it a lot better in here.

  • priesttj

    I’ve been studying Terrelle Pryor games vs Wisconsin and Iowa. He is very raw and almost looks uncoached, it’s incredible to see this kid play the game at the level he did with virtually no QB skills. He’s every bit as big a Cam Newton with maybe a stronger arm. has great zip on the ball and can throw with touch. But his accuracy is marginal at best his ability to see the field is marginal. he can to a certain extent read defenses OK as long as it’s half the field he doesn’t go through processions at all. He stares down rec’s and at time sthrows late.

    He has great leadership and is ultra competitive he’s faster than you think when you see him run and has the ability to allude tacklers in space. He’s very mobile and anticipates pressure. Thing I do like about is his command in the pocket and in games he’ll put the team on his shoulders and win. How is almost uncomfortable to watch. But he can be taugh all things he needs to learn to play at a high level. IMO!

  • priesttj

    I’m sorry taught*

    I also have looked at Chimdi Chekwa and I have a scouting report on him when i get back…

  • Jealous of Al Davis. Ha! Now that is a laugh. Jealous of what? His success? You have to be kidding, right? If I’m jealous of Al Davis’s success, I must be REALLY jealous of the Rooneys. Or the Krafts. I must be jealous of the Green Bay Packers’ fan collective, who, btw, are the current Super Bowl champion owners in the NFL. They’re on top. No disputing it. They’re the most recent to hoist the Lombardi trophy (albeit in our backward system, most of them will never even see the trophy…but they own the team, and their team won it).

    Am I jealous of Al Davis’s money? Now, this has to be a joke. Out of all famous wealthy people, he might very well be doing the worst. I think he’s the last rich famous person anyone would want to trade places with if they had the choice between him or another wealthy famous person.

    Am I jealous of Al’s style? His daring ways? Really, want daring ways, anymore? I have much more admiration for Jerry Buss, who cut Magic Johnson in on the Lakers’ ownership. Funny for all of the Raider propaganda about Al being a pioneer for minority athletes, it seems he doesn’t want minorities anywhere near his team’s brain trust. How many minorities in the front office? He does have a woman, I’ll give him that. Amy Trask. But with all of the Raiders’ claims of Al being a civil rights pioneer, you’d think he’d have a desk in a high place for a black person, as well. You’d think he’d cut a black person in on ownership of the team, at this point. As far as signing black players and refusing to play games in cities where blacks have to sleep in separate hotels as whites, I think it’s safe to say the rest of the sporting world has caught up with him, hasn’t? Perhaps it’s even surpassed him, if it’s true that he made racist comments to Tim Brown about black players at Notre Dame.

    I’m about as jealous of Al Davis as I was of Leona Helmsley.