Barksdale: My goal is to start


Offensive lineman Joe Barksdale told the Detroit News his goal is to start right away for the Raiders.

Barksdale was the second of two third-round picks by the Raiders, No. 92 overall, out of LSU.

He will likely be a competitor at right tackle, a wide open position in that Mario Henderson, Khalif Barnes and Langston Walker are currently not under contract.

Barksdale said he’s not overly concerned about money in the wake of a lockout which is preventing him from signing a contract.

“I don’t spend a lot of money,” Barksdale said. “I never had a lot of money. Maybe five dollars in my pocket and that’s it. You give someone who never had candy before some fat-free twizzlers and they’re good.

“I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I need money for gas to see my girlfriend (in East Lansing). My hobbies are simple. I have an IPOD, a MacBook. The MacBook is starting to run my life. And I listen to music and play video games.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Plunketthead

    The more I think about it the more obvious it is. The kings mom hozilla, must be forcing Bosch to be her manho.

    That would explain the vacant look in his eyes.

  • hwnrdr

    I don’t know guys…Dallas did what they had to do last 2 games, and came 2 points shy of a finsih in Dallas (had they made a shot with 30 plus seconds left after Bosh’s jumper). They have to win in Miami on Sunday, or adantage Heat! But if JJ Punka** Barrera and Jason Terry keeps hitting…unless Wade takes over…it is over!

  • Buckeyeraider

    G’morning fellas.

    Lol. You guys are killing me. Is this the NBA or As the World turns?

    First it was Kobe and the Lakers chance at a threepeat derailed by the “The Real Housewives of Los Angeles”.
    Rumors of cheating, snitching and homewrecking.

    Now the Heatles launch of a dynasty has been stalled because Lebron’s cougar mom has sunk her claws into a teammate and distracted “The King”. Too funny.

    Next up on Inside Edition….NBA version.lol.

    Sensationalism and tabloid journalism run amok. Unfortunately it’s all probably sad, but true.

  • hwnrdr

    So what is the darn deal with football? Season or no season? Can we get Howie Mandell to intervene?

  • Buckeyeraider


    The latest is that the commish and D Smith were spotted dining together after yesterday’s meetings, which was described by witnesses as “jovial”. How’s that for some rumor mongering?

    Hopefully, that’s a good sign. maybe there has been a thaw in the ice, and these guys are close to getting something done.

    Both judges in Minnesota and St Louis have tried to nudge both sides into getting a deal done on their own. Hopefully they realize they are running out of time if there is to be a season with some sort of training camp and free agency.

    There is enough money to go around. Hopefully sensible heads prevail. We want football!

  • Buckeyeraider

    New post…finally!

    Thanks, Jer!